Olivia Wilde’s Son Otis Is All Smiles at the Dentist: ‘Guess They Gave Him the Good Drugs’

03/29/2016 at 10:00 AM ET

Add dental care to the growing list of things that Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis‘ son Otis loves.

Otis, who will celebrate his second birthday next month, displayed a happy grin while in the dentist chair on Monday — a healthcare routine that many, much older men and women fear.

“Better behaved than I’ve ever been at the dentist,” Wilde wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the blonde-haired and blue-eyed cutie. “Guess they gave him the good drugs.”

Olivia Wilde Son

The little boy’s smile is also reserved for the musical stylings of Beyoncé, with whom he’s totally obsessed, according to Mom.

After watching several of Bey’s music videos during a trip, Wilde told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month that Otis can’t get enough.

“He called her ‘Beyoncé boobies,’ which I think is great,” she shared. “Because most people — if you’re gonna call her — you call her like, ‘Beyonce booty.’ ”

— Lindsay Kimble

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Catherine on

The boy is very cute. He is a good mixture of both parents. I bet he is going to be a heartbreaker when he is older.

Anonymous on

He’s a cute little boy but I thought he was a girl until I read the article. What’s up with letting a little boy’s hair grow so long, they look like a girl. I know people have the right to choose, but come on…he is a boy, let him look like one!

wm on

Cut his hair… he’s a boy, not a girl. Cute little guy but I though he was a girl until I read the article.

kr on

He looks like a girl. Let me guess the parents are going for gender neutral. Nothing whackier than that.

Zeph on

Cut his hair. Boys in Hollywood don’t have to have long hair. Sighs. He’s so cute.

MJ on

He’s a cute a little guy!

Mandy on

He’s not even TWO yet??? Is it just me, or does he looks like a 5 year old?

Stanzi on

Beautiful child 🙂

Paula on

He is so cute.

guest d on

The headline is really inappropriate…..

Tootsdae on

That boy is beautiful.

Audrea on

He needs to have a hair cut, too long for a boy.

Lisa on

He’s a cute kid regardless, quit whining about long hair. It’s not your fuqqing kid.

Lauren on

He seems a good kid, all smiles at dentist’s office.

Cindy on

So cute! Looks just like his brother Xander.

sally on

“guess they gave him good drugs” ?????
Why would they give a toddler “good drugs”?
What a sick thing to say. Wake up mom and show some care for you child.

Kaitlin on

You guys who comment about a boy “should ” have long hair come off as uneducated….ridiculous , and plain closed minded…..Little boy for centuries wore their hair long. Would you criticize a little girl for cutting her hair short ?? For looking like “a boy” . So hair dictates ones sex now.?? My god , what a bunch of idiots , i hate to say.