Jana Kramer Gets Real About Being a New Mom: ‘I’m Not Quite Sure When I Brushed My Teeth Last’

03/29/2016 at 11:15 PM ET

Jana Kramer has been a mom for two months now — she and husband Michael Caussin welcomed daughter Jolie Rae in January.

And all things considered, the country singer, 32, says she’s taken to motherhood a lot better than she (and her pals!) thought.

“All of my friends have been like, ‘Yeah, don’t take this the wrong way. We totally thought that you were going to be super stressed out, basically have a mental breakdown,’ ” Kramer tells PEOPLE exclusively.

But thankfully, the “Said No One Ever” singer explains that isn’t the case at all. “Being a mom is the most incredible feeling in the world,” says Kramer. “I always wanted to be a mom. I’m so happy!”

PEOPLE caught up with our blogger to talk about everything from breastfeeding and late nights to the upcoming ACM Awards and a much-needed date night.

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PEOPLE: As a first-time mom, were you really nervous about impending motherhood?

Jana: I had so much anxiety before she was born! I couldn’t remember the last time I changed a diaper, and I was like, “How do you know what cry is what?” I wasn’t really around newborns a lot so I was extremely freaked out.

PEOPLE: Were the first couple of days really difficult?

Jana: The second she came out and we got home, it was like, “Oh I got this!” The mom instinct just totally kicked in and you really do realize which cry is which. It’s the craziest thing. All of a sudden I’m like, “I’m the mom. I got this.”

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PEOPLE: What’s been the biggest challenge?

Jana: The most challenging thing so far has definitely been figuring out what’s going on with her tummy. She’s such a gassy baby. I’m on Google 24/7 trying to figure out what to do and see what other moms say. It’s been tough –I hate to see her cry.

PEOPLE: Are you getting any sleep?

Jana: Unfortunately, my breast milk never came in. I had trouble with that –there’s so much mommy shame about not breastfeeding. She’s on formula. It does help with getting some sleep though. I do the first night feeding and Mike does the next one. We’re sleeping probably like four to five hours. That’s not bad.

PEOPLE: Has your husband been a big help?

Jana: Mike is so hands-on. I have zero worries about him taking care of her. He’s the best. We have this little baby app on our phone and we both go on there and log when she’s fed, when she peed last … he’s on top of that.

PEOPLE: Are you a super glam mom?

Jana: I don’t wear anything nice anymore, I have spit-up on me constantly, I haven’t showered in three days, and I’m not quite sure when I brushed my teeth last.

PEOPLE: Yikes, sounds like you need a date night!

Jana: Yeah, I need some me time. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited for the ACM Awards. I haven’t felt that pretty!

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PEOPLE: Will you be bringing Jolie to Las Vegas for the show? You’re nominated this year!

Jana: No, but I have full trust in my in-laws that they’re going to take good care of her. We’re going to be away from her for four nights. It will be rough. I basically told them that they have to send a million pictures.

I will be on that baby tracker app, being like, “It’s been three hours, you need to feed her now!” I will be on that thing like crazy. But I’m also going to try and enjoy myself too and the time away with the husband because I think that’s important as well.

Jana Kramer Jolie Rae Photo
Brooke Kelly Photography

PEOPLE: What are the plans for when you get back on the road?

Jana: We’ve got the crib and the changing table on the bus … Everything we have at home is also going on the bus. I’m not slowing down –I’m actually doing more shows than I did last year.

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— Danielle Anderson

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wil on

Nothing wrong with formula – my son is on it and has never been sick or had any problems. Mothers and other people who shame those who formula feed need to get a life. It is not their business – end of story.

I don’t get the whole not being able to shower or brush your teeth thing, though. I never had a problem keeping up with personal hygiene after my son was born. I cannot imagine going without a daily shower considering the terrible state of your lady business that lasts for weeks after giving birth.

Jennifer on

Her baby is absolutely adorable. I saw Jana in concert once. She’s amazing.

Mrs. B on

She needs to learn how to manage her time. There’s no reason that a new mom can’t take a shower and brush her teeth. She needs to take advantage of the times the baby is asleep. Not taking a shower for several days is just nasty.

Kimberly on

My milk never came in either, there is no shame in using formula. The mommy wars always are raging on though but whatever is best for your baby is what works!

Definitely mommies need to remember to make times for themselves as well. I sure miss the newborn stage sometimes, it’s such a beautiful time and all so fleeting!

Congrats! The baby is a doll! 🙂

Kimberly on

Awwww, congrats to this beautiful family, Jolie sure is a doll! 🙂

Claire on

I know it’s a dangerous topic but breastfeeding is important to discuss. I did not nurse my first son and I did with the second. I can honestly say that the second one was healthier, calmer and now, as a young adolescent, he’s intellectually very gifted. BTW, yes, he is in a specialized school and it’s not just a mom thinking her kid is a special little snowflake 🙂

To be very honest here, our bond is stronger. We had eye to eye cuddle – in a way you can’t really do as well with a bottle. We shared singing and snuggling and just calm moments like all moms but it was *different*. There was a satisfaction in providing for him somehow and it made our relationship, for lack of s better word, more intimate. It was simply feeling more connected.

Yes, I had those same cuddle times with my eldest and did all the same loving things… but you can give someone else a bottle. It’s convenient, of course.

My SIL couldn’t get her baby to latch and she didn’t produce enough milk. It just made her strained and guilty so she switched. No biggie. She could also leave her in day care more,conveniently.

You almost can’t speak about these things unless you have had issues because it sounds like you’re gloating. I’m not. I’m telling new moms that it can be done easily and pleasantly, too. It’s not necessary to forgo hygiene (ew). You’re not tethered and you can always pump.

But , IMO, there is a difference between bottle and breastfed babies. My own experience, and those of the few moms who I knew that had done it both ways, all agreed. Breastfeeding, event for the first few months, is definitely better. If you can’t, you can’t but you should try.

Ashley on

Claire…. I nursed my kids and the second one was allergic to everything and threw up all the time. If he was awake he was screaming. I had a hard time showering since my son hardly slept and cried all the time. And having a 3 year old it’s hard to shower and nap when the other kid wants to have attention too. Jana’s baby sounds a little like mine. I think you don’t know everyone’s situation and it’s hard to judge others on nursing/ bottle feeding and if a new mom does or doesn’t shower each day.

Anna on

If the baby is gassy, she should change one formula for another, maybe this will help. Also this should be consulted with the doctor not google…

I’m a mom of two girls, when the younger was born older was 19 months and I had my shower every day and brushed my teeth twice a day. There’s no excuse for not taking care of personal hygiene.

sally on

Oh boy here we go! The ole breast milk/formula battle! Just feed your kid! Both work great!

Aeol on

Who are these filthy women who aren’t showering and brushing their teeth?!?! Newborns are hard work but not only do they sleep all the time, but especially if her husband is as hands on as she claims he is, she should be able to carve out 10 minutes for some personal hygiene. People think it’s cute to joke about how they are soooo busy and sooooo tired they can’t even bathe. I think that’s disgusting. I didn’t have everything perfect when my kids were newborns but at least I was clean. She took 10 minutes to do this stupid interview but can’t take 2 minutes to brush her teeth? It’s not funny and it’s a terrible message to send to new mothers and fathers.

Aeol on

So, Claire – you failed your first son. Way to go. He’s doomed and will never amount to anything, and clearly you love him less because he’s a big dummy whom you didn’t bond with?!

Have I got that right?!?!

I exclusively nursed my 2 year old and she still nurses at bedtime. I never thought I’d last three months and yet here we are. You need to STFU comparing your two children in such a harsh way, and you need to get out of the way of women who can’t nurse and STOP with the fear mongering that their child will be any “less than” because of the way they were fed!

I suppose you live completely off the grid, grow your own organic food, and your kids aren’t exposed to any sort of environmental factors that could impact their health, right? Sanctimommy, just stop.

Anonymous on

@Claire sounds like you favour your second child over your first. You should be ashamed of yourself! My mom formula fed me and she is my best friend, always has been. We’ve always had a wonderful bond. My MIL breastfed all 4 of her kids and she doesn’t have a close relationship with any of them! There are a lot of factors in bonding with children! As long as you have a healthy and happy baby who care how they are fed.

Brooke on

Claire – my sister was breastfed exclusively and she is dumb as a door with an attention span of a gnat. I was exclusively formula fed and I have a Masters Degree and a successful career.

Your story can be flipped for a ton of people. We all know that breastfeeding is best for the child when possible but formula IS JUST FINE

Ashley on

That’s crazy, having a child doesn’t prevent one from personal hygiene. She’s just a lazy pig.

Jan on

breast feed or formula feed or mix-whatever works best for parents and baby! It is none of anyone’s business what mom’s choose to do for their children. I cannot believe in intelligence correlations with breastfeeding; all kids are different, siblings included, and how smart/gifted/perfect they are cannot be tied back solely to breastfeeding! Stop making moms feel bad, and be happy that they are feeding their kids and working to keep them happy and healthy-anything else shouldn’t be up for debate!

Jamieee on

I never comment on these things, but my god!!! People can be so mean. I totally get what she is saying about not brushing her teeth and showering. When your a first time mom, it is hard and you aren’t looking your best the first weeks. Some people commenting seem like they are holier than thou or something. A nice article on here and people always find something wrong.

wil on

I was going to respond to the nonsense that Claire posted, but several of you ladies have already done a wonderful job calling her out on her baseless, factless BS. However, I will respond to this one statement of hers:
“I know it’s a dangerous topic but breastfeeding is important to discuss.”
Ok…, translation: “How you feed your child is not my business, but I’m going to make it my business and tell you why you are wrong”. Claire you are part of the problem, and are a perfect example of the reason the term “mommy wars” was invented. The bond between a mother and baby is not a boob or bottle thing, it’s a mother and baby thing.

Beth on

When my twins were born, our daughter was 3 1/2. Even when my husband was working, I would put on a quick cartoon for my daughter and the twins would be in their swings in my room and I took a showered, the way I brushed my teeth never changed, those are things you make time for. I like her honesty about breastfeeding but the other comment about not brushing her teeth is a little over the top.

@Claire, I obviously don’t know you but those statements are just puzzling. My twins got expressed BM while they were in the NICU, but when we brought them home, they needed more calories so we switched to formula. They are just as connected to me and are smart. My oldest is is a grade ahead in reading and is a very smart girl, she got one day of breastfeeding and the rest was formula. I counter your connection argument with this, my husband is a very hands-on father and I remember watching him feed our girls, and I fell even more in love with him watching him connect with our children during feeding time. They would touch his face and he would talk to them. There is no wrong or better way to feed a child in my opinion. Oh and you mentioned pumping, how does that get to the baby?

Nicole on

Her little girl is sooo adorable! I hope they enjoy and cherish every moment of being parents. 💗

Anonymous on

Your baby is so cutie

Nadia on

Her milk did not come in she should have gone to the doctor because they medication that can help.My sisters milk did not come in but she went to the doctor and she ended up breastfeeding for 3 years.

Anonymous on

Don’t get what she is saying. There is not caring what you look like and not taking care of yourself. There is no reason to not be able to shower for 3 days or not brush your teeth as a new mother. Sorry, but I don’t believe it or she is just not taking care of herself. Babies sleep during the day and at night. She says her husband is very handson, so she should have some time to take care of herself especially because the baby is bottle fed. Not buying the story she is telling.

sharon on

Don’t believe her story not even have time to brush teeth, baby sleeps most of the day, at least she can brush teeth during baby sleeps.

Etsy on

Jana is very well groomed..look at those eyelashes! Maybe she’s just exaggerating about how overwhelming it is to have a new baby. Its sad that her milk never came in – disappointing not to have the option:(

Lauren on

Her daughter is very cute.

Edyie on

Why do new moms nowadays have to say they don’t have time to brush their teeth, shower or eat?? What the hell, that’s disgusting. Just what are you doing? A newborn baby (even a fussy one) sleeps for at least 15 min. Time to shower and brush your teeth for sure. I’ve had three children (back in the day when women didn’t complain about everything) and I put them in their little seats right in the bathroom while I showered. Get over yourself!

Meena on

There is time to brush your teeth and shower. I get really bothered when women act like it’s a badge of honor to neglect themselves. You can be a great mom and take the time to care for yourself.

Ginna on

Congratulations on their new addition.

Me on

I can relate to the fact that she is having a difficult time taking the time to shower. I had an extremely colicky baby who would scream for 12 or more hours a day. I saw multiple Drs and nothing they suggested worked, I tried everything as well to no avail. I paced back and forth all day long with that baby in my arms . He’d fall asleep and as soon as he was put down he’d start screaming again! I was a single mom with very little support and I definitely didn’t have time to shower very often. Nor did I have any energy or mental faculty to do just about anything but take care of my baby. The few times he would calm down I was sleeping. So don’t judge ladies. We don’t know the whole story. All of you talk about santomoms yet You yourself judge. Can’t we all just get off each other’s backs, stand up be the strong women we are and support each other all ready? Geese! Enough is enough!