Pregnant Jillian Harris Stands Up to Critics: ‘I’m Going to Drink My Damn Coffee!’

03/28/2016 at 02:30 PM ET

Although Jillian Harris says her first pregnancy is a very exciting time in her life, she’s already facing people criticizing her choices.

“Today has been rough because I posted a picture of me this morning in the car with a cup of coffee, and then later on I posted another pic of a coffee. All of these people are like ‘You shouldn’t be drinking so much caffeine,’ ” Harris, 36, told PEOPLE on theset of her Mr. Clean’s Dirty Little Secrets campaign.

“I’m like, well, first of all, it could be decaf. Second of all, I stopped drinking alcohol, I stopped partying, I don’t do Botox anymore … I’m going to drink my damn coffee!”

Jillian Harris Mr. Clean
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The former Bachelorette, who now runs an online blog and hosts HGTV’s Love It or List It, Toosays she’s also had people comment on her dyeing her hair, which she previously ran by her doctor.

“I’m not an idiot. I’m not stupid — I’m a grown adult. I think I know what’s right and what’s wrong,” she says.

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Although Harris will normally “just let it slide,” she says her immediate reaction is to get defensive.

“It’s funny because I don’t like people telling me what to do,” she explains. “But then I have to remember that most of the people that are following me are doing it because it comes from a place of love and they’re just trying to show me that they care. I try to take a step back and say, ‘Thank you so much for your advice, I’ll remember that.’ ”

Aside from dealing with the criticism, Harris and boyfriend Justin Pasutto are excited to see how their new addition (arriving in August!) is going to change their busy lives.

“I’ve had so much advice from everybody, but the one thing that’s been consistent is my sleep is going to change, which scares me because I love sleep,” she says. “We travel a lot, we work in different cities — we kind of live in two different cities — and I know that that’s going to change.”

But Harris says she’s lucky her lifestyle can adapt: “If I have to work less, then I can. If I can bring the baby with me more, then I can as well, so I’m just curious to see if I’m going to keep on working this much or am I just not going to work?”

She adds, “And there are some days where I feel like maybe I just won’t do Love It or List It, Too anymore — maybe I’ll just be a stay-at-home mom. Then there are other days where I think I’m going to get a nanny and do it all.”

Advice Harris and Pasutto already took from their friends was adding a furry member to their family.

“Everybody said, ‘You should get a dog! And wait until you get a dog,’ ” she says. “Nacho has made us into a little family and so I feel like okay, we did the dog thing, we’ve lived together for four years, let’s try a baby now! Let’s shake this up.”

The couple previously said they’re waiting to find out the baby’s sex, but the mom-to-be feels like she might be carrying a girl.

“We both desperately don’t want to find out, but so far we’ve been calling the baby ‘he’ the whole time. Justin really wants a boy. I’ve just been like whatever, it doesn’t matter to me — I just want it to be a surprise,” she says.

“But everything that I’m reading, like down to my cravings to how I’m carrying to some of my symptoms, everything is telling me it’s a girl.”

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Harris says Pasutto almost let the exciting news slip to her fellow Bachelor alums before they were ready.

“We were at the 20th reunion and I said to Justin, ‘We haven’t even told our parents yet, so let’s just keep it on the down low,’ and then Justin got really drunk and said to Chris Harrison, ‘We’re having a baby!’ ”

But the Bachelor alum is not aloneCatherine Giudici Lowe, Ali Fedotowsky, and Ashley Salter are all pregnant, and DeAnna Pappas Stagliano just recently gave birth to a baby boy.

“DeAnna was just giving me all kinds of advice,” Harris says. “You get so much advice! There’s some that I’m like, ‘That’s not right for us,’ but you listen to it all and then you take it all into account. Then when the baby comes, you’re ready. You’re like, ‘I’ve heard this somewhere!’ ”

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Dawn on

Just love her!! Have your coffee, momma! I’m almost 17 weeks and I still have my cuppa in the morning–I’d kill someone if I didn’t 😉
She’s got the “glow”!

Jenny on

“I stopped drinking alcohol, I stopped partying, I don’t do Botox anymore … I’m going to drink my damn coffee!” Well I’m glad she stopped those things while pregnant, but if that’s how she’s gonna justify her desire to drink coffee while pregnant, then she might have a few issues she needs to address.

Seriously though, who *wouldn’t* stop drinking and having their body injected with botulism while pregnant?!

CT on

She is almost unrecognizable.

J on

Hair dye from 2016 is much safer than hair dye from 1970. During my first pregnancy I dyed my hair once and only to get back to my natural color so I wouldn’t have to keep dying it throughout my pregnancy. Although, it is completely safe. 200 mg or less of caffeine a day is safe while pregnant. Like she said, she’s not stupid. I wish people would just mind their own business. It’s not like she’s pictured doing illegal drugs or something. Let her be.

exit82 on

ugh- nice to know her husband “got really drunk” and spilled the beans- hope he doesn’t “get really drunk” and drop the baby- she must be so proud……….

Midwest Mom on

She sounds like an idiot. Lived together for 4 years, got a dog, now let’s try a baby!!! Yeah, she’s brilliant.

Guest on

In this article she sounds like a 12 year old. He got really drunk, nobody’s gonna tell me what to do, etc. GROW UP!!
Oh, and stop with the naked belly pics…okay??!!

guest on

I had my one cup, full decaf every morning and that is it. People do drugs while they are pregnant and people are going to call her out for having coffee. Give me a break!! Best of luck to her.

R on

I was and still am a pretty heavy diet coke drinker. When I was pregnant with all 3 of my kids I still drank too much diet coke, they are just fine (19, 17 & 15). My Dr told me that eliminating it could stress me out too much and cause other issues. As for coloring or perming your hair, it has more to do with the effects hormones have on your hair and how your hair will react than a problem for the baby. Heck hair stylists still work while their pregnant.


exit82 it’s not her husband.It’s her 8 years younger boyfriend,aka baby daddy.Jillian is known to regularly lash out at her insta followers.Of course she’s going to get a nanny and do it all.Then tell us just how hands on she really is.

Yad on

I drank one cup of coffee every single day during my two pregnancies it did not affect anything I was very healthy no complications and in Latin America pregnant women drink coffee, cheese etc no problems…

Emily on

Yet she doesn’t wear a seatbelt apparently.

Michelle on

Well lady, you wouldn’t have anything to defend yourself against if you didn’t post pictures of yourself drinking coffee on social media! DUH! You’re just asking for people’s opinions, aren’t you? Nobody cares what you do. But don’t be shocked when you get comments after posting pictures for the world to see. God, this world is going to hell. People aren’t bright!! And P.S……yes your sleep and life will change.

Carolyn on

Another vacuous nitwit and her drunk “boyfriend” bringing a child into the world. Let’s celebrate!

Melliebeanie on

All these moronic super moms getting all hyped up over coffee. Lol. Your moms probably smoked and drank while pregnant. Relax. It’s all gonna be ok.

Stanzi on

@THURSDAY, you hit the nail on the head. I’ve been trying to like Jillian because she’s a local personality, by watching her show, reading articles like these, etc., but I realize I just can’t. Jillian truly is an insufferable fraud. She dropped out of design school (I was a classmate) to go on the bachelor, yet calls herself a designer. Her homes are featured in magazines, but when you read the small print, she hires designers to do it, yet takes the credit.

On her show, LIOLI Vanvouver, she does absolutely nothing, but hosts the show. Friends of my family were on the show and they mentioned that Jillian showed up to film but a real designer did all the work. Jillian lashes out at her social media followers and she behaves in an immature fashion on a day to day. Yep, I’ve tried, but I just can’t be a Jillian fan.

Jess on

Who cares what the internet nation thinks! Your body, your baby. So many preachy judgy people. Ugh

hautemom on

OMG people relax! I drank a cup of coffee a day while pregnant. My son is perfectly healthy. I am sure half of you are talking out of your a$$ and have never even had a child. lol
Drink your coffee girl.

GetReal on

I drank coffee thru pregnancy with twins. They’re FINE young adults. Ignore the Food Police nannies people! If coffee was so terrible all the kids in France and Italy would be a mess.

jr on

I stopped drinking anything with caffeine while pregnant. Not so much because I thought it would hurt the baby but because of the stopping cold turkey after he was born. I didn’t want my baby to have the killer headache of not having your caffeine you get for abruptly quitting. Or are you coffee drinkers giving your newborns a bottle of joe every AM?

Ellie on

This girl was never one to let people tell her what to do…and she still seems the same aggressive way. Good luck to her with motherhood!

Anonymous on

Jillian…drink you “damn coffee” girl! I drank 2-3 cups every day with all 3 of my kids. They are now in late 20’s early 30’s and no problems with them. All 3 hate coffee but they drank their Pepsi & Dr Pepper during their own pregnancies and no problems with my grandkids!

NJB on

I’m a huge fan of Jillian, but sweetie, stop the botox. Sadly, it’s not making you prettier, in fact quite the opposite. I hope you are able to stop and look like you used to. You were beautiful!! Besides if you keep doing it yourd kids will say, “I look like mummy before she did botox!” That’s what my cousin says about her mother. Best of luck with new baby…

Anonymous on

She sounds like an abject moron.

Jillian on

HI EVERYONE!! I found this article and gave it and the comments a read… I am so jacked up on coffee (just kidding) that I thought I would respond to a few of the comments. I don’t normally respond to these things, but a few of you are right… this isn’t my best interview LOL .. it was a LONG day when I interviewed and I guess I wasn’t quite that articulate.

Before I babble on, there are some hilarious and sweet comments to this article and I thank you so much for ‘getting me’ and being so cool… Leslie & Dawn you guys are sweethearts.

Exit82, well… i guess that didn’t read as funny as i thought it was when I said it… I should watch what I say during an interview! But to clarify it was the bachelor reunion, everyone was having an amazing time and everyone was tipsy (except me of course lol) and Justin was SO excited about the baby he let it slip to Chris.

Midwest Mom… you may not like my approach to life, and I totally get that, but lets support each other and our decisions instead of calling each other idiots …

Guest … Ummm I kind of agree with you I DO sound immature in this article!! I am a ‘fast talker’ and love to joke around with dry humour… it doesn’t come off well in interviews I guess… but I CAN assure you, I am very grown up… I run several companies, contribute regularly to charities & my community, support my family, always put family first and would NEVER dream of running down ANYONE whom I haven’t met for fear that it would hurt them. While this article might not be one of my best… I’m pretty darn proud of what I have created for myself and what I stand for which is building people UP not down.

THURSDAY, I have NEVER lashed out at my insta followers. If someone says something rude, hurtful or incorrect, I set the record straight. I think that is fair?

But my favourite comment is from “Stanzi” … girl, you should look me up on Facebook and we should go for coffee… you clearly have some resentment towards me and I feel bad about it… but FOR the record:

I didn’t drop out, I finished with a certificate and didn’t continue because I had a job designing restaurants and thats what I loved.

I have NEVER hired a designer to design my own homes… not to say I never will, but to date, I never have… so your statement is untrue.

On the show, LIOLIV, you are correct, I don’t infact ‘design’ every episode… its PHYSICALLY impossible… welcome to television. I spend 12-14 hours a day filming what is required by the network to create a show and our team excuses the design based on my aesthetic, direction and brand. JUST as any owner of a large design firm would do, they inspire, they lead and they have a team.

Also, I ‘am’ a designer but you are right, I haven’t practiced “on my own” for a very long time. I miss it terribly but right now my career has brought me other opportunities in the media that I LOVE and so i have shifted gears a bit. If you EVER have a chance to chat with me in person… i am VERY honest about that and praise/credit our team.

Please tell me when I have ever lashed out at a follower (unless THIS is considered lashing out?) I believe if people are hurtful or post comments that are untrue, I have the right to set it straight. I am never rude or hurtful back, I simply state my feelings or the truth. I don’t think that is lashing out.
honestly, please call me… i would LOVE to take you to coffee and see whats up xoxo

XOXO Well this has been fun, I am always open for discussion if anyone wants to chat over on any of my platforms XOXO MUCH LOVE


sally on

drink you coffee and stop worrying about what OTHERS think!!!!

Omalz on

Coffee is not an alcohol, it hasn’t proved harmful to your body, so who cares if she drinks coffee or not.

Anonymous on

People are crazy. It’s not like she’s drinking an entire pot of coffee every day. Anyone judging her for drinking coffee is retarded.

Hea on

Drink your coffee and enjoy it. ☕️

NP on

Drink your coffee and don’t worry about what other people think.

Von on

Drink coffee is fine, just ignore other people said to you.

Margo G on

Hi, Jillian, I have never commented online in my life and I’m not on Facebook. But I’ve loved u since the Bach. You’re beautiful! I just wanted to say I’m glad you didn’t end up w Ed, and you look better than ever, Botox or no. I’ve also always loved your fashion & sense of humor. I drank coffee w both my kids, too. Take care!

Jessica on

I’m all about better safe than sorry – there definitely is such thing as too much caffeine but probably 2 cups a day is not too bad…although I have to say it was easy for me to drop the caffeine when pregnant with my first. I could sleep through the night, and could do what I wanted to when I wanted, even with a full-time job and a couple of live-in stepchildren. It’s when you’re pregnant with your SECOND and your THIRD that dropping caffeine becomes an issue. I’m 16 weeks w/my third – 3 year old and 2 year old around here – and I drum up a cocktail of 1/4 caffeinated to 3/4 decaffeinated each morning. I drink green tea and daydream about coffee. But I can survive, for now…when this baby is born my gift to myself will be a new Keurig:) SO…all you mommies pregnant with your first and struggling to say no to things and think you’re tired…just wait,…if you’re blessed with another – oh my goodness.

Ariel on

Being an adult doesn’t mean you know right from wrong… Also, there’s no such thing as “doing it all.” You either take care of your kid, or you pay someone else to.

Meh on

I don’t know if caffeine is okay during pregnancy or not. A few decades ago women used to drink alcohol and smoke during pregnancy and would also anecdotally say it was fine, that their kids were fine. Maybe a few decades from now we’ll look back and be in shock that someone drank coffee during their pregnancy like we now would be if someone drank alcohol during their pregnancy. Meh, point is anecdotes aren’t conclusive facts on the matter and there is still ongoing research about what the effects are (low birth weight seems to be the conclusion now, that in turn may have effects). But if she’s going to do what she’s going to do what’s the point in announcing it? I guess all “celebrities” thrive on attention.

luluastorbooks on

Who is she? How come half of the “celebrities” in People are unrecognizable to me? I think the answer is two-fold: one, I’m getting old and I don’t care anymore, and two, I don’t watch reality TV and I think I saw one mentioned as I quickly skimmed.

I guess I spend most of my time reading and writing books, watching Netflix, and grading my students’ research papers. As a matter of fact, I’d rather clean the toilet than watch reality TV, one of the stupidest idea anyone ever thought of.

Anyone out there agree with me?

Susan13 on

When I was pregnant 24 years ago, I drank a Dr. Pepper every day, just one. The girl I worked with lectured me daily about it and how she drank milk every night (however she added 2 inches of chocolate to the milk because she didn’t like white milk, yeah that’s good for you. My daughter turned out perfectly fine, unless having red hair is caused by caffeine. She graduated from high school with perfect attendance, yes she went for 13 years and never missed a day. I drank soda, ate sugar and Taco Bell every night. My mother smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day when pregnant with me and I weighed 8lbs 4 oz and I have lived a normal healthy life (I DON’T recommend smoking). You do what you feel is right for you and your baby and let the haters hate…I also worked a full-time job and put my daughter to bed at 10:30 each night so I could spend time with her (single motherhood-not by my choice-well I picked a loser to marry so I guess it was my choice)
You are fine, eat healthy, exercise, avoid smoking and alcohol, you will bring a beautiful baby into this world. Trust me there are babies born to mothers who choose worse drugs than caffeine

Zeph on

Ppl need to shut up. A lil coffee isn’t going to hurt anything.

Midwest Mom on

Sorry, Jillian, I won’t support decisions that I think are wrong. Everything is not “OK” in this life. To say that you have dated 4 years and have a dog together, and those things justify having a baby together. That is crazy.

If a pregnancy is planned, then marriage should come first.

Hope you baby is healthy and your pregnancy & labor easy.

Cathy on

Trust me ladies i had 3 a day and BOTH my babies are perfect!!!! Dont listen to idiots who think everything there Dr says is OMG true cause its not. 🙂 ENJOY

amom on

Drink what make you feel good as long as not alcohol, you’re going to be fine, don’t worry about what other people said to you.

Kathleen on

So her boyfriend gets really drunk and spills the news? Classy, grown-up, mature dad-to-be?

Dawn Wyman on

What a narcissist. I hate to break it to her, but people aren’t criticizing her because they love her. It’s because they can’t stand her.

Lauren on

she did not just respond to everyone that made a comment, obsessed much!! fair to say people are entitled to their opinions hence a comment section!!!! I don’t need to be “lashed out” at for speaking my mind seriously.

jay on

What the hell is going on here? or should I say for heaven’s sake what’s going on? Someone drank a cup of coffee whilst pregnant and all hell break loose with all these insults as if we has a perfect lives. Good grief.
hi Jillian, enjoy your pregnancy and have wonderful time.

jay on

I meant ‘we have’ perfect lives.

Peggy on

Seriously!? someone is caught holding a coffee cup & the malicious comments flung at Jillian are disgusting……my thought is the internet is an outlet for hostility, anger, jealousy and a ticket to lash out at innocent, hard working, talented, kind & generous human beings like Jillian! For those hateful posters, you should be ashamed of yourselves and obviously taking time out of your day to post about someone you say you can’t stand only tells more about the type of person you must be!

Cutler on

LOVE, LOVE Jillian Harris and Todd. They are the cutest and funniest couple on tv.Don’t miss an issue of their show and hope that Jillian will continue with he show (and bring the baby along) in the future. This is one of the BEST shows that I see. Love them both. By the way, was it a boy or a girl? I have not heard and keep watching their show to hear the good news. Congrats to Jillian and her partner!