Too Cute! Ivanka Trump Shares Photo of Husband and Daughter with Theodore as Grandma Ivana Poses with Newborn

03/28/2016 at 09:35 PM ET

Proud (grand)mommy moment!

Ivana Trump, whose daughter Ivanka welcomed her third child, son Theodore James, on Easter, visited her grandson at the hospital, and photographer Jason Binn shared the moment on Instagram on Monday.

“Proud moment for #IvanaTrump n her growing family – welcome to the world Theodore – so happy for you @ivankatrump #binnshot,” he captioned the photo of the pair.

Ivana Trump grandson Theordore
Jason Binn

In the snap, Ivana, 66, cradles baby Theodore, who is adorably asleep in her arms.

Binn later shared another post featuring Ivanka and the baby, as he touted her skills as a wife and mother, referring to the businesswoman as a “treasure.”

The mom of three shared her own sweet snapshot on Tuesday, posting a photo of proud dad Jared Kushner — with 4-year-old daughter Arabella Rose‘s arms around his neck! — cuddling with his newborn son.

“This is love,” Ivanka captioned the candid, adding the hashtag #bliss.

Jared Kushner son Theordore
Ivanka Trump/Instagram

Ivanka announced the birth of her son in an Instagram post on Sunday, which provided details including the baby’s name, and arrival date and time. In a second post hours later, she shared a photo of herself and the family’s newest bundle of joy.

“Jared and I feel incredibly blessed to announce the arrival of Theodore James Kushner,” she captioned the first photo. “Jared, Arabella, Joseph and I are so excited to welcome this sweet little boy to our family.”

Ivanka and Kushner are also parents to 2-year-old son Joseph Frederick.

— Naja Rayne

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Huh? on

Holy crapy! what happened to her?

Sally on

See what happens when you get too much plastic surgery? Just imagine the ktra sh. Congrats on being a grandma again…

Anonymous on

To much plastic.

Anonymous on

Unmmmm ……she just had a baby and she swollen maybe Cheeeezzzzz woman cut her some slack!!😳🙄

Dajoka on

Botox much? Her face is now puffier than her hair.

Mo on

She looks awful, face very swollen.

Dawn on

Ivanka is such a beautiful woman. She’s just glowing and completely makeup free after just giving birth. Hate that her father is the devil incarnate.

guest on

Anonymous. Are you serious? This is grandma they are talking about. This woman did NOT just give birth. ha. Yes she had had WAY too much surgery.

trish on

what is it with famous and people with money?
They pay to look that way?
I firmly believe they all have fun house mirrors in their homes.

trish on

my comment is about grandma

Guest on

Hey, Theodore is a cool name!!!

Roquort on

You can have a lot of money and you can buy plastic but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be beautiful.

Bette on

Gosh she looks horrendous. She must have been an attractive woman at one point. Don’t their kids say anything to them? This is the downside of having surplus money for things like plastic surgery. You never stop trying to attain that which is long gone and clearly lost forever. Chump and she match up in looks now.

The Free Woman on

Soooo sweet!

guest on

Ivanka’s children: Mommy, why don’t we look like you?

Ivanka: because I don’t look like me.

guest on

Theodore got her old nose…

tutu on

Oh my these comments, she looks just fine, her baby looks healthy what else is there to care about:):) Congratulations to a healthy new baby.

Nicholas Fonseca on

Madame the puppet is his grandma? Who knew?

daisy on

Look at the woman’s face. THAT is what happens when Donald Trump gets involved. Donald Drumpf would turn our country into an ugly facsimile of what it used to be.

knitluver on

The hairdo might have been OK in her 20’s….but it’s past due for a new look…..why do these women continually mess up their faces…A little tuck here or there….I get it….hell, if I could afford it, Id get a lift, too….but to make that mess to my face?? Never!

Rolyat on

Ivana was a VERY attractive woman until she started with the plastic surgery. She should have just aged gracefully.

Pam on

Does anyone see the irony that she named the baby Theodore? Ted Cruz?

Stacy Hackney on

welcome baby

sarah griffin on

Her face looks swollen.

West on

Yikes !!! What a face . When I’m old just give wrinkles please ……, anything is better then that plastic artificial blown out of proportion face … Poor baby . Maybe his ability to focus hasn’t kicked in yet .

Sharon on

Theodore is a cool name

jude621 on

Wow grandma! Reminds me of a song. Send in the clowns! Never mind, she’s already h.ere!

Anonymous on

She seems fine, only swollen face.

Economist on

Yikes. So that is what you look like when Trump gets through with you. Watch out America.

Penny on

Is she storing up for the winter?

She on

Ivanna Trump looks TERRIBLE! She looks like an ugly bloated fat-faced witch, as they appear in movies/tv. What possesses these people to actually think they look better? Meg Ryun, and other names I can’t think of, and the men look worse! Wayne Newton, Burt Reynolds, Kenny Rogers, and every woman with that “duck-lipped” appearance.

Jenny on

What kind of human beings berate a grandmother and her physical appearance as she holds her beautiful new grandson? What very sad lives you must be living to be so shallow and judgmental about things that don’t matter. This is a joyous article about a family and their newest member. Very sad people who lurk on these message boards waiting to spew their negativity.


Oh vey! Why do the rich and famous do this to themselves? My mother is 72 yrs old and in my view, has never looked better!! The human eye is amazing and can quickly determine items that appear “unnatural”.

Zon on

It’s a lovely picture of grandmother and grandson.

Dingosbaby (@dingosbaby) on

Ladies – put down the needles. Lord, this face….

Patricia on

Congrats but wow. The things women will do to avoid wrinkles. I’m going to give my wrinkles cute names and make them a cake on my birthday.

Jen on

She’ll scare the poor kid with her horribly bloated face surgery!

Guest on

Wow she looks terrible.

anabanana on

AWW SOO cute! Love babies. Congrats Ivanka, hubby and family, 🙂

Melissa206 on

What a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations on such a lovely family!

goodie on

I didn’t know Ivanka was married to Jamie Lee Curtis.
Mazel Tov!

sally on

ADORABLE! What a beautiful family. Congratulations!

jeannie on

Good grief people. My face was swollen after delivery. No big deal as it will be gone in a day or two. Congratulations to the Kushner family.

amyinoaktown on

No matter how many “sweet” adorable photos his family posts…Trump is still a very scary, dangerous person.

Guest on

What is it about the posts that think Ivana is the mother? Ivana did not just give birth. This is her grandson.
Next – Theodore? Are you kidding? Even if they had this name in mind, with what is going on do they need a kid whose nickname is Ted??? Is his middle name Marco?

Kathleen on

I think some posters are confusing comments made about Ivana to be about Ivanka. I don’t agree with Donald Trump, but his daughter seems to be an amazing mom and businesswoman. Great family!

Sarah on

Adorable grandmother and grandson. Congratulations.

gymluv on

PEOPLE! PLEASE remove that irritating auto-playing video of Celeb Moms Dish. It plays on every damn article and it pisses a lot of people off. If the volume is on, it’s a race to scroll down and stop the damn thing from playing every time. If we want to watch a video we can click play. Don’t need you to do it for us! Thanks!!

Dee on

Hi, IVANA Is The GrandMother…. She is Ivana’a Donald and Eric Trump’s Mother With Donald Trump.. She Was Another Very Healthy, Caring, Loving, Giving Person. Came from A Good Family. He Dad Was Her Couch In Her Ski Career. A Good Woman Inside And Out. IF You Hear of Any Snippy Times Or Tones From The Ex And FIRST Mrs. Trump. I Don’t Blame Here. She Had a Good Marriage, Her Kids Were/Are Her Life! She is Another Self Made Professional Business Woman. ” She Used Her Own Money to Start Her Businesses” She Came with Money. From Winning Ski Tours, I Think The Olympics As Well. The Donald Stopped Her from Doing nWhat She Loved….People, Sports, Ski, Travel etc. THEIR MARRIAGE BROKE UP! BECAUSE….MARLA MAPLES DID NOT CARE OR RESPECT THAT HE WAS MARRIED. And She Split Up HIS Home and Family!!! DONALD and Marla Maples Had THEIR DAUGHTER TIFFIANY. MARLA MAPLES HAD AN AFFAIR WITH HER DRIVER…..GOT CAUGHT AT THE BEACH HAVING SEX WITH THEIR DRIVER! BAM!!! HE FILED FOR DIVORCE. NOW NOW IVANA, Was Dating and Falling In LOVE With Another Famous Skier. Handsome etc. I Guess the Donald Had Something the Boyfriend Did Not Have. IT’S NOT MONEY! Because All 3 Had
Have Money. Ivana Is Another Wonderful Mother, Friend, Socialite etc. She Did NOT and Does NOT Have or Need to Work. BUT! LOVES TOO, ALWAYS DID. She is an Author, Yummy Wine +++ And She is Near 70 Years Old. “FLORIDA SUN TOO. ” She is A great Mother/Grand Mother 😉

Danyelle on

I’m not sure exactly why but this website is loading extremely slow for f me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end? hj I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists b SEWERLUST.