Ivanka Trump Welcomes Son Theodore James

03/27/2016 at 07:15 PM ET

Ivanka Trump has started down a new trail: Being a mom of three!

The businesswoman welcomed her third child, a boy, with husband Jared Kushner on Sunday, March 27, she announced on social media.

Son Theodore James Kushner joins big brother Joseph Frederick, 2, and sister Arabella Rose, 4½.

“Jared and I feel incredibly blessed to announce the arrival of Theodore James Kushner,” she wrote, sharing a photo hours later on her Facebook page. “Baby Theodore. My heart is full. xx, Ivanka #grateful”

Ivanka Trump Welcomes Son Theodore James
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The announcement of a new baby on the way was a family affair for Trump, 34, and her children, who revealed the exciting news by holding up number signs in a video clip in September.

This is love! #bliss

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“Jared and I are thrilled to announce that we’ll be welcoming baby number 3 to our family early next year. It’s an incredible blessing,” she told PEOPLE. “We feel so grateful — and so excited!”

Hours later, the mom-to-be officially debuted her baby belly while attending an event, where she told PEOPLE she was “feeling great.”

And while the designer was excited to go public with her pregnancy, she later told PEOPLE her daughter had already spilled the beans before she could even share the news with her inner circle.

“Arabella [announced] to everyone I was pregnant prior to me announcing it to even my family,” Trump said in November. “Her whole nursery school class was congratulating me.”

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One thing Arabella couldn’t share? Her sibling’s name — Trump admitted deciding on a moniker for her third child was challenging.

“I am starting to think about it,” she said. “It’s hard because I have a girl and a boy so I went through the drills. I’m dusting off my old lists.”

Before becoming a family of five, Trump and Kushner, the CEO of Kushner Companies, took a break from their busy schedules and indulged in a tropical babymoon in Belize.

“Jared and I snuck away together to enjoy a few days of R&R,” she captioned gorgeous shots of their getaway.

— Anya Leon

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Whatt???????? on


Anonymous on

More garbage …..

jane on

Congratulatons to the Kushner family.

Kate on

Congratulations! An Easter baby! Ivanka is high class all the way!!! Her children are super cute. I bet this new baby is as well!!

Claire on

Can’t stand Donald and I think that if he wins he’ll carry the U.S. headfirst into the third World War, but I can put aside my feelings for him and congratulate his daughter. She seems to have grown up into a lovely young woman who actually works instead of just coasting on Daddy’s money. Also, she’s one of the few celebrities who chooses simple and wonderful names for her children. Mazel Tov to the Kushner family.

Amy on

Her and Princess Kate are the most “graceful” and well dressed pregnant women I have ever seen! Congrats on your new little boy!

ddcook2 on


Dawn on

Nice name.
Sorry she couldn’t spend an evening in privacy enjoying her family and new baby before broadcasting to strangers. Maybe it’s just me, but posting on social media within a couple hours? Eeek

trish on

and has a lunatic grand father

Summer on

Yes, Trump is a nutjob, but leave him out of it! She seems like a great mom with a sweet young family. Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Congratulations! What a great Easter gift.

rubyovertherainbow* on

How could she name that baby “Ted.”

js on

Why not Adolph? Grandpappy would be so proud. Someone erected a tombstone in Central Park, NY with her father’s name on it, I thought it was hilarious.

Angie on

Let’s hope granps is not allowed to influence this innocent child with his hate filled crazy diatribe . Congrats and good luck,

Anonymous on

Why put this special moment out in the media within a few hours of his birth? Public attention is what this family wants and craves above all else-let these first 24 hrs. be about Mom, Dad and siblings enjoying this new little boy. As always the Trump family needs the publicity, it’s sad these kids will never grow up with a loving grandfather to look up to and respect.

Sally on

Gotta admit, she looks beautiful after giving birth! Congrats, he’s a handsome guy

chiero on

Very classy to name the baby after Lyin’ Ted.

notatrumpfan on

Can’t these precious first hours of this little boy’s life be about family and not how much media attention they can get for TRUMP. This baby and his siblings will never have a loving grandpa to look up to or admire when they grow up, only a prejudiced man who has no ounce of humanity in his blood. Hopefully they and others can grow up in an open environment without hate-which Donald spews every time he open his mouth!

Sam on

Huh the name sounds very close to Ted.

Mr. Right on

God bless America’s First Family. President Trump and his entire family have restored class and dignity to the White House. This has been 8 long years in the making.

Roselyn Gatcho on

To all the hypocrite haters — Angie, Anonymous (coward) and the rest who came here to spew evil & hate, guess what you people are cowards and 10,000 times bad than what you accused Ivanka’s Dad Donald. Either you’re Democrats or for his oppositions nevertheless you ought to be ashamed of yourselves and I hope karma bites you in the rear SOON!

Anonymous on

Lovely lady. Love the name. God bless!!!!

Guest on

Lovely lady. Love the name. Congrats!!!

Curly Sue on


Lori on

Congrats to the happy family! It’s nice she can put politics aside. I just thought the name Ted might be off the table. Nice name anyway.

Anonymous on

That is my son’s name. Nice choice!

stacey on

Already!! She only looked about 5 months along!

Susan Bethel H. on

I am sorry for this baby.. Born in the Trump family it has to be terrible.. Killers, racists, idiots, jerks, kkk followers etc, etc.

Cathy on

Congrats to this beautiful Lady and her newborn son. I pray to Jesus Christ her father wins!!!!

Mary on

For those saying the baby’s name is too close to Ted, just because his name is Theodore, doesn’t mean his nickname will be Ted. If he has a nickname, it could be Theo.

Besides, Ted Cruz’s name is Rafael Edward Cruz. Ted comes from Edward, not Theodore.

Sunny on

To all of you slamming her for posting it on social media “within hours”, do you have friends who are still having babies? And do they post it on Instagram and Facebook? Why, yes the do! Because it’s happy, wonderful news! Get over yourselves. Beautiful name, and beautiful family.

Taylor on

Poor kids being related to trump I feel sorry for them

Anonymous on

Prison break reference (t-bag)?

Lauren on

Love the name and it’s a normal name.

Virian Bouze' on

The United States, Certainly needs to have a man, Who understands the value of just what the United States, Stands for! Quality, Education, Success, the ability to make things better for a life free of “Negative Disrespect”, For other people who would like to also become a success!. The rules of the United States, are to show respect for the people who are hired or elected by the people who will do the jobs they are selected to perform! One of the main reasons you will find people from other countries wanting to come to the United States of America! Is Because the United States, Has allowed people to come here who possess the desire and potential to make things an do things that will make the U.S. a better place to live! This is why the smart people in the united States, Will “Select Mr Donald J Trump,” To make this country what it is designed for. The good stuff!

So true on

Absolutely adore her, intelligent gorgeous and classy, and then there is Chelsea

Anonymous on

An angel has been born! On all days!!!!

Dave on

Good news. Congrats. Pity the granpa is a bigoted, misogynistic, egoistical narcissist. Ugly inside out. He has spoilt the reputation of the family and he is only going to get crazier with age.

Economist on

Is Donald the father? Icky how he says he is hot for Ivanka.

Why? on

Why is there so much medical stuff around her? In my country, that’s not the way, and our maternal and infant mortality rates are lower than the USA. I’m confused…?

Daisy on

When will grandpa Donald pay for Arabella’s big fake boobs? He’s obsessed with Ivanka’s.

Kelly122 on

Well I’m surprised his gramps isn’t strutting around trying to take credit for his birth in some way. Hilarious that she named the baby TED. Of all the names she could have used, she chose the one that shortens to TED??? I’m sure gramps isn’t thrilled about that!

Sandra on

And who cares?

KT on

Beautiful woman with class. Always down to earth and respectful. Congratulations to her gorgeous family. God bless!

DJ on

Nice to see that she has to wear that ugly hospital gown just like the rest of us!

s on

Theodore is such a great name! Congratulations!
@Why? infant mortality has nothing to do with birth. Perintal mortality is the rate you should be looking at, and the US have one of the lowest perinatal mortality rates in the world. Maternal mortality rates cannot really be compared, since every country measures it differently. In any case, the reasons for the US high maternal mortality rates include poor prenatal care due to lack of health insurance, high numbers of high risk pregnancies due to the mother’s poor health etc. None of these problems would be resolved by having LESS “medical stuff” as you call it.

Erica on

Theodore was born with more brains than his grandfather

Ellie on

Congrats! This woman has such grace and class. Hard to believe she is Donald’s daughter. Wish it was her running for President.

Amy on

In this day and age, most people post to social media about events like this pretty quickly. It is the easiest way to let friends and family (AND, in this case, fan or admirers) know happy news. The ONLY difference is that she is famous. Congratulations to the newly expanded family – he looks perfect and the name is really cute!

debnyc on

“Ted if it’s a boy, Hillary if it’s a girl”

sarah on

Theodore James is a lovely name, not strange like other Hollywood kids names.

Amy on

@Mr. Right, that is the funniest thing I’ve read all day! Thank for the laughs. 🙂

jeannie on

Congratulations to the Kushner family !!!

Anonymous on

Wow the baby is so nice

PopTart on

I love Ivanka Trump. She is classy, smart and a wonderful and loving mother. How in the HADES did she come from The Donald???
It’s baffling.
Congratulations !

Anonymous on

Ivanka didn’t name her child after Lyin’ Ted because Cruz’s real name is Rafael.

just me on

hope her son’s name is not after ted cruz lol.

Dan on

Has she shared what an ass his grandfather is?!

catherineryanash on

She named the baby after Four from divergent! ^-^

Grace on

Why is everybody bringing up the baby’s grandfather? We all know who he is so why mention it? Why not just say congratulations on the birth of a healthy child? As for the name, you never know what he may be called- Theodore, Theo, Ted, James, Jimmy, Jim, TJ or anything else. A healthy (and wanted) baby is a joyous thing. I couldn’t care less who the maternal grandfather is.congrats to the Kushner family on their new addition.

Ets on

I know this is about baby Theodore…. but people are talking about his grandfather, because this innocent little being has been saddled with a racist lunatic for a Grandfather; the pompous arse who thinks it’s the American way, to spew hate all over what used to be a great country. He portrays Americans as fearful and greedy and hateful. Little Theodore, will hopefully be raised to learn to accept and love all of our differences.

Omekz on

Love the name, it’s a good choice.

Clark Kent on

I think this is the Sixth Christ Soul Child which means he is the brother of Maxima Zuckerberg, Saint West, Flynn Bloom, Bishop Max, and Blue Ivy Carter.

van griffin on

Glad his son’s name is not Ted.