Chrissy Teigen Flashes Her Bare Baby Bump in a See-Through Crop Top as Due Date Approaches

03/20/2016 at 10:45 AM ET

Chrissy Teigen‘s baby bump keeps growing, but her affinity for crop tops has stayed the same.

The mom-to-be stepped out with her own mother and husband John Legend over the weekend, pairing a tiny, white top with a pair of low-slung ripped light jeans.

Teigen, who is expecting a daughter in the spring, let her white lace bra peek through the sheer top, but covered up her arms with a camel overcoat. The model kept her accessories cohesive with matching open-toed sandals and an over-the-shoulder bag.

Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Crop Top
Bruja / Splash News

While Teigen has turned to crop tops during her pregnancy, she said her go-to maternity look is a Wolford tube dress “that you can fold a million different ways, you can make it a skirt, a this, that.”

Teigen, 30, said in January,”I bought it in every color, in small, medium, large, in anticipation of the entire process, so I have, like, 45 of them.”

Another thing the star isn’t afraid to bare? Her home life — which will include sharing photos of the couple’s bundle of joy on social media when she arrives.

“We’re not going to go out of our way to hide because obviously it’s such a big part of our lives to show everything: the inside of our homes, my parents living with us, our animals, everything,” Teigen previously explained to PEOPLE of her social media presence. “I’m not going to do sneaky back shots of her or anything.”

— Lindsay Kimble

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Guest on

She’ll probably have a camera down there as the baby is coming out! She is vile! Good luck with having those two as parents

megan on

Yeah right, due in the spring with a nearly flat stomach. Even for a first baby, that’s a bit of a stretch this far along. I don’t know why she, Coco Austin & other celebs just can’t say “we’re using a surrogate”

Missc on

They look like they are brother and sister. I wonder if they got along when they were little and if this is her first pregnancy

Jessica on

Are you blind?? flat stomach? she obviously has a baby bump. If you are that miserable of a person and have nothing better to do to than sit behind a computer an judge others I feel bad for you. News flash if you don’t want to read the article don’t click on it to read it!!!!!!

Anonymous on

I wish this attention whore would just go away!! Nobody cares!!

Awful on

Would have been much better without the see thru top. What is it with celebrities that think they look secu no matter what they wear??

Harlow Nash on

Sheer crop top and coat. Makes sense.

Mejustme on

She looks very happy, she is so vocal, if they had used a surrogate I do not think she would hesitate to say it. The surrogate would probably be in every picture with her.

Alissa on

She has good fashion sense! Very happy for her.

kisten on

I’m not really much of a Chrissy Teigen fan but I will say she has looked pretty stylish while pregnant. Not as bizarre as Kim Kardashian chooses to look or nearly as big! Hope the baby has the best qualities of the both of them!

P. L on

Wow, beautiful. the first time ive seen an attractive pregnant women

Melanie on

Megan, everyone isn’t huge when they are pregnant…I was 5’3″ and weighed 104 when I got pregnant the last time. I never got huge, or had trouble walking, getting out of a chair, or any of that stuff. Had the baby on time and it weighed over 7 lbs. Healthy and just fine, just as I was. People would have said the same about me except it was before surrogacy. Stop being so judgmental! Not everyone chooses to gain 60 lbs, and waddle around like an elephant; isn’t necessary for baby’s health, and is really bad for mama’s! Ugh! Sick of the surrogacy comments, when obviously, someone just looks like they have a pregnancy without gaining too much weight.

TLC on

Her baby bump is so tiny for someone close to delivery.

Angela on

Love Chrissy. Love John. Cant wait for the Legend baby! ❤

Kat on

I think she looks classy. Unlike Kim Kartrashian!

NYC on

She looks like more & more like a chipmunk / gremlin w those fat cheeks.

Anonymous on

She’s beautiful, and freaking hilarious. She just enjoys her life and has a good time. I don’t know what the problem here is. She’s a model, and is going to look better than most of us whilst pregnant. Haters gonna hate. I would take a million Chrissy Teigen’s over 1 Kim Kardashian any day. Legit.

Zanny on

She looks gorgeous, so happy for her.

Annie on

She’s super annoying but I hate when celebrities share pictures while deliberately hiding the face? Why would anyone want to see that? It’s not even worth doing. Just post a picture of a cool bench or something.

Joey on

She really does look healthy and happy. Love her pregnancy style too!!

Amy on

She has that glow! Bella!

Gina on

Love her style and hair..

Mandy on

Love her fashion style, she looks great!

Sunspotbaby2U on

I think she looks fabulous… Cannot wait to she this beautiful baby from those two. Haters gonna hate… but why ..?

NOZ on


Stacey McRae on

Why is it people with money dress likes bums?

Anonymous on

She looks gorgeous. Congrats!

kaktyc96 on

she sounds very DUMB

Angelina Jolie on

She’s dressed like a refugee

lin on

Why even bother to wear the top? It’s see-through and cropped. She may as well have just worn the bra. Not a good look for a pregnant woman – very low class.

karen on

With my first I only gained 19 pounds. And still had a pound
healthy baby girl.But the shirt has go.

Bettie003 on

She looks just fabulous!

Guest on

Wearing high heels while pregnant is absurd. I don’t understand why her Ivy League-educated husband would even be with this twit, but if he/she has half of Chrissy’s genes, the baby is bound to be an idiot.

SheIsADiva on

Today pregnant rich women will not allow themselves to gain weight for fear of not losing the weight after the baby is born.

Anonymous on

Sick of it.

Jms on

I had three babies and barely gained 15 pounds with each one. I ate normal and exercised like a pregnant woman should. I barely showed until my last few months. She looks amazing you the haters should just go hate somewhere else.

Jms on

People who gain tons of weight and stay heavy years after having kids choose to do so. Getting pregnant doesn’t mean eat like a pig for nine months and then stay that way.

Callie on

She looks tacky and classless as usual

Anonymous on

She looks classy and elegant. Congrations!

Rachel on

Her and John Legend actually look a bit alike. They have a lot of the same features like the dimples, big cheeks/high cheekbones, and similar noses.

Ginger on

She’s not quite as trashy as Kim K…YET. Hopefully she’ll clean up her act before she embarrasses her family, husband and own child someday.

ImALadyToo on

I think that there is something wrong with women who feel the need to expose themselves in one way or another. If you are pregnant, I would think that you would want to share your wonderful pregnancy and body for your husband. I just don’t get it, unless you are a narcissist.

acro47 on

So THIS is how you dress when you have millions in the bank? Thank goodness I’m poor!

Robinepowell on

She definitely dresses better then Kim did during her two pregnancies. Hopefully Chrissy won’t ever listen to on maternity fashion.

Susan on

She has good fashion sense. Kudos to her.

rosieglitter on

megan on March 20th, 2016
Yeah right, due in the spring with a nearly flat stomach. Even for a first baby, that’s a bit of a stretch this far along. I don’t know why she, Coco Austin & other celebs just can’t say “we’re using a surrogate”

^^There’s a real genius. Sorry, lady. Not everyone looks like Jaba the Hutt when they’re pregnant.

rosieglitter on

megan on March 20th, 2016
Yeah right, due in the spring with a nearly flat stomach. Even for a first baby, that’s a bit of a stretch this far along. I don’t know why she, Coco Austin & other celebs just can’t say “we’re using a surrogate”

^^^What an IDIOT! Sorry not everyone blows up like a manatee when they’re with child.

alison on

she seems very happy and smiling in the picture.

thinks on

I can’t see any part of her, top to bottom, that could look worse. shoes, pants, talon fingernails, hair, top, bra, jacket. I guess the sunglasses could look worse

Vanny on

See-through crop top fashion! It makes sense.