‘Choose Your Battles’: Kim Kardashian Shares Photo of North Sleeping with Her Shoes On

03/19/2016 at 11:55 AM ET

With motherhood, there are some battles you choose to fight and some you choose to Snapchat.

Kim Kardashian West did the latter when she recently shared a picture of daughter North sweetly snoozing with her flip-flops on.

“Sleeping w shoes on!” Kardashian West captioned the photo, adding the hashtags “#normal #chooseyourbattles.”

Kim Kardashian West and North West
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks Kardashian West, 35, has caught her eldest child napping. But when North isn’t catching some Zs, she’s as active as any other 2½-year-old.

Earlier this week, Kardashian West shared another Snapchat video of North, hanging upside down from a desk, in a red tutu.

Mom captioned it, “That’s a tough workout.”

While Kardashian West is only a recent convert to Snapchat, North hasn’t been a fan, her mom said, because of the “filters with the crazy faces.”

— Adam Carlson

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Brooke on

I guess her maid had the day off. I’m thinking her nanny did too.

Claire on

Choose your battles?? Why is kids napping with flip flops on even a battle??

Guest on

Why is this even newsworthy? Must be a very slow day at People. Just pull her shoes off and go on about your business. No need to share that nonsense with the world. Anything to stay relevant I guess.

lee on

This kid is going to be so messed up. Kim should be stopped from using her as an option for self promotion. The world feels nothing but disgust for her there should be some kind of law against this

Francine on

They’re flip flops. How hard could they have been to remove?

button on

This looks more like a child who just collapsed to sleep where she was playing rather than wanting to keep her shoes on when she was put down. Not saying you’re a bad parent if your child naps like this, but Kim’s take on it is very misleading….

Mrs. B on

Why is there an entire article about this? All Kim had to do was slip those flip flops off the baby’s feet and she would have kept on sleeping. As usual, Kim is being a drama Queen.

Ellen on

Just take off the shoes. Maybe North is a light sleeper but I doubt it in that house.

stinky on

actually I think Kim is doing pretty good as a mom..from what i’ve seen in pics….+she has to do it under the glaring lights of celebrity, she’s uber famous, but North looks healthy and happy, Kim seems very protective. I’ve seen 2 pics of her new baby, and he looks like a healthy cutie too. No parent is perfect.

Charlotte on

We are not interested in Kim, North, or South! Go away!

ohplease on

Oh please…they’re flip flops!! Kim, you are an idiot if you think this is avoiding picking a “battle”.

... on

Cute, Kim’s nanny sent her a photo of the kid passed out on a couch, and Kim decided to make it all about her picking ‘battles’.

Nancy on

Why is this a story

Anonymous on

Please take turns with all your writers, and give me an article written by a Kardashian-hater………I’m sick of these meaningless and worthless articles, written by your Kardashian-fan writers. In other words, give me some juicy, negative dirt.

The Free Woman on

Imagine if for one day they gave back in some way. Like feeding the poor, or helping abuse survivors. What a powerful message it would send to women. But, instead they slut, and tramp, and hoe all day!

Gigi on

Whoa, slow news day! North sleeps with shoes on!

Hea on

So let her sleep with her shoes on. My cousin’s son slept with his new soccer shoes on for a like a month.

Anonymous on

News flash: North is sleeping with her shoes on!

Tanya on

Love North’s smile!

Pam on

This is not a news! Go away.


She is going to have bigger battles on her hands when North gets older.

Kari on

Some of these comments are hilarious. You’re upset that this isn’t real news? You’re on PEOPLE MAGAZINE’s CELEBRITY BABY BLOG. This isn’t the New York Times. Were you expecting investigative journalism? Is Kris Allen’s revelatory realization that fatherhood is “mind-blowing” a key story on th nigtly news? No. Because that’s not why you’re here. I’m not even a fan of the Kardashians, but none of us should be inflating our egos so much so as to not understand why we’re here. We like creeping on the lives of celebrities and seeing their families. It’s voyeurism, at best. LOL at the idea that you’re here for “news.”

OP on

They’re flip flops, easy to take it off!

Mandi on

Omg North looks so cute!

Ron on

wearing flip flops during sleep is news? ridiculous!

Sarah on

Simple Kim can take her shoes off

Enough on

Another earth shattering story.

Jess on

You know, if we wanted to follow this twits every move we would follow her on social media. Enough already.