Pregnant Audrina Patridge Steps Out in a Tiny, Sparkling Mini Dress, Days After Revealing Baby’s Sex

03/19/2016 at 05:00 PM ET

Audrina Patridge sure isn’t shy about her baby bump — and why should she be?

Just days after announcing she was expecting a daughter in July, the former Hills star stepped out for a Friday night party for LaPalme magazine in Los Angeles in a sparkling mini dress and heels, alongside fiancé Corey Bohan.

Audrina Patridge pregnant baby bump mini-dress
Luis Andrino

Patridge, 30, announced her pregnancy in December, and hasn’t been shy about the details or her changing body.

“Burrito or baby?” Patridge joked on Instagram in January, with a photo of herself in a two-piece bikini and a small baby bump.

Audrina Patridge pregnant baby bump mini-dress
Luis Andrino

“So far, I haven’t had any morning sickness, I just feel very tired and like I have a major hangover when I wake up, which is a change for me because I’m constantly on the go,” Patridge wrote on her blog in December.

And she told LaPalme magazine in its March issue, “It’s crazy how much your body changes — and how fast — and I’m embracing my pregnancy boobs and my curves.”

Now that they’ve revealed the sex of their baby on the way, Patridge and Bohan know there are only so many details left to share with their fans.

“Corey and I can’t wait to meet our baby girl, and we can’t thank you enough for your support,” Patridge wrote on her blog earlier this week. “It truly means the world! Now, onto the name…. We are open to suggestions!”

— Adam Carlson

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sally on

BETTER put a bra on- because those puppies are gonna sag and be hanging down to your belly button!

suks on

Better put a bra on those puppies because they will soon be hanging down to your belly button! Yuck!

J on

Her boobs look like they’re a 70 year old lady’s boobs.

Christine on

Tacky. Her books are practically falling out of it. She’s in great shape, but something a little more modest would have looked much better.

J on

She’s in dire need of a lift. At 30. Yikes.

Smittyjen on

She was on a boring MTV reality show..big deal…….

EW on

Her dress looks like it’s falling down…and so do her boobs. Very unflattering in this dress.

sally on

GROSS! Put a bra on because those tata’s are heading south! They are down to her belly button already!!! Didn’t her mom teach her that they need support?

sandra on

Little Ms. SAGGY boobs! Put a bra on them, as they are already down to your belly button!

Jj on

Looks like Madonna try to pull down her dress!

Ellie on

Very unflattering dress on her!

Jessie Boyd on

Really what it is is that she has always had an ample chest. But with pregnancy your breasts become larger and much denser and heavier. This is why a very supportive bra is an absolute must during pregnancy and when/if breastfeeding. By not wearing a supportive undergarment gravity takes force. And that will turn into permanent sagging if no proper support is ever given. It will also result in back and neck pain as well. I hope that this was a one-off and that the rest of the time she is supporting her chest. She will regret it later if not.

Jenny on

Wow, that is NOT a flattering dress.

maggee on

VERY unflattering dress !!!!!!

Cam on

That dress is not remotely flattering.

Yonny on

It’s not a flattering dress.

jg1965 on

Why is she continuing to get coverage? She is a nobody from a cheesy, ridiculous tv program.

Hmm on

Oh, bad outfit choice. I bet she’d look lovely in just about any other dress but this one, it’s just too low cut and isn’t flattering.

Anonymous on

She is a “has been”…..or actually maybe she was a “never was”?

shari on

She is a “has been”……Or maybe a better descriptor is “never was”.

Poppy on

She better get some support for those pregnancy boobs. The top of that dress looks trashy.

Yikes on

She looks like trash in that ill fitting dress. Why bother with any clothes with your t*ts hanging down like that? They have broken up and gotten back together more times than anyone can count. They will never marry. She is borderline retarded and he is a washed up alcoholic.

KL on

She is very pretty but you are pregnant so change that dress and dress with some class !!!

stinky on

she has such a lovely face and figure (pre preg)….i hope he is ok….he looks a little on the wild side.

Amy on

Who in their right mind leaves the house looking like that? Wow – desperation is not a good look on anyone.

CallMeCrazy on

I’d eat the corn out of her poo

MJ on

I think she looks very cute! No need to be so judgmental!

Sara on

Great picture. Sexy mama-to-be! She looks amazing.

Omelz on

The dress is unflattering.

Deyanna on

OK Sally and Suks…three comments are enough. Don’t you have a life???

Von on

She was on reality TV, not a celebrity like actors or actresses, she needs to go away.

Anonymous on

Um the dress kinda trashy. Not elegant enough.

Paula on

The dress is cute, and it’s good to see Corey Bohan and Audrina Patridge out together. But yikes! Her hair! Audrina’s trademark long, gorgeous hair has been savagely butchered! Audrina looks so amazing in her long beautiful hair. Thin mousy short hair is not a good look on her at all!

Rachel on

I’m sorry, but there isn’t anything attractive about the way this woman is dressed – very tacky, especially for an expectant mother

Irene on

The dress looks going to fall off, she could have something more modest, she has good shape though.

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