Ginnifer Goodwin: Pregnancy the Second Time Around Is Exhausting

03/17/2016 at 06:00 PM ET

Ginnifer Goodwin second pregnancy
Barry King/Getty Images

Ginnifer Goodwin thought she was tired during her first pregnancy with 21-month-old son Oliver Finlay.

But that fatigue was nothing compared to the second time around.

The actress, 37, who voices the lead character in Disney’s Zootopia and stars on the ABC series Once Upon a Time, says thinking she was tired with her first pregnancy is “laughable now.”

“Now I’m running after a toddler, working on a series and doing a press tour,” says the actress, who is expecting her second child, another boy, with her husband Josh Dallas this spring.

But the positive star says despite all of that, she is doing “remarkably well” and the busy schedule is making her pregnancy fly by.

“The first time you feel like you are pregnant for four years,” she says. “This time, I don’t know how many weeks I am. I have to reference my date book!”

In between indulging her pregnancy craving of “sweet and refreshing and wonderful” watermelon popsicles, Goodwin is doing her best to prep Oliver for his new role as big brother.

“He definitely understands the concept of a baby,” she explains. “He pulls up my shirt every day and pats my belly and says, ‘Hello baby.’ We kept telling him your brother can hear you. So he just pushes his face into my belly and talks.”

And although the arrival of the family’s new addition will bring late-night feeds and a shakeup in their sleep schedules, the mom-to-be insists she and Dallas wouldn’t have it any other way.

“My husband and I were talking the other day and saying, ‘Remember the days when we would just go to the movies and read a book and just take a nap? All of the free time we took for granted,’ ” she says.

“And my husband said, ‘And we would give it all up, all over again, for that look on his face after he has been dunked in the swimming pool and he just comes up out of the water with pure joy on his face.’ ”

For more on Ginnifer Goodwin’s new movie Zootopia and her thoughts on motherhood, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Mia McNiece

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L on

She actually look tired despite make up… Good luck to her and hug to the rest of family

Robin on

She said she’s due in the spring. I wonder if it will be before or after Oliver’s second birthday? Cutting it close I imagine. Two spring chickens.

Letsmakeachange on

Just started watching Once upon… & live it! Had no idea Snow White & Prince Charming were married with kids in real life! Hope it will last & not another Hollywood marriage…

Claire on

What a weird thing – coming up out of the water with joy on his face. It made me think of Fast Times in Ridgemont High when the girl in the red bikin rises out of the pool.

It’s tru, though. You can’t imagine life without them even though sometimes you’ve only had the, for weeks or months. Strange thing, baby love.
I didn’t want mine close together. I wanted to focus on each of them and enjoy their babyhood because it’s really so short. I loved nursing, talking and singing to them. Just spending all that time with them just a foot away from my face made all the difference in the world. I have one child I didn’t nurse and he and I are not nearly as close as the others. Who knows why but I’ll always suspect it’s because we didn’t have that time. I find that my friends who breastfed feel the same (especially if they’ve had one they did not nurse. I’ve met a few through the non-profit I run) They all swear you can tell the difference).

Rose on

Congratulations to her and the family.

smpalesh on

Claire – if you feel differently towards your child you didn’t breastfeed then that is coming from you and your obvious issues, not from lack of breastfeeding. I was unable to breastfeed my oldest child at all (we both almost died when he was born and we were at different hospitals for weeks). I went on to have two more children who I breastfed until they were toddlers. There is absolutely NO difference whatsoever in my bond with my children. Yes, breastfeeding is a bonding experience but if you aren’t bonding with a non-breastfed child there is something wrong with you.

Alissa on

Yeah she looks tired in the picture and her body looks like bloating.

Anonymous on

Looking particularly fat Ginny.