Good Morning America‘s Ginger Zee: Meet My Son Adrian!

03/17/2016 at 04:00 PM ET

From baby bottles to the ballroom!

Ginger Zee may be a brand new mom, but the ABC chief meteorologist is also balancing motherhood with her latest gig: competing on Dancing with the Stars.

“I knew I was going to hit the ground running,” Zee tells PEOPLE. “I think the schedule’s going to be pretty grueling, but not in the way that I can’t handle it.”

Zee, who welcomed son Adrian Benjamin in December, returned to her day job at Good Morning America on Monday and has been busy commuting back and forth from New York to Los Angeles, where DWTS films.

Ginger Zee Ben Aaron son Adrian family photo
Karen Pearson

While her days are jam packed, Zee’s NBC news correspondent husband Ben Aaron has been a very “hands on” dad from the start.

Following her c-section delivery, Aaron was happy to take on any task. “I was on diaper duty, but I loved it because I like cleaning,” he says. “So it was perfect.”

Another one of his favorite things to do as a dad? Sing! “At night I sing and dance with him. We do a lot of Motown and ’80s music. He loves Lionel Richie — no joke,” Aaron shares.

For more on Ginger Zee’s new baby, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Emily Strohm

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sally on

Poor child. Mom already has a full time job and now she is going to do Dancing with the Stars! Guess she’s gonna miss the best part raising a child- the first year. When will she have time to be with him??? Very sad.

Mrs on

How dare she leave the baby at home and let her husband deal with him! Doesn’t she know that’s her job…(Typed using the sarcasm font)

MyTwoCents on

I’ve heard that DWTS is 6 hours of rehearsal/ 6 days a week. I mean the last thing that I would want to do is learn to tango or foxtrot or disco. But if she likes it, then I love it. Good luck.

Julie on

@Sally….relax! Geez, she only works in the mornings and sometimes at night….DWTS only last a few months…..I’m sure her baby will be just fine and she won’t miss a thing. Why don’t you put your concern towards children that are abused and neglected….volunteers are needed badly.

Denice on

I think it is very selfish of her to do DWTS at this point. Trying to hard to be famous at her son’s expense.

Pinky on

I have a 9 week old (and two other kids) and I can’t imagine trying to do that. Not saying she can’t work or have a life but having bi-costal jobs and a newborn sounds like too much to try to balance. Life should be fun and about enjoying the moments without doing it all at once.

Marilyn on

She is just a weather reporter not a celebrity. I don’t get it.

guest on

I tend to agree with others who think it is odd that she would take this on after just coming back from maternity leave. I mean is that really necessary? Especially the whole bi-coastal thing. It just seems like a lot of time traveling and time away from your precious baby. Not form me but I guess everyone is different.

Tam on

My daughter is two weeks older than her son and I can’t imagine doing what she’s doing with the bi-coastal stuff. If she is breastfeeding that must be really tough! I’ll be rooting for her on the show simply because her and I are both new first time moms.

Beth on

I agree with too much too soon. I have a 14-month old and 2 older children. I think these new older moms think they have something to prove that they can do it all. Spoiler alert–you can’t. She’s going to be exhausted and miss out on that special first year of bonding time. they grow up so very fast and this time is precious. I think it’s pretty selfish of her. Do DWTS when he’s a little bit older.

gymluv on

This woman strikes me as fame hungry. Why else would you work full-time and fly across the country many times per week, while having a newborn and breastfeeding? She already has 2 jobs, mom and reporter. Not my priorities, babies need you more when they are so young.

urbanentertainment on

I used to read her blogs. She is very body conscious. I think she is doing this to lose the baby weight

Catherine on

That’s definitely a LOT to take on if she’s working and she had a c-section. She’s lucky her husband is supportive. Personally, I think she’s nuts!

sarah on

Now I know she is a weather reporter.

Xia on

Yeah she is just selfish for her own fame.

Val on

People… relax.. selfish! She is a morning meteorologist on a very popular Morning show. It is the decision of her and her husband (who is hands on, not a bad thing today) Good for her! Ginger have a great time and good luck!

Notta Fan on

Definitely aimed at speedy weight loss. Can’t imagine commuting back and forth cross country to be on a crappy dance show with d listers. It’s nice to have a hands on husband – but since she is home a few hours a week, he’s more than hands on – plus a round the clock baby nurse no doubt.

My time with my infants was priceless. Wouldn’t give that up for anything.

Patricia Ewald on

She is breastfeeding, the baby is with her, the baby is with his dad, who probably is using paternity leave and wants to do it. Relax people, it’s none of our concern.

li on

Seems like DWTS could have waited for a season or two.

Anonymous on

Yes she could have waited for DWTS a season or two.

Anonymous on

I love her but I couldn’t have left my son for so long. I couldnt leave him like that now and he’d 1 1/2. There’s too much she’s going to miss and it all happens so fast. Time with your baby you will never get back.

Kaydee on

As a mom who works in the news media, I know how demanding it can be, especially with a newborn. Work begins long before you hit the air. I just hope she’s not carting her newborn son, who’s immune system is still developing, back and forth on an airplane with that FILTHY cabinized air.

Volly on

She is a weather reporter, perhaps she needs to focus more on weather lol

Pamelaann on

Ginger is a very ‘hands-on mother’ ..she, the baby and baby daddy travel to CA where DWTS is located. Their baby is always with them so I do not think having a little fun is bad for all and I commend her for doing this ; and if she thought this would jeopardize anything connected with the baby-I am sure she wouldnt be doing it. Can’t wait to see what moves she will be doing with her partner Val.

Veronica on

She is paired with Val, he is a good dancer. I’m sure she could last at least several rounds on DWTS.

dee on

I agree, she’s nuts!! Professional athletes become completely exhausted on that show and she’s coming off just having a kid and not only returning to work but flying back and forth and DANCING? Again, she’s nuts!! 😉 I predict a complete crash and burn by week 6.

Bill on

Why do you naysayers think it’s your business what she does. Her husband must be ok with it and the baby won’t remember it. I say go Ginger! Whoever called DWTS a crappy dance show doesn’t appreciate talent when they see it. That’s sad. Hope she wins. She’s hot!

Jo on

I have lost a lot of respect for Ginger. How could a brand new mother leave her precious newborn baby so soon. She will never get that first important year of bonding with her baby back. DWTS is at least 6 to 10 hours a day rehearsing. Then she’s flying back and forth and working on ABC…very selfish. She says she wants to make her son pround, ya right. She’s doing it for fame and weight loss…lets be honest.

Zenenriv on

Congrats to Ginger. Living does not stop just because you have a baby. Pretty sure her 9mo old isn’t going to turn into serial killer b/c mom I’d dancing. People… Simmer down. Maybe you should try dancing.

Angela on

She should have waited for DWTS, she was good on DWTS though.

Anonymous on

Another “career” woman who just wanted a baby as an after thought… I’m sick of her, Savannah Guthrie, MegynKelly, Erin Burnett,Giullana Rancic and all the other women who “squeeze” a baby into their lives! Shame on you . . .

Ellie on

All you Mother’s out there act like it’s your business. It’s not.
Pull the panties out of your crack and stop complaining. Not everyone has the same lives as you, maybe a grueling schedual and juggling a new born isn’t for you, but she handled it like a pro, no ill effects on the baby. 3-4 months! Your calling it a year, and dad was right there as well. She did great! Kudos to her and her husband.