Megyn Kelly: ‘We Set the Expectations Too High for New Mothers’

03/16/2016 at 08:30 PM ET

Balancing a career and motherhood can be tough.

But Megyn Kelly explains that a parent can find “harmony” between work and private life, inspiring fans with her “if I can do it, you can do it too” mentality. Hey, taking on Donald Trump and raising three children is all in her day’s work.

In the April issue of MOREon newsstands Tuesday, the Fox News anchor opens up about her experience of being a new mom and the hardships she found when going back to work.

“We set the expectations too high for new mothers,” Kelly, 45, explains. “I’m always telling women, ‘Don’t expect to not hate it.’ You’re going to feel and look terrible, and you’re going to wonder if you blew up your life. The cruel irony of it is, just at the time you’re loving it and you’ve got it down, you have to go back to work.”

Megyn Kelly More magazine
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The Kelly File star and husband Doug Brunt have three kids together: daughter Yardley Evans, 5 next month, and sons Edward Yates, 6, and Thatcher Bray, 2½.

Just nine weeks after giving birth to Thatcher, Kelly returned to anchoring her primetime show, a decision which she now believes was too soon. She recalls one of her earliest assignments, an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, during which both new mom and newborn had a breakdown.

“Five minutes before I had to go onstage, Thatcher was having a meltdown,” Kelly recalls. “So I yank my dress open and start breastfeeding as I’m mic’d up. And everybody’s like, ‘Ehhhh…’ ”

Megyn Kelly More magazine
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With conflicted emotions and parental worrying, Kelly eventually found her own “level of harmony” as she raised her growing family. “I see them thriving; our loving relationship is more than intact. There’s no more of that, ‘Am I going to screw them up?’ I’m not,” she confidently shares.

But it wasn’t always like that for her, revealing, “I did worry in the beginning, especially when I only had one kid, about whether I was a good mom, whether I was abandoning my duties.”

Now that she’s closer to mastering the idea of having it all, Kelly’s latest goal is to recapture the simplicity of life with her children. “We’ve already tried to drill it into their heads that they’d better be prepared to work hard if they want anything. I don’t want my kids to think that everything they touch is gold,” she says.

And Kelly’s competitive spirit may get passed down to her kids. “I try not to crush their spirits, but I don’t let them win all the time,” she shares. “I don’t tell them second place is winning. Because it’s not. It’s losing.”

— Karen Mizoguchi

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yoda on

She sounds like a b—h

meg on

She makes good points and admire her candor in her struggles.. However, would’ve liked her to acknowledge she likely has some benefits many working mothers don’t… nannies, money to order food, cleaning services, etc. Maybe a hands on husband as well.! Many working a moms have NO financial reprieve, they work out of necessity, which adds to the stress of an already difficult balance.

Sal on

Let’s get a nanny who will raise my child and teach them the know how. Meghan Kelly get real…you along with the fake celebs claiming to raise their child/children is nothing but comedy…

midwest mom on

After she did the stupid interview with the Dugars where she asked no hard questions and completely carried water for them – HATE HER.

Sam on

She is not only setting expectations too high for new mothers but also setting expectations too high for her kids.

sharon on

why would you tell a child second place is loosing ?.you sound like a real Bitch, arrogant come off bitchy on t.v. too

The Free Woman on

You choose to follow others expectations. Best thing to do is free yourself from that BS!

Stara on

Ew. I don’t like her. She’s such a venomous viper, so catty and biased about everything. She looks great (except her new haircut is heinous and looks like a space ship) but that’s all I have to say for her. Why can’t women reporters be tough without being catty, venomous brats? No likey. She is not a good role model.

kw on

@Sharon.. Second place means you didn’t win. It means you lost. Why is there shame in losing? Ridiculous to call it something else or sugar coat it so that nobody’s feelings get hurt. Doesn’t mean she’s telling her kid he / she is a loser, just that they lost. And sometimes better lessons are learned from not winning.

PCC on

Her views on maternity leave were decidedly different before she had children, but like a typical conservative, when it started to apply to her, her views changed.

Donna Beth on

Megyn gave worst interview I’ve ever seen when she interviewed Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. I don’t know what expectations she had for herself while asking them questions, but I know many people were disappointed with her.

sarah on

She sounds arrogant, having some loose, Second place is not losing.

Marie on

I always look forward to watching her show every night as she isn’t a partisan & fair to all the candidates. Trump just wants to be treated as special. He won’t even appear on Cavuto as he says he wasn’t treated fairly & Cavuto is a very fair guy. Trump has a problem & not use to a strong woman like Kelly who doesn’t kiss his b***. Although she has the money that most moms don’t have, she is very down to earth & still takes the time to be a good mom. Good for her.

Nicole on

Not coming in 1st, doesn’t mean a person has “lost”, even the Olympics has Gold (1st), Silver (2nd) & Bronze (3rd)place medals. Teaching your children to give the best they’ve got is what’s really makes them “Winners”. Was also very disappointed with her interview with that wacky Duggar family. No hard questions at all. She did better with her questioning of Trump, as she should, the Presidency is the highest office in the land, difficult questions should be asked and I thought his attacks on her were very cowardly. Overall I think she’s a very pretty, intelligent, accomplished woman, but she needs to chill and show some more humor on her show. Think she could do that anywhere else but on FOX. They all seem so angry on that station, it’s difficult to watch.

Tanya on

She does setting expectations very high for her kids, it actually can make her kids feel failure if they didn’t achieve the goals.

Anonymous on

She is just an authority on EVERYTHING!!!!

Anonymous on

Here’s what I don’t understand. Why on earth would you have twins and decide to go back to work 9 WEEKS LATER? Also, if she’s so career-driven (which there’s nothing wrong with), don’t be having three kids. Stick to one. Especially if you know you’re more concerned with your job status. She’s adding stress to herself. She’s doing it to her herself. I hate when people have too many kids and then complain that it’s too stressful and chaotic. And more than likely she’s got a nanny to help her out through majority of the upbringing. These celebrities wouldn’t be able to handle it if they had to do most of the work themselves.

Stefanie on

Yardley and thatcher are the yuppiest names I’ve ever heard. And her without her fake eyelashes…wow what a difference. She looks old without them. Don’t like her or her Donald trump interrogations during the debates. Megyn, we know you don’t like him. Enough with the personal vendetta to make him look foolish. That’s not why I watch debates. If you can’t grow up and make the debates not just about trump then u should get a different job. And rename your kids.

Yolander on

She sets the bar too high for most people to accomplish.

BK on

I like her now that Trump hates her.