Kristin Cavallari Sounds Off on Her Kids’ Unorthodox Diet: I’m a ‘Psycho About Reading Every Single Label’

03/16/2016 at 08:15 AM ET

Kristin Cavallari‘s mommy philosophy puts nutrition first.

In her new book Balancing in Heels, the former Laguna Beach star opens up about her family’s clean eating and the food rules she and her husband, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, put in place for sons Camden Jack, 3, and Jaxon Wyatt, 22 months, and daughter Saylor James, almost 4 months.

“Once I stopped breastfeeding each kid and we ran out of stock of my frozen breast milk, we put them on a homemade goat milk formula (both grew out of their dairy sensitivity by then),” she writes.

“I’m not a fan of of soy (it’s usually genetically modified; more about that later), and both Cam and Jax have sensitivities to cow’s milk — and unfortunately, soy and cow’s milk are the only two options for store-bought formula available right now. Goat’s milk is the closest thing out there to human breast milk. Plus, it is more easily digested than cow’s or soy milk. Giving goat’s milk to children is popular in Europe and other parts of the world. Goat’s milk is not enough, though, so Jay and I, along with our pediatrician, came up with a formula recipe for our kids.”

Kristin Cavallari and Saylor James Cutler
Courtesy Kristin Cavallari

Cavallari, 29, takes a staunch stance against GMOs, dedicating pages of her book to explaining why she’s “become a psycho about reading every single ingredient label and researching the ingredients I don’t recognize.”

“GMOs are linked to digestive problems, among other things,” she explains. “Antibiotics and growth hormone are other additives being excessively pumped into the animals we are eating, which means we’re then consuming these excess antibiotics and hormones. And some processed foods actually contain toxic chemicals, often used to prevent spoilage and enhance flavor. I truly believe that everything I need to flourish nutritionally is found in nature and that some stuff just shouldn’t be messed with, especially the food I’m putting in my body.”

The glamorous side of the #BalancinginHeels #BookTour 😂

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She says eating mostly organic and only wild-caught fish or grass-fed beef has also helped Cutler manage his type 1 diabetes — and keep her kids well.

“His insulin use is down, and he’s off his blood pressure medication. And he looks the best he ever has: His weight is ideal and his skin is clear. I really believe that my family’s infrequency of getting sick is due to our diet.”

And the shoe designer credits having an involved husband by her side to her success in raising three children.

“Seeing your partner as a great father is the best feeling in the world. When a man is involved and changes diapers without being asked, you know you’ve found a good one. That’s Jay,” she writes. “He’s been hands-on since day 1 and didn’t think twice about it. That’s been incredibly attractive. I love seeing the man I love, love being a father.”

As a football player, Cutler travels a lot during the season, so Cavallari offers tips on how to keep marriage spicy: eating a candlelit dinner together at home no matter what’s on the menu, sending steamy pictures (with your face cropped out in case of a hack) and, yes, sexting.

“I’ve been known to sext from time to time. Gotta do whatcha gotta do!” she says. “Even if it means you are doing five other things at the same time and just going along with it for your man.”

Balancing in Heels is available on shelves now.

— Michele Corriston

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Nina on

I am not going to take health advice grom a “psycho” anti-vaxxer.

Susan on

“Successfully raised 3 children” …. Seriously? The oldest is 3, get back to us when they get through their teen years and move out of the house. I’ll bet she is her pediatrician’s nightmare patient. CRAZY.

Eliz on

Using homemade formula is extremely irresponsible and dangerous. I’m glad she worked with her pediatrician, who was hopefully trained on the subject, but I highly doubt it. Serious complications, including malnutrition, dehydration and even death could have occurred. I’m appalled that people would Publish and support this story.

goldensiste on

Well she got the first part right — Psycho!

wildtreeseedsrep on

The fact that she is anti-vax doesn’t make her psycho in the slightest! Everyone us the right to make that personal decision for their children and it should not be taken lightly. There is major risk with vaccination especially with a schedule that includes 69 doses with 50 injections before age 18 (it was 24 doses with only 7 injections I n 1984). It’s take to wake up and realize what is happening to our children! Abd we wonder why there is so much vaccine injury, autoimmune and chronic disease, autism, and developmental delays in our children. Read the package inserts that come with vaccines. See the risks and adverse reactions. Do your due diligence and research before you criticize parents who want better for their children. Big pharma does not have your best interest at heart. They sensationalize the risk of these “deadly” disease to further fatten their pockets. If you don’t see that, then you are completely blind.

no on

Um…eating organic has nothing to do with Jays insulin use going down. It’s the elimination of carbs in “eating clean” which basically means she only allows her family to eat vegetables and protein.

Mia on

Psycho is right and waaaaaaaaay TMI. Some things are best left a secret.

Ben on

People that do not vaccinate their kids should be all places on an island to fend for themselves. Smh.

Janie on

I’m not sure why anyone would pay money to read her book. Who exactly is she and what hurdles has she overcome or what amazing things have happened in her mere 29 years of age that there is enough material to write a book. She was on an mtv reality show and then married a sub par football player. So??

Anonymous on

Homemade formula is not irresponsible if you have help from a medical doctor. My sister in law needed to use homemade goats milk formula as well, she felt strongly against using soy and her daughter had awful reactions on milk based formula, so her dr helped her make a goat’s milk formula recipe.

Chris Meyers on

All the vaccine morons are out in full effect on this. Hey nuts: this story is about diet not vaccines. These little whiny pissants can’t get over the fact that there is NO WAY we are EVER injecting our kids with your chemical garbage, and there is nothing you can do. Obviously you’re angry, but your anger and a buck will buy you a coke. Its worth nothing.

Sarah on

Way to deflect attention from the fact that you don’t vaccinate those kids!

Sarah on

Chris Meyers I bet you just let your dog run all over the park without a leash, too.

Chris Meyers on

Sarah, don’t even bother lady. Im going to be very frank with you since you seem to be want to pick a fight. There is NOTHING you can do. You want to stab someone with a needle full of chemical garbage, I will turn that sh- around and put it in you. You can have yours and mine since you love them so much. It AINT happening, and no amount of posts is going to change that.

Kaylee on

Awww…… I didn’t realize she was raising little goats! Funny, I always thought she had human children. Anyway, congrats!

J on

I don’t care that she doesn’t vaccinate her children, that is her choice to make. Her children may want to have certain vaccinations once they’re of legal age. Again, their business. What I do mind, though, is not knowing when children aren’t vaccinated. We know her aren’t, but what about other children. If my children are playing with children who aren’t vaccinated then I should have the right to know that. Anyway, this article isn’t regarding vaccinations. On the topic of goats milk formula, she worked with her pediatrician so why are you so concerned about it? Oh, because she doesn’t vaccinate so even if she becomes a doctor/researcher and finds a cure for cancer she is still an awful person. Right. SMH. If you don’t like her, why click on an article about her?

guest on

I don’t care that she doesn’t vaccinate her children, that is her choice to make. Her children may want to have certain vaccinations once they’re of legal age. Again, their business. What I do mind, though, is not knowing when children aren’t vaccinated. We know her aren’t, but what about other children. If my children are playing with children who aren’t vaccinated then I should have the right to know that. Anyway, this article isn’t regarding vaccinations. On the topic of goats milk formula, she worked with her pediatrician so why are you so concerned about it? Oh, because she doesn’t vaccinate so even if she becomes a doctor/researcher and finds a cure for cancer she is still an awful person. Right. SMH. If you don’t like her, why click on an article about her?

st on

Am I the only one sick and tired of them posting what she thinks? I think there are far more important stories than what she feeds her kids! WHO CARES? No one!

Guest on

Oh god please shut the f up!!!!

Razor on

SO she DOES NOT vaccinate her kids so she puts other peoples children at risk!!! When her kids get the mumps OR measles OR polio- what will she say then? Does she not listen to the news? Kids are coming down with horrible diseases because they don’t vaccinate. Kids coming here from other countries with these illnesses and HER kids will not be protected. What a FOOL.

Court on

wildtreeseedsrep- Vaccines have been proven NOT to cause Autism. and “deadly” diseases are REAL! That is the dumbest thing I have ever read…children DIE everyday because they were not vaccinated and caught one of these “deadly” diseases. People who don’t vaccinate put the people who are intelligent to, children at risk! Do some research before you post on something that is so important! look it up!

Arabrabbra on

Anti vaxxers should be held accountable just like the psycho parents who just let their child die from meningitis bc they didn’t take her to hosp and fed her HONEY to cure it. Im all for clean living and I agree w a lot Kristen says, but the anti vaxxing is INSANE. There is NO EVIDENCE to show ANY link to ANY complications with vaccines except for the rare bad reaction

Ben on

You’re absolutely right- you can do whatever you want. I just don’t want my children being around your disease carrying ones, that’s all. Happy to live in a place that requires vaccs for school admission. It’s just too irresponsible.

Killng ourselves on

I 100% agree with her food policy. Unfortunately it’s an extremely expensive way to eat and out of range for many Americans. It’s sad what we’re doing to ourselves. Real food shouldn’t be expensive. Junk food should be taxed heavily, which IMO is the overwhelming majority of US foods.

nancy drew on

People should be able to vaccinate or choose not to vaccinate their children. Millions of dollars are given by the US government to children who have been harmed by vaccinations. More children get polio from vaccines than they do from the wild.

Piper45 on

All this healthy eating but she doesn’t vaccinate her children. The goat milk isn’t going to save them when they come down with whooping cough, measles or one of the other serious iseases out there now because of the anti-vax movement.

marie on

Without their shots, her kids will have to be homeschooled, at least in my state.

Mia on

People mag should fact check their supposed celebrity mom experts. Some of this is not right nutritionally, factually or for safety.

Kay on

How on earth is it “unorthodox” to feed your children healthy foods that until 50-60 years were quite normal here in the US? She needs to feed her kids pop tarts and fruit roll ups to be a conventional Mom? That’s horrifying. She is just doing what every Mothers job is and that is to provide our children with nutritious meals.

Page on

She should probably do some research. There are several formulas in the store that are available for children with soy and milk allergies or intolerances.

pedi mommy on

Psycho is exactly the right word to describe this. She is playing with her child’s safety and she has no idea what she is talking about. This is a dangerous trend among “informed” and privileged parents.

a pediatrician who has *actually* done her research

KatFer on

@Kaylee, her kids aren’t goats any more than most people in North America being cows just because they drink cows milk. What a strange thing for you to say.

Anonymous on

i dont agree with her position on vaccines- her choice, but I think its interesting how she has the solution to everything… Her husbands Type 1 Diabetes and decrease of insulin— that is not because of eating organic. Insulin needs to be adjusted based on food intake- particular with starch and carbs. Even the healthiest type-1 diabetic can eat everything right and still have to use a lot of insulin, due to the way their body is working. Eating organic isn’t a cure to diabetes.

Very Curious on

@guest and @anonymous – Here’s a question no one ever answers and I hope you will because I’m really curious…. If your kids are vaccinated, why do you feel the need to know about those that aren’t? If you believe 100% in what Big Pharma says about your kids being protected then what does it matter that someone else’s kids aren’t.

Also, why do you believe that we need to give a zillion more vaccinations than we did in my day (back in the 60s). I never noticed a surge in diseases, yet there are so many more vaccines being given. What are your thoughts on that?

Anonymous on

I’m so glad to see someone else on the anti-cow’s milk wagon. I was allergic to milk as a child, mostly outgrew it, and now it’s back twenty-fold as an adult. It’s awful what the tinest amoutn of lactose or whey can do to my body. I had to switch to non-dairy butter, cheese, etc. My children will not be cows and I have no intentions of ever feeding them cow’s milk with all the hormones, pus, antibiotics, as well as the abuse the cows suffer for a profit. They’re treated as milk machines and, pun intended, like animals. It’s awful. No thank you. If I’m unable to breastfeed I will find a safer alternative. As far as vaccines, I do think they’re important, however I’m not comfortable with the quantity in such a short span of time and all the “new” vaccines on the market. I do think it’s important to vaccinate for the major players/prevention of major diseases, however if you can extend those vaccines over a longer span of month or years, safely, that’s what I plan to do. It’s way too much at one time for such a tiny little human. There are so many worthless vaccines nowadays, like for us women the HPV. As soon as they came out with that every nurse and doctor I know told me to run, not walk, away from that because your chances of ever getting it are close to zilch so you’re injecting yourself for no reason. I’ve also never had a flu shot in my life and never had the flu yet people I know who get it annually get sick and take time off work. Go figure. Big pharma doesn’t control me and won’t control my kids. They’ll be vaccinated but on a schedule that makes sense for such a tiny little person and for diseases that aren’t made up form thin air to make a buck and scare parents into spending all their discretionary income.

Cyrie on

This is another b ! arch that I can’t stand with her pretentious holier than thou kind of attitude…beside Hilarious Balwin.

Sherae on

1.) Why do we still care what Kristen Cavallari is doing? 2.) Who cares what she feeds her kids? 3.) Health tips from someone that thinks goat milk and grass will fend off polio and rubella are not the kind of tips anyone should be paying for. She was a lunatic on MTV, her husband is a tool, and her kids are going to be the little weirdos that can’t play outside because their batty mom thinks oxygen is toxic and clouds cause cancer. Every neighborhood has them.

Rosie on

I am really sick of the “I don’t care if she doesn’t vaccinate, it’s her choice to make.” Putting others at risk because you made a decision that has ZERO support in the scientific community is reckless and irresponsible. And the people who say the schedule is too overwhelming: that is garbage as well. Every time you walk out the door, you are exposed to any number of harmful agents. Leave you kids indoors or put them in a bubble if you don’t want them exposed to such an aggressive level of harmful agents. Everyone who understands how wonderful vaccines have been for life expectancy won’t mind at all, believe me.

Elena on

This woman is wealthy and can afford to feed her children whatever out of reach foods she desires. I find it obnoxious that she’s giving her food advice out and doesn’t vaccinate her children. I am sure her husband does whatever she says and is rolling his eyes behind her back.

Tracy on

What she is promoting is dangerous to children and all those around her. As a pediatrician, goats milk under the age of 1 is never recommended and there is no “recipe” that is safe. VACCINATE YOUR KIDS!!!!

goodie on

You can read labels all you want sweethart but it’s the not reading beyond the label that’s dumbing you up!!

sara on

Who told her using goat’s milk instead of formula is popular in Europe? It definitely isn’t, European pediatricians actually advice against it. She has no idea what she’s talking about, I hope parents don’t listen to this uneducated girl’s dangerous advice.

Arlene Romeo on

In 1952, during the worst recorded epidemic, 3,145 people, including 1,873 children, in the United States died from polio. We have vaccinations for a reason.

wildtreeseedsrep on

Such stupid anti-vax rhetoric! Dear Lord, please inform yourselves properly. It doesn’t matter if you know who is unvaccinated or not. Simple fact, I child cannot spread a disease they do not have. Period. However, those who have been recently vaccinated may be asymptomatic carriers (whooping cough) after)vaccination and spread it to others. This is why you are seeing so many outbreaks in the VACCINATED populations. In addition, any live virus vaccine (MMR, rotavirus, flu mist) has the potential to shed and infect others. So in reality, those who are recently vaccinated are the ones who should be informing everyone at the playground. I don’t worry, because I am diligent about boosting my child natural immune system, so I won’t discriminate and let your kids play.

Page on


The HPV vaccination is recommended for females between the ages of 11 and 12. It is only recommended for older females if they have a compromised immune system. So yes, if you are older than 12 (and do not have a compromised immune system) then the HPV vaccination is probably not right for you. However, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease and so a vaccination is something that is worthwhile.

Elizabeth Palacios on

I love her!! More people should be aware of what they are feeding their family!! I think she is a great role model for the younger generation. Trying to feed your children in the most clean, and natural way is how we should all be eating! The amount of Americans that are sick is unbelievable! She may not vaccinate her children, but that is her choice. I still question the safety of the vaccinations. We live in a Country that is fighting to keep GMO labels OFF our food??!!! They don’t want us to be aware of what we are putting in our bodies! I have a lot of respect for her! I would choose Organic goats milk formula to the constantly recalled formulas any day for my 2 children!!

baybae on

She is such a moron. Can’t stand her

thefarmersdaughterusa on

Another celebrity spreading lies and misinformation about biotechnology. Sad. Please talk to FARMERS about these issues, not genetically blessed celebrities that have no credentials for making such statements.

Brooke on

Wildtree – you are so off base, it isn’t even funny. Vaccines are the reason we have eradicated almost all of the major diseases. You may THINK you have a right to not vaccinate, but you are risking herd immunity and placing OTHER children in danger by stupidly not vaccinating. Your research??? Is bunk.

Liz on

There is nothing “unorthodox” about goat’s milk or non-GMO foods. Those were the standard several decades ago, goat’s milk being the go-to substitute for babies and children who had a cow’s milk allergy.

What I don’t understand are the people who are up in arms about her choice to not vaccinate her children and saying she’s putting others at risk. IF you have vaccinated your children and yourself, you are NOT at risk. The only ones at risk are those who are unvaccinated. If you practice what you preach, you have nothing to worry about.

Jen on

Sure lady, why don’t we all just make our own formula and buy everything organic. Because it’s FREAKING expensive and not all of us here in the real world have a zillion dollars in our bank account from acting on a “reality” show or a husband that makes more throwing a ball around than most of us make in a combined lifetime. Take your homemade formula and overpriced groceries and get lost.

jj on

As soon as those kids are old enough to make their own decisions about what goes in their bodies it’s gonna be a free-for-all……mark my words!

Wacko on

Good Lord, I hope no one is taking any kind of advice from this nutjob. She doesn’t vaccinate her kids and refused to help her brother fight his schizophrenia. (He’s now 6 feet under) She’s a nutjob. Hope her kids turn out OK.

Susan on

First of all, people who feed their children cow’s milk should have nothing to say about someone who chooses goats milk because their child has issues with cow’s milk. Which by the way nobody needs milk from any animal except our mothers when we are infants. Secondly, those ani vaxxer comments people are saying are based soley on what big pharma is telling you. I’m an anti vaxxer and it’s not because I’m against vaccines, but Im against all the other crap and toxic chemicals that are in them. Produce a clean vaccine then I believe everyone would be on board. Third there is PROOF that vaccines are linked to neuorlogical disorders and many other illnesses. or try just a few clicks for basic information that is readily available to those who are willing to do their own research and stop believeing big pharma. I’m really sick of “sheeple” and those who judge based soley on what people tell them and not doing their own due dilligence.

patty on

Gwyneth Paltrow II. An expert on everything.

AJ on

So vaccinating is bad but formula is good? I’m not anti formula (my first had to be supplemented with it); but I find it funny she is so against vaccines but chooses to stop breastfeeding at 6 months because she didn’t like it (read in another interview with her). If she was that concerned about being natural wouldn’t breastfeeding for a year be important? Seems she picks and chooses what is most “healthy”.

Terri on

My daughter has had all her shots and she is autistic. However, i do not believe that the vac. caused her autism. I would rather have her healthy and happy and up to date on her shots that to not have her vaccinated and risk the chance of some disease that could have been prevented. She is 16 now and perfect the way she is.

Anti vaxer on

All you people are crazy thinking she should force poisons into her children’s bodies. No they won’t be kept from going to schools either, in every state you have forms to fill out that say you refused to get vaccinations for his kids. The government can not force people to have harmful poisons injected into their bodies no matter what. They just try to make you think you have to have them. For those of you who think you should have a right to know who’s had shots and who hasnt you need to move to a one horse town where you know the few people who live there. You have zero right to know who hasnt or has had shots. No more than you have the right to know what kids are at school with what illnesses or lice. They can freely go to school sick, or in a short few hours of their first dose of meds. Lice, they don’t need treatment, they can go and infect everyone there and not be sent home.

Ginger on

@ Susan, You’re the most logical person here thus far. I feel 100% the same as you. There are way too many sheeple out there who buy into whatever Big Pharma feeds them, not realizing the Big Pharma’s raison d’être is to make money and helping people is a distant second. Due diligence is in order for sure!

Volly on

Her health advice is not credible since she doesn’t even vaccinate her kids. She should know it’s not only about her kids, it affects other children who are around her kids.

Anonymous on

Ever heard of herd immunity? If everybody in a population is vaccinated, the chances of contracting disease is extremely low. The more people in a population who do not get vaccinated, the more the whole population is jeopardized. There are some categories of people who cannot get vaccinated, like newborn infants, immunocompromised people and people who are allergic to certain vaccines. These people have to rely on herd immunity to stay safe. Everytime one of these people come in contact with your unvaccinated children, their life is put in jeopardy.

sara on

Ever heard of herd immunity? If everybody in a population is vaccinated, the chances of contracting disease is extremely low. The more people in a population who do not get vaccinated, the more the whole population is jeopardized. There are some categories of people who cannot get vaccinated, like newborn infants, immunocompromised people and people who are allergic to certain vaccines. These people have to rely on herd immunity to stay safe. Everytime one of these people come in contact with your unvaccinated children, their life is put in jeopardy.

The Organic Diabetic on

As a fellow type 1 diabetic, this is fantastic to read!!! 😀

Eden on

So does she think they will always eat this way? Even when they start going to school? Because I seriously doubt they will continue eating healthy food. Also what about the polluted environment?

Pam on

Do you guys ever wonder about why diabetes Type 1 is on the raise in children?? and so many more auto immune diseases…ever think about what the hell are in those vaccines??? My son is now type 1 at age 12, very healthy kid never had any illness……something attack his pancreas killing off his beta cells..normally a virus, like the ones they inject in you can do that so…god knows the crap that is in the vaccines ! I don’t blame her for NOT giving her kids vaccines. Her husband battles with type 1 everyday and I know they thought of what if one of her little ones get it. If i can turn back time I would have NEVER vaccinated my kids….EVER!!!….come on people WAKE UP!!!!

J on

The HPV vaccine is NOT safe. I had the first one in the series and I was so sick afterwards that I felt like I was dying. This was over 9 years ago. My doctor and I said H3LL NO to continuing the series. Also, if you spend 5 minutes researching HPV you will find out there are well over 100 different types. The vaccine (we’ll go with Guardasil) only protects against for strains, HPV-6, 11, 16 & 18. HPV-16 & 18 account for 70% of cervical cancer and HPV-6 & 11 – 90% of genital warts. Other high-risk HPV viruses include 31, 33, 45, 52, 58, and a few others. Lastly, the vaccine isn’t 100%, females have died after receiving the vaccine & some females, like myself, have became severely ill after the vaccine.

Anonymous on

I’m just wondering why she used “formula” at all. Why didn’t she breast feed past a year? She would need formula then.

Guest on

It’d be nice to be able to eat that way but unfortunately not all of us have unlimited funds to be able to do so !! I wish I did !!

heather on

What qualifies this one to write a book? What has she done that makes her think people want to read the drivel she spits?

Melissa on

Let me think, should I take nutrition and vaccine advise from my pediatrician who spent 8+ years in medical school or a reality star who maybe finished high school? I find is astonishing (and terrifying) the amount of people who agree with this “psycho”.

Anonymous on

She;s off the hook and I would advise that no one take advice from her. Anti vaccine people spread disease.

Becky on

Just a thought… If your child is vaccinated then why are you worried about the un-vaccinated? Your child should be protected right?

anonymous on

Good for her for not vaxing and for using goat formula, but for reals, if she really cared about nutrition, the 3yo would still be nursing and she wouldn’t have the other two kids bc of lactation amenorreah.

Pedi doctor on

As a board certified pediatrician, I think this article is dangerous. People needs to remove this article or at least not put it on the front page of their website. The public looks up to celebrities and they may think that giving goat’s milk to a baby is the right thing to do. Ms. Cavallari is entitled to her opinion, but subjecting her children to something she thinks she has done “research” on is woefully misguided. And now People is broadcasting this poor decision on their website and other moms may think it’s a good idea. Goat’s milk has been shown to be deficient in vitamin B12, iron, and folate, all of which are vital for normal development and growth. Goat’s milk is dangerous to give to an infant. Please talk to your pediatrician and do not take advice from reality TV stars.

sareen on

Goat’s milk and no GMOs, antibiotics-free and growth-hormone-free food an unorthodox diet? It seems PEOPLE is a few decades behind. These foods reached the mainstream long ago. If it’s sold at Safeway, it is not unorthodox. Pretend that you have a clue, PEOPLE.

Celebsarah on

Every time this woman opens her mouth, I get sleepy. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Anonymous on

This is a dangerous and irresponsible post.

Children under 1 year of age should NOT be given goat’s milk. Some dangers include the following: it is deficient in iron, B6, B12 and Vit D; its protein concentration is higher than other milk and can lead to dehydration and kidney dysfunction; and it is not lactose free (as is implied by this post). If one’s child does not tolerate regular cow milk based formula, go talk to his/her doctor first and foremost before jumping to unsafe food practices. This is not something to tamper with alone. Also, pediatricians do not learn how to make “goat’s milk formula” in their training – I know, I am one. I have seen some really sick kids hospitalized due to unusual formula choices though!

Why does the media insist on encouraging celebrities and their nonsense instead of backing years and years of evidence-based nutritional research? Why is Kristin qualified to give out health advice?

bugsforever on

Although I disagree with her anti-GMO stance and strongly disagree with her on her anti-vaccination views, I agree with her about the goat’s milk. My milk dried up after a bout with sepsis when my daughter was 4 weeks old. Both soy and cow’s milk formulas gave her horrible digestive problems,so I tries goat’s milk on the advice of my babysitter (the pediatrician was of no help whatsoever). The goat’s milk formulation I used was not nutritionally complete, but it held her until I could start introducing solids.

saranda on

Pedi doctor–can you read? No one’s giving medical advice here. And you are as poorly informed as anyone. The comparison was between goat’s milk and cow’s milk. I shouldn’t have to explain to you the problems with cow’s milk–and I won’t. She clearly stated, “Goat’s milk is not enough, though, so Jay and I, along with our pediatrician, came up with a formula recipe for our kids.” This is ONE component of the kids’ diet AFTER she stops breastfeeding. You should get a clue before appointing yourself as a pediatric authority.

Janis on


saracoulter36 on

This doesn’t seem that Unorthodox to me! People give their kids cow’s milk ALL the time. Why is goat’s milk so different? Both are not from humans! We are just brain-washed to think that giving our human babies milk from cows is the way to go. Sounds like she’s done her research on goat’s milk & that works for her family.

Also, good for her for not giving them GMO’s. Seems like a no-brainer, especially since she can afford higher quality food items!

Michelle on

“Unorthodox”??? Whoever wrote that is a psycho. How is it in any way unorthodox to feed your children how they are supposed to be fed. Yes, how dare she read labels and not give her kids poison crap food, how unorthodox. So ridiculous. People who are commenting negatively are sooo gross. There is not one thing negative that she is doing, it’s all very good and bettering the health of her children. What crazy person would ever oppose that?? I think she is amazing for being psycho about what she puts in her kids body. How can any parent not be that way?? Doesn’t make any sense not to give your kids the best.

nana on

3 kids 3 and under! they have decided not to vax, my kids are older and won’t be at what I am sure is a expensive private school or home schooled they decide to do, I’d feel bad if her footall playing dh brought his unvax kids and gave his team or their family a illness!
Hope she makes enough from her book to afford her goat milk and clean diet would hate for her kids to have to eat regular food like the rest of us

Fra kie on

Regarding vaccinations of young children go through what I did post World War Two I am now 69 years old but in my younger years in United Kingdom i had measles, mumps, whooping cough (the worst), rubella , chickenpox, luckily vaccinated for smallpox and tuberculosis. Believe me at ages of 4-10 you do not want any of these diseases. Get real and think of your children.

Rose on

So get your kids vaccinated first before making any health advices.

Anonymous on

no low self esteem here! she really has a high opinion of herself.

Anonymous on

Tracy/pedi doctor….nobody on here believes a pediatrician would be on during business hours. So you can appoint yourself a PhD but that doesn’t mean anything 😉 I know several real doctors who do reccomend goat’s milk formula for babies who for whatever reason can’t have soy or cow’s milk. Most sane people take advice from their children’s doctor thankfully rather than people who go around posting on comment sections and message boards claiming to be doctors.

Sak on

Yup her husband is rich, they can afford expensive organic foods unlike regular forks who have limited budgets.

Anonymous on

She’s exhausting.

K on

Or you could feed them, you know, FOOD. Have fun with scurvy soon.

Oh, the eeeeevil GMOS! Hope you never give them bananas or eating corn, ever. Were they not GMOs, they would have been unavailable in the U.S. since the 70s.

Like we’re going to take advice from a stupid anti-vaxxer. What’s your education in? Oh, nothing, you’re just a dumb, irrelevant slut? Yeah, thought as much.

Science ladies, not sequins!

Dana on

I am glad that after 3 years of parenting she knows enough to write a book and give parenting advice. Please! I would not take any advise from her. I do not agree with any of her parenting choices. I think she is irresponsible in wrinto g any advice in her book.

Jewels on

What about the chemicals she puts on her hair when she goes to the salon for a dye job? Does she have “organic” color put on her head. LMFAO! #bleach

Anonymous on

She even sounds psycho!

Erin on


Also, “Very Curious,” I’ll answer your question for you. It is important for everyone to be vaccinated because of herd immunity. Look it up. Tiny babies, those going through chemo, the elderly and others who have a LEGIT, MEDICAL reason for not being able to have vaccines rely on herd immunity to prevent the spread of the diseases we vaccinate for. Also, some vaccines don’t 100% prevent the disease, but rather reduce a serious disease to the level of a bad cold, and again, people rely on herd immunity for this. As far as why there is an increase in vaccines required since the 60s, well, that’s just common sense! We know a lot more about diseases, we’ve been able to create more vaccines, and over time, new deadly diseases have become prevalent that vaccines have been developed for.

For all of y’all anti-vaxxers, I have one thing to say to you: if you want to risk your life or the life of your child just to become paralyzed or worse, die, to avoid the extremely negligible risk to yourself or your child by getting the vaccine, whatever. You do you. But, you need to do you AWAY from everyone who actually values their life and cares for themselves and their children by getting them vaccinated.

Anonymous on

Kristin is a self important BOOB who I would never take advice from. She’s an MTV reality show B list celeb, not a doctor. Did she even go to college?? She should really just shut up and stop giving people HORRIBLE advice.

pug on

She’s amazing. An actress, author, nutritionist, designer and now she has found a cure for diabetes. All this with barely a high school education. Way to go!!

Valarie on

She needs vaccinate her kids before giving any health advices!

stacey on

You’re going WAAAAY overboard, lady!

designgal on

Cold lunatic.

Nardia on

I didn’t realize her kids are so close in ages, it’s probably easier for her.

Mandi on

There should have to be at least a minimal to having vaccinations for kids – sorry. Because off all the unvaccinated kids out there old deadly diseases are making a come back.

Paula on

Now she has a book coming out, so she can add a book author on her credits.

Anonymous on

As a pediatrician and mom of two young children I am very disappointed in the magazine. Goats milk and not giving vaccines KILLS child the. You have lost my buissness. I hope you will be careful of what you post in the future b

LizaLuci on

How can someone so “psycho” about clean eating and preventing Illness be anti-vaccine? It makes no sense. It is irresponsible for a parent to not vaccinate their children iF they live on a planet with other humans. This is a big IF and in this case it may not apply! Also, maybe she should have breastfed longer as it is natures most perfect food and not be left to her own devices in making goat milk formula which is can be extremely dangerous for babies. Very surprising she found a MD to back her up on that one. Perhaps another “psycho”, again her word not mine.

KMB on

She is anti GMO. Funny that her husband’s insulin is made by Genetically Modified Organisms, either yeast or E. Coli. Bet that will blow her mind.

Aimee on

OMG I am so sick of people asking why do vaxers care if people don’t vaccinate. Have you ever seen a newborn with whooping cough? They are too little to have the vaccine and they catch it…. Duh! Why do you think women in third world countries line up for hours with their babies to get vaccinated when charities set up free clinics? It’s because they have actually lived the reality of having their children die of preventative diseases. Even if there was a small risk of a reaction it is unreasonable to risk the life of your child. Do you anti vaxxers drive a car? If so aren’t you risking the life of your child every time you strap them in and go to the store? Yes? But it would be silly to stay home and never go anywhere right? If I got in an accident and my child died I would be devastated and I would spend the rest of my life wishing I didn’t go out that day. But would I preach that cars are bad and no one should take their kids in them? No because cars are necessary nowadays. But even getting in a car is less necessary than preventing a deadly disease don’t you think?

Anonymous on

How sanctimonious and self righteous to think she knows better than medicine or science. She’s a reality star, nothing more. Being anti-vaccine, anti-GMO, and making untested and un-researched concoctions to her children is just plain narcissistic and unfounded. It must be nice to be a first world white parent who doesn’t have to deal with the risks of not vaccinating her children, the risks of not feeding the world GMOs (they have successfully fed millions of people who would otherwise starve, reduce greenhouse emissions, decrease pesticide use, prevent endangerment of crops, etc), etc. Her “educating” of other parents who are dumb enough to trust anything from her mouth over actual authority figures on the subject is reckless.

West on

She’s smart . She reads labels and is very careful with what foods she will give to her family . More people should be cautious with the food that they consume . I respect her . 🌺

Nally on

She is “psycho” about clean eating yet she doesn’t vaccinate her kids, make no sense to me.

mic on

how will her kids be allowed in school, unless she plans on home schooling. as for her birth control advertisement we all dont need to know this. its called privacy. im not sure i would have had 3 kids with her to be honest. oh well not my life— thank god

Dorothy Edde on

There is more risk to your childs health if you dont get them vaccinated. This is why all the diseases that were ialmost gone are now on the rise again, people not getting their children vaccinated