Hilaria Baldwin Shares Pic of Growing Bump: ‘We Don’t Need to Be Ashamed or Hide the Pregnant Figure’

03/14/2016 at 11:45 PM ET

Hilaria Baldwin is all about a body positive pregnancy!

The soon to be mother of three and wife of Alec Baldwin took to Instagram on Monday, sharing a revealing and encouraging message about the body changes women experience during pregnancy.

“And we begin the journey again! #BaldwinBabyBump3 I posted belly photos every two weeks when I was pregnant with Rafa,” she captioned the snap. “I didn’t have the guts to do it the first time around with Carmen. The purpose? To show that we don’t need to be ashamed or hide the pregnant figure.”

Hilaria Baldwin pregnant
Hilaria Baldwin

In the pic Baldwin, 32, stands in front of mirror and poses in pink and black lingerie, showing off her growing bump.

“These are common emotions in our society that elevates a thin body above all else,” she continued. “Being my third baby in three years, I am a true believer that our bodies are amazing, and we should celebrate them, rather than feel embarrassed and hide until the baby weight is entirely gone.

“For both women and men: we create life…so let’s honor how we make these miracles. Every pregnancy is different, so we shall see what happens this time around, ready to take the journey with me? Deep breath, pressing ‘share’… #366daysoflivingclearly #HilariaLCM”

The couple announced they were expecting their third child together last week, admitting that each of their children have been “semi-surprises.”

“We wanted to have another one, maybe not so soon, we thought about taking a year or two off,” the actor, 57, said during a sit-down family interview with Extra. “They come when they come, but this is it, we’re going to have one more then we’re going to enjoy them, all three of them.”

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UsWomenAreGettingEmbarassing on

Why does everything with women these days have to be “Look at me, Im naked!” Who was hiding their pregnancy belly? Hollywoods elite have been parading around “baby bumps” forever! Remember Gwen Stefani’s belly tops and Demi Moores magazine covers. If you want to show how thin you are while pregnant, just say that then! Cuz what are you really trying to show us???

ImALadyToo on

Wouldn’t it actually be refreshing to see a pregnant woman not let it all hang out and wear something that was more appropriate for a changing figure? You can still be fashionable and modest.

GillisHills on

No, we don’t need to be ashamed of our bodies, but we don’t need to take naked selfies and post them on the Internet either, Hillaria.

Anonymous on

Thirsty is as thirsty does.

Lisa on

This woman must have such a low self esteem to constantly post pictures of herself in underwear. Yeah, we get it. You’re pretty, you have a great body. Enough already.

yasemina on

Selfie-indulgent much? It’s too bad she doesn’t seem to have the same interest in actually parenting these poor children. God knows they could use decent parenting if Alec treats them the same way he treated Ireland! Where’s the photos of all the cool things they’re doing like catching butterflies in glass jars and swimming in Ibiza? Oh right, the nanny is probably with them 24/7 while Hilaria poses in her skivvies. *Yawn

Susan on

No, you don’t be to be ashamed of your pregnant figure, but you should consider being ashamed of being a miserable role model for millions of young women who nowadays – thanks to selfies like yours – think it it totally normal to share your half naked or naked body with the whole world. I am sitting at the other end of the world and can’t help thinking that this ‘look at me, I am so nice looking’ has grown nuts. You do realize though that nowadays 10 year old girls present themselves online in underwear not realizing that this is pedophile’s heaven? Good job for a mother….

Susan on

Jeez, sorry for the typos….

Rikki1999 on

This woman has been pregnant twice before, with lots of pictures of her bumps while posing in her underwear. What is her obsession with this? Nobody cared about her body twice before, and now she’s at it again. It’s almost as if she sees getting pregnant as an excuse to show women how their bodies should look.

Girl please on

Lol at her reverse psychology all in the name to flaunt her body. If you want to post pix in your undies, just do it but don’t make up lies about why you’re doing it. Honey.

Carol on

She uses her kids as props, so it makes sense that this famewhore would use her unborn child as an excuse to post underwear selfies.

Tink on

Where’s your babies at? What happened to the mommys posting pics of their babies and doting on their babies instead of their bodies?.

Tonja on

She looks great and on her third! Wow. I wouldn’t feel ashamed to look like that. I’m almost 2 months post partum with my second and feel awful about my body. My arms even got fat this time around ugh. I envy women that can embrace their bodies. I’m breastfeeding and exercising and still feel and look uggo.



stinky on

i hope alec makes it to 77 so he can see all of his young kids grow up. It’s good he’s enjoying fatherhood now, cuz all he did was argue with kim basinger the whole time Ireland was growing up.

ann on

I agree, I am sick of seeing nothing but bumps everywhere., the more naked and tighter the clothes the better. Really getting old

Meghan on

Oh god, not again. Narcissist.

yasemina on

Instead of annoyingly preaching to all of us about yoga and eating healthy, maybe Hilaria should get her tubby hubby Alec onboard with her lifestyle first. I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or lack of exercise, but he’s not aging well!

Linda on

She certainly is a baby-making machine…

Bruce Masters on

What happened to modesty? I guess that died along with dignity and respect a long time ago.

ginger1 on

Really love Alec, maybe cause he doesn’t post selfies of himself half naked through each pregnancy…..
Hilaria, enough already, please give this baby a name that rolls off the tongue, with Balwin.Thank you..

Tubbyandpregos on

Most of us who are pregnant DON’T look like that. She is preaching not to be ashamed of our bodies, but she is not a realistic representation of what most women, pregnant or not, look like.

Liz on

U mean to tell me that this is what the body of an average mother of three would look like with out a little help now come on

Kelly on

Um, it’s not hiding the pregnant body. Its called wearing clothes. Lots of people do it. Give it a try.

Anne on

Women look beautiful when they are pregnant. Post photos of your body immediately *after* you have your baby and for a few weeks/months after that and then let’s talk about how proud you are of your body!

Soohia on

Kinda embarrassing how she constantly flirts online with that Charlie guy, just saying

Conservaterian on

This is an annoying woman. I can’t stand her ridiculous yoga poses and now this! She is nothing more than the wife of an actor. Why does she think anyone cares about her? All she did was snag a wealthy man old enough to be her Dad and get knocked up three times to make sure she is financially set for life.

Peachy on

Oh please…let’s celebrate our pregnant bodies in lingerie meant for the bedroom?? She’s just an AW. She, Kim K., Amber Rose, and anyone in the same category use the “body shaming” excuse as a reason to shove pics of their naked bodies down our throat. No one believes in an ounce of modesty any more. I think average civilians understand it, but celebs have no sense of dignity these days.

Lene on

Love the fact that everyone takes the time to click, read and then comment on the fact that they aren’t interested! Too funny..

Haha on

Lene,I find you commenting here even funnier.

Just saying.. on

The only thing this narcissistic, gold digger should be ashamed of is being married to a man that’s old enough to be her dad. They look ridiculous when they’re standing next to each other..father, daughter.

I call it bs on

Hilaria probably got pregnant just to show us these selfies again.

Hilaria please, enough is enough. Take a break from social media!

Guest on

I wish I had taken pics of myself when I was pregnant. It was such a special time, and I wish I had photos to look back on. But I felt too ugly, too fat, too up photogenic to do it. Looking back, having an older woman’s perspective, I should’ve embraced it because it is such a privilege to be pregnant.

Leslie on

I am a happily married mother of 6 (12, 10, 8, 5, 5, and 5). I was NOT ashamed of my pregnant body, but I also didn’t take pictures of my body without any clothing on. Every woman should embrace her body for what it is, but it doesn’t have to be shoved in everyone’s face either.

I’m all about empowering women to be strong, healthy, independent, free thinkers, but at the same time we need to have self-respect, and dignity. I don’t believe women like Hilaria Baldwin are the ‘standard’ of what REAL women should be. There’s nothing wrong with wearing clothing that is flattering, and tasteful to show off that baby bump. In my opinion women who take ‘selfies’ when they are naked or half-naked are immature, vulgar, and trashy. I say cover it up, and let the world see the your pregnancy glory without showing off too much skin.

? on

I think she just really likes to show how skinny she is while pregnant.

Pat on

Of course a pregnant body is nothing to be ashamed of! You, however, should be ashamed of exposing your skivvies the the world!

Nobody on

Can’t stand this gold d!gger b!mbo!

B on

I love pregnant bellies… no issue with that.
But Hilaria – puhleeeeeze. That is not why you’re posting. You just want attention and this is the only way you know how to get it.
You’ve been posting ridiculous instagram pics for YEARS so don’t act like this is something new and noble in the name of feminism.
You’re a gold digger and a fame w-hore – just own it.

sally on

Oh boy, here we go again! She just had one 8 months ago and now we have to see all her body posts once again. I swear this women gets pregnant just so she can post selfies!!!

Edie on

Who says we are ashamed of “the pregnant figure”?

Lisa on

I am so tired of seeing women in their underwear. Why does every pregnant celebrity want us to see them half-naked? The bump is visible in clothing ladies. Save these shots for your husbands eyes only. What happened to having some class? This isn’t sexy, it shows us that you have no morals. I’m surprised Alec Baldwin would put up with his wife posting a photo like this on social media.

Lisa on

Well that didnt take long for the bump pics to start. Going to be a long 9 months

Mono on

Oh for gods sake!!!!!!!! Women have been pregnant since the beginning of time and they will continue to get pregnant and there will be lots more of human beings walking the around the earth!!!! some women get bigger some don’t! Some women are ugly and some aren’t. Stop it! Enough! Stop behaving like the first human being to ever being pregnant or having a baby. And what’s this about curves and being fat and whatever??? Body image has become far more important than the miracle of life!! And anyway….who the fuch is this woman??????

Lizzy on

Tmi . Who said that women are ashamed to show their prego body? . What a bunch of bs to show her body on her undies , desparate much? Who the hell is this woman to think that she is the authority to tell women , what they should or shouldn’t do when one is pregnant. Narcissist . Yeah , just keep poping kids so then you can divorce Alex and get a lot $$$$ in child support . Alex better clip it or this woman is going to keep poping kid until he reach 70.

Kirk on

look at all the nasty comments posted by jealous fat women….she is healthy, eats healthy, works out, she looks great not like most women who literally think the have to eat for two LOL. women are such haters

sval on

Ok – I don’t agree with celebrity bashing, but seriously honey? “We don’t have to be ashamed or hide the pregnant figure”???? The majority of women would kill to look like that when they’re NOT pregnant. You know that – so this is just an obvious act of wanting to show the world how amazing you look.

Kar on

Get over yourself. Oh and put some clothes on already.

sval on

If she had said – “I am working hard to stay healthy and active during pregnancy and this is the result” – I would have more respect for her. Implying that she should be ashamed of her changing pregnant body when she looks like this is just ridiculous.

Zeph on

Just because one is modest does not mean they are ashamed of their pregnant body. I was most comfortable with my body when pregnant but I didn’t have to post it all over.

Laurie on

Yeah I get it. You’re pregnant. Thousand women are every day. Smh…

Anonymous on

Good for her. Once upon a time, we only shared pics like this with our significant others…and it wasn’t because we were “ashamed.” It’s because we had decency.

Modelsarelame on

I would rather see a “normal” hollywood mother-to-be showing that she gets stretch marks and is not ashamed of it. I couldn’t care less about these pregnant models in their underwear.

Respect on

No pregnant woman should not be ashamed of their growing belly or even various parts of their body. Its apart of the process and in the end its all worth it. However, I don’t agree that every statement we make in todays world needs to be from a nude or partially nude selfie. There are plenty of maternity/even not maternity tops that are attractive, sexy, professional, and weekend lazy that show off the pregnant body. What happened to putting on your favorite outfit and striking a pose?

Holly on

Yup, that’s my belly after a big dinner.

Julie on

@ImALadyToo…..Amy Adams did! She looked ridiculously beautiful while pregnant and she actually wore maternity clothes and you never saw her stripped down in her underwear…..she was pure class! Your comment is still on.

Ariadne on

What a desperate, attention-seeking narcissistic twit. I love how all of these selfies are in the name of promoting awareness that the pregnant body is beautiful and should be celebrated. I guarantee if she gains more weight, gets some stretch marks or bloats up, there won’t be any sexy bra and panty selfies.

She is doing the exact opposite of what she is claiming to do – rather than making women feel good about their pregnant bodies, she is shaming and making those who don’t look like her feel bad about themselves.

Poppy on

Dear woman who is Alec Baldwin’s baby factory…Anne Hathaway could give you some tips on how to stay classy while pregnant. Who am I kidding, this attention ho loves to show off her body in lingerie every chance she gets.

Sara on

Doesn’t she know people can see through this whole “I want to empower others” bullcrap? This isn’t about teaching women they shouldn’t be ashamed of their pregnant figures–it’s about Baldwin showing off her “perfect” figure and bragging that she looks that good despite the fact this will be her third baby in three years! How does that empower? Instead it leaves others feeling they should look as good as she does! Please take into account that she lives a very privileged lifestyle and might have a completely different body type than you have. These photos do more harm than good.

Candy on

32 really ??? Am I the only one that doubts her age?

Dee on

This is an attention w*ore, everyone. Take a good look. This is what she attracted to Alex Baldwin. Both of them are self absorbed.

Impylicious on

We needn’t feel the need to share everything either. I don’t hear too much about people being ashamed of their pregnant bodies.

I think I’m hearing someone use that as an excuse however, to show theirs.

You’re cute,,,,,,let your hubby tell you though. You don’t need us to.

Kass on

The issues she refers to are her own. Good for her for overcoming them, but not all women are ashamed of pregnancy bodies. Some women LOVE being pregnant and everything about it. Just because you are married to someone sem i famous doesn’t mean the rest of the world wants to see you in your underwear every two weeks. It has nothing to do with not embracing pregnancy, we just don’t care.

jbaby on

I wish she would set a better example for young women. She’s constantly posing in her undies to get attention and that’s become a terrible trend. Nobody’s ashamed of their pregnant bodies (when was that ever an issue?) – she’s just using it as an excuse to post provocative photos of herself in her undies. It’s a shameless attempt at getting attention. Why not just wear a tight shirt – why do you have to be in a thong and a bra? I wish Alec would buy her some clothes and pay some attention to her so she didn’t feel the need to get it online. Her Instagram is full of photos of herself posing and pretending like she’s a super involved mom, doling out lifestyle and parenting advice. Sorry lady, anyone with young kids knows there isn’t time to post all the time – I wonder if her nannies knew they were signing up as photographers also.

Arrow 12 on

She looks 42 not 32. I think she is lying about her age.

Volly on

She is a gold digger period.

Bella on

Who’s ashamed of their pregnant body??? Just another excuse for an underwear shot. Ok, Kim Kardashian.

Joan Smith on

there MUST be something redeeming about alec baldwin to have such an amazing wife. good luck with the baby guys!

Angela on

Um Hilaria looks older than 32 years old.

Sencho on

Hilaria Baldwin is a bottomless pit of vanity.

Anonymous on

More like Hilaria craves the spotlight and attention and will use any excuse to get it.

Cover up, Hilaria. We’ve seen your body a million times, pregnant or otherwise, because you’re always taking nude selfies and sharing them. No one was “hiding” their bumps. You’re not being brave or breaking ground.

Iren on

Her commitment to positivity is admirable. Hilaria’s desire to expose her belly and feel brave about it could be the perspective of a recovering anorexic . (By speaking as though her photos might support all women, she is not aware that such photos can be counterproductive viewing for those with weight issues on the other side of the spectrum. ) If she does battle anorexia or exercise addiction, and the inner fear of weight gain that she admits, she could someday do public service by talking about it. But of course that’s her private decision and would be risky. Her need to present a doctored image (a family vacation home in Spain, or studying abroad, doesn’t make one Spanish) will probably lessen over time as she relaxes into herself. Some women find that pregnancy hormones relieve self-doubt and depression, and it would be understandable if she is conflicted about her role, since she has a lot of intelligence and drive. Money through marriage, and older established mates, bring pressure to conform, and it’s not an easy life.

jaxon on

Skinny with issues. Arrogant and childish…this chick is recycled non news. No one posts pictures like this unless they like what they see and want to come up with a stupid comment to make them seem more fake and shallow.

Rosie on

She doesn’t need to have a semi-nude sefie to post showing the world she is pregnant. Women get pregnant everyday.

Melanie on

Cue the catty comments from people who can’t imagine that a younger woman could sincerely love an older man, and the only reason she would have children is to get money from her husband. My aunt married at 20 to a man who was nearly 50 and the widowed father of 5 children, 2 older than she was. She was married to him for more than 30 years, they had 2 children together, and she loved him fiercely, as he loved her. In the beginning, everyone seemed to think she was marrying him because he offered stability and had a decent home, but she made a wonderful home for their blended family, and had a good relationship with his first family and their children, as well. Not everyone who marries an older man is looking for a check…my aunt worked for years, and still made a big Sunday dinner for everyone. Hilaria may be just as happily married and may love her family just as much as my aunt did…. You may not like her selfies, but face it, she’s one of dozens of celebs who do that (I don’t like that either); that doesn’t make her a gold digger, nor does it make her some kind of tramp.

Jen on

There’s nothing to be ashamed about having sex either but that doesn’t mean we should put sex tapes on the Internet. Something should be private. Have some dignity, Hilarious, and put on some clothes.

Von on

She and her husband are kinda fake people.

SAR on

This isn’t about “empowering” people. This is about Hilaria’s all-consuming vanity and insatiable need for attention. I’m happy for her that she has two healthy children and is expecting a third, but there is no need to constantly post naked or near-naked selfies and post them all over the Internet. Hilaria isn’t famous, her husband is (and as big a jerk as Alec Baldwin may be, he is a very talented actor), and obviously Hilaria is irritated about not being famous in her own right, so she’s shoving herself in people’s faces as much as possible.

Give it a rest, Hilaria, and get over yourself.

Anonymous on

She looks a porn-star in the picture

Mary on

I just read a research study that states narcissists marry other narcissists – and I immediately thought of Hilaria and pout-mouth Alec. Hilaria, with the help of CAA (her “handlers”) have tried to keep Hilaria in the public eye because she wants to be A STAR. First it was her forgettable clothing line. Then it was the failed video. There probably were a couple of other things I missed. Now they’re trying to keep her “fans” interested so they’ll buy her book in which she will clue us in on all things healthy. Meanwhile, some poor uncredited nutritionist will write the food part. Hilaria is no health guru. Her husband is fat. Her kids are born too early and tiny (and don’t look healthy now). If it weren’t for the nannies (who are no doubt slipping them – including Alec – food), the whole family would be constantly sick. The ONLY thing Hilaria is an expert at is Golddigging 101. That’s the book she should write. PS Alec is a fool.

Pat McG on

I’m actually relieved to read that most people (intelligent people) aren’t falling for Hilaria’s nonsense. She’s so transparent. Someone else mentioned Steve Martin’s wife as being a real role model. Her name is Anne and she’s smart, educated, talented (a writer, a REAL writer), beautiful, and other good things. She went through a pregnancy w/o posting these stupid, vain pictures and doesn’t use her kid as a prop. She’s about 20 years younger than Steve but, unlike Hilaria, doesn’t use him and his fame. Poor Hilaria….she’s so obviously insecure or stupid….or both.

Mary on

Hilaria “Kardashian” Baldwin is back. Yawn.

Nikki on

If look up “famewhore” in the dictionary, you’ll find a photo of Hilarity Baldwin.

CincySweet on

Why do people feel that anyone wants to see their bodies, pregnant or not? It’s not about being ashamed or hiding – it’s about class and keeping some things (like one’s body) private. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

With that said, she looks great – which is the point, I’m sure.