Kim Kardashian West Shares Adorable Snapchat of North’s ‘Tough Workout’

03/12/2016 at 03:50 PM ET

Kim Kardashian West may have only just joined Snapchat (finally!) but her account is already a must-follow — if only for the adorable photos and videos of North.

Kardashian West, 35, captured a sweet video of her 2½-year-old daughter hanging upside down underneath a desk in a cute red tutu on Saturday.

Kim Kardashian West and North West
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

“That’s a tough workout,” the proud mom says.

On Friday, the reality star revealed on the app that North is afraid of Snapchat because of the “filters with the crazy faces.” But, fortunately for us, that won’t stop Kardashian West from sharing selfies with her daughter and pictures of North playing dress-up.

Kardashian West also took to Snapchat on Saturday to share some snaps from her family’s day of filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians — including one of sister Kourtney‘s ex Scott Disick and another of little sis Khloé.

— Andrea Park

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Nicole on

No mommy please don’t take a picture I’m scared!

Suck it up North, this is the only way to get attention!

Angel on

More damage control…

jerald renor on

Hi mommy, why is that black flashlight in your mouth, quit bangingvon it, Lola Lola so sad, poorbkid, how will she explain her mothers born career??

susie elders on

Lo Lo too funny, my mom is a pornograhic star, grandma a pimp, and in in training, mommy, none likes me they think in like you!

charles rate on

Kim kartrashiqn looks like a whale, no talent but can open wide, no education, no redeeming qualities, just a waste of air, how can anybody live live her, I would be ashamed to leave the house, yuck!

janette connors on

You got that right Kim, trashy hooker

Rachel on

Fortunately for us, that won’t stop Kardashian West from sharing selfies

I’m pretty sure you meant “unfortunately”

And– Kim needs to remember she is 35, not 14. 14 year old girls do duck face not 35 year old married mothers of 2

anonymous on

People magazine has too much articles on Kim Kardashian. She doesn’t have talent!

AnnaM on

Agreed more damage control to take away negative attention on Kim and Kanye. Hey Kim….why didn’t you answer Bette Midler’s tweet to donate some of the selfie money you bragged about?
Another mother who will use her daughter for attention and money. Kim learned from Kris very well.
One surprise though….North is wearing a red tutu instead black, beige or grey!

howard lunders on

Chloe is always so classy, another uneducated, trashy woman, so sad this family, just gross all of them!

stewart close on

Southwest smile, this is the way webmake money because we can’t do anything else unless I make another sex tape, so smile, ok mom, ill be like youbin training! Thanks southwest, I’m tired of living on my back lol

Anonymous on

I clicked on this article just so I can leave a comment. These two are exactly what’s wrong with this country.

Jennifer Smith on

That’s great, People….thank you for yet another, meaningless, Kardashian story…..

HowMuchDidYouGetPaidThisMonth on

Looks like, “MOM-AGER,” Kris Kardashian is in the middle of a PR Spin/Damage Control. Unfortunately, for Kim no one believes she’s a good mother, yet alone a mother at all. She gave birth to her daughter and son and gave them to the nanny’s to raise; while, she’s busy being naked for the camera, I’m sorry, I meant being EMPOWERED.

Tina on

That duck face looks ridiculous.

Rachel on

It’s called trash snap shot.

Lina on

Kim lives in her own little bubble. She believes she’s fit, gorgeous, a great mom, not a slut and has many adoring fans. She’s in need for a reality check. Her and her deranged husband are both crazy and perfect for each other.

john kiop on

No southwest you can’t look at home movies, yes that was daddy, lo
Wow, poor Kim, southwest will be horrified especially when her friends see your technique!

harry on

A future HO like her Mom.

Renee D on

Now People will become the main proponents of exploiting the children, who have no voice.

danangme69 on

When Kim sends pics of herself she should use Snatchchat.Everyone has seen it enough

Zov on

Aww North is so adorable at the first picture

manny on


Edie on

Again, Kim is USING one of her children in an attempt at damage control for the past few weeks of madness exhibited by her husband. #USINGaChildForDamageControlIsWrong

Anonymous on

Chikd abuse

Guest on

Seriously…..they let anyone pro create these days
This poor child

Steve Someone on

A beautiful baby? Maybe she will grow up to be beautiful, but she’s one of the least beautiful babies I’ve ever seen. She must get that from her father because her mother is beautiful.

jen on

bette midler was asking jennifer lawrence and amy schumer for a job. this week it’s kim.these girls know that midler is irrelevant.

Vanny on

Yup Kim is good looking so does her kids.

Penny on

She’s trying to look like a mom now and not trashy. Why didn’t all the kid pics come out before the nude shots?

Anonymous on

These snapshots looks ridiculous!

Stacy on

thanks Kim for the smiles from sweet photos

marie on

Never heard of snapchat til now. Just another thing ole Kimmy can use to get more attention. Go away Kartrashian’s.

Von on

Kim Kardashian gets too much attention.

stinky on

don’t tell me scott is still in the picture…geez

ellwn on

Ahhh, Norh, you are so sweet. I love your ‘workout’! And it’s ok to be scared. A long time ago I was scared of my aunt’s BIG BRIGHT light when she took movies of us!
What an adorable little voice she has. Thanks for sharing, Kim.

ellwn on


The Free Woman on

Look! Its lady, and The Tramp!

Love people mag on

Cutest kids. Congrats K and K ~

Valarie on

At least she didn’t Photoshop North out of that pic because she was “feeling her look”.

cindy mccray on

I would pay any amount of money for first professional photographs of baby saint west and the adorable family of four.

alana sumers on

News flash to Kim, you and your sex tape is disgusting, any normal person would be horrified doing that for the world to see, Kanye dates slits so you were just another, you are a pig! Your kid is in training, go away!!

mike risd on

Mommy why did you do that to that guy? My friends saw it and say you are disgusting, I’m humiliated, they call me little slit, why did you open your mouth and puthat black flashlight in????

UDontNoMe on

So, the kid is under a table, using the table brace for chin-ups. Electric cords hanging all over AND equipment, heavy stuff on top. Lucky she wasn’t tangled up in/electrocuted by the cords AND that the table remained standing. Accident waiting to happen. Great job of protecting the kid, “Ma”.

lilly pond on