Kim Kardashian West Shares New Photo of Saint: ‘You’re the Sun in My Morning’

03/11/2016 at 01:35 PM ET

Talk about a little sonshine!

Kim Kardashian West took to Instagram on Friday to end the week on a sweet note, sharing a second snapshot of her 3-month-old son Saint.

“You’re the sun in my morning babe,” she wrote alongside the picture of her baby boy gazing off away from the camera.

Kim Kardashian Saint West photo
Source Kim Kardashian/Instagram

In February, three months after his Dec. 5 birth, the proud mama shared the first official photo of her second child in honor of her late father Robert Kardashian‘s birthday.

“Today is my dad’s birthday. I know there’s nothing more in the world he would have wanted than to meet his grandchildren. So I wanted to share this pic of Saint with you all,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wrote alongside the serene shot of her sleeping son.

Juggling a newborn along with 2½-year-old daughter North hasn’t been easy for the mom of two.

“Of course, I expected it to be different but, wow, it really is so hard!” she wrote in a February blog post on her website. “When I had North, all I did was feed and sleep. This time around, I get no sleep.”

— Anya Leon

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Dawn on

He looks just like North, when she was that little. Cute baby

jg1965 on

Damage control. Unfortunate that he (and his sibling) has such screwed up parents and grandparents AND aunts and uncles.

Sue on

He’s beautiful!

JuneBug on

It’s nice to know that Kim spends some time with her son, Saint if only for a picture to post on Instagram. After all, isn’t that what kids are for? The rest of the day and night, the nannies can take care of him.

ladygodzilla on

have time to post nake photo

Guest on

Nice to know that Kim spends time with her son even if it is only to post a picture on Instagram. That’s what kids are for now that she delivered her final baby. Nannies take care of him and his big sis the rest of the day and night. When a photo op comes into play, Kim calls the nannies to get the kids and step out of the way, quickly. After all, no one wants a nanny in the picture.

Melissa on

As much as I can’t stand Kim and Kanye, I have to say, their children are beautiful.

jezmyopinion on

Poor kid, looks just like his father. Well he may look like his mother, but who can tell as she is 99% plastic these days.

Angel on

Now she’s trying to redeem herself!

Sherry on

Thats a cute little baby you designed yourself Kim!

Jennifer on

He’s a really cute baby.

It’s just too bad that he has to grow up with the conceited name his stupid parents gave him.

Dawn on

Aww this should totally make everyone forgive her! SMH What’s sad is that some people are that pathetic and will forget all about her rant.

Jennifer on

He really is a cute baby.

It’s just too bad that he has to grow up with the conceited name his stupid parents gave him.

a on

Adorable baby boy. He is a cutie.
However, this is 100% damage control for both Kim and Kanye. They do this like clockwork. Guess Kim didn’t want to take Bette Midler’s challenge to donate some of the money she brags about that her selfies bring in.

Tanya S on

Yeah having two kids, 5 nannies, chefs, housekeepers, make up artists, stylists to do all the work a regular mom does daily, is just exhausting for poor Kimmie! I so feel your pain…

Emily on

The damage control is SO apparent. I have to admit they do make cute kids though.

Ilona on

I hope, he hasn’t the brain of his father !!!!

Ambers Finger Food on

Let take the heat off and roll out a kid photo. Typical thinking of these mouth breathers.

Anonymous on

Kanye goes crazy, show saints first picture. Mom goes makes again and gets backlash, show Saint. Baby tool.

Angela on

Beautiful, beautiful baby. SO sorry he has the mother and father that he does. Rich does not mean fortunate.

Becca on

He’s adorable!!

lola on

Awww… what a beautiful baby boy. He looks so much like his Sister.

Mummy of 3 on

What i don’t understand is why rich people can’t take that precious opportunity of being able to hire a nanny, and a full time one at that. Granted i did give birth to triplets 5 years ago (two boys, 1 girl,) but i would’ve loved having money for a nanny if only she cared for ONE of the THREE, just so i could go to the bathroom just once w/out the kids banging on the door asking what i was doing in there, or to be able to actually SLEEP. Not rest, but SLEEP, as in, being completely UN-conscious for EIGHT hours STRAIGHT.

Katie on

“In February, 3 months after his December 5th birth…” Can you people even do math?

Leslie on

Good thing her apps are making so much money to cover Kanye’s debt that she doesn’t have to sell pics of her kids anymore for money. Cute kid but total damage control. Try again Kimmie……just don’t use your kids to cover your social media stupidity

mike on

Kid is calling the nanny mommy already, but at least it wasnt a nude-

Coloradomama on

They do make pretty cute kids!

Mom Of Twins on

Cute baby!

Hii on

Don’t care for Kim one bit, but I always have to comment that her kids are very beautiful.

Tudh on

Why do people have such a hard time accepting she has nannies. So what? Not everyone parents the same way. Let her be.

Allie on

Like she takes care of him. She is too busy promoting herself and going around disgustingly dressed or posing naked. She certainly is no role model mother. Her whole family needs to get out of the news already!! They accomplish nothing except get their name in the news because of their money and “name.”

guest on

Yesterday she showcased her porn body and today her baby. Lady, what do you want? Porn or mommy?

Anonymous on

this is what she should be posting

Daddy's Girl on

Saint looks like North and Kanye. Kanye maybe a stones throw away from being declared legally insane, but the man produces cute babies. Whether they remain cute is the unknown. He has strong genes for sure. Bet it kiils the narcissistic, vain, egotistical Kim that neither kid looks like her.

Sara on

Beautiful baby! Now that’s a nude “selfie” worthy of speaking about! Congrats on the newest addition… Please remember your children won’t be young forever! Best thing you can do for future reference is ask yourself, will my children be embarrassed when they are old enough to see your “work”.

Just saying.. on

Aww, Kim, you wanna be a mommy and a porn star? See America, she can do both.

Guest on

This one looks like Kim; North looks like her dad.

Anonymous on

How completely despicable of her to use her own child to do “damage control”. But then again, I would expect nothing less from her.

sherri d on

Wow, all of the negative comments are sooooo disappointing. Kim K is not perfect buts he’s a human being and so is this beautiful baby she’s trying to share with the world. How about saying nothing if all you’ve got is nasty. How can your heart go there after looking at his precious, innocent face? People suck.

Vanessa on

Hey Kim, you have two beautiful children that many women would love to have. Please recognize how lucky you are to have them and enough money to take care of them so please stop acting like a tramp.

rferebee on

If she thinks for 1 iota of second that America believe she does not have a staff of nannies then she really thinks we are dumb enough to believe that REALITY SHOW they have. Poor Kim with 2 kids and Rich as Hell. How about the mother with5 kids working 2 jobs and Poor as Hell. I be glad when the Whole K Club fade away hopefully soon. SICK OF ALL OF THEM

Vee on

He’s naked – must be Kim’s son. 😦

Guest on

him naked is okay – her NOT. I think she only has hubby for a sperm donor – otherwise she pleases herself – explains the reason of her naked selfies. Obsessed with her own porn

Anonymous on

Now that’s who you are supposed to show naked, a baby, not yourself.

Laine17 on

That is a beautiful baby!

Pmc on

What a beautiful baby.

Carl on

The family that nude-selfies together, stays together.

WJ on

It’s a shame they will use these beautiful children as a way to back-peddle and boost their image.

Anonymous on

What a cute little negro girl! Who is the baby’s daddy?

Jean on

Well of course she would post a baby pic. Needs to make it look like she does more than pose naked in bathrooms.

Beer Buddy on

She squeezed the sun out of her moon!

CC on

Man he is cute. I don’t care about your opinion of the parents but they have darn cute kids.

Guest on

It would be funny if they took a naked family portrait. LOL

Tony on

No one cares about your little half breed

smoooth on

Wait< I'm confused, she's not in the picture half naked?! Could this be a turning point for her….nah

LOL on

he’s looking off camera at her like who are you?!

Ellie on

All you people commenting on how this child will have a horrible life due to his parents need to get a life. This child is a precious, innocent BABY! Who do you think you are to judge the life he may lead someday based on his parent’s past actions? Also whats the big deal with what his parents do? People have been doing nude shoots for YEARS on magazines like Playboy! No one called any of them whores! Go take care of your own kids and teach them not to be the critical, judgmental people you are.

Bubbafette on

Super cute baby. 🙂

Helen on

She should have waited a few more days so it looked like this wasn’t a cover up.

sharianntics on

At least this one is cute.

Stacy on


stacey on

He definitely looks like his mother!

Anonymous on

I seriously used to love the kardashians, I loved their makeup, personality and style. But they are the perfect example of what money and fame does to people, CORRUPTION TO THE CORE. Especially Kim, she would do anything to remain relevant and on the spotlight. It sickening and disgusting…

nina on

Saint is cute. Kim needs to share more pics of her cute kids.

karl on

Having a baby brother was the best thing to have happened for North. Now mommy and daddy will be so busy plotting HIS exploitation, that the poor little girl will get a break from the disgusting spotlight. These people make me want to puke, but their idiotic worshippers make me want to puke more.

Debra on

Then what is North to her in the morning? Sad to play favorites

Edie on

It is unbelievably sad Kim and Kanye are using this precious baby in their quest for damage control.

JMO on

He’s a beautiful baby! North was never that pretty as a small baby due to her unfortunate eyebrows. Saint looks more like Kim and North resembles Kanye, poor thing.:(

Ash on

He’s looking off camera at his nanny, wishing she’d rescue him from the uterus donor.

Omela on

Saint is cute! She looks like Kim.

Luna on

Looks so much like Kim.

misshawaii on

Here we go with the pics. This is the beginning!!! Get ready all!!

Cris on

Awe he is adorable…

KL on

he is a cutie!!!! Their kids are so cute!! but the parents are both so stupid..

delores on

He is such a beautiful baby! May
God bless their little family….May all the haters keep hating because as you see it only makes them stronger!