Hilaria Baldwin on Her Third Pregnancy: ‘All Our Children Were Semi-Surprises’

03/11/2016 at 02:15 PM ET

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin knew another baby was in the cards for them, but neither knew their full house would come quite so soon.

The couple, already parents to son Rafael Thomas, 8 months, and daughter Carmen Gabriela, 2½, announced Wednesday that they are expecting their third child together.

“We wanted to have another one, maybe not so soon, we thought about taking a year or two off,” the actor said during a sit-down family interview with Extra.

“I feel like all of our children were semi-surprises, in a good way, good surprise, positive surprises,” adds Hilaria.

Hilaria Baldwin pregnant Alec

The real surprise came when the Baldwins found out they would be welcoming another baby boy to their brood. “I’ve been pretty nauseous, so I was surprised it was a boy because I felt really nauseous with Carmen and less nauseous with him,” Hilaria explains, adding she’s not sure what to expect once he arrives.

“I’m slightly afraid to have two of these, he doesn’t walk yet, but we are in so much trouble when he does,” she says of her first son Rafael.

And while the mom-to-be happily shared the sex of their baby on the way during the pregnancy reveal, any hints on their son’s name are being kept a secret.

“We think we know, however, I’m not going to share it with you,” she teases. “[Alec] likes names like Joe and Tony, I like names like Sebastian and Orlando and Carmen and Rafa. I don’t think I can have a Tony Baldwin.”

Although they’re ecstatic to become a family of five in September, Baldwin insists the upcoming addition will be the last.

“They come when they come, but this is it, we’re going to have one more then we’re going to enjoy them, all three of them,” he explains.

Adding that the proud parents did “pretty well” with their first two children and couldn’t resist a third baby, Baldwin says they’re already planning for a fun future.

“We have a lot of things we want to do to enjoy our life, we want to travel and we’re both working a lot, but I like doing this, I like having kids,” he says. “I just can’t describe what it means to me.”

— Anya Leon

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heather on

What is a semi-surprise?

bebe45 on

Must be nice 😉 With so many ladies struggling with fertility and he’s approaching 60 for goodness sake.

Sherry on

Take a year or two off? Its not a damn job.

bkable on

How do you have a semi-surprise? If you wanted to take a year or two off, go on birth control for a bit. If you don’t, then you can’t be surprised when you get pregnant.

Indigo on

Gross! What a freaking baby machine to secure a retirement plan. If was was Joe the plumber or janitor down the street from her she wouldn’t look at him. The extend of this union can be described as….beneficial let’s just say.

rachel on

How old is he?!? At a certain point (40) you’re too old to have a child!! And yes, lets be honest, 40 is definitely old to be having a baby — for both men and women.

Kathy on

Ever hear of birth control?

Stacy on


Lily on

Wow, commenters seem grumpy today!! I admit I dislike Alec, but he and his wife seem like they’re excited about their new addition and dedicated to parenting. Good for them, and congrats on the new baby!

2Morons on

Let’s see…they already have 5 nannies for 2 kids, I wonder how many they will need when they have 3 kids?

what a joke on

It must be a FULL-SURPRISE that this guy is an idiot! Why he keeps having kids is beyond me. Such a bad one the first time around, does he think he can make up for it with this chick’s babies??

Tanjya on

he looks so fake in this video!!!!!!!!!!! i’m sure he’s even more of a bozo behind closed doors!!!

Trish on

@bebez speak for yourself. It’s hard work staying child free. It’s actually a full time job. Too many fertile women.

Sonny on

Happy for him! There is no age limit especially for men to father a child, women, is a different story. I love Alec!

Anonymous on

Semi surprise with an 8 month old is completely possible. She could still be breastfeeding. I got pregnant with my last baby without my AF even returning due to breastfeeding. Obviously if we felt strongly about not having another baby right away we would have chose a more reliable form of birth control. He was a surprise to us but not unwanted, we know how it works, we just weren’t expecting him quite as soon as we got him. They pay for their kids and they wanted another. Big deal. I bet their nannies are happy to have jobs. Birth control is awful for your body, I’d never take any…and yes there are plenty of other methods of avoiding pregnancy without taking hormones.

Kathleen on

Well, at least she knows how to change diapers for when Alec is ready in a “year or two.”

guest on

Wow! With the exception of a couple of people, the comments on this article are vicious. You folks need to lighten up. If a couple having another baby is that upsetting to you, please seek help. They seem like they love each other, love their children and can certainly afford another one so what is the big problem? Alec Baldwin is probably one of the most intelligent actors in the business and his wife seems like a wonderful partner for him. Some people just can’t stand for others to be happy.

Veritas on

I think the negative comments come from a feeling (justified) that the Baldwins are fake. Hilaria is certainly an opportunist. She marketing herself as a “health guru” and she knows so little about her body that pregnancies are “semi surprises”? Between her fashion line and video and dangerously over-packed yoga classes, she’s just out for fame and cash. Alec apparently is also a user. But just because two users find one another, that doesn’t make it right. In fact, it’s sad because neither one has the brains nor the heart to quit the self-promotion.

Anonymous on

Five nannies! Wow! What do you talk about over coffee with them?

You people are so bitter and angry! Lighten up a bit. What did they do to you the last time you were out at a bar? Oh that’s right, none of you know them. You are all angry over people you don’t even know. So sad.

sarah on

She is going to have 3rd child, they must have 3 nannies to help them.

Gretchen on

This couple is supporting their own family, Ireland says she and her father have a great relationship, and some of you are mad about something she never even thinks of! Sometimes BC fails, and sometimes people may not be trying to have a baby, but don’t mind if they do. It’s their family, not yours, so why get your knickers in a knot over someone else’s life? Congratulations on the coming baby! They seem so much happier than he and Kim Basinger ever thought of being…but then, Hilaria might actually have a sense of humor and be fun, whereas Kim…well, I think not.

Kim on

Her kids are close in age, they’re cute kids.

Me, myself and I on

Not a huge fan of them, but congratulations and good luck with the babies. It’s not going to be easy and fun for anyone in that family with kids so close in age. I kinda feel bad for the kids. But maybe there is going to be less self-promoting and more real family time for Hilaria?
P.S. With all those nannies and money I would have lots of kids too…

Devonshire Neighbor on

Gee, two self-promoters promoting what should be a family issue while exhibiting their children whom they use as props for their image. Nothing new here, folks. Move along.

VZ on

Um they’re rich people, can afford more nannies and kids than ordinary people.

Carol on

She has the most annoying voice ever. (Did she inhale helium before the interview?) And how long until they announce they are getting divorce and ask for “privacy”?

Sunny on

He could be her father’s age, gross.

sarah on

Her kids are cute.

Kitten on

Semi-surprise? You’ve got to be kidding me. Just tell the truth – you wanted babies close together, so you started trying as soon as possible. Nothing wrong with that, just don’t pretend that you were surprised that unprotected sex lead to another pregnancy.

Iren on

It’s possible (for some) to use the hormones of pregnancy as a way to avoid depression, or to escape the difficult fight against anorexia. I sense in H’s desire to expose her belly and feel brave about it, the perspective of a recovering anorexic . (Not so much awareness that such exposure would be counterproductive viewing for those with weight issues on the other side of the spectrum.) If she does battle anorexia or exercise addiction, or inner fear of showing weight gain, she could someday do public service by talking about it, but of course it is her private decision. Her commitment to positivity is admirable. Her need to present a doctored image (a family vacation home in Spain, or study there, doesn’t make one Spanish, for example) will probably lessen over time as she relaxes into herself. She has a lot of intelligence.

Anonymous on

Cute kids lol.

Charlie Manes on

What a stupid & dumb statement!😊😱 Really semi surprises! I’m sure by now you know that if you have sex every nite and both of you are not really using preventive measures not to conceive yeah more than likely you’ll be pregnant. Plus a woman is most fertile after she’s just had a baby! To end all baby news either he gets a vasectomy or have your tubes tied. Duh

CS:GO on

Wow because this is extremely goodexcellent work! Congrats and keep it up

Ha on

Boy . . girl . . . being nauseous . . . not being nauseous . . . when will women learn that these (and other silly superstitions) are all wives tales and it’a all a 50/50 chance of the gender . . . it is all ultimately in God’s hands, not ours:)

sdb on

a lot of negative comments here! are these people physically hurting you in some way? good luck to them, they seem happy. long may that last.