Baby Boy on the Way for Alec and Hilaria Baldwin

03/09/2016 at 03:35 PM ET

Oh baby, the Baldwin family is growing again!

On Wednesday, Hilaria Thomas Baldwin took to Instagram to announce that she and husband Alec Baldwin are expecting their third child together.

“Ireland, Carmen, Rafael, Alec, and I are excited to share with you that we are going to have another addition to our family. A little boy coming this fall,” the yoga instructor, 32, captioned a sweet shot of the couple kissing while holding a blue teddy bear on the streets of New York City.

The couple are already parents to 8-month-old son Rafael Thomas and 2½-year-old daughter Carmen Gabriela, while the actor is also dad to Ireland, his 20-year-old daughter with Kim Basinger.

Baby Boy on the Way for Alec and Hilaria Baldwin
Courtesy Baldwin Family

Baby Boy on the Way for Alec and Hilaria Baldwin

The happy news doesn’t come as much of a surprise. In September, Baldwin, 57, told PEOPLE he couldn’t wait to expand his family further.

“I’m dying to have another child with my wife,” he said. “I love my wife more than anything. I love our family, I’m very happy. I’ve never been happier before in my life.”

— Anya Leon

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Marie on

Good to see he’s found happiness. Wish him the best.

StarryEyes on

They make beautiful children. I hope Alec is taking care of himself so he can be around for decades to come to see his children grow up.

Cyndi on

Wow, that’s great news – congratulations Alec and Hilaria! I’ve been a big fan of Alec’s work since his Joshua Rush days. It has brought a smile to my face remembering the way Lilimae Clements (the inimitable late great Julie Harris) said “Joshua Rush”, lol.

pepper on

Oh wow, I am 9 month pregnant and is very difficult, I can’t imagine doing this every year..

MIM on

I love this. Children are truly the biggest blessing you will ever have in life. I wish them the very very best!

Sara on

I kinda like him but he’s WAaaaaaaaaaaay too old to have kids with that young toygirl wife of his..he really should stop..Men usually expire about 75 and they will just be teenagers ..sad

Chris on

A man pushing 60 with an early 30’s girl is kinda gross…not VERY gross..yuck yuck..yuuuuck…she’s only with him for the money

Ayisha From Brooklyn on


Children are not the “biggest” blessing a person will have in their lives! it is just one of many. There are many women and men, who do not want children, so you mean to tell me that that decision means their lives aren’t blessed? Getting Married is a blessing, finding a new job is a blessing, retiring early is a blessing, etc.

Don’t insult the many people in this world who are childless by choice!

Just Wondering on

How do they already know it’ a boy if the baby isn’t due until the fall?

Stacy on

congratulations. can’t wait to meet him

Natalie S. on

Congrats to the couple! Talk about expanding the Baldwin Empire ha ha!! Best wishes to them all!

klaocky on

I like that she put Ireland’s name first. but that photo, ugh. and Alec, you have enough kids! You are old, dude! And Hilaria should be nursing until the babies are 2 or 3 (yeah, I know you can nurse several at once). Rafael deserves to be the youngest for 2 years at least. Has Carmen grown any hair yet? I like the names they choose for their babies. Now Alec will have two of each sex.

That is a lot of work and responsibility. Mr. Baldwin is a very talented (if bent) man.

Mrs. B on

Congratulations to the happy couple on the pregnancy.

mer on

Looks like they found their happines in a bog family. Good for them, really.

yoliewinecorporation on

Alec keeps her on her back chick will be rolling in $$.3 babies won’t have to teach Yoga classes

Gia on

He looks like her dad in every photo. He’s too old to be chasing babies.

Boo on

This Baldwin guy is kind of stupid I think. He’s 57 and wants another kid. Jeeze.

Teri on

he must be popping Viagra like popcorn.

luluastorbooks on

I love Alec, and Hilaria is beautiful and has done wonders for him. He lost weight and looks so happy. Congrats to them. I have one tiny thing, though, that I feel compelled to say. Our planet is overpopulated with humans and there is a mass extinction underway that’s much bigger than the normal cyclical kind. It’s because of us. There are way too many humans and we’ve become a scourge on the earth. People really need to consider practicing zero population growth: one child for each parent. That’s it. If you want more, it’ll cost you in the wallet. That way it’s not draconian but still a deterrent. Jane Goodall said it best when she said the biggest problem facing the planet is not global warming or terrorism but human overpopulation. The other things are all outgrowths of it.

Just sayin on

FYI – You can get a blood test between weeks 9-12 that will tell you the gender.

Grossed Out on

He is old to continue having babies.. Maybe instead of cranking out spoiled brats with her Grandfather – I mean husband, they could use all their money to help starving children who could really use the help.

Granted on

Keep plowing Alec!

Kay on

@luluastorbooks do your research. Babies being born in the US are NOT the problem. It’s elsewhere in the world. The birth rate in the US has been declining for a long time, and only recently started going up again, which will be good for our economy. Also, the average is 1.87 kids/woman in the US. So your argument makes it evident you’ve been eating up all the stuff on social media without actually doing any research.

Teena on

Yay! They are sure doing their part to over populate the planet.

Keeping it real.. on

She’s obviously using him for money and fame or why else would she marry a man who looks like he could be her dad. I’m so tired of these young gold diggers and he of course, married her because she’s young and he doesn’t want to feel old even though he is. Let’s see where they’ll be in 10 years when the honeymoon phase is over.

Anonymous on

How did he pin her down? Every time she posts something, she’s doing butt lifts or twerking or doing a handstand. Good on her for living healthy, but jeebus!

Guest on

I wonder if this is giving his oldest daughter a complex?

guest on

You couldn’t pay me to do him…yuck

rubyovertherainbow* on

Sounds like they have some kind of contract.

stacey on

This woman must not have to deal with morning sickness.

KL on

WOW they don;t waste any time….

Pataki Singh on

More child support if they should split up. She’s creating a future for herself. LOL

maryhelenc on

I wish them nothing but the best, but there is something about her that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s her selfies in her lingerie three days after giving birth, or her yoga pose a day in dangerous situations, she just irks me for some reason. I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but her public persona is very unpleasant.

skyangl55 on

It’s nice to see that Alec has finally found love and now has stability in his life.They both balance each other out.Best wishes for baby no. 3 to both of you and here’s to staying out of the prying eye of the paps/

Jack on

God that woman is gross..there’s something so nasty about her..and her feet coming out of her shoes trying to show off her legs..what a pig

Molly on

I gave birth to my daughter in August 2015 and am now 16 weeks pregnant with twin girls (Not on purpose). My baby girl was 4 months old when we conceived and they won’t even quite be 13 months apart! We are so overwhelmed by the fact that we will have 3 children under the age of two! There was an article not too long ago about how Alec and Hilaria had several nannies, I’m sure they will manage just fine! 😉

jessiemaystorm on

If Alec and Hilaria’s social media accounts are anything to go by, these two are very much in love with one another, and extremely gentle, kind, loving, present parents. Their children are so beautiful and I’m sure this little boy will be just as adored.
Congratulations to all of them x

mari lyn on

Great, so he can still get it up. He’s still a d-bag, and I’m sure his wife-young-enough-to-be-his-daughter could have done better.

myuntidydesk on

I hope they hired someone to take that photo of them, out on the street, in public, where anyone can see them …. you know.. since Alec will punch anyone who dares invade his “privacy”.

Kel on

It’s extremely hard on a woman’s body to have very close pregnancies like this. It can actually be unhealthy. If you do the math, the youngest was 4 or 5 months old when this one was conceived.

Maybe this will be their last. If not, she should give herself a couple years for her body to heal.

gymluv on

Nothing like pushing 80 at your kids high school graduation.

Kathy on

This is insane. Isn’t this woman a health nut? Having babies so close together isn’t the best idea.

kisten on

Gross! He looks like he could be her grandpa! Glad she loves him or at least his money.

Ed on

What a stunning couple. I always hoped he would find redemption

pepper on

That person who is concerned about world ,,overpopulation,, , do your research better, the planet has enough…well like someone said..for every man,s need not for every man,s greed. Some go to gym after they stuff on all kinds of food and some are so skinny and hungry and about to starve. Now you cant tell anyone how to live and how many children to have. Yeah, if you want, fight for equality and help improve the balance, but I dont know how much of this stuff can we, normal people, influence and improve as long as the few very very rich keep wanting more.

losangelesbassist on

people can judge and complain all they want, but the fact is, men can father children well into their 80’s. Like, some 32 yr old guy is going to impergnate a 57 yr old woman … hahahahaha i don’t think so. maybe that’s why so many women are so damn angry these days – they want to be equal so bad, while hating themselves for their own limitations. tragic.

Anonymous on

luluasterbooks, how about all the people who can’t afford children stop having them? Solve two problems at once, overpopulation and the drain on our economy because people seem to think they are entitled to children and the govt owes them money for having them.

Anonymous on

Congratulations on their new addition.

Anonymous on

@Sara, 57 is not “WAaaaaaaaaaaay too old to have kids”. My husband was 40, 42, and 53 when his children were born. He had a great career that enabled him to retire early, so he’s been home and taking care of his kids. As long as he takes care of himself, he’s not going to expire when he’s 75. I’m sure all the 75-year-old men out there aren’t too pleased with your comment.

@Chris, please don’t get married or have kids.

Ryan Jablonski on

Alec is sure lucky to bee married to Hilaria, I guess he wants to have as many Children as he can while he still can. To prove that the Old man has still got it. Although I wouldn’t want to have Children that Late (I would want Children between the Ages of 30-52). But I’m very Happy for Them !!!

Kimberly Cagle on

Its so awesome to see Alec Baldwin happy again:) He used to make some of the best movies and always one of my favorite actors and I have a small list. However after Kim Basinger and him split It started to show in his career too. I loved those two together but hey I am certainly sincerely so happy to see Alec finally happy with someone that loves him and he has new children:) How lucky can a man like him get? I truly am glad he found happiness and wish nothing but the best for him:) Sincerely, Kimberly

lydia ferguson on

Love this family