Chrissy Teigen on Her New Parent Jitters: ‘I’ve Truly Never Been Alone with a Kid’

03/08/2016 at 08:00 AM ET

Chrissy Teigen knows her way around the kitchen (her new cookbook Cravings is a New York Times bestseller!), and next she’ll excel at being a first-time mom. But naturally, she’s got many questions about motherhood and babies.

“I’ve truly never been alone with a kid,” Teigen, 30, tells Self in their April cover story. “I don’t think I’ve changed a diaper! I’m like, how many times a day do they go?”

The Lip Sync Battle star, who’s expecting a daughter with husband John Legend in mid-April, has also been mulling over hypothetical parenting situations.

“I’m a worrier, and he’s very laid-back,” Teigen says about the couple’s different personalities.

Self Magazine

“I like to ask him little questions, like, ‘What would you do if our kid is 16 or 17, and we’re at dinner celebrating and having wine. Would you let her have some wine?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah.’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know if I would!’ I am the crazier one in the relationship, and he’s more relaxed for sure.”

The FABLife host reveals she and John desire to raise a big family, in fact, they are hoping for four children.

“I think I’ll probably be pregnant all through my 30s,” she predicts, adding, “I’ve always pictured everyone around the table for the holidays and together once a week. It’ll be heartbreaking if it doesn’t end up happening, but hopefully it will.”

Teigen, who revealed in October that she was pregnant, opened up about her infertility struggles after enduring several rounds of in vitro fertilization. And to achieve her goal of conceiving four kids, she will likely undergo more rounds.

!!!!! I am finally holding this thing in my hands and I can't believe it is officially real! I actually feel like it's a movie prop or something. I'm so excited for you guys to see – I really really hope you love everything in it and find recipes to make for those you love for years to come…pot pie soup with crust crackers, Italian sausage meatloaf, cholula honey butter fried chicken, buttery scallops with the perfect sear, spicy black bean veggie chili, my herb and garlic goat cheese stuffed chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto ohhhhhhh there is so much I am excited about, this baby has so much love in it! I am so used to the Twitter and Instagram world that I can't even comprehend people actually coming out to my signings or events and seeing your actual human bodies and faces in person but know I will have so many around the release in many different cities and I will be so sick wondering if anyone will show up ahhhhhhh but I can't wait to see you all!! You can pre-order now but #CravingsCookbook is officially out February 23rd! Sorry so long, I have the energy of 1 3/4 people! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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“The big question was why this wasn’t working for us when I was young and he was healthy,” the model confesses about her journey to motherhood. “I thought, people get pregnant by accident all the time! How does this happen?”

But while she waits for the birth of her first child, she is relishing her newest addition: her Cravings cookbook!

“I waited years to write a cookbook because I wanted people to know I really do love food,” Teigen explains on making sure her first book is just right. “It always bothered me when someone would interview a model and say, ‘What do you do to stay in shape?’ and she would say, ‘I love to eat pizza; I love to indulge.’ I’ve always been the first one to say, ‘Bulls—! No you don’t.’ So I’ve been hyperaware of that.”

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Not only will Teigen’s daughter have a great appetite for food just like mom, but there’s also no doubt she’ll have great style too, as seen from her sumptuous baby shower! The parents-to-be shared adorable photos of the cakes, cookies and crowns from the princess-themed celebration on Instagram Saturday.

— Karen Mizoguchi

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Peachy on

One piece of advice I have for her: You are your most fertile the year after you have a child, as witnessed by many women who went thru fertility treatment, then became pregnant naturally relatively soon. If she wants to get pregnant naturally, strike while the iron is hot. I had my only child when I was in my early 20s, went thru a divorce and remarried. Tried getting pregnant from 30 yrs old till 38, went thru 5 rounds of IVF at 38 and beyond…never happened. If I could turn back time, I wish I had another child shortly after my first.

Katie on

Don’t worry! It all comes naturally. I was terrified that I wouldn’t know what my baby needed and I was very insecure. My best friend kept assuring me that it would come naturally and I would just “know”. I didn’t believe her at all… But the minute My daughter was put in my arms I learned how true it was. I just knew!

Nardia on

Glad everything goes well for her, cook book coming out and a nice family.

Guest on

She looks gorgeous in the pictures! Good for her.

Barbara on

Chrissy, It just takes some couples longer to conceive than it does others. It doesn’t mean something is wrong with either of you. And, just because it took a while doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant again on your own after IVF. Well, with of John’s help of course.. hahaha
My nephew and his wife tried and tried to have a baby. They began to see the doctor to see if anything was wrong with either of them. The doctor told them they were both fine. So keep trying. Finally, after almost 4 years we all got the good news. They were expecting. After their son was born not even a year later she got pregnant with her daughter. She got on birth control and didn’t have another baby until 3 years later.
My doctor and her husband did IVF because it was taking soooooooo long to get pregnant and she didn’t have many healthy eggs. But, after both their daughters were born her gynecologist put my doctor on birth control because she said it could happen naturally after having her daughters IVF with no problems at all. And both rounds happened 1st try. Happy Healthy Little girls.
I will keep you and hubby in my prayers. I think you will have as many children as you like. 🙂

yoliewinecorporation on

Ugh quit whining damnn

Kelly on

Who is Chrissy Tegan and why do we all of a sudden care about every little thing she does? Reality show star?

Debbe on

This is not me trying to be a bully or rude. I hope she DOESN’T have a “kid” every year as she said if she is planning on delegating child-raising duties to a nanny. One news report said that was planning on having help. I came home from the hospital 22 years ago with a son and 100 dollars in my pocket. His dad left when I was pregnant. I was with my son day and night for 30 days before my mother flew in to help me for two months. It was the hardest thing I ever did, basically laid in bed and fed him but hardly ate myself. But those are the times I remember as sacred. Just me and my son and we are closer than most parent/child relationships. She said she has never even held a KID. I don’t use that word. He was my baby, precious baby, and when her baby is born, I doubt she will use that word again. If she does, well, I don’t know, but hopefully she will choose to do the hard labor and raise her baby. Why choose to have one and not take care of the responsibility that comes with it?

Brion on

She’s married to a primate and now has a baby primate, who cares what she thinks, cares or does? Crawl back to your tree.

Bill on

She’s simply another primate-loving refugee from a trailer park that needs to move to Armenia with those Kardashians.

bill on

I dont get it she looks like a cabbage patch doll