Beyoncé Shares Adorable Behind the Scenes Photos of Blue Ivy at Super Bowl 50

03/07/2016 at 02:10 PM ET

Beyoncé just revealed the true star of her Super Bowl 50 performance.

It’s her adorable 4-year-old Blue Ivy.

Queen Bey took to Instagram on Monday and shared even more fun behind the scenes photos from the big game.

In the first photo, Blue holds her hands up — and doesn’t look very impressed! — as she poses with dad Jay Z, who’s got a good grip on the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy.

All the excitement wore the preschooler out: Beyoncé also posted a picture of herself cuddling her sleeping daughter.

Beyonce daughter Blue Super Bowl
Source: Beyonce/Instagram

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The proud mama also blessed the beyhive with behind the scenes photos of her halftime show performance last month, and Blue makes a handful of cameos you didn’t know you needed.

In one snap, Blue joins her mama for a dance, while she plays with Coldplay’s Chris Martin in another, sporting a ballerina outfit, tennis shoes, and an afro as both Blue and Martin smile.

Beyonce Chris Martin Blue Ivy
Robin Harper/


Beyonce Chris Martin Blue Ivy
Robin Harper/

Beyonce Chris Martin Blue Ivy
Robin Harper/

Beyoncé, 34, welcomed her daughter with husband Jay-Z in 2012.

Although the singer has been focused on her career, completing two world tours, and introducing another one at the end of her Super Bowl Halftime performance, she’s also admitted that she does want more kids in the future.

“I would like more children,” she told ABC a year after Blue was born. “I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely love being a big sister.”

See Beyoncé’s full photo collection here.

— Naja Rayne and Anya Leon

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Not cool on

As she sports an “Afro”?? Lovely people…..lovely!

Guest on

Why does Beyoncé fix her own hair so nicely but doesn’t do the same for her daughter? Beyoncé should wear her daughters hair style and see how she likes it.

Truth is on

There has to be more to this nonstory

fakingit on

OMG, I had to read this stuff a month ago, why is it on here again? Or maybe she is going to announce an upcoming fake pregnancy, so this is a way of bringing it up and she thinks she is sneaking the idea into people’s head? Brainwash!

U R A Fake on

Fakingit: OMG, NO you DONT have to read anything, just bypass the page! Guess you didn’t know that, but you’ll continue to read everything about them, and continue complaining!

fakingit on

Attention: U R A Fake: OMG, NO you DONT have to read anything, just bypass MY COMMENT! Guess you didn’t know that, but you’ll continue to read everything about them, and continue complaining!

OVP on

Yay Blue Ivy is an adorable kid.

Anonymous on

Beyonce’s hair is so messy. She needs to fix her hair!

fiona on

That girl is really ugly, only the truth.

Anonymous on

Lil’ Jay-z

smoooth on

Not sure what she’s rehearsing it’s always the same tired dance moves

Kat on

My God people..this is a child…why must everyone be so ‘UGLY’ and say these things..shame on u wonder she rarely shows Blue’s face in photos..I would be devestated reading these comments about my child…

Anonymous on

Badmouthing a baby….really? What’s wrong with her hair?

Marc on

UgglleeeA$$ Diarrhea Baby!!!!!

Sam on

She is a cute kid from rich family.

Jo on


Its all Ive got.


Really , kids are innocent , she is an adorable child. Why talk badly about a child.

Theresa on

This is literally the ugliest kid I’ve ever seen.

Anonymous on

You all people talk badly about the child, she is a cute kid!

Anonymous on

Looks just like her dad 😦

C@ on

Is that The Weekend?

Lorett on

Blue Ivy looks like her mother before she so desperately tried to look white. Proud black woman, right?

Kanye Dingleberry Suprise on

Kid looks like it has an African version of a mullet hairstyle.

guest18 on

An attractive child who could look even cuter if something was done to style her hair. Kim has North’s hair done so prettily; is it that difficult to do? I don’t know. Maybe it is.

Ashley on

Poor kid unfortunately looks like her dad.

GUEST78 on

Don’t try to be all cute and then try to wage a verbal attack on police officers who were there that day to protect you. She sickens me. If you don’t agree with me, I really don’t care.

cynic1018 on

where is the “adorable” part. that is not an attractive little girl!!

Ang on

We all are created in the image of God. She is beautiful and looks like her father Jesus. Judge yourself, not the innocence of a child. Love people, look it up

elle on

poor kid, iinherited her fathers face, not her mom’s.

Dissapointing on

She is sporting an “Afro?” How come you did not write Chris Martin is sporting his blonde hair? If you are unsure how to write about black people, heres a suggestion – DONT.

Tiff on

I was wondering the same about the hair. Why does Beyonce have her hair all done and her little girls hair always looks messy? Wearing your hair naturally is fine and I have seen it done very nicely but that just looks like a mess.

ackridgek2015 on

Blue is a lovely vibrant little girl, who’s beautiful inside and out. The people calling her ugly should just k*** themselves….

ackridgek2015 on

Yes she’s sporting her natural f’ng hair only a racist pos would have a problem with that. People needs to moderate threads that talk about children.

Anonymous on

Some comments are disgusting, look yourself at the mirror, how you look like!

Guest on

Sorry,this kid is NOT cute…at all. Can’t get past that hair.

Guest on

Ok… News Alert; The Weekend is her father…. Not Jay Z;-) 😉

Omaka on

She is an innocent kid, but the hair needs to fixed.

osso on

They both look F’ed up.

Mandi on

What an adorable little face se has in the 1st picture.

WLMtoo on

Just trying to take attention away from her shameless halftime show backlash…..

Emily on

Wow, never doubt the People comments section’s ability to bring humor into an otherwise dreary Friday morning. These comments just get better and better.

Betty clayton on

Blue is so pretty what a cute little princess we kn who u are with the nasty comments a bunch of talentless nasty kkk haters as in kartrasians all u dogs shut the fucked up stop being jelious of the Carter family

bella2758 on

She is a lovely little girl

Mia on

It’s a shame white people are so insecure that they have nothing better to do than to bash a Black child with natural Black hair. Have you not realized that no two people are the same? There is absolutely nothing wrong with her hair. Clearly, what you think doesn’t matter! Her hair is her hair, just because it’s not stringy, smelly, and lice prone you want to say something. How about get some culture in your lives and stop thinking we should conform to your lame standards! It’s not going to happen. Blue is beautiful! I can imagine what some of your kids look and smell like.

Tanya on

She is such a mini me of her dad.

Heather on

Queen? Hardly..

Joules on

But that’s a little boy?

Lisa on

I think Blue’s hair s beautiful. I love mess ‘fros. You don’t have to worry about messing them up if you lay down, walk in the rain or swim. You just shampoo, condition, moisturize, run your fingers through it and go. Blue and I have perfect hair.

Thetruth on

Poor thing! Looks like her dad…….shame

Rosa on

Blue Ivy is a lovely little girl!

kankey on

I love the Carters People thanks for posting this make my day haters have nothing on them

April on

Ugly are you complete jerks for insulting a child. Blue Ivy is very cute and you soulless jerks who are jealous she was born into a family of wealth are just pathetic.

cheryl on

Well I was not offer to have my hands touching the Trophy????? This is sooooo friggin unfair that all US citizens are not offered the same PERKS as Jay-Z and his Kid…!!!!!!!!!! And comb that kids hair….eweeeeee

Sasha on

Beautiful little girl with beautiful hair!

June on

Ugly kids sometimes grow up to be beautiful adults

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