Following in Mom’s Footsteps! Coco Austin’s Daughter Chanel Is Already Wearing Heels

03/06/2016 at 02:45 PM ET

Coco Austin is starting her daughter in stilettos young.

The new mom styled Chanel Nicole, 3 months, in an adorable pair of plush pumps for a photo shoot on Saturday.

In a photo posted to her Instagram, Austin’s little girl wore a pink shirt emblazoned with her name as well as a tiny tutu by Bowties and Tutus Boutique and the Pee Wee Pumps‘s high heel-like crib shoes for babies.

Chanel Nicole Heels
Coco Austin/Instagram

Chanel, whose father is Ice-T, continued her affinity for adorned headbands with a floral piece.

“Long day for my sleeping beauty,” Austin, 36, wrote.

For the same shoot, baby Chanel tossed the heels to pose with her mother, who was wearing a strapless, white lace gown.

In the photo, Austin held her daughter high into the air while perched on a cushioned pink chair.

My new obsession. ….

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Chanel also wore a vibrant magenta tutu ensemble for the series, as posted to her own Instagram.

I think photoshoots are my thing! Dressing up is fun! Dress by @meankoa

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The infant is already a natural in front of a camera lens — she had her first photo shoot just a week after being born.

“She was a natural,” Austin said at the time.

— Lindsay Kimble

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gracie on

Please, no mother should do that to her child…seriously. First of all, the poor little thing looks ridiculous and secondly, this child is not a dress up doll. I pity this little girl as she grows up. I am sure Coco adores her but honestly, she needs to let the child be a child and stop using her as a toy.

Guest on

Now, that’s stupid. First the pierced ears, now heels. Poor little thing! Mama needs another doll to play with, I guess.

Nonny on

Now that’s stupid. First the pierced ears, and now heels. Apparently, mama needs another doll to play with.

Jenny on

How tacky it is to name your child after a high-fashion designer.

Anonymous on

Adorable….Coco is gonna spoil that little angel so bad! 🙂

Pam on

That is so stupid! She’s a baby not a baby doll.

Pam on

So dumb.

silvermander on

I know almost every person posting here will be attacking Coco for dressing her baby in such a way, but what’s the big deal? Every mother has outfits and styles they like to dress their baby in. This is no different from dressing a baby boy in pants, a dress shirt and dapper vest or bow tie. This is no different from any other little outfit that a parent can put on a baby! Further, it’s not as if she’s even crawling, never mind walking, so those soft slippers with the fake heels are doing nothing more than any other cute little baby slipper would do to warm the baby’s feet. It’s not as if the baby isn

Babies are not dress-up dolls, but that doesn’t mean a parent cannot express style through their baby. So, rather than kvetching over what other people do, especially when they are things that don’t hurt you in any way, shape, or form, why not just get a life of your own?

rubyovertherainbow* on

Thats the most ridiculous photo of a child I have ever seen. CoCo is desperate for attention.

Slk on

She’s a natural? Does she have a choice??? My God when does that child get to just chill and be comfortable in a cotton sleeper? I agree, she is adorable, but is this the right thing to do? She may have issues with it-and you- one day!

Felice on

This is clearly a proud Mommy having fun playing dress-up with her baby girl. Baby Chanel does not have a clue what is going on, and the photos are adorable.

LA on

I hope this is a joke. No parent should encourage babies to wear high heels. Little toddler girls can play in the plastic feathery “dress up” and pretend shoes. They’re for playtime….not for “real time”… Coco should want to keep her little girl “little” for as long as she can. The innocence of childhood is a beautiful thing. Teenage years will be here before she knows it.

karen on

Would someone tell this idiot woman this is a baby and not a dress up doll!

jeannie on

OMG. Plenty of moms dress their kid up for pictures. Coco hasn’t permanently damaged her daughter.

beanbean69 on

Coco will be coco. You have to be true she is not hurting the baby.

Sarah on

They love her, they pay attention to her, their world will revolve around her. The baby is fine after a photo session (like you all haven’t taken your kids in for pictures with different outfits, hypocrites). They can afford to give her everything. This baby is not abused and you all are being ridiculous.

Marie on

I find her pictures adorable and this was is funny. I used to dress my daughter up in some crazy stuff as a baby and we look back 22 years later and laugh about it. This is a very loved little girl!

Monesha on

Oh My Gawdness I Am Ova Here Dying Of Cuteness And Precious Overload And Too Much Prettiness, She Is Lovely!

Francine on

I realize they aren’t actual high heels, but this isn’t even cute or funny.

Chris on

It’s fine as a mother to take lots of photos of your kids but she’s exploiting her own child for the sake of fame. She should be protecting her child’s identity not sending every picture taken to People magazine or others for millions to see every week.

Cesa on

How sad. The aging Coco is just trying to stay relevant. She’ll take attention anyway she can get it which includes using her daughter as a prop.

heather on

Does this baby go a day without having to be dressed up for a photo shoot?

Hea on

I see a defenseless little person being treated as a living doll by her mother… She’s not a toy!

Truth is on

Poor kid…run to ur surrogate

Kelly122 on

As someone who used to have a business creating little girls outfits and accessories, let me tell you, she is not doing anything TONS of other mothers do. I take more issue with the fact that the tutu is obviously of poor quality and likely very scratchy on her delicate skin. Obviously not quality apparel-grade tulle. Oh and the headband is out of proportion for her head. She probably paid a fortune for them too.

Cathy on

Lol lol she is just having fun!!!! I have a 5 week old daughter and love dressing her. People can be so mean. She seems to be a good mom who likes to share her babies cuteness and her many outfits:) SO WHAT!!!

Bettie003 on

Wow that little Chanel looks just like Ice!

Guest on

That baby looks just like ICE T. Seriously though, I hope she does not try to put that child in heels before she is ready, as she will ruin that child’s feet.
Even those “pretend heels”for toddlers look uncomfortable and probably hurt. It would be funny if the child grows up to be a tomboy.

Megan on

It’s bad taste. I mean really? The mother has issues.

Mia on

What a bad wrap for Chanel.


bad wrap for the REAL CHANEL

suzy on

poor kid..

Anonymous on

Baby Coco is absolutely adorable! I know the average person would not dress their daughters up so much and have photo shoots for the baby but I don’t think she’s doing her any harm. She’s just so proud and in love with her new baby that she just can’t get enough. This is how she expresses it. It’s way better than abandoned, ignored, abused babies. You can tell this child has so much love surrounding her. The only time I think it becomes worrisome is when they start entering them in pageants. Now those moms scare me.

Stacy on

OMG – So cute! My daughter will be giving birth to my first grand-daughter in a few weeks and I can’t wait to dress her up in cute, frilly, girly outfits, much like I did with my daughters 20 plus years ago. Those high heel slippers are a bit funky looking, but being the baby of a celebrity, especially a girly girl celeb, it’s most fitting and super cute. All the haters on here need to grow a sense of humor. It’s a cutsie photo shoot. They are not real high heels and if it’s suddenly offensive to dress a baby girl in pink and frills, it’s a very sad time for humanity.

Tiss on

Here’s the thing though. If she keeps on dressing her child that way she will learn that only looks and appearances matter. And that in turn could give her self esteem problems which in turn could lead the way to depression, bulimia, anorexia, anxiety, etc. so yea while it may seem innocent and cute in the long haul it could damaged her child. Coco instead should try and sign her self up in a parenting class or two, she seems to view her child as an object.

anonymous on

She looks like her dad Ice-T in the last picture.

Pamela DeBow on

Sweet babe. Two beautifully in love parents make miracles O:-) Daddy’s eyes and dimples take the cake. Ice u better be ready cuz she gonna shock the world 2!

Sandy on

Cute pictures typical of Coco. I don’t see anything wrong with them in 2016

Tale on

Cute pictures especially the one with purple dress! A mini-me Ice.

AnnaM on

Adorable. I love seeing Coco enjoying her little girl. She can dress her up in anything she wants. Chanel has no clue what is happening. It is a delight to see her in so much color and fun outfits. Hey….at least she is not dressing her in black, grey or beige everyday like another media mother. Keep posting pics Coco!

lovemygirls on

Love your pictures and your baby is beautiful.

lovemygirls on

My two girls are all grown now. Hard to believe. I am older now and alone much of the time. I miss my job & friends a lot. This baby brings so much joy and I look forward to seeing her. So glad her mommy & daddy are nice enough and gracious enough to share her. She looks so much like her daddy with those dimples and sweet checks. But she also got mommy’s beautiful looks too! She was an angel on Dr. Oz.. Thank you Coco. Lord knows you don’t have to share anything, but really glad that you do. xoxo Xtina

Anonymous on

What’s next implants?

Anonymous on

Her daughter is a cutie pie!

Sheri on

People, People, People Baby Chanel is beautiful. Let me just say this. This is Coco’s 1st baby and she is very proud of her. What she is doing is not wrong or stupid. We all know things always change after the 1st baby is born. With the 2nd child you are just happy to get their picture taken. I know a lot of women who did the same thing but not to the extent Coco has it just because they couldn’t afford to. Let her cherish these moment’s with her.

E Beyer on

Chanel is a baby—not a dress up doll. How embarrassing and sickening is this “mom?

Tamu on

She needs parenting classes. It’s alright to dress up baby, but she never owns anything significant that she does with child as a mother. Sad.