Emily Maynard Johnson on Her Third Pregnancy: ‘I Can’t Wait to Have Another’ Baby

03/02/2016 at 12:30 AM ET

When it comes to babies, it’s the more the merrier for Emily Maynard Johnson!

The former Bachelorette is pregnant and expecting her third child, just seven months after welcoming son Jennings Tyler with husband Tyler Johnson, she announced in an exclusive blog for PEOPLE on Tuesday.

“Tyler and I are crazy,” Maynard Johnson, whose book I Said Yes is available now, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I don’t think anything through. I said, as soon as Jennings is 1, I can’t wait to have another one.”

And Maynard Johnson, who is also mom to 10-year-old daughter Ricki, her daughter with late fiancé Ricky Hendrick, was ready even sooner than that.

“At my six week [postpartum] appointment, I asked my doctor, when can I have another one?” she says. “He told me I could start trying at three months. I didn’t think it was possible.”

Emily Maynard pregnant third child
Gabrielle Revere

Now the soon-to-be parents of three are happily prepping for life with a preteen and two kids under 2.

“Tyler is so excited,” says Maynard Johnson. “And for me, going through [tough times], I couldn’t see God’s hand in life. But now looking back, I see all these times where God gave me these little presents to open. And this is another one of His gifts.”

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Emily Maynard Johnson pregnant expecting third child
Courtesy HarperCollins Christian Publishing

As for the sex of their baby on the way? “I’m hoping it’s a boy so I don’t have to buy anything again,” says Maynard Johnson with a laugh.

“But I don’t really care what it is now that we have one of each. Part of me wants to not find out. How many times in your adult life are you truly surprised by something? It’s so much fun.”

— Aili Nahas

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Anonymous on

Slow the F down! Yeesh!

Connie on

Isn’t this the chick from the bachelor? She is no more a celebrity than that twit Kim And the rest of the Kartrashians. Big deal, she having a 3rd kid. Not the first and won’t be the last. People magazine you are too desperate if you consider this news.

Anonymous on

Will she ever just go away????

Carol Loman on

Happy for Emily & her new family. Something was never right w/her portrayal on Bachelor, like she was never herself just playing someone perfect. Glad she found love!

Laura on

So disappointed her relationship didn’t last with the Bachelorette finalist Jeff Holm.

Poppy on

Please stop saying Ricky Hendrick was her fiance. They were not engaged when he died.

Courtney on

Why is she getting SO much publicity now? Tired of hearing about her every move.

HatersGoAway on

I find it sad that people feel they need to trash and bash others by posting hateful comments. If you don’t like Emily, or don’t want to read about her — DON’T. It’s pretty simple.

I am a fan of the Bachelor and Bachelorette, and love hearing about former participants, especially Emily since we’re from the same state. Congratulations Emily! Your family is beautiful and so happy you found true love.

Whatever on

This girl will do anything to stay in the public eye. She latched onto a member of the Hendrick family because she was seeing huge $$$, then took her sob story to TV..twice. Now she’s wrote a book? Does she mention being in the nut house when she was young? And poster “Poppy” is correct, she and Hendrick were NOT engaged, except perhaps in her twisted mind. I personally know members of the Hendrick family and even though they love their Granddaughter, they were not then and still are not thrilled with Ms. Maynard, nor how she dragged Ricki onto ‘reality’ TV.

blessedwithboys on

I think ti is so selfish to rush into a subsequent pg. Let the poor baby have his mama for goodness sakes, and what about lactation? The 1st baby can’t always nurse for 2 yrs like its supposed to bc the body shuts down milk in order to make colustrum for the newborn.

Julie on

@Anonymous…..why should she slow down…….what difference does it make to you?

Anonymous on

Poppy, so she is lying about being engaged?
Connie, like it or not, she IS a celebrity and so is Kim. KarDAshian. If the article was about me, while then you would be correct, I am a not a celeb. But, someone who is well known, is a celeb, and she is recognized by people so she is one.

Sarah on

She was not engaged to Ricky Hendrick before, she was engaged to Jeff Holm on Bachelorette Jeff Holm.

Anonymous on

there are plenty of people who tandem nurse their toddlers and young babies. Every woman’s body is different. I got pregnant when my son was 12 months old (not planning on it, still hadn’t even had a postpartum menstrual cycle) and I nursed him another 3 months until he lost interest himself. I can’t say I encouraged him to nurse much after I got pregnant due to the sensitivity but I didn’t discourage either.

It is everyone’s choice, for all we know she was formula feeding anyways, people do still make that choice and ultimately it is each mother’s choice as long as she knows the pros and cons of both. I firmly believe in breastfeeding but am also aware that in some situations it just isn’t the right fit for a particular family. I was fortunate that I was a stay at home mom so I didn’t have to worry about pumping or keeping up my supply or being away from baby or trying to take breaks to pump every 2 hours, ect.

Tina on

Congratulations on their new addition.