Emily Maynard Johnson’s Blog: Surprise – I’m Pregnant Again!

03/01/2016 at 08:40 AM ET

Please welcome our newest celebrity blogger, Emily Maynard Johnson!

After accepting a proposal from Brad Womack on The Bachelor, the engagement soon ended and Maynard Johnson went on to star as The Bachelorette, where she became engaged to Jef Holm before ultimately breaking things off.

In 2013, Maynard Johnson met Tyler Johnson through church and, in June 2014, the couple wed in a rustic ceremony in South Carolina.

Already mom to 10-year-old daughter Ricki, the couple welcomed their first child together, son Jennings Tyler, in July.

The lifestyle blogger’s new book, I Said Yes, is now available.

Maynard Johnson, 30, can be found on her blog, as well as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @EmilyMaynard.

Emily Maynard Johnson pregnant expecting third child
Lindsay Alexandra Photography

Some might say I’m crazy. Some might call me a glutton for punishment. I’d say I’m a little bit of both.

But more than anything, I’m just so excited for this summer to get here.

Why you ask?

Well … I’m pregnant.


And before you even say anything, yes, I realize I just had Jennings like, two seconds ago. I guess I should’ve read that part in the baby handbook that says you’re super fertile after giving birth, huh?

Emily Maynard Johnson pregnant expecting third child
Courtesy Johnson Family

When this baby gets here, Jennings will be about 15 months old and even though I’m sure he’ll have no clue what’s going on, I feel a little guilty just because he didn’t get to be the baby for very long!

Ricki is just so excited because now she gets to move into the playroom, which happens to be the biggest room in the house.

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Practically speaking, I have a hard enough time getting through the grocery store with a 7-month-old and a 10-year-old! How in the world do you mamas do it with even more little ones?

I’ve already come to terms that my body may never be the same as it was before, my house may never be as clean as it is now, and laundry may get put off a little longer. But does anyone have any must-haves or tips for two under 2? Goodness knows I can use all the help I can get!

Emily Maynard Johnson pregnant expecting third child
Courtesy Johnson Family

With all that said, I truly couldn’t be more excited. I said about two weeks after Jennings was born that I couldn’t wait to have another, I just had no clue it would happen so quickly! Some of my closest friends have had a really hard time getting pregnant and my heart breaks for them, so I’m just so grateful for this blessing God has given our family.

Tyler comes from a family of four boys and they couldn’t be closer, so I’m really looking forward to Jennings having a built-in best friend, whether it’s a boy or a girl. Ricki is really hoping it’s a girl so she can teach her how to be a tomboy and play soccer!

Emily Maynard Johnson pregnant expecting third child
Courtesy HarperCollins Christian Publishing

I also want to say thank you to every one of you who has supported me and ordered my book, I Said Yes. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me and I just hope you love the book — maybe it can even bring you some hope if you’re going through a hard time.

I’m living proof that God has an incredible plan for each of us, we just have to be patient enough to wait for Him and His timing!

If you haven’t gotten my book and still want to, just go to ISaidYesBook.com.

— Emily Maynard Johnson

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Sarah on

Congratulations! I have 2 under 2 and it was exhausting when they were very little but it’s so worth it now. They’re 2 and 3 and the best of friends. Babywearing saved my life. Wear baby and chase toddler everywhere. Don’t feel bad on the days where you watch a little too much TV. You’re in survival mode for awhile especially if you’re stuck on the couch nursing. Good luck!

Poppy on

It was obvious she was pregnant in the pictures from the LAST story about her. It’s obvious the woman has no clue how birth control works.

Katy on

I actually used to sort of dislike Emily, but she seems pretty cool! Her son is adorable and her daughter is so beautiful. They look happy! Also, her daughter is now old enough to help out here and there, if needed. Congrats to the family, best of luck!

Doris on

I had 3 kids with two of them just 15-months apart. No problem. Often they napped the same time and were fantastic companions for each other. Running errands and the double stroller was no problem. Anticipation is worse than the actual. . Have fun. It goes too fast. Mine are now 21, 22 and 26 years old.

Anne on

Ha, I could have written this blog post myself. In fact, I think I did blog about this. My hubby and I got pregnant when my daughter was only about 7 months. We are having another girl in April! We were not trying, but not doing anything to prevent and just like you didn’t realize it would happen right away. Ha, God’s timing is always the best timing and it was no mistake. So, I have no advice, but I can share in your what do I do now feelings.

Dawn on

That’s so sweet! She got her happily ever after, held her head high and lived her life. I think she seems like a truly lovely and grateful person, doing the best she can and her daughter looks happy and loved. Looking forward to reading her blogs and wish her luck and a healthy pregnancy! Can’t imagine having a baby while caring for one–I’m pregnant now with an 11 year old (and a 19 year old already on his own) and it’s HARD! Best of luck to her!

Cathy on

My babies are 16 months apart… Only thing is you will not enjoy the second pregnancy as much only because you have no time to rest with another infant to take care of as sore or tired as you may be its go go go. But all worth it 🙂

Tasha on

I had 3 under 3. You’ll be so busy that you won’t care what @Poppy thinks you should do about birth control. Promise!

Claire on

Her book should be titled “I said YES….4 times!”

It’s hard to picture finding 4 men in 12 years+/- you’d want to marry. I’ve only managed one.

Hopefully this will be the forever family she wants and her poor daughter deserves and their lives can be just as she imagined. (I live near her so I have seen the circus around her)

Ava on

Aww so fast! a new one.

Jessie on

Congratulations! My sibling and I are that close in age and its been life long besties because of it. Its great. If you haven’t gotten into it already, you’ve got to check out babywearing! It will keep you sane. I wore my little a lot to keep my hands free to chase big sis around and play. You can even learn how to tandem wear so you can wear both at the same time when you need to.

Karen on

It is highly hurtful and absolutely false to hear people say “you’re super fertile after giving birth.” It’s not true, says my Reproductive Endocrinologist, yet people who oops get pregnant shortly after having a baby always say this. So annoying.

Michelle on

Congratulation. I always thought Emily was such a sweetie and all that she has been through makes her deserve the best and it’s great to see her so happy. Best to her and her family.

BmoreMom on

@Poppy, Clearly she does! Her daughter and son are 10 yrs apart. Also she’s married so what does it matter

J on

My grandmother had 4 babies in just under 4 years. You can get through it! I do recall reading if both little ones are crying to take care of the older one first because the littlest one won’t remember. I’ve tried doing that with my two and it seems to work out well for us. I do have two friends who have kids less than a year apart. Oh my.

BmoreMom on

@Claire, hush woman! You managed one, good for you. Like she really thought about the love of her life,first fiancé and father of her child dying. Goodness, have some respect.
Fiancé #1- passed away
Fiancé #2- found on TV
Fiance #3- once again on TV
Fiance #4- her now husband
#1 and #4 are the only engagements that were real. Sometimes it takes time to find love again so don’t judge

KingKing on

Congratulations Emily to you and your growing family. I’ve loved you on the Bachlore/ette series. When one puts God first, We have His blessing. Keep spreading His word. God Bless.

Sharon Shaw on

This woman is an utter and complete NITWIT. 2 failed engagements back to back, shotgun wedding, 2 babies straight away. Divorce is imminent….

Horse teethed idiot

dancer92136 on

Good for her. She seems happy and the little boy is the cutest…beautiful family.

Emily on

This woman is the ultimate clueless ditz. Is she even sure her current husband is the father

Sharon Shaw on

This woman is an utter and complete NITWIT. 2 failed engagements back to back, shotgun wedding, 2 babies straight away. Divorce is imminent….

Cindy on

I had an 11 month old and a 22 month old when my third was born, it’s insanity but it’s amazing and now the three girls are almost all in their 30s and very close..it was a sweet relationship to watch as they grow.

Poppy or should I say Poopy, it’s her life to live, not yours. Unless you are paying her way in life, keep your crappy opinions to yourself. ( yes, pun intended) I would dare a sweet story to come on here and not have ONE person say something rude and negative..such horrid people out there.

Diana on

I had 4 under 5 and although it was a lot of work, I would not change it for anything in the world. That was my favorite time!

Francine on

Of all the interesting celebrity bloggers this magazine coukd get, they go with this boring, one dimensional narcissist?

Charlotte on

Missed it. Who is she?

steph on

More than one little one is a challenge.. I had a 14year old and twin newborns. Its very exhausting.. but you will never look back and think, Man I wish I’d clean my house more often or if only Id done more laundry. Your house will survive, laundry WILL get done.. but the time with the little ones will NEVER happen again… enjoy it, every second..

Shan_40ish on

Girl, buckle up! My step-sons are almost exactly one year apart (the oldest was born on Dec 11 and his brother was born Dec 5 the following year. He got a baby brother for his first birthday.) and from what their dad tells me, when they were little it was a whirlwind of crazy activity. He also looks back on that as the best time of his life. I’ve been with them since they were 9 and 10 years old and it’s like living with a comedy troop! The bond they have is incredible, almost like they are twins. When they were younger they even had their own language that nobody understood but the two of them. They are 14 and 15 years old now, so both are in the throws of puberty and are super hormonal. It’s wild! But, they are wonderful kids and know that for the rest of their lives they will have someone always looking out for them and will never want for a best friend. Or at times a worst enemy.

goodie on

I had 2 under 2 also-we’re 17 months apart. The plus? I didn’t have time to feel nauseous with the 2nd!
It’s hard and I think I lost too much sleep(as they had 2 totally different schedules) but now mine are older now and I have forgotten all the struggles I endured then. My two are very much like twins, inseparable and always entertaining one another….wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jen on

Well we certainly know what she likes doing in her spare time don’t we…..

Whatever on

God’s timing? Um, it’s called, “I didn’t use birth control.” God had nothing to do with it. Not using birth control when you should did. Duh.

Mom Of Twinz on

@Poppy, do be so judgmental. If she wasn’t taking birth control, maybe they wanted another kid?

Irish on

Sharon Shaw can’t do math. It’s not a shotgun wedding if you get married in June 2014 and have a baby in July 2015. If you’re going to be rude, at least show some sort of intelligence when you are.

robyn on

She cant be too surprised. Everyone knows how babies are made and when you dont use birth control that’s what happens

Jen on

She’s only 30?

gorgi on

You are not “super fertile” after giving birth. Statistically speaking it falls into the LOWEST point of a woman’s fertility. Certainly some women get their fertility back earlier (just like some get it back later), but when it does return it carries the same statistical chance of conception as it did before pregnancy. About 20-25%. She comes off as a babbling idiot.

Anonymous on

My children are 15 months apart and have loved every minute of it! I love that they are close in age because for one, you can put all the baby stuff away at the same time. Also, your newborn will spend a lot of time sleeping and both will probably be napping at the same time in the afternoon. Enjoy!! It is fun!!

HelloKitty on

I had 2 under 2. My kids are 13 months apart. It was exhausting but amazing. They were super close when they were little. Both were boys which definitely helped in the clothing department, when one grew out of clothes, the other had a wardrobe ready to grow into. Enjoy every single second. You’ll get over the “mom guilt” of having a second so close to the first (although this is now your 3rd so your 3rd so close to your 2nd!) once that little bundle of joy is born and you’ll realize that you worried about nothing because you have enough love in your heart to go around to them all and they will all get plenty of your time. Good luck to you!!

Sheeesh on

@Sarah “it was exhausting when they were very little”??? What they’re and 2 and 3 and ready to take on the world now??? Seriously? Call me when they’re 12 and 13 then we’ll know if it was “worth it” and have fun watching all that TV since I guess not having kids the proper amount of time apart isn’t irresponsible enough!

Jenny on

@Poppy…maybe she isn’t on birth control. She’s married…why should she be on birth control especially if they want more children?

Lyn on

I have twins. Get over yourself. My mom was pregnant 7 weeks after having my sister. She did just fine. You’re not the only woman that this has happened to. It’s NOT a big deal…smh

Anonymous on

I have two under two; they are now adults, and I wouldn’t have changed one single second.

Gigi on

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Emily, but there is no way I believe that she doesn’t have household help to lighten the load of motherhood, unlike most of us. Not that there is anything wrong with that, just don’t try and convince me that you’re doing it all yourself.

subro52 on

@Sharon Shaw, The only NITWIT I see is the one who posted her comment twice, and that would be you…..name calling and shaming aren’t cool.

Janet on

To the “Poppy’s” of the world. Can you please tell us how much of your paycheck goes into supporting this family? She can have as many babies as she feels like it. Good for them!!

Last time I checked they made their money their own way, for example TV and Book Deals. I don’t have any issue with that as long as they are not on welfare on sucking my tax dollars. Now…again with that being said, if you don’t like her, don’t read the articles, buy her products etc. It’s like my distaste for a certain family whom I shall not name, don’t like them, don’t support any of their products but an innocent baby has no reason to feel any backlash.

yep on

I’m happy she achieved her lifes goal of always having someone take care of her. Good job, you did it!!!

SA on

My youngest two are 12 months apart, thanks to a failed birth control pill. The first year of two under two has been BRUTAL, and that’s with the help of a nanny. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but there’s so much stress and noise and mess in the household….and a lot of love, of course. But I wouldn’t wish this age separation on anyone.

emilyrh21 on

My brother and I are 15 months apart and he’s one of my best friends. My mom always says she’s glad she had us so close together!

STL on

@POPPY..you are an idiot. If a married couple doesn’t want to use BC, I see nothing wrong with that. Freaking idiot.

Anonymous on

I had four under five years old. My last two were 16 months apart. You find a rhythm. At one point, on an outing to a mall, I had one in the snugglie on the front, one in the backpack on my back, one in the stroller and the other would stand on the lip on the front of the stroller and hold onto the canopy. I looked like a pack-mule 🙂 But now they are 25, 27, 29, and 31…they survived as friends and I survived, too. Best recommendation for you is to get a stroller that seats two… it’s a lifeline!

Gayle on

Congrats to them! However, hasn’t her 30 minutes of fame gone way down the road? And, why is this news worthy?

chevjuls on

Congratulation to her, I think finally she found her mr. right, she look so happy and in love with her family.

Guest on

I had 4 kids under 5 years old; 2 sets of twins. Get them on a schedule as best you can and go with the flow. Nice that you will have your older daughter to give you a helping hand

Ann on

Congratulations! Don’t listen to those who talk negatively about your situation. Your openness to new life is beautiful. Yes, it will be challenging with such little ones, but so worth it for the amount of joy they will bring to you for the rest of your life. Enjoy!!

meggles421 on

I’m giggling. I have a 10 year old daughter, a 14 month old daughter, and a 2 month old daughter. Same story, only mine was even quicker. I’m still adjusting to this new normal…and it sure isn’t easy, but I can’t wait for my Irish twins to be the best of friends. Good luck!

Raini on

Congrats and welcome to the crazy 2 under 2 club! Not gonna lie, it’s really CRAZY at times but you just have to make it through the 1st 2 years and it gets a lot “easier”. By easier I mean you are no longer sterilizing pump parts and bottles til 10:30 at night, it’s still hard but as they all say it’s a “different kind of hard” which is so true.

Mine are 4 and 3 and I finally don’t have to hover as much. I can leave the room to put wash away and even started to, on occasion, shower while they are awake…a true luxury! Next milestone is to shower and blow dry my hair in the same day, baby steps. ; )

I laughed at the grocery store comment because it is not fun taking 2 that young to the store. It was possible but only when one was in the carrier and the other in the back of the cart, which left little room for groceries. Now they run in opposite directions and think the isles are meant for practicing sprinting drills, so much fun (not). Currently I either take one and leave the other at home, we take turns to make it fair, or I go after they are in bed. Grocery shopping is now my night out on the town but I’m by myself and that doesn’t happen often. Plus I get to go when nobody is there, get the right ingredients this time and go home to a quiet house. It’s a win win and you’re less likely to run into someone you don’t want to run into after 8 on a Friday night.

It will be crazy but they won’t be small forever. best of luck!!!!

Emily Draper on

Congrats!! My kids are not quite 16 months apart and they are now almost 3 and 4 years old. It’s definitely a challenge, but they are so close and I can’t imagine one without the other.

Jean on

Why is she acting like she has no clue how she got pregnant again so quickly? She comes off like an airhead.

BlahBlahBlah on

There’s nothing wrong with having the kids so close together in age. Nothing at all. But I call B.S. on her claim that she didn’t know she could get pregnant so soon after the birth of her son. As soon as her period resumed (after delivery) she could get pregnant. She knew. No way she didn’t know and there is no need to lie about it. She wants her kids close in age. Nothing wrong with that at all. But stop lying. I guess Ricky Hendrick’s family wasn’t kidding when they said she’s a pathological liar.

pat persons on

How wonderful that she has found happiness and is happy! The only reason anyone would be so critical as they have been with some of the comments is because they are miserable in their own lives.

Joey on

@Lyn…Where do I send your trophy for Mother of the Year? Stop with the holier-than-thou BS. If it’s no big deal,then you’re not doing something right. And to the woman who is having reproductive issues, I am sorry for you, but dissing this woman who is overly fertile will not solve your problem. You accomplish nothing by being bitter towards her, and she shouldn’t have to feel guilty about being pregnant again because other women cannot. Don’t read the article if it’s going to be hurtful to you.

Tracy on

Congrats to this beautiful family! I’m so happy for her. She seemed really lost for a while. And that baby is just too cute for words.

Anonymous on

My sister and I were 11 months apart, had our own language, shared a small bedroom until we were grown, and she was my best friend ever as long as she lived. We were born during the war, and my parents couldn’t buy a washing machine *they weren’t available very oftern, so my dad washed the diapers by hand on a washboard every morning, hung them out, then went to work. My grandmother hauled it out before my sister was born, because she thought after years of infertility my parents would be churning out babies every year. That was a difficult time sometimes, because I was very active, did everything early and as a ball of fire who rarely slept. My sister (who I thought was the best gift my parents ever gave me) was not a physical person, so it all worked out. My parents were poor, the nation was in a war that caused much sacrifice for the people at home, and in spite of all they didn’t have, and that we lived in a house that was 500 square feet, managed just fine, and my sister and I were best buds everywhere we went…oh, and that room we shared? 9×8! fast forward 20 s0mething years, and I had girls 15 months apart, they shared a room until they were about to graduate from high school, and guess what? They were so close, loved each other, and still do 40 years later. We had a washing machine, which made life easier, though I chose to use cloth diapers rather than disposable, and a dishwasher, and lived in a house that was 1600 sq. feet. Most of you live in almost 3000 sq feet, and I have no clue what makes life so much harder for you than for me or my mother, but frankly, I just chose that first year to devote it to my children. (I had a 4 year old, as well) It was a year or so out of my whole life, and I wasn’t worn to a frazzle, I was organized, and when I nursed the youngest, I read a book to her sister so she didn’t feel thrown to the side, I played with my oldest when the little ones napped, and their father always pitched in when he was home. and if the kids were sick, or I was sick, he took days off from work and helped take care of HIS family, just as my father did and his father did. We had no family living near us, and there certainly was no money for a nanny.

Sheesh…those of you making rude, snide remarks about someone else’s family should stop and breathe. What a bunch of negativity from some of you! Not your decision how many children they have, and when they have them; you don’t have to take care of them, nor do you pay for any of them. As for whether you like Emily or not, who cares? I was engaged twice before I married my husband, engagement doesn’t mean you are stuck with them, it’s a time to be sure this is the right person, and honestly, those two weren’t and my husband is! Some of you sound like those women everyone hates to see coming up to the friendly group of women chatting, because they know you are going to drag out every little crappy thing to say about everyone else! Check yourself, and make sure you’re flawless before you start criticizing others!

Jeez, enough already on

Gawd, this woman will do anything to stay in the public eye. Go away and raise your kids like every other woman in the world does. People in the Charlotte area know what she’s really like, and it’s far from her public image.

Kelly on

I had 3 under 2 and then 5 under 4 and I have always loved the fact that my kids are all so close in age. Try and enjoy the early years because they will go by fast!!

Terrie on

Learn to use birth control

CC on

Quite the narcissistic posing in the top picture…


who cares. your not the first or the last to have kids close in age. who cares. and if you feel so guilty stop being on the internet and take care of your kid.

Dee on

What a beautiful family! Congrats Emily on your new baby news! Time does fly when they are little – so enjoy! And don’t feel bad – I have 3 kids: they were 18 months apart and then 14 months apart …and right now they are 27, 28 and 29. Needless to say, I have been called ‘a nut’ several times… lol.

Guest on

That’s what happens when you have sex without a birth control method. I learned that in elementary school!

Ke on

Tie the tubes.

slk on

Imagine my mom- two boys, then a daughter born on Valentine’s Day- then 10 months later my brother born in December! I came along 2 years later- her last and fifth child!

Morgan on

So funny to me how the haters are all “who cares about this woman, who cares she’s growing her family, she just wants to be in the public eye”— well it’s all of you who care if you’re clicking on her people.com articles and leaving comments and its haters like you that keep her in the public eye…. I’m sure she appreciates your backended support by leaving comments on a post that is all about making her book and baby announcement the top trending story on People.com! So who cares about her, we clearly all do!

TM Kelly on

Oh my goodness. I’ve seen this happen to friends. The doctor tells them don’t worry about pills while you are nursing or until your cycle starts and forgets to tell them other protection is needed because when do new parents have time for sex? You find the time.

One friend had a little boy in March and was hugely pregnant at his first birthday to the point where she banned pictures of herself.

A month later, and baby girl arrived.

Lisa on

Congratulations! I have 5 children and at one point, they were 4 under 4. You manage. Your house can be as clean as you want it, you just have to stay on top of things a little more but the body… that’s another story 😉

Just enjoy these moments because as you now with your daughter, time goes by quickly. As for the soon to be brother or sister and your son, they will surely be the best of friends at this age. Finally, a double stroller is a miracle worker!

Dawn on

My two oldest are 15 months apart. It’s not as bad as you might think. It’s not always easy, but it’s doable. Routine is a life saver.

Marie on

Go wit the flow .. I had my 1st two 11 months apart.. Plus two stepkids .. All you can do is day by day… Yep 6 week checkup eas pregnant…

kristen tully on

I am happy for your family. I watched you on the batchelor and liked you very much. I just lost my mom to breast cancer 69 on Feb 7. I think you should have 5 kids you are beautiful and your family.

breen on

I’m disappointed in this article. There is lots of scientific evidence that having two children so closely together is dangerous for both mother and baby. I’d hope that the editors of this blog would include links to evidence so that new parents have the information they need to avoid making the same mistake this woman has made.

Callie on

I have no idea who she is but they make a lovely family. Congratulations!

Brandi on

I have two that are 15 months apart. They are best friends. I had a third recently – 2 1/2 years later, and wish I would have had him closer to the other two.

Advice: Schedule. Take in every moment because it goes by so fast. Birth control.

Cyndi on

So…who’s the father – could be anyone I’m sure – *shivers*

Connie on

Hi Emily! I had a baby in 1995 and 1997 (18 m apart), then I had a baby in 2004 and 2006 (again 18 m apart). So 10 years between the oldest and youngest set. Having 2 close together is actually so much fun! They grow together, they are each others best friends. The hardest for me was the age difference between the older set and the younger set. You can never find a happy medium with movies, amusement parks…..really anything. So the best thing to do is plan for that….even if it means you go to Disneyland from 7 am until midnight (which I’ve done a couple of times to make everyone happy…..kids side in the morning, teen side at night). But it’s all fun! Just make sure you find time for yourself, your husband, even just little things. And take Ricki on big girl dates just the two of you!

Vanessa on

The best tip I can give is to try the best you can to keep the two little ones on a similar sleep schedule. Clearly this won’t work when baby is newborn but after that it is important. Also if you are going to stay home with them, nap with them!

Korine on

Wait, why is everyone being mean and judgmental about a married woman, who stated she wants more children, getting pregnant with her 3rd child? That’s not a ton of kids, and it’s been over the course of a decade. Many women ARE super fertile after giving birth, and there’s a very common misconception that breastfeeding is foolproof birth control. I’m not really understanding the hate.

Ashley on

My second was born when my first was 14 months. It is exhausting. But now that my son is a few months old, They are beginning to have the same nap schedule in the morning (which helps me get other things done around the house!). my daughter is such a “little mommy” and she loves to “help” so just watch out for the heavy hands .. But let them help because not only is it precious, but it’s starting a wonderful friendship! I have a 12 year old stepson that is a big help too if I need an extra set of hands to for missing binkies or to run around for a minute with Lena while I make dinner 🙂

Suzanne Saikaly on

I haven’t watched the Bachelor since you were on it with Brad Womack. The show just left my feeling sad and lonely for all of the show’s participants. I didn’t see you on the Bachelorette so I don’t know anything about what happened there but I can say I am so happy for your family, you are all so beautiful! And most of all I am so happy you have the Lord, Jesus Christ! What a beautiful, happy story!

Luisa on

Um finally she found the right one after all these Bachelor and Bachelorette reality shows. So happy for her.

Jenny on

I never realized there were so many bitter, jealous and judgmental people out there. Emily`s not asking any of you for permission to have another Baby, or about Birth control, she is simply telling everyone how Blessed she is, and she certainly deserves it ! All you people who left negative comments should be ashamed of yourselves, are your lives that pathetic that you read about someone you don`t even like ? Act like a grown up and read it in the way it is meant to be, full of happiness and joy! I for one, am so pleased that Emily has found Love, and definitely wish her and her gorgeous Family an amazing future together. God Bless x

vida on

Man…I love all the hypocrisy from commenters. Poppy makes one semi judgement & the ones that condemn her, their judgement is worse even crueler. Pot calling the kettle black.

Nina on

Emily you will do wonderful!!!! Congrats on your new little blessing to come!
I had 3 under 3. Mine were 14 months and 15 months apart; it was the hardest years of my life but I was so blessed!!! They are now 7,6, and almost 5; we just had our 4th baby who is 3 months old and life is amazing. I wouldn’t trade it. 😊
I’m so excited and happy for you!

Cherith on

I have 2 under 2 for another 3 weeks, then I’ll have a 2 year old and a 6 month old…not suddenly easier! Haha I actually got pregnant when my oldest was 6 months old (yeah…nobody told me about the fertile thing either!) but that baby was lost to miscarriage. I immediately became pregnant again and had my 2nd girl 18 months after my first. It’s been exhausting, but I have NEVER been more dependent on Christ for everything. Motherhood brings to darkest parts of us to the surface so God can skim them off and grow us like no other experience can. I realized early on I couldn’t not last a day without surrendering to Him every morning and every night. My desire to be Christlike has never been stronger because the gravity of raising 2 children to know and love the Lord is so beyond the scope of anything I can do alone and it is THE most important thing I will ever do in my life. Just be sure to give yourself as much grace as Your Heavenly Father has given you. Surrender daily. Know that it’s a good thing you can’t do it alone. I have failed so many times. I’ve yelled, I’ve cried, I’ve just given up at times…but Christ pulls me back and heals my heart. He grows my dependence on Him and my faith grows every single day in a way it never could before. I’m amazed at the person he is helping me become. I thought I could never be patient and sweet-spirited but now at times, through the power of the Holy Spirit, I can be! I’ve been through a lot in my life, but nothing, absolutely nothing is like motherhood. With Christ, you’ve got this mama!

Karen Langlois on

My kids are 10 months apart so I can relate. It is hard and right now they are both 2.

Kristina on

I agree with a lot of the previous posts! The first 6 months will be a little tougher, but once they a little older you will love it! They will be the best of friends! Baby wearing is awesome! If you don’t already have one, get a fisher price rock n’ play sleeper! It was a life safer with all my little ones! I had 4 kids in 5 years (no multiples) and I wouldn’t change it! Good luck you will rock it! P.S. Leave the kiddos with dad when you go shopping! It goes much faster! Or use a store that has curbside pickup! Also a life saver!

dotherightthing4 on

Happy, happy, happy. Her family is blessed. Beautiful family. The little boy is a doll!

Anonymous on

Um didn’t know she was on reality TV twice Bachelor and Bachelorette!

sarahvaughn8400 on

I have no words to express my gratitude, Temi the great priest…I have fought with infertility issues for more than a decade. My Gen told a year ago that one of my tubes was blocked, and had insisted that IVF was the only option left for me. I was desperate and terrified due to my relatively advanced age (I was 38 a year ago) and the 2 ovarian cysts that were giving me hell, that I would be childless. My husband and I decided we will keep on fighting as I have read many awful stories about the side effects, the low success rates and pain involved with the IVF procedure so we kept looking for a way out to have a child of our own. We almost gave up and then I found the email of priest Faith (doctortemiherbalhome@gmail.com) and I emailed he for help and he told me all what I will do for him to cast me a pregnancy and pregnancy protection spell. And kindly I immediately ordered him to do all the needful for me to get pregnant and I did everything Temi said along with my husband who had poor sperm motility. After two months of trying I got pregnant with my first baby boy. With one blocked tube and 2 ovarian cysts, I think this is nothing short of a miracle! I will thank Temi for everything, Contact him (doctortemiherbalhome@gmail.com)

missymelheim on

I am glad she wants a big family. I had my first one when I was 30 and my last one when I was almost 37 and there are three more in between. My first two where 18 months apart and my last two 13 months apart. It was like a five ring circus when they were small but not I am 66 and have three beautiful grand kids.

Ayyymeee on

That is great, Emily is literally adorable, and her family is just cute as buttons! BUT, please, to all the people talking about “God’s timing”…it’s called NATURE people!!! If you say you “are not trying” to have a baby, yet you are NOT on birth control, YOU PROBABLY WILL GET PREGNANT!!! I hate when people say they are not trying but not on the pill, and then say “Oh WOW, it’ must be God’s timing!!” It just sounds like you didn’t pay attention in 7th grade health class.

joan on

anonymous – what makes you think most of us live in over 3000 square feet? I live in 1600 square feet including a walk out basement. My youngest two shared the same room until one went off to college. and before that, all 3 of my girls shared a room for three years in a small apartment. and my youngest two were 19 months apart. It was hard, but we handled it. Now, two are in college. not always the best of friends, but there are times. Oh, and my sister and I were 11 months apart. We got along for a while, but not so much anymore. not every sibling close in age get along that well all the time.

B on

As a former Christian, I was taught constantly that God has a plan! God has a plan! He wrote your life before you were even born and knows how your life will go from start to finish.

I could never understand that because after that was pounded into my head, you were then taught that Jesus died so you could have freewill. Oh how he was tortured so you could have freewill. Thy will be done!

That never made sense to me. If God makes ago the plans, then people are suppose to rape and murder. They should lie and cheat. Being gay or transgender is okay because HE wrote it.

I mean, when do you stop and realize, ummmm none of this makes sense and everything contradicts each other.

Elle J. on

My oldest son was turning 2 when his brother was born, so they were exactly 2 yrs apart. The baby did everything fast…crawling, talking, potty training, etc. By the time he was a year old it was pretty much like raising twins from that point on. No matter what I did or bought it was always in two’s. In school everyone thought they were twins, though to me they didn’t really look enough alike to be. In kid sports it was crazy…they either played on the same team or were on adjoining fields playing at the same time. It was c-r-a-z-y, but loads of fun. I’m not saying it wasn’t a lot of work, it was, but it was well worth every minute and most of all, we survived (albeit on less sleep). They’re 30 & 32 now and the pride of my life. Did I mention I was a single parent from the time the youngest was a month old? Yep, so I had to do it all AND work multiple jobs. I had no family around either. Emily, your daughter Ricki will be a huge help and will not only enjoy helping, but will learn a lot to take into her own future. You also are blessed with having your husband and believe me it will be a joy for him. It seems scary now, but you’ll do fine and you will savor every last bit of it. All the best to you and your lovely family.

Marky on

“B”, if you “were a Christian”, you either never understood what Christianity is, had most of the details completely confused or turned upside down, or you need to admit you talked to some people who might have been pretty confused themselves. Christ didn’t “get tortured so you could have free will”. nothing you said made sense to people who know the Bible. The other thing is, how about you let Emily (and anyone who really understands the Bible, and what Christ came for) alone in her/their beliefs, since she isn’t hurting you in any way, and we will all let you alone. Ugh…so tired of you people who feel the need to ridicule anyone who professes to be a Christian. I notice you had nothing to say to Sarah Vaughn, who claims to have emailed a priest of some cult, who managed to cast a spell and get her pregnant when no one else could. Apparently your problem is just with those who say they are Christians.

neb1997 on

Wow Poppy! She’s a young woman who loves kids and has a 10 year old and a 15 month old. What’s wrong with that as long as they can afford to have 3 (or more) kids. I think it’s great. I was not fan of hers before, but she seems to have matured and sounds like a great mom and person in general.

Aja on

The best thing you can do with 2 children that young is to go with the flow. Try to have somewhat of a schedule for consistency as far as feedings, naps, grocery story, housework…etc. But it’s not going to always work out that way, and that’s ok. Try to nap when the babies nap, try to use an eye mask or heating pad to help you fall asleep during the afternoon.

P.S. breastfeeding is not a birth control method, you are still ovulating during that time, even if you don’t have blood from a period.

Aja on

I also didn’t mean the P.S. in a rude way. I’m in nursing, so it was more of a nursing education.

Judy Cox on

You have a beautiful family, Emily! Congratulations to you and your handsome husband!

Jaime Koester on

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