Chrissy Teigen on Sharing Her Daughter on Social Media: We’re Not Going to ‘Hide’

03/01/2016 at 06:15 PM ET

When it comes to social media, Chrissy Teigen knows how to play it.

“I am conscious of what people want to see and what they don’t want to see, or what they see through completely,” she told PEOPLE exclusively in March while chatting about her book Cravings.

And now she’s saying that she has the same perspective when it comes to sharing pictures and information about her first child — Luna Simone, born on Thursday — online.

“We’re not going to go out of our way to hide because obviously it’s such a big part of our lives to show everything: the inside of our homes, my parents living with us, our animals, everything,” the then-pregnant star said of her social media strategy with husband John Legend. “I’m not going to do sneaky back shots of her or anything.”

Chrissy Teigen
Anders Overgaard

On the other hand, “You don’t want to force your kid on anyone either,” she said. “It’s important for me and John to protect some bits of us, but it’s hard to say. I didn’t think I would be the person sharing bump photos, so who knows. I could be totally wrong here.”

“I’m not ready for people’s comments. That’s more of what it is,” she said. “It’s not like I don’t want to show her or that I’m hiding.”

Her concern about her fans and critics commenting on her parenting based on her social media posts is pretty well-founded: In July, Ryan Reynolds had to answer to commenters who suggested he wasn’t holding his daughter James correctly after his wife Blake Lively posted a photo of him using a baby carrier.

But is a baby hashtag on the horizon? “Oh my God, no! One thousand, billion, percent no,” Teigen said. “No Instagram accounts, no. Everyone thinks that I have an Instagram account for my dog, but I did not make that. It’s a fan!”

Though she’s not going to create an account for her daughter right away, she’s aware of the pressure to do so as a celebrity: “You do have to think about the Instagram accounts; I remember Saint West got bought before. That stuff gets taken from you!”

There’s still something Teigen’s already had to consider: Her daughter’s personal URL. “Actually, our lawyer was like,  ‘I don’t want to try to get the name out of you guys or anything, but if you could let us know a name ASAP.’ Just because you have to buy that domain,” she explained.

— Catherine Kast


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Trudy on

I thought she was going to not post anymore about this baby?? Chrissy please go away! U are beyond annoying and nobody cares!! Clueless talentless and unattractive. I thought for sure she was a cambodian tranny but since shes preg i guess shes a real female.

Kelly on

Of course not, why would any moments be sacred or personal? Smh.

Jean on

Is she trying to be a Kardashian? Why is her face everywhere? I mean, why is she famous?

heather on

“I am conscious of what people want to see and what they don’t want to see, or what they see through completely.”

Is she really? She definitely doesn’t seem to be.

heather on

Why on earth would your kid need a domain name? Please, you are not that important and your kid isn’t that important.

Jenn on

We never assumed you would hide. I actually assumed that would be impossible for you ….

ldstep on

Can’t believe John Legend chose this needy airhead for a wife. She’s constantly in need of attention. Wonder how that’s going to work when she realizes the BABY will need ALL of her attention? Oh, what am I thinking? This woman will have 4 nannies, plus her parents, to take care of the baby’s needs. Chrissy can’t stay away from social media.

Val on

At least she is a honest person, she speaks what she think.

Anonymous on

Dear John and Chrissy, I look forward to you presenting your little princess and will love to see any picture you share and understand your need and your daughters privacy at the same time. All the best to you all

Anonymous on

A domain name for your kid? he or she is not so important yet.

Olivia on

She is gorgeous lady. Congrats to her on impending bundle of joy.

Ann on

Somebody thinks they are pretty important, please let her 15 minutes end before the baby comes. Hopefully she disappears into the sunset when that happens.

Lola on

Please go away. You are so annoying.

just saying on

SOOO narcissistic!

Carrie Moricle on

Love her! She is so awesome, honest and real! She has the right to post whatever she wants and the haters have the right not to look or comment!!! You keep doing you , Chrissy!

Lady J on

The narcissism with these so called celebrities is really over the top. What happened to less is more? These people have too much of a need to display every aspect of their lives and it’s truly such a vain existence that they have. We have the Kardashians to thank for this new level of narcissism that is permeating the lives of modern day society. And her husband has the nerve to call Mr. Trump a racist? Based on what? Donald Trump was amongst a very few successful people to come out in support of Michael Jackson to say he trusted him completely with his own children and that this man was not a child molester. This was not a popular thing to do at the time as most of Michael’s so called friends never even spoke up in his defense but stayed silent. Mr. Trump didn’t have to say anything but he did the right thing and was indeed a friend to MJ. Even worse than a racist is a president, a dear friend of yours John, who has done absolutely nothing for black people during his two terms in office. Black people are worse off than ever and violent and devastated Chicago neighborhoods where Obama started his political career are a true testament to this. This is a smear campaign that these people in the spotlight have jumped on to discredit Mr. Trump. John your wife is a narcissist and there is no cure for that.

Nicole Sestito on

I suspect I’ll be seeing more of her kids than my own.

Moi on

Great, can hardly wait to see your ugly kids mug day after day….

boo on

Looks like someone smashed her in the face with a frying pan.

jeff on

Wow, I was all ready to add my 2 cents about how this shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion and how who could possibly care about two soooooo boringly untalented average people reproducing…….No need you guys hit the nail on the head……..of Chrissy apparently.

Guest on

Can’t believe I am defending her because I can’t stand her, but buying the domain name would be so that some other freak show can’t. There are tons of creepy people that would do something like that. That isn’t to say they won’t find another way to do something creepy.

Carrie on

Good grief– the reason a lot of celebrities hide their child’s face is because of security reasons and for the kids protection.. Do you really want strangers around the world knowing personal details about your child? And the child deserves a right to their privacy until they are old enough to decide if they want to be in the spotlight.

I was excited for these two to have a child but more and more it becomes less exciting

Cee on

They shouldn’t do this. What they don’t recognize is that the baby is a separate entity from them. Whatever they want to do on social media is fine, but before the baby is old enough to actively and responsibly participate in choosing how, where, when and why they want to show themselves online, they should keep the kid out of their public personas as much as possible. Whatever they post online about their child will follow that child FOR LIFE. That’s a pretty weighty burden to saddle a kid with from day one, especially if that child likes to be private or ends up feeling uncomfortable with so much attention. It’s altogether possible that their child might want to act or model or be in the spotlight. But I think its very important to give a child the time and space to make those choices for herself and give her the ability to tell her story in her way when and if she’s ready.

Anonymous on

Such a narcissist!!!

Jane on

@heather, stop being such a nasty person. All celebrity lawyers make this suggestion, so that perverts cannot make inappropriate websites with the child’s name attached to it.

Who Gives a Sh*t on

First you drown us with constant crap about your pregnancy and now you’re going to throw this child at us every chance you get.. Go away!!!

Smittyjen on

Go away!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!

Elena on

Go away…Please. Hide. Thanks

Sue on

How and why do you struggle with infertility at 30!

just me on

She learned so much from her best friend kim k. How to be an annoying, narcissistic, shallow and over sharing person should be her next book. That baby won’t be hiding for long. They will share her pics for the right price.

Kathy on

Kill me now. Why can’t this woman SHUT-UP!

Anonymous on

oh please just keep your baby and your life to yourself, pretty please! You obviously have no idea what over sharing is.

Carlene on

Trudy, are you seriously posting such hateful nonsense? I am more appalled by your post than I am by anything Chrissy has said or done! She’s definitely not more obnoxious than you are, and to say you though she was a tranny? What on earth is wrong with you? She tweets, you can read it or not, but there is no reason for such hate-filled insults!

Enough already on

Of course you aren’t going to hide. You are going to capitalize and exploit just like the Kardashians.

Mrs. B on

Nobody is forcing us to read these articles about Chrissy. If people don’t like her, then why is she getting so much attention? You can’t blame her for the dozens of articles written about her. She’s probably getting paid very well.

telly on

Oh please . . . like she even considered otherwise. I had no idea who this chick was until she got with John Legend and her face is no treat. Please go away.

Marion on

@Sue – there are literally myriad reasons why someone would struggle with infertility at 30 (or 20s for that matter). Endometriosis, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, low sperm count, uterine fibroids, etc. I don’t know their reasons, but infertility can affect women of all ages.

Joanna on

I know someone who posted pics of themselves every single day when they were pregnant and gave a virtually minute of their pregnancy. Once the baby came they posted a pic every single time the baby breathed. It got really really really annoying cane now she’s pregnant with baby #2 and is doing it all over again. It is as if she and her husband have nothing going on in their lives besides this baby and think this baby is the only one that matters in this world and wants everyone to feel the same way they do. Chrissy feels the same way about her baby and won’t stop posting pics or talking about the baby in interviews for the rest of the child’s life. Unless this child develops a gigantic ego when she is older, I hope for her sake that she gets the hell away from her parents the day she turns 18. It isn’t a healthy way to live.c

Kimberly on

Come on people, Chrissy and John are proud parents, who hasn’t wanted to shout it from the roof tops when they have a brand new baby….it’s such a special time in your life to welcome a new baby into the world. Enjoy this special time in your lives! It’s like you live in a whole new universe. Congrats!

Mrs on

I have no problem with what she wants to share with the public. My only complaint is her getting all offended when someone posts something negative. I get that those comments hurt, but if that’s the price you pay for being a public figure who invites the world into her home.

ash on

A baby hashtag is not the same as a separate account for the baby. C’mon Chrissy, you know this.

goodie on

Love her “excuse”

Bethany on

I love the white dress! Where can I get one!

Aleesha on

All these people on here calling her a narcissist and saying negative things about all this coverage of her pregnancy and them saying they won’t hide their child obviously haven’t had many pregnant people in their lives. Non-celebs do this all the time. I know I’ve had several people in my facebook feed who have published every aspect of their pregnancy and the announcement and growing of their child(ren). What is wrong with people being proud of their children? Honestly its the demand of fans and the media that creates all of the buzz around anything that celebs post or do. Overall I think this child is extremely blessed to have these two wonderful people as parents. They seem to be fun and loving people. And dang it if you want to share your joy with the world Chrissy I say do it! Nothing wrong at all with being a proud mama! 🙂

Amy on

That seemed like the longest pregnancy ever! And what is with her cheeks? Looks like she needs to layoff the Botox. She seems to idolize the Kartrashians – ick!

Guest on

Wish you and John could rub some of your common sense on to your ‘friends’ the Kardashian/Jenner family. 😦

Cuddlinal on

Why does Tiegen share all her dirty laundry on social media, but has not yet shared a beautiful thing like her child. So right…..she is a crazy lady who just likes to see her stuff in print… sad…..probably waiting for the highest bidder to share a baby photo…….why bother….nobody pays attention to anything she says anyway

CaliChrissy on


How do you struggle with infertility at 30?? Probably close to the the same way I struggled at 21. Except I couldn’t afford the amazing medical procedures that Chrissy could in order for her dream of having a baby to come true. Don’t you dare speak of something so gutwrenching that you know nothing about.

Congrats to Chrissy & John on the birth of your little miracle.

Linda on

All these hurtful and negative comments towards someone all of you actually don’t know. Judging a person by things you read or see in magazines, really. This is what this world is coming to. She is a lovely person no matter what. Legend didn’t ask everyone their input on his life partner. All I am saying is why lower yourself with all the cheap shots and hurt someone you have no idea about. No one likes to be judged, so I’m sure Chrissy Teigen would appreciate your kind words.