Second Child on the Way for Brooke White – a Son!

02/26/2016 at 08:00 PM ET

Brooke White Pregnant Expecting Second Child
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After suffering secondary infertility, American Idol alum Brooke White is expecting again.

The singer, who made it to the finals during season seven of the singing competition, took to Instagram Monday to announce that she’s expecting her second child — a son — this fall after undergoing IVF.

“Meet our handsome little dude, due Sept. 2! It’s hard to believe it’s even real… Cause, WHEW, it’s been a process. infertility is hard,” she wrote, sharing a sonogram photo.

“IVF is downright crazy, I’ve been a hormonal mess for several months, but it’s totally worth it, because it finally worked.”

White, 32, and her husband Dave Ray are already parents to 3½-year-old daughter London, born in May 2012.

“Hallelujah! Yes! We are so happy, we are so thankful,” she continues. “Yes, I have a million thoughts and feelings about this journey, cause my heart is humbled and very tender for this struggle and the many women I’ve come to know through it. ”

Meet our handsome little dude, due Sept. 2nd! It's hard to believe it's even real… Cause, WHEW, It's been a process. infertility is hard. IVF is downright crazy, I've been a hormonal mess for several months, but it's totally worth it, because it finally worked. Hallelujah! Yes! We are so happy, we are so thankful. Yes, I have a million thoughts and feelings about this journey, cause my heart is humbled and very tender for this struggle and the many women I've come to know through it. I wrote them down but Dave said they were a little heavy for an announcement, and he's probably right. soon I will share. But, I have to say, right now, THANK YOU, for all of your prayers, for your good vibes, for your hope, your perspective, your stories, and your support. You've helped me more than you know. I love you, and I just want to do the same for others. 12 weeks down, 28 to go.💙💙💙

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In the photos, White poses in a gray maxi dress, trimmed in black and she cradles her bump and gives a peace sign.

“Happy Friday and [peace] out 1st trimester, it’s been fun haha. 13 weeks today! Thank you Lord!” she  wrote, showing off a growing belly. “Thank you Dave for doing pretty much everything round here … I am grateful. #13weeks #ivfsuccess #secondaryinfertility”

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Chris on

I remember Brooke. She didn’t make it but she was an amazing singer. I wonder if she is having twins as that is a pretty large bump for 3 months pregnant. I’ve have 3 kids and no one usually notices anything until about 5 months. Congrats to her and her husband.

jewels1972 on

@Chris: No, she’s not having twins. Didn’t you see the ultrasound pics? There’s only ONE baby. And all women show differently. Some earlier, some later.

Sheila on

Loved Brooke on American Idol! Congratulations on your new baby!

Dawn on

I’m 12 weeks today and had to break down and buy some maternity clothes! This will be my 3rd and for whatever reason, my body wanted to snap back to THAT shape instead of the flat tummy I had with both my boys until well into the 2nd trimester 😛

She’s beautiful! But curious what secondary infertility is–will be googling, but would’ve been helpful to speak to it in the article since it’s mentioned so much.

drgrady on

Congrats to her and her hubby on this welcome little addition!

Angelica on

Congratulations to her on the new addition.

Meaghen Powers on

13 weeks and already knows the gender- IVF/GENDER selection. Wasn’t happy with 1 healthy child so is playing God just like Krissy Teighen and John Legend are. Sorry IVF AND GENDER selection are morally unacceptable, given also the fact that in many parts of the world including western and Central Europe- IVF and abortions are done at the same clinic- just gives me the chills!!!! Many IVF embryos are discarded/disabled/ill or wrong gender fetuses are aborted and some embryos are donated and used by other couples or single women or gay dad’s wanting children- people giving birth to children that aren’t even their own- very gross to me. This is different then ADOPTION which I support- if you can’t physically have children yourself please ADOPT and stop playing GOD. I am sorry we don’t genetically modify make husbands/wives in clinics for people who can’t find spouses and who are single or who went through a bad divorce, so why should we mass produce children in tubes for people who can’t have children, are afraid of passing on an illness, or desire a certain gender because they desire a son or a daughter. If you strongly desire a child’s gender- it is simple want a girl make love right after your period, want a boy make love on ovulation day- has worked for my family members and friends, or keep having kids until you get what you want, but don’t play God by creating babies in test tubes and gratifying this evil. I am sorry the world is turning in GATICA- and that’s very scary. Considering this girl lacked in talent, was voted off before the finals- I don’t know why after all these years she’s back in People Magazine.

Rachel on

@Meaghen – come down off your high horse. The fact that she knows the gender at 13 weeks does not in any way mean that she selected the gender of her child. Genetic screening/testing is often done between 10-13 weeks and these tests can tell you the gender of your child.

Anonymous on

Dawn, secondary infertility is having trouble getting pregnant after not having any problems getting pregnant the first time. Also, September 2nd is in the summer not fall 😉 Congratulations to these 2.

Paige on

Loved her on American Idol! Congrats.