Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi: If It Weren’t for My Kids, ‘I’d Probably Be in Rehab’

02/25/2016 at 09:30 AM ET

Nicole Polizzi has certainly come a long way since her days as Jersey Shore‘s resident meatball, Snooki.

Polizzi, 28, stopped by SiriusXM’s Wake Up! With Taylor podcast Wednesday and opened up about how she got her act together after she found out she was pregnant with her son Lorenzo Dominic, now 3.

“I always wanted to have kids but I wanted to wait till like, I don’t know, 27. But I got pregnant at 24 — so I was like: ‘S—, I’m not ready, what am I going to do? I don’t even know how to hold a baby. I hate kids!’ ” the reality star explained. “I wasn’t ready to make that transition.”

“[People] were like: ‘Do you want to hold my baby?’ I was like: ‘No, I’m drinking a beer, go away,’ ” joked Polizzi, now mom to both Lorenzo and her daughter Giovanna Marie, 17 months.

Polizzi family
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The reality star went on to explain the instant the pregnancy test came back positive, her motherhood instincts kicked into gear.

“We have this switch that goes off. But it’s before the baby popped out — it was right when I got pregnant,” Polizzi said, explaining that she threw the alcohol and the cigarettes away because she was determined “to be a better person for my baby.”

“Thank God for nature!” host Taylor Strecker said.

“Yes, right?! Because I’d probably be in rehab,” Polizzi admitted.

As for how Polizzi will explain her wild experiences on the hit MTV show — like that time she got punched in the face at a bar, or arrested for public drunkenness — the mom said she plans on keeping it real with her children since she feels like “they’re going to see it anyway,” especially once kids at school start bringing it up to them.

“I’m literally going to just be honest with them because that’s the relationship that I want with them: to be honest but them to know that I’m the parent,” she said. “[I’ll] just be like: ‘You know, Mommy just turned 21, it was the first time she could get into bars and clubs and she went nuts. You’re going to experience that when you’re 21, but wait till you’re 21 and learn from my mistakes.’ ”

Picture perfect. #family 😍

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And while her Jersey Shore days are well behind her, Polizzi has remained a regular presence on the reality television scene, most recently snagging a new FYI series with her husband Jionni LaValleNicole & Jionni’s Shore Flip.

So does that mean she hopes her kids will follow in her footsteps?

“I’d rather not — that’s Mommy’s job, you guys do something else!” Polizzi said. “But if they truly wanted to do it, I would support them. I’m like every other mother, I want them to be a doctor, a lawyer or an astronaut! Something crazy.”

— Aurelie Corinthios

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Liv on

Cute kids. I liked her on Dancing With The Stars.

Guest67 on

Her 15 minutes are up.

Sue's on

The kids are so cute. I”m glad she and her husband are grown up and working together as a family.

PCC on

Is she going to tell them about how their father was seeking “dates” on an affair website, too?

ab on

She cracks me up with her honest comments. No BS from her. Darling family.

lola on

She just admitted she blacked out while drinking on Khloe Kardashians new talk show. She could use rehab now. Who is she kidding?

Confused on

My question is, why does she continue to drink so much & act out of control as soon as she gets a chance to go out? I’ve watched the show and it seems she wants the best of both worlds. Only, getting drunk and going to clubs isn’t a good thing & only leads to trouble. Time to walk away completely from that lifestyle Nicole.

button on

She sounds like an excellent mother. I laughed at the part about hating kids. I hated them too and still do except for mine ❤ ❤

Vanessa on

She seems a good mother and her kids are adorable.

Serena on

She has two cute kids.

uhhhh on

wth is up with her cheeks and mouth??? she looks like a dang puppet. yuk

sally on

Well she had her fun- like most of us did, and now she has grown up and into what sound like a really good mom! Good for her. Adorable kids!

Sarah on

Her kids are adorable. So happy for her.

Meena on

@Confused-If she is not around her kids and isn’t driving a vehicle, what is wrong with her still having a bit of fun. We are more than just mothers and wives.

Lisa on

I love Nicole but shewas wasted on KocktailsWith Khloe….hung over on her new show about flipping houses. Which by the way is very fake. They hired sub conractors o flip the house. It’s their money but they aren’t contractors. The area in Brick,NJ where the house is is inland. It did not “get destoyed by Sandy”! It seems to me they ae flipping the housefor them to have as their own shore house. She decorated the house in her taste. Who would by it if it is decorate by her? She has everything in it like her house in Florham Park if not better. If I bought it I’d want to decorate it myself…..not lether do it. It’s definately her and Jionni’s house. Too many hints that gave it away.

Char on

Glad to see she’s grown up and is focusing on her family.