Why Chrissy Teigen Will Undergo More IVF to Complete Her Family: I Want More Kids Than the ‘Number of Embryos We Have Left’

02/24/2016 at 04:25 PM ET

Chrissy Teigen sees a future filled with children, but her “dream” to have a large family with husband John Legend is admittedly “complicated” by her struggles with infertility.

Among the reasons why?

The avid cook, whose first book, Cravings, just hit stores, wants her brood to take part in “really big dinners, no matter where we are in the world,” she told PEOPLE back in February. “I think it’s really important to have everyone gather consistently around a table.”

But to achieve her dream, Teigen, 30 — who gave birth to her first child, daughter Luna Simone, on Thursday — says she’ll likely have to undergo more rounds of in vitro fertilization if future pregnancies do not occur naturally.

“The number of embryos we have left is not matching the number of people I want at my dinner table, so I’ll have to do it again,” Teigen explains. “I wish I had frozen my eggs earlier. We have a few more on ice. Who knows what will work?”

Adds Teigen, “It would have been better if I had made a ton of embryos when I was already doing the shots. Because now I have to do the shot thing again. I think about that.”

Chrissy Teigen
Anders Overgaard

For the model, sharing her infertility story opened her eyes. “It was cool to hear from everybody,” she says.

“[Some people] had tried for four or five years, some people were saying ‘this worked’ or ‘that worked.’ It’s like a different little world. And it’s interesting to know because in my world I thought everyone was just getting pregnant … I assumed that it was happening that way for everybody. But no, people really work at it.”

Chrissy Teigen cookbook
Chrissy Teigen/Photographs by Aubrie Pick/Clarkson

And her frankness about her struggle unleashes commentary from fans — and critics. “I open myself up on social media to taking in everybody’s tips and complaints,” she shares. “Everyone’s like, ‘Are you going to the classes?’ This baby is going to come out whether or not I go to that class or not.”

But the mom-to-be is “not too worried” about the response, although she is hyper-aware of her actions.

“I’m not going to do that photo of my little girl in the car seat because I don’t want people being like, ‘You did that car seat wrong,’ ” Teigen says. “I can’t imagine being the kind of mother [to] judge somebody’s parenting so I am going to try to avoid even reading things like that because it can get so bonkers. For me, the toughest part will be people’s critiques of our parenting — that will be tough.”

— Catherine Kast

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thorazine on

does she always talk that loudly? And does she always wear false eyelashes? And bleach her hair? And wear spears at the end of her fingers? How will that work with a baby? As for people around the dinner table, ADOPT or get foster kids. The supply is pretty much unlimited.

PV on

Yay she has cook book coming out, let’s hit the store to buy it!

The Free Woman on

I love seeing this, but its sad b/c 99.9% all Hollywood marriages are screwed. Its like just waiting until the $hit hits the fan whenever that is! 😦

myuntidydesk on

Consider adoption if you want a lot of kids. Trust me.. there is nothing so special about your or your husbands genes that you have to keep passing them on. There is nothing so special about ANYONE’S that they have to keep going through months of IVF just for few embryos that may or may not take. Have a couple biological ones and adopt a couple… it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Neen on

You people are unbelievable. Maybe she wants biological children. Is that so bad. Maybe she will adopt at some point too. Why does that bother you so much. Pay attention to your own families.

Anonymous on

It is a shame, you have a woman who is so very excite to be pregnant with her first baby, that she had to work at getting pregnant with, and you people just must have the nastiest hearts in the world. Let Chrissy glow and bask in the blessed time of her and John’s life. Instead of picking at every little thing about her. Chrissy all the best to you

ll on

It is a shame, you have a woman who is so very excite to be pregnant with her first baby, that she had to work at getting pregnant with, and you people just must have the nastiest hearts in the world. Let Chrissy glow and bask in the blessed time of her and John’s life. Instead of picking at every little thing about her. Chrissy all the best to you

Fertility Challenged on

As a woman who went through many rounds of IUI and IVF to get her TWO children. . one that is my egg and one that is a donor egg, saying “just adopt” is not the easy way nor is it for everyone. We thought long and hard about how to build our family. I had already been through the fertility roller coaster. And while I would have loved to adopt, it’s not easy and its not a sure thing either. Plus both routes are VERY expensive. You have to choose what is right for you. For my husband and I, we couldn’t bear the thought of preparing for an adoption and then potentially for it to not go through. IVF wasn’t a sure thing either. . but I had more control over the situation and for us was the right thing. I am very proud of the people who adopt. . .it takes a very emotionally strong person/couple to do that. I’m happy Chrissy is talking about it. There is no reason for it to be taboo. I didn’t “try” to be infertile. I knew since I was 17 it was going to be difficult. Let’s stop putting each other down and rather build each other up and praise people for working hard to achieve there dream.

K.W. on

She lost my empathy for her infertility struggle when she gendered selected her implanted embryo for non medical reasons.

Catherine on

Good grief- she wanted a baby desperately, did IVF (no issues with that) but decided she wanted a girl and without even having a child is talking about the next time…

She doesn’t talk like any woman I know who struggled to conceive naturally and used IVF

Danielle on

@Il she wasn’t that excited to be a mother- she chose the gender she wanted, rather than taking the embryo that looked the best.

Jessica Basso on

For you people judging I assume your children were all “adopted” right? She should be allowed to have babies how ever she wants and as many as she wants, she can’t help she can’t get pregnant naturally, does she not deserve the same joy of having children of her own? Of course she does. Each woman deserves to experience pregnancy, birth and raising a child of their own rather it be naturally or through science. So shut the hell up!

Jen on

While I am happy for her, I’m getting a little tired of seeing her everywhere, including on CBB. She’s getting like Kim Kardashian, totally overexposed. Either way, I hope she has a healthy baby, but please stop giving her so much publicity on here.

JulieB on

I wonder if she feels she doesn’t have enough embryos because she wants only the female ones and the males are left to be discarded. The women who remain infertile in spite of medical intervention must be really pissed at her attitude.

Leigh on

Sure me – I bet you loved her before that!

Traci on

I cannot believe all of the nasty, judgmental comments about this woman and her decision to do IVF. As someone who has done IVF and was blessed with a beautiful daughter, if I had a dollar for every time someone suggested I should just adopt, I would be rich. It is none of your darn business how they choose to create their family!

How many of you say the same thing to people who don’t struggle to conceive? Why can’t they be told to adopt? How many of you have adopted since you think infertile couples should do it? You make adoption sound easy, and after looking into it, it isn’t. There are risks involved and it is certainly not cheaper. It takes a certain kind of person who should adopt, and forcing it on couples who are infertile is not the answer. Please, if you know someone struggling to complete their family, just offer your support and leave it at that. They don’t need your opinions unless they ask.

I wish Chrissy and John all the best and I hope that they complete their family in whatever way THEY choose.

Kathy on

Can this women just shut up already?!

Anon on

I am struck by her wish to have frozen her eggs “earlier” – she is 30, and has been married some thing like two years, so that was pretty ridiculous. Also, maybe she should wait to decide/announce how many children she wants after the first one is born? I actually applaud her decision to share their infertility story – so few in Hollyweird do. I don’t even mind her honesty about choosing a female embryo. If there were two equally “good” ones at transfer, maybe this was the tie-breaker. Their business, not mine. I realize she is promoting her new book, but right now she is coming across as somewhat immature. Nothing quite as humbling as parenting! (Trust me, we have five!) I wish all of them well and good health.

even better on

I am surprised that she had a doctor willing to do that-generally doctors will only select gender if you have 3 girls and you want a boy- or you have 3 boys an want a girl-not for the first child-
ethically who cares, they are her embryo’s she can do what she wants with them.

Mary Anne on

She is so annoying .. Who cares how many kids she wants .. Go away

Audrine Reese on

i love how honest she is with her whole infertility and pregnancy situation. goodluck to the both of you & have a safe delivery.

Kay on

@Anon – she also said last year before she was pregnant, or at least before she announced it, that they had been struggling for “years” and would have had kids “5 or 6 years ago” if they could have. Something in her story just doesn’t add up. If they had been really struggling for years I would think she would have had frozen some embryos already.

bbb1975 on

She is right to try and avoid the “mommy competition club” Its brutal…all our kids are special in their own ways.

turtlesrock on

I live in upstate NY and know plenty of people who did gender selection for no other reason then they could afford it. It is what it is. she can do what she wants. peace. don’t be jel you cant pay your mortgages and have to live pay check to pay check people. not cool.

KitKatBar on

I’m 17 weeks pregnant with twins from IVF. I tried everything I could to get pregnant. I did succeed with clomid and IUI rounds, but miscarried every single time. We did IVF with PGS. Since PGS gives you the genders of each embryo we decided to put in one male and one female to give us a chance of either sex like natural conception because boy or girl…we just wanted a baby. To our surprise we have b/g twins coming. I tell all women to hang on. Your gift is coming. After 5 years, it finally happened for us. Never give up faith. I know she annoys people, but having been there… I wish her and all women well who struggle like I did.

gb on

Danielle, how can you assume that a male embryo looked better than the one they chose to transfer? At her age the recommendation is to transfer only one and all things being equal why not choose the gender you want to have first if that information is already available anyway? You and others are vilifying her without a good reason and without all the facts. Sounds like they’re planning on giving all the embryos a chance since they want a large family.

Anna on

About the gender selection, I think its a strange thing that the gender of the baby is so important to anyone but it seems to be very common. People having a billion kids just because they keep getting the same gender and people trying specific positions and eating specific foods and other strange things to try to get the desired gender. In her case she has haf her eggs collected, the eggs have been fertilized with his sperm so they have these embryoes to “choose from”. She had them tested and chose a female embryo this time but as she says, she is going to use the rest of the emryoes at some point. So every one of those embryoes that is ment to become a baby, will become a baby at some point and therefore she is not choosing to have or not have some of those babies, she is choosing in wich order they will have them. Still strange to me, but not at outrageous as people make it sound.

Anonymous on

So interesting to read about these comments, now I learned something about gender selection LOL.

Shay on

Of course she wants to have them naturally. Then she can “naturally” select the GENDER also.

This woman needs to shut up, already.

kathleenLA on

To all the people slamming this woman for selecting the gender of her child:
I’ve undergone ivf in Los Angeles (the same city in which I’m assuming Chrissy Teigen did her ivf, as she and her husband live here). My husband and I chose to do chromosomal testing on the embryos we got from two rounds of ivf because we’d lost pregnancies in the past due to chromosomal abnormalities. Those test results included the gender. Each embryo is also given a grade, which is based on a visual analysis of how viable the embryo appears to be. If Chrissy and her husband also did this testing and had two or more embryos that were chromosomally-normal and had the same visual grade, pretty much the only way to choose which one to put in would be to decide which gender you would like. To everyone tearing this lady apart for her fertility journey, please educate yourselves on the ivf process before judging someone’s reproductive decisions so harshly.

jupiter9 on

@Anna – When you are in your 20’s, it is quite common to attempt natural pregnancies for 2 years before seeking fertility help.

jupiter9 on

Prior comment mean”t to be addressed to @Kay instead of Anna.

jenn on

I’m starting my first IVF cycle in a few weeks. So excited, but nervous!! Are there any apps/websites out there that anyone knows about that can help keep track of everything during treatment? I was looking stuff up and a found a few. I found one called OnTrack IVF app, has anyone used it before?

Whocares on

I love all the comments of ” SHE SHOULD JUST ADOPT” that is so incredibly rude. Chrissy and John are entitled to however many children with THEIR own dna as they please. I know personally when you are trying and everyone around you breathes air and gets pregnant its sad – your not jealous of your friends and strangers but your sad with yourself. You begin to tare yourself apart. That being said she is just as entitled to bearing her own children as anyone else. So suck it people you go adopt !