Chrissy Teigen Shares Why She Chose to Have a Daughter: John ‘Deserves That Bond’

02/24/2016 at 09:00 AM ET

Model, TV host and newly-christened cookbook author Chrissy Teigen hasn’t been shy about undergoing in vitro fertilization (she even gave herself shots during her Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot!).

But to conceive their first child, a daughter due this spring, she and her husband of two years, John Legend, took it a step further.

“I’ve made this decision,” Teigen tells PEOPLE exclusively while chatting about her book Cravings in this week’s issue, on newsstands Friday. “Not only am I having a girl, but I picked the girl from her little embryo. I picked her and was like, ‘Let’s put in the girl.’ ”

Chrissy Teigen pregnant
Anders Overgaard

“I think I was most excited and allured by the fact that John would be the best father to a little girl. That excited me,” she explains. “It excited me to see … just the thought of seeing him with a little girl. I think he deserves a little girl. I think he deserves that bond. A boy will come along. We’ll get there too, so it’s not like we really have to pick. But he definitely is very lucky to have a little girl. And this girl is going to be so completely lucky to have John as her papa — it’s crazy!”

Happy Valentine's Day, my babies

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Teigen, 30, thinks that something magical happens to guys when they become a dad to a daughter: “How soft they get, how mushy, and excited they get. It’s so cute,” she says.

But she’s also gotten a preview of Legend’s parenting skills based on how he interacts with their pets. (Don’t worry, she knows that parents hate the “kid-dog comparison.”)

Puddy our bulldog was John’s first dog ever,” she says. “He never suspected he could love something like that ever, so it’s so funny seeing him interact with them and knowing that’s the way he’s going to speak to our kid.”

Chrissy Teigen cookbook
Chrissy Teigen/Photographs by Aubrie Pick/Clarkson

And it turns out, that’s pretty formal. “John’s very big on full sentences and not doing baby talk,” she says.

“Even when he’s talking to the dog he’s like, ‘Putty, you need to go outside and use the restroom today.’ And I’m like, ‘What the f—, it’s a dog! You’re crazy!’ ”

Teigen continues, “I’m excited to see what he is going to do because I think we’ll have two very different styles. I’m excited to see that part of John; We’ve been together so long, and sometimes we look at each other and we’re like, ‘I know everything about you and you know everything about me,’ but we have no idea what we’re going to be like as parents. I think it’ll be really fun. I’m excited.”

For more exclusive info from Teigen, including two recipes from her new book Cravings, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Catherine Kast

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De on

LOVE how honest she is!! How beautiful and refreshing!!

ashpage20 on

This makes no sense – you can’t tell what gender an embryo is…

Kelly on

Who is Chrissy Tiegan and why is she all of a sudden all over the headlines?

Emma on

Yes, you can tell sex from embryo testing…

Southern Belle on

Actually you can tell the gender from an embryo. It’s called gender selection! It’s pretty cool for those that have been trying to have children…It’s really expensive to be able to do though!

jo55 on

Well, I’m glad one of them speaks in full sentences and proper English without profanity.

Kathleen on

Yes, you can tell if it’s a male or female embryo if you’re willing and able to afford the additional cost and they are.

Marsha on

“Allured” that John will be the best Father…so very not the right word to use. Seriously.

charlotte on

I didn’t used to like her so much, but I gotta say she is growing on me. I really like her and wish them all the happiness with their daughter when she arrives.

Mono on

So what happens to the other embryos??

Kel on

You can absolutely tell gender and many other things from something called PGD. It is often done with IVF. A simple google search would tell you that…which you might want to do before you speak and sound like a moron.

Irene on

If she truly said this and selected a gender, I am officially sickened by her. And I am an open minded person to most everything.

Kathy on

Custom picking a baby? What will they think of next?

jewels1972 on

@Mono: I would imagine they would freeze the remaining embryos to use for future attempts to conceive. If not, they can be donated. I can’t imagine after going thru so much to get pregnant, that they would discard any remaining embryos. My bet is on that they froze them for future use.

Neil on

Am I the only one repulsed by this? Mother Nature has a way of keeping things in balance. Designer babies do not. “Sorry boys you didn’t make the cut.”

Kim on

Seems so unnatural to even go as far a choosing the sex. Takes all the spontaneity out of having a baby. I wonder how long they really tried before jumping into Ivf.

Mim on

That’s disgusting. There goes what respect I did have for the woman. Totally disgusting.

Kendra on

@Kel is right. It is called PGD which is a very expensive add on to IVF. I think I was quoted over 5k just to do it. We didn’t. I got my boy/girl twins anyway 😉

Amy on

Get ridiculous apparent desire to be well liked is making her extremely unappealing. She is getting waaaayyyy to much media coverage and I’m completely dumbfounded by it.

shar on

What happened to her vow to keep her pregnancy private because people were just too mean?

Either way, she sickens me to no end. That will be the last Teigen story I click on. If you have to custom choose your embryo, you aren’t ready to have a baby, you’re having an accessory.

Neil on

Typically those other embryos are destroyed.

Mom on

Before anyone judges, it’s possible that there is a genetic problem they don’t want to be passed down, and that’s why they did PGE. Second, who cares that they PAID to gender select…it’s their money.

Angela on

From someone who underwent 7 years of infertility, FIVE IVFs & finally was blessed w twin boys, this seems so selfish to me. Roll the dice like everyone else and be grateful for what you are given. I didn’t select gender nor did I care. Stop playing Mother Nature.

guest on

She picked a daughter? What a world we now live in.

When I got pregnant with my daughter (via IUI after 3 miscarriages), I wanted a healthy baby to complete our family (we already had a son). Had it been a boy, he would’ve completed our family just the same.

This makes me so uncomfortable that science allows people to choose the gender but I wish them well. Your little girl will be lucky to have two parents to love on her.

Reality on

I totally disagree with gender selection. I disagree with IVF, too. Sorry to anyone I’m offending, but nature has a way of keeping balance. Once humans and modern science mess with that balance, it’s a slippery slope. Choosing a girl because you dream about how much they’ll bond is trying to control things quite a bit.

Sally on

At least she’s honest about it. Kow did the same thing, but baited it in a nanny

Jennifer on

They seem like a great couple. I wish them all the best.

Kendra on

@Neil if you haven’t gone through IVF, you should just stop talking about it.

No, those other embryos are not always destroyed. You can also put them up for adoption, or have them, or donate them to science.

My “designer babies” (while not PGD, but IVF) are just as “natural” and healthy as any other baby.

Anonymous on

So sad. Let the sex of the child alone. Enjoy what you get, no matter. Cookbook, really? When in the hell does she cook?

Realtittykitty on

John Legend is NOT profane. Get your black folks straight.

Jamie on

Wow- what a gem.. She struggled with infertility for years then does IVF and that isn’t enough, she then decides that John deserves to have a daughter so she selects the sex? And then says “don’t worry a boy will come later”… Really, it’s clearly obvious you don’t want a boy otherwise you’d let it be a surprise and not pre-select your child.

I think she is the first person who is not thankful to be pregnant after years of infertility, but handselected a girl because that’s better.

I was excited for them to have a child. but less so now that she only wanted a girl.

bkable on

Where do we stop? What if the boys were the “healthier” embryos that were more likely to take? Do we feed out red hair so kids don’t get teased?
Especially given they plan to have more children – I could MAYBE get my head around it if this was their last shot to have a girl (and even that’s a thin maybe) but not your first.

Dawn on

What happened to loving your child unconditionally?

j on

I am pregnant with b/g twins from IVF. We have endured a 7 year unexplained infertility struggle and a second trimester miscarriage from our first round. We did do PGS and the told us the genders at the time of transfer. Even so, we did not select them. I could not care less what gender my baby is. We did PGS to check the chromosomal structure of the embryos. Also, I read that someone said that unused embryos are usually destroyed. This is not true. Like may other people, we will use all of them or place them up for adoption.

Anonymous on

Acting like God ?

nope on

I’m sure this is what Victoria and David Beckem did when they had their daughter. Gender selection is apparently a trend now for those who can afford it.

Michelle on

Unless you have been through infertility and miscarriage, you have no idea what you are talking about. IVF is never anyone’s first choice. It is incredibly hard both physically and emotionally. PGD is the genetic testing done on embryos after retrieval. It is used to determine chromosomal abnormalities and is common after recurrent miscarriage. Most reputable REs will not let you simply “choose” the sex of your baby unless all embryos are genetically equal. The embryos are retrived, tested and frozen, pending test results. Any chromosomally abnormal embryos are discarded and the remaining healthy embryos are kept frozen until ready for transfer.

maryhelenc on

I understand they had struggles, but there’s something so ooky about hand picking your child’s gender.

postathread on fertility experts posting here. “Typically” the embryos are frozen for later use. THEN once a couple has completed their family and IF there are any left, they are asked if they would like to “donate them” to infertile couples or science, OR destroy them.
She should be thrilled to have a baby, no matter the sex. Guess he has some great PR people, because all of a sudden she’s everywhere. WHO cares? She is beautiful with her mouth shut, once she opens it she’s an idiot. Ever see her or listen to her? Insert eyeroll here.

elizabeth9898 on

No matter what the sex of the baby is, your husband would love him /her regardless. My husband gets mushy over our son

Angelina on

They are so cute and seem really happy. Congrats on their new adventure.

Anonymous on

Gender selection happens everyday. Some people opt to freeze the other eggs for future use.

Lisa on

Gender selection makes me cringe because you have a hard time getting pregnant all these years and you would think you would accept whatever comes your way. But to each his own and I’m happy they’re getting their little girl.

Anonymous on

Gender selection happens everyday. Some people opt to freeze the other eggs from future insemination.

Anonymous on

Gender selection is not a crazy additional cost. It is available to anyone having IVF. If someone so desires, it is not unheard of to chose the gender . Considering how much this procedure costs a couple thousand more is achievable.

rachel on

Unless you have been through years of infertility, it is difficult to understand why people select to do PGD. The hope of PGD is to transfer an embryo that is genetically normal because abnormal embryos DO NOT STICK! We chose to do PGD due to my many chemical pregnancies (early pregnancies losses). We ended up with 3 genetically normal that had a very high chance of sticking. We did know the gender of all 3 embryos because the test was done. However, we chose to transfer the genetically normal embryo that was the “best” in appearance and highest chance of conceiving, not based on gender. It stuck the first time and we were blessed with a baby. We do plan on transferring our remaining two embryos with the hope of having 3 children. Unless you have gone through the emotional years of infertility and fertility treatments it is hard to understand, but I do not judge her for “selecting.” There are so many other “selections” you have to go through (ICSI, PGD, etc) that this is simply another decision in the fertility treatment process. We just wanted to conceive the first time and did not care about the gender, so we put in the “best” embryo.

Neil on

@kendra I’m not precluded from an opinion simply because I haven’t undergone IVF. Designer babies refers to sex selection, and in a few years hair color, eye color etc. it’s simply matter of time. IVF families are happy for sure but keep in mind that few are as kind as you and the wholesale destruction of “unselected” embryos globally, mainly female, is a fact.

francie delbott on

as usual with these hollywood confections – all of the benefits and none of the effort – flavor of the month – NEXT!

KanyeIsGay on

John Legend is a mediocre musician (if that is what you want to call him), and that is seriously pushing it. He is far from anything special, and never heard of her. How about reporting something that is news worthy

Kelly V on

We done 4 rounds of Ivf and had to do the PGD testing due to all of our miscarriages having a chromosomal issue. I can find out the sex if my embryo but do not care to. We will be happy with whatever sex we are given.

beckilynne on

@Realtittykitty … In defence of jo55, I believe their comment was implying that John Legend IS the parent who “speaks in full sentences and proper English without profanity”. Not the other way around.

Jill on

@neil….the embryos are NOT typically destroyed!! People going through IVF will most always freeze the remaining embryos for future use. You clearly have NO idea what an emotional and financial toll IVF takes, so to ignorantly assume people just throw away their future babies is disgusting and offensive!!

Lotte on

In the Netherlands (where I live) PGD is ONLY allowed to prevent carrying on serious geneticaly transferable diseases into the next generation. It’s illegal to use the procedure simply for choosing gender for fun, which I think is a good decision. If you had been fortunate enough to conceive naturally you wouldn’t have been able to influence the gender either, so why do it now? I agree with many earlier comments: after struggling with years and years we were so happy it finally happene that we couldn’t care less if we would have a son or a daughter! Be happy with what you’re given!

Kasidy on

Yes they can tell the sex of the embryo. Congratulations to them. They seem very in love and very happy and their baby will be very blessed to feel that love and grow up with it. Blessings for a healthy baby.

Becca on

@Realtittykitty … In defence of jo55, I believe their comment was implying that John Legend IS the parent who “speaks in full sentences and proper English without profanity”. Not the other way around.

Ilona on

I don’t know who she is and I don’t agree with what she thinks. !!

Ilona on

In the Netherlands (where I live) PGD is ONLY allowed to prevent carrying on serious geneticaly transferable diseases into the next generation…………………………… I’m FRENCH and it’s the same thing in my country.

Claire on

I had 2 boys and did NOT want a girl so I get the preference but I can’t see actually picking one when you’re trying to have a baby. Isn’t any old one good enough? Beggars can’t be choosers….unless you’re her. I normally like her anti-celebrity persona. That whole “daddies and daughters/mommies and sons” bit is BS. You can’t predict their personality. I have geeky boys that know nothing about football but can do stuff with advanced robotics that amazes me. They’re 4 star dining, travel the world types and NOT dirt, truck and T-ball kids. (Yay!) You never know. This makes me hope she gets a Shiloh Jolie Pitt (I think she is awesome!) just to break down that “girly girl” bubble.

Danielle on


I don’t think anyone is opposed to selecting the embryo that looks that best and has the best chance of survival,… My personal issue is that she chose a girl over a boy because she wanted a daughter and felt that John deserved a girl.. She did not say she chose the healthiest one and it happened to be a girl, she very clearly chose a girl over a boy… For people who struggled with infertility, you’d think they’d chose the embryo(s) that looks the healthiest, not one based on sex.

Cynthia on

Everyone will be offended by anything a celebrity does. If she adopted a white baby, someone would be offended by that. Quit worrying about what other people choose to do. Did she choose your baby’s gender? No, she chose for herself. So get over yourselves. Be happy for once in your life, for somebody else. They’re going to be awesome parents.

misty on

No chrissy. The man’s y chromosome chooses the sex of the baby. I know you’re tryin honey… it’s tough

Dawn on

I just love them so much! Talk about relationship goals! Their baby girl is going to be such a cutie and SO loved! The love and kindness they show each other is beautiful!

Kate Middleman on

Men who have daughters become better men.

Mother of 3, all gender selected :) on

Gender selection is really good, especially for the perfectionists and/or OCD types who envision their family a certain way. There is nothing wrong with people like this, and it took me a while to come to terms with it as my therapist & husband, family members & friends tried to drum it into me. I just knew that if i had a son first, i wouldn’t be able to function & would end up giving him up for adoption, because in my life i always have to be in control. In my head, i’ve always imagined 3 children, and it’s always been girl, boy, girl. The thought of the sequence going boy, girl, boy or even worse, boy boy, girl or girl, girl, boy, makes me feel sick to my stomach. I know it’s stupid to be this way, and i’ve tried so many medications trying to fix my brain, but it’s just something that can’t be fixed.

Lyn on

asphage20, yes you can. It’s called gender selection. And I’m against it. Am I the only one who thinks she looks like a dude??

meanderbe on

Next thing you know, people will be picking eye color, height, IQ…seems like a slippery slope. China had a problem with imbalance when boys were considered desirable. But then again, I don’t expect this woman to have given much thought to ethics…

Jennifer from the Netherlands on

This is just ridiculous. Gender selection -without medical reason- is forbidden in Europe with good reason! What is the world coming to. And why would she share this?

Angie on

If she “sickens” you so much, why are you reading an article about her? Scroll on and please consider being less consumed with hatred. For those that find her choices “disgusting”, you might want to channel your anger towards science; not those who are fortunate enough to benefit from it. Al of this anger is truly disheartening. And stupid. You do you. The bottom line is that a family who struggled with conceiving naturally was provided an option that allowed them to have a child. I don’t think there is any doubt this child will be loved. Isn’t that really all that matters?

Shannon on

As someone who went through countless IVF’s to have a child, this disturbs me. To undergo Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to screen the embryo for genetic issues is one thing- PGD has helped a lot people have successful pregnancies and is a great tool for those who have failed IVF’s. However I don’t agree with it for gender selection.

Marc on

Bestiality is a Sin!

bellabee on

Ok, I like her and all, but this decision is just a bit much for me. Custom picking the gender of your baby just seems so…unnatural? wrong? I can’t quite find the word to describe it. I feel like no matter what the gender would have been, John would try to be the best father…period.

ADJ on

I appreciate the honestly, but I just couldn’t pick and choose. What ever happened to being happy and blessed with you you get?

Kelly on

She is the next Kim Kardashian. Is nothing sacred anymore? Why does every detail of every moment of life have to be broadcast in the headlines?

Jamagaca on

I read this and found it creepy. Just my
opinion…I feel like you should let the gender be natural and love what you get. Selecting the gender? CREEPY!

Kay on

That is absolutely the creepiest thing I have ever read. It made my skin crawl. Leave it to a celebrity to think they can play God.

Raidergirl926 on

I’m so sick of this thirsty media attention b$&@h!!

Ally1 on

I’m just really not seeing the problem here. They certainly have the money for testing and are excited to have a child. I wish them the best.

redsatchel on

She is SO annoying. (And YES I clicked on the article just so I could say that). Why is he with her? She seems so shallow and incredibly immature. She lacks charm, among other things

Kat on

Gattaca… this stuff scares the crap out of me.

CC on

@ashpage20 Yes you can determine the embroy’s gender, by genetic testing before the implantation, if the parents want the testing. Some IVF patients want embryo genetic testing, but mainly if they have a family history of genetic diseases like cystofibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, trisomy, etc.

Kristina on

I don’t know why some of you are disgusted by this. If she didn’t choose the girl, she would have put in the boy, what’s the difference? If they’re planning to have more, which it sounds like they are, they probably froze the remaining ones. It’s not like she had the doc throw it in the garbage because it was a boy. Get off your high horses and calm down.

Christina on

The more she opens her mouth the less I like her.

Lorrie on

So after crying to everyone about the difficulties of being able to conceive, she picked out the gender. I would think normal woman would be just so grateful to be able to finally be pregnant that gender wouldn’t matter. Sadly this is Hollywood and having a conscience doesn’t matter.

Just4fun on

I will Lol if it’s a boy

Anonymous on

@Neil Actually, the greater percentage of couples freeze the embryos and decide later about additional implantations and/or donation, before considering ‘destroying’ them. Embryo destruction is far from ‘typical’ and not the first option.

Daizee on

Congratulations your a beautiful pregnant you both will be great parents

Jules on

Sorry, makes me sick,,,choosing the sex of your baby.

guest on

I’m no fan of Chrissy Teigen but I don’t understand the hypocrisy of some posters. You may not agree with her choice, morally or otherwise and you are entitled to your opinion, but for those calling gender selection “unnatural,” what is natural about IVF? I am not judging or asking for a debate, just pointing out that both are using science to assist with a natural process to achieve a desired outcome. Gender selection is a part of IVF that most choose not to do because it crosses their moral line. Well, it doesn’t cross hers. You may not agree with it but judging her based on the “well, that is interfering with mother nature” argument, while being supportive of or using IVF, is hypocritical at best. Sorry, it just is.

Mom of Twins on

Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Gosh she is so damn annoying…jeez, like she is the only one ever pregnant..and sorry but I think she is ugly…I don’t see any beauty in her!

Etsy on

I am totally in favour of IVF- that’s how I became a parent, but I am completely against gender selection unless it’s to avoid passing on a genetic disease. Look what’s happening in China. There is an entire generation of men who can’t find wives because families have killed so many baby girls, due to the one child policy!
Science is wonderful, but Mother Nature can only be messed with so much before she will strike back.

markstollerhogrun on

While I don’t agree with picking the gender of your embryo, most embryos are frozen after the initial “fresh” transfer. If the family is complete and there are still additional embryos there are several things that can be done. Some couples choose to donate their embryos to other infertile couples. I am actually in my third trimester from an embryo that was donated to us. In trying to conceive our second child, I had multiple early pregnancy losses. After researching every adoption option under the sun and coming upon many roadblocks we decided to pursue embryo adoption/donation. It’s been a blessing in our lives. I just wanted to mention this as I saw some comments about what do they do with the additional embryos.

Dane on

Damn I thought she was 35-40. She is pretty, just looks more mature than 30.

justbecause on

I don’t understand why people always push a father/daughter bond. I have 3 girls and 1 boy. My husband loves them all but it is the boy that wants to go and drive the tractors and the trucks with dad and he is the youngest. I was close to my mom and I learned how to be a strong independent woman and a wife and mother from her. My dad couldn’t teach me those things because, well he’s a guy. My girls love their dad and help him when needed but he has never been “gushy” over any of our kids. The emphasis that society puts on this so called “bond” between a father and his daughter is just a little creepy to me. Sorry. My husband teaches them all how to be hard workers and be honest and respectful and he spends hours helping them learn to play sports and answers any questions he can. They are all equal in his eyes regardless of gender.

alle on

She is gorgeous and I am happy for them, she should have kept the details to herself. It’s not our business but since she said it she has opened up a door for the blogging critics. That was not too smart.

katie on

I think Kim and Kayne picked a boy too

Jana on

People, including myself, think they know it all. I had twin boys using IVF. Although I was very happy, I was worried about comparisons, etc thinking a boy & girl would be better. Now, I see God had the perfect plan. No way I’d take a girl over either son!

Connie on

I think it is terrible to do gen selection! Unless you have an inherited syndrome that is due to the gender of the child this is just wrong!!!!!

artlove32 on

How can she possibly say something so bad and wrong like if it is something absolutly normal? Gender selection based on a chosen embryo should be absolutly forbidden as it is nothing but eugenics. It’s not a matter to know if she will undergo another pregnancy for a boy or not, we can’t simply choose the sex of the baby because this is an open door to any other selection we might want to do: IQ, beauty, gender (often against feminine pregnancy) whatever. Not only this article is stupid, it is also extremly dangerous regarding to Ethics. I am deeply surprised this process to be authorised in the USA and even more surprised it seems so natural to speak out about one of the most dangerous matter into this world.

Geeg on

Their little girl is going to be gorgeous. Talk about hitting DNA lottery as parents 🙂

Ginger on

For some reason this lady gets a lot of negative comments. I would have to ponder more what I think about picking a gender. That aside, she seems to be a loving wife and a good person. I think that is all that matters.

CK on

OMG, I used to have respect. These people are playing God. Disgusting,. Why not adopt?! Ok IVF but to pick the gender of your baby. Sick.

TinaCookie on

Messing with Mother Nature? Hmm. Not. But I wish them a healthy baby.

Geeg on

The embryos are NOT typically thrown away, they are frozen. As in her statement it does say they plan on more children, including a boy. This is very common to get more than one embryo from IVF. What should it matter to you in what order they chose to use them? Let thm be happy, as we all should in celebrating new life.

Jacqueline on

I am truly amazed by the lack of knowledge surrounding the topic of infertility. This is why she and Tyra spoke out. This is why more women need to. As someone who has tried to become pregnant and cant, I understand the science and the pain. For you idiots who think “its just natural selection”, or that we should “just adopt” or “just relax” you have never been here. She didnt pick her baby just to pick. The embryos under go genetic testing to ensure viability so you dont have to suffer through multiple losses. IVF is not something you can just “pick” to go though, nor is it something you want to go through. Its painful, traumatic, and so consuming. There are so many reasons people struggle to concieve its not as simple as people think, and I wouldnt wish it on anyone. I am so glad she got her miracle baby. As for the “left over embryos” they are not destroyed typically! They are usually frozen for the next time they want a child or they are donated to women and men who cannot get an embryo of their own. God can judge us but you have no right.

No more Chrissy on

Wtf I just read?? I have one word: China

Angel on

Oh…She copied Kim & Kanye by doing Gender selection? Let’s hope God chose her & she is nothing like her bobble head Botoxed mama…

Jenn on

Of course – because all girls are soft and mushy and like pink and ballet. Eye roll.

I think it’s great that people have so many options now to deal with infertility, but I do think sometimes people take it too far, which sort of takes the fun and surprise out of having a baby.

shiela kerr on

It never ceases to amaze me with how much people share of their personal life and decisions. I wish this woman and her husband well. But I think she needs to dial back on oversharing. Somethings are best left unsaid.

Tara on

Oh boy….this is just going to open the flood gates for all the self-righteous people to get on their soap boxes. It’s her body, her egg, her money and her decision…let’s not forget that!

jg1965 on

Wrong to chose a gender on so many levels.

Evelyn Moran on

They’re the parents so their choice.

ImALadyToo on

That’s really pretty sickening when you think about it. Not really surprising, though, in this sick world.

mego5dzgrc on

Before you all make comments because you “Know” what you are talking about, please do your research. The process that she had is called PGD, which is a process where they take a cell from a blastocyt stage embryo and test for genetic problems. This process is expensive, but is done when a woman had multiple miscarriages sue to genetic problems with embryos. Most of the time, when a woman miscarries before 12 weeks, its because there is a genetic problem with the embryo and it won’t survive. This test allows you to select the healthy embryo that will, in most cases, survive and go full term. The other side of this test is that you can find out the gender of the embryos that make the cut. Some couples choose to, and some don’t. But, after many years of trying, which is emotionally, financially and physically taxing, some people like to choose the sex. Other choose based of the best quality embryo. Some don’t make that decision at all. If a couple has remaining embryos, they have the option of freezing the rest until they would like to have another baby in the future, donate them to another couple which is called embryo adoption, donate them to science, or have the rest destroyed. Its a personal decision for each couple. But, what most of you don’t know is the pain and suffering caused by infertility. Until you have suffered, and walked a mile in their shoes, please don’t even think you know how much they have suffered. Congratulations to her for beating infertility and having a beautiful little family. Babies are a blessing, no matter how they were created. Sometimes it just takes a village and a lot of love to make one.

Amy on

Angela – Really? After “7 years of infertility, FIVE IVFs”, you’re telling someone ELSE to stop playing Mother Nature? Just sayin……

Cherry on

People can do what they want but gender selection is a petty concern. It really defeats the purpose of having a child. This is also private information that nobody needs to know and it is offensive to infertile women who would do anything to have any gender. I’m honestly disgusted by extreme gender preference. This is extreme.

joan on

So they had gender testing and know the sex of the baby she is carrying ahead of time. BIG deal. maybe they did the testing necessary for a healthy pregnancy and the doc said, what do you want to have first. and she said girl. We have no idea. the other embryos are still there for next time, as she indicated.

Kristen on

It must be nice to be rich and presumptuous. She pays extra to pick a gender AND assumes she can just have a boy any old time willy nilly. My poor sister just lost an ovary at 36 years old and is trying to save money for if IVF becomes her only option. She won’t easily be able to afford one round let alone pick gender and plan the next one immediately. Just count your blessings and stop over-sharing your ivf journey. I’m certain she means well but this is obnoxious.

Ella on

Well at least she’s honest about it.

Sydney B. on

I think my issue is that she is talking about this. Wtf? I don’t see this as something to be ashamed or proud about. It’s personal and intensifies the boy versus girl battle that shouldn’t really be happening. Lots of parents dream of having a certain gender but don’t actually care. I almost forgot what the gender was during my anatomy scan because I was more focused on the purpose behind the scan. Making sure baby is growing well.

Anonymous on

She is honest about it, kudos to her.

Lynn on

I just lost ALL my respect for her. She wanted a designer baby. Did she pick haircolor, eyecolor too?! Shame on her! Did she even need invitro or did she just not want to wait for nature to run its course?

Debbe on

I would be too afraid to pick the baby. Feels like I am messing with Gods plan. (And I am not a religious person.) But with that said, good for her and I wish her well. The only thing I was shocked about is to hear how long they wanted a child, yet, she is hiring someone to feed baby at night so they can sleep. This was the BEST time, my special memories. I was a single mom, no money and had to do it all alone and the best memories was at night, just me and my little baby while he was eating. She won’t have those memories and I just thought it was odd for someone who wanted a baby so badly. I wouldn’t let anyone take my baby while he was an infant. It was mama and baby. He is a grown good boy now that knows his mama always had his back.

Kathy on

I completely understand those that are saying they couldn’t make that choice themselves, but why is it so horrible for someone else to?

Without knowing them or their situation, you should really give them the benefit of the doubt – yes, they’re rich celebrities, but they’re still people! I would assume that their doctors did their job well and had them choose from equally-healthy embryos. Some people like to be surprised with gender, and some people have a strong preference of boy vs. girl. Most people don’t have the opportunity to choose. From what I’ve heard, this was a long road for them. After months (years?) of struggling and making hard decisions, I don’t see how it’s so evil for her to choose to voice her preference here. Also, I’ve had several friends do IVF, and it’s my understanding that if there are multiple equally-healthy eggs, they are usually frozen so that they can be used for a later pregnancy. She mentions wanting to have a boy, so it sounds like that was the case here.

For people saying she’s an attention-hungry expletive of some sort: She just published a cookbook. When you publish a book your publicity team sets up interviews for you. She’s also a high-profile model who’s married to a successful musician, and pregnant with her first child after fertility struggles. Personal information comes up in interviews, especially if they’re with People magazine.

Also if she annoys you I really recommend you look at her Instagram and Twitter. She cracks me up.

Debbe on

OMG someone actually commented on here that John Legend is a mediocre musician. What? No. He is not mediocre. He is one of the best of best. Anyone who knows music even a little knows how great John Legend is and the control he has on his vocals.

Debbe on

A little surprised that she would want to pick the gender. I would not wanna mess with God, and I am not religious. But secondly, she mentions she is getting help with watching the baby at night. As a single mom, those memories of being up at night, just me and my baby, were so memorable. I don’t know why anyone would want to have a child, but then not put 100 percent in raising it on their own.

Anonymous on


Ally on

I love her. But I find selecting the gender of your baby a little weird and potentially dangerous. That happened in China to horrific results. I think I’d have just randomly selected a healthy embryo and been happy with either. That being said, she went through hell trying to conceive — as do all women trying in vitro — so it’s not a personal attack…just a philosophical point. She actually seems like a sweetheart.

Ang on

I adore her for some reason. I’m glad after all the tries, they’re finally getting to be parents. I don’t really have any feelings about the gender selection – I live and let live.

Anonymous on

Should have picked a boy. Boys are much easier and no drama.

Lauren on

@Etsy- So what you’re saying is it’s okay for you to “mess with Mother Nature” to get what you want, but it’s not okay for Chrissy to “mess with Mother Nature” to get what she wants? In case you are unaware, humans reproduce by sexual reproduction. Using IVF to get pregnant is just as unnatural as what the Teigens are doing.

Neil on

@jill and @annonymous you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. 12/31/12 Daily Mail – 1.7 million discarded embryos in England. Further research on the point completely supports my statement. People are not typically freezing the unselected embryos. They are discarded.

Mimmi on

You guys act like no one else has done this. Brad and Angie did it, Jennifer and Marc did it, and I’m sure Julia Robers did it. People don’t announce it but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It’s no coincidence that there’s a burst of boy/girl twins in the celebrity world.

Amanda on

I don’t care about being able to choose the gender, but her explanation is kind of stupid. You can’t claim that certain bonds will exist before the child is born. It sounds like she’s convinced that all “little girls” are a certain way. Her husband didn’t deserve a boy as much….? I mean, if she wants a boy eventually anyway, why did it matter in the first place?

Anonymous on

Congrats to her on the impending bundle of joy!

Jo on

Thank goodness John’s mother didn’t feel the same way about girls, she might’ve aborted him. Disgusting!

becky on

Ok, not sure what it is about her, but I can’t seem to like her.. @realtittykitty, learn to read, she was talking about him not using profanity all the time..

Janet on

I personally feel gender selection is wrong and it goes against what nature intended…let the egg be fertilized and wait to see what happens.

Karma in this case is that little girl growing up and saying his true self is a boy…what then. Just let nature do what it is supposed to do.

John would have loved either a boy or girl…or at least one would hope.

Ann on

Yes, you can now choose the gender of a child if you do vitro. However, there is something also very beautiful in conceiving naturally while making love to your mate. Some women can get pregnant naturally but choose to go a different route and pick their baby’s gender. This is amazingly crazy but who am I to judge. I wish them all the best and hope their baby is a healthy little one, showered with lots of love.

Anonymous on

I find her more and more revolting every time she speaks. And picking gender is sick to me.

Name on

Hahahaha and then 6 years later you find out little Susie wants to be called “John”…xD

Ready for all the hate comments. Aaaand….Go!

Anonymous on

I don’t get the outrage over picking a girl. Rest assured that this won’t throw off the population in any way. If anything, there are plenty of cultures where sons are more highly valued than daughters.

Grace on

Glad I didn’t get to pick my babies. I always thought I wanted girls but ended up having 3 boys. There is something so special about the love between a little boy and his mommy. I never would have picked boys and I’d be missing out on so much now!

LuAnn on

Good for them. If you’ve never been through fertility treatment. you don’t know what goes on. For those people outraged, get a life and a clue. It’s not like she chose a girl and destroyed the rest, she appears to be a thoughtful and intelligent woman. I agree, watching a man with his baby girl is the most precious sight. I’ve watched my brother and brother-in-law with their girls and seriously, you watch them melt every time they look at her.

Ova on

At least she is hornest she likes to have a girl. Congrats.

over it on

Yay. The baby can get implants and grow up to be another vacant brain donor being suit model! How cutesy triple wutesy! Barf. I see Mr great daddy bailing within a year.I’ve been in the same room as this woman and she is painfully, nauseatingly vain and stupid.

Yasminda on

A daughter does not necessarily make a daddy’s girl. Our firstborn, a daughter, loves her father but she is a mamma’s girl. My husband loves and admires that our only daughter of our five kids has a very strong bond with me. The gender, chosen or natural, of a child does not determine or has nothing really to do with creating a strong bond with them.
Best of luck to them and to anyone in their journey towards fulfilling parenthood.

Nardia on

I think its immoral and unnatural to select genders, not good idea.

Hydezilla on

Most of you are judgmental arseholes, with no lives. Take yourselves off of your imaginary pedestals, and find something productive to do other than bashing people you’ve never met. Not everyone has to think and live like you. Creeps.

Aggie on

I didn’t care about her decision until She said she feels her husband would be the best father to a baby girl…would he not be the same father to a boy?? Fathers bond just as well if not better with a boy. She sounds stupid.

Diana on

If you are having IVF already I don’t see why its such a big deal to choose the gender. Would I choose to do it, No but I don’t see why people are so appalled.

unused embryo on

How obnoxious that she picked for him and this sleepy looking dude let her? Do you not care that your wife wears the pants in the relationship, how weak are you?

rob parker on

gross another mud.

Meaghen Powers on

Yes you can do genetic testing and pick sperm to make that embryo- it just costs lot’s of money to do it. Gender selection is real- KIMYE Did it for their second pregnancy to make sure Saint was a boy- how do you think she and Chrissy knew what they were having so early along at 8-12 weeks pregnant, when most women don’t know till that 18-20 week ultrasound. Anyway I am against IVF AND ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION- people are playing God because they cannot accept the fact they cannot have a child naturally- maybe that’s God’s message for you to Adopt, to take care of the poor/orphans, to be a foster parent, to house and take care of abandoned pregnant teenage moms/ or abused moms. People need to accept in society that it is okay to not have children if God has chosen not to give you a child and accept the fact that whether a women can give birth or not her worth should not be measured by that, but by who she is on the inside. Pretty soon will be manufacturing husbands/wives if we are single and over 30 just so we can get married or for people whose husbands/wives abandoned them or widowers. In the Catholic Church, the privilege to marry and to have children is God’s decision- God unites man and woman in marriage and God decides when and if that couple has children or not. I have no respect for Chrissy T at all nor for John Legend, but Hollywood is pretty screwed up and they’re not the only ones doing this many wealthy people do. Whatever she and John chose to do in their personal lives that’s their decision, I have lost respect for them because they admitted this publically. And I thought Louis Tomlinson was f**** up.

Irene on

Congratulations she is having a girl.

Karsten on

On her Twitter she claims she`s surround by “open-minded” people and therefore she was not aware of the controversy. I`m consternated. I think she misunderstood them. Open to IVF but to choose the gender?! Give me a break.. Too bad she doesn`t offer an explanaton on her closing words: “i think i made a mistake in thinking people understood the process better than they do”

HyprocrisyInHiddenPlaces on

So she says she’s going to have a son maybe one day?
How do you think he’s going to feel one day reading this and thinking that it’s more important for them to have a bond with a daughter. Your son is going to hate you if you have one at this point now that you’ve said these things.

JulieB on

“John deserved a girl”. Are boys the children dads get when they’re being punished? That’s surely what this sounds like.

Anonymous on

Love her! She has great personality!

Van on

She is messing with Mother Nature, not good.

LadyRed on

I really don’t get this controversy over her choosing the gender of her child. As long as they’re loving, supportive parents, what does it matter? Furthermore, both of said they are hoping to have more children down the line. Thus, it is very possible for them to have a son at a later point.

Isla Roe on

Modern eugenics. Scary that we’ve pretty much started following Hitler (minus killing the jews) with our perfect little society of we want what we want, when we want it. Boys or girl isn’t a choice we should be able to make and it’s unethical that doctor’s allow this.

It started with testing and making choices based on health (which is problematic as well, who are we to judge what issues are not worthy of life – ie the rates of terminated Down syndrome pregnancies) but now we’ll go as far to say, I’ll take that girl or that boy? Horrific.

The slippier slope is real and it is horrifying that so many defend this outrageously unethical behavior and attitude. Most of the world frowns on this, but in the good ol’ USA, it’s okay? Is it because it was a girl, would we be more outraged if she asked for a boy? Just because boys were favored for so long, it’s still not okay to favor girls either.

Nicole on

I wonder if she ever thinks anything she doesn’t say.

MN Mama on

The comments about how IVF takes all of the spontaneity out of having a baby and then questioning how long they really tried. Clearly, this was made by someone who has never been through the agony of infertility. Until you have walked that road, be careful about how you throw those kinds of comments out there. Speaking from personal experience, it is not a road you want to have to walk down. Have some compassion.

Heidi Fischer on

It’s never just a dog when you love animals like family-:)
How many grown-ups will it take to change a baby’s diaper in the Teigen-Legend household??? Well, let’s see…Dad, Mom, 2 Grandmas, a Night-Nurse, and why not just throw in a Nanny, as well!!!
Kinda makes you wonder how the rest of us raise them on our own, lol.

guestie on

Does this woman possess any private thoughts? She needs to shut up; another annoying publicity hoe.

karen on

She is so classless and crude. I lost respect for John Legend when he married her.

Brooke on

PEOPLE listen! She made it very clear that they absolutely DID NOT destroy the remaining embryos. They intend to use every one they have. In fact, she said just a couple days ago that she’ll likely have to do more IVF because they want more children than they have remaining embryos. There’s nothing wrong with picking the gender IF you’ve got to go through IVF anyway. I understand that it’s unnecessary and I get why it ruffles feathers IF you undergo IVF just to get the gender you want. But they didn’t do that. All they did was decide which they’ll have first and they did IVF because she wasn’t getting pregnant on her own. If she were 20 instead of 30 then maybe they’d have tried longer to do it naturally, but if you’re 28 when you start trying you don’t have years to try naturally.

anonymous on

I don’t think there is anything wrong she talks about her pregnancy. She is an open minded lady. I respect her.

Omaka on

She is honest about her pregnancy, kudos to her.

BonBon on

I don’t have a problem with gender selection. Better than aborting based on gender. Or continuing to expand your family beyond your means. Some people won’t stop popping out babies until they have the gender they want. Just let them chose if it is that important. Besides, there are many, many reasons for having a specific gender preference, and not all of these reasons are as awful as you may think.

CT is an idiot on

Wow playing god instead of being happy with what you get … God will take care of you in due time !!!!!!

Jessie on

Some of you don’t agree with gender selection? Not even ivf? Really? Just who the f do you think you are? Nature knows best? Let’s not play God? Then doctors shouldn’t operate to save lives anymore right? Cause… Mother Nature decided that way and guess what? She knows best, right? Now, morons are going to say you can’t compare the 2 right? And why not, because you say so? You people have NO right to judge anyone but yourselves! You don’t know anything about what motivates others, what they want, need, feel! So quick to judge, to have an opinion, to show how moral, ethical and smart you are! Don’t you just see you’re far more disgusting then the people you judge? Oh, gender selection is so selfish! How would you describe your judgmental attitude? How good would this world look if we all stopped judging and give ourselves as positive examples?

just my thoughts on

I love how truly happy they are! This is what it’s supposed to be like when we have children, and I am sure that they are even More appreciative, since going through the invitro process.
Congratulations to the happy parents, on their healthy baby daughter arriving safely…

Anonymous on

Sorry to see The Chew is cancelled. These are ALL exceptionally talented people, and they will each bounce back from this- albeit, they’ll be missed! Peace and Prayers to all of them!