Tess Holliday Is ‘Still Slayin’ in a Bikini at Six Months Pregnant

02/22/2016 at 12:10 PM ET

At six months pregnant, Tess Holliday is “still slayin’!”

The plus-size supermodel showed off her baby bump in a bikini as she cooled off by the pool during the Los Angeles heatwave.

“6 Months preggo today (& still slayin’) #F—yourbeautystandards,” Holliday captioned the Instagram post.

Tess Holliday
Tess Holiday/Instagram

Holliday, 30, is expecting her first child with partner Nick in June, she announced to PEOPLE exclusively in January.

“It definitely was not planned and I was a little nervous when I first found out, but I’m excited!” she said.

And Holliday, who has a 10-year-old son Rylee from a previous relationship, said she’s thrilled to experience the baby stage all over again.

“When I had my son, I was 20 and I didn’t know what I was doing and I didn’t have help. I’m really excited to be doing it again and have support, and be able to enjoy having a baby, because I couldn’t last time,” says Holliday

It’ll be another huge life change in a year full of them for the trailblazer, who became the first size-22 model to sign with a major agency in 2015. She’s since scored campaigns with Benefit Cosmetics, Torrid, and more, plus her own line for Pennington’s.

The baby on the way, whose sex is unknown at this point, will also truly bring together their family, Nick said.

“I think it really solidifies the two halves of our family coming together,” he said. “It will be nice to have the family more blended.”

— Julie Mazziotta, @julietmazz

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robyn on

No Tess, you were never slaying that bikini

yuk on

LOL sorry pig. you dont look good in that circus tent you call a bikini. and shes pregnant?? wow she’s going to get even bigger now.. soon to be bedridden

Aarin on

Stop glorifying obesity. This girl can’t be healthy. Props to her for loving herself, but she’s got 1.5 kids to be a role model too, and being morbidly obese isn’t a trait you want to pass on to your children. I love love love self acceptance, but she can strive to be healthier, THATS true self love.

Guest on

How can people even put Ashley Graham in the same “plus size” category as this person? Tess truly is plus-size and unhealthy. I read an article that said she works out with a trainer 4 times a week. I laughed.

Shannon on

She looks more than plus sized sorry. She looks obese which is as unhealthy as being anorexic.

martina on

There is NO WAY this woman is at a healthy weight. Her joints will be completely shot by 45 y.o., she’ll need a wheelchair to move around. I have seen it so many times. Human body is not designed to carry this amount of weight. Glorifying obesity is just as bad as glorifying eating disorders.

Anonymous on

believe me, I’m all for beauty and standing up for size doesnt matter. But I can not help but think how hard of a labor and giving birth will be for you at such a plus size. Sometimes, we have to stop and think about the baby that God has blessed you with.

Sara on

More power to her for loving herself. But can we please stop glorifying obesity like it’s ok?! It’s just not!

WonderWoman on

Well, she IS eating for two now!

kk on

My God what is wrong with people…People are just crude and mean…Yes she is plus sized, yes it can be unhealthy – but let me remind you weight just doesn’t fall off – good for her to at least try – there are other issues that cause someone to be overweight – not just from them eating – and you are aware that “skinny” people can be unhealthy too

Guest on

Bikinis should stop at certain sizes.

Jamie on

Look, do and say as you please. But please do not sell yourself off as a size 22. I used to work as a PA for a fashion brand that also made plus sizes clothes so I am knowledgeable enough to know that Tess is more like a 26-28. If you’re so into being transparent and genuine, then be proud of whatever size you are. But 22 it is not.

The.Pretty.One on

Uhmmmm, I think it’s awesome that she is feeling confident pregnant; however, this does not look healthy, nor would I go as far as saying she is slaying. Obesity in pregnancy can cause a gang of health problems for the baby, and the mother.

Pop culture is taking “slaying” too far. This looks unhealthy, and gross honestly. But hey, she tried it.

Jerks on

For all of you haters judging her you don’t know her medical history there are plenty of hormonal disorders that can cause you to be overweight despite working out and eating right on a regular basis. I hope all of you get one and have people constantly judging you for something medical that you can’t change.

Anonymous on

Obesity is just as unhealthy as anorexia, neither should be glorified! This is just sad, that amount of weight cannot be healthy or comfortable. Tess, think about your children. Good for you for feeling comfortable in your skin but please try to get healthy for the sake of being there and being active with your children for hopefully a long period of their lives.
No, I do not think someone of her size looks great in a bikini, that is my preference and if she feels comfortable, whatever, I don’t have to look

Sal on

More like slaying gestational diabetes with that anchor baby.

Have you looked into how a morbidly obese woman gets a C-Section? It’s a bonafide freak show.

Just Me on

Wow. No wonder there are women out there who try to encourage overweight women to feel good about themselves. There are clearly enough people out there making them feel bad. I am what most would consider overweight/obese. For those saying that it ‘can’t be healthy’, you’re wrong. I am perfectly healthy. I’ve tried to lose weight, for years, but I’ve accepted that I’m always going to be a ‘bigger girl’. Guess what? Hasn’t stopped me from snagging a super great, smoking hot man, or having beautiful kids. I am happy with who I am… but that doesn’t automatically mean that I’m ‘promoting an unhealthy lifestyle’. I am simply one person who has accepted that I would rather be happy than to struggle to live up to the standards that other people, mostly strangers, have decided I should be. I can outrun, out hike and out climb most of my skinnier friends. I have more endurance than most of them too. Skinny/thin does NOT automatically mean healthy and being what doctors call overweight doesn’t automatically mean unhealthy. If you are a thin person, consider yourself lucky. You’ve never had to deal with the anxiety of simply going outside because you know there’s going to be at least one person who’s going to make fun of you or call you names. You don’t have doctors blaming every single issue you have on your weight and you don’t have to deal with the constant ridicule of strangers thinking they can comment on your appearance. You, as a skinny person, fit in. You have more than enough other thin people to look up too. You’re not automatically branded lazy, even when you’re not. There are so many things you’ll never have to deal with simply because you ‘fit the mold’ society has deemed ‘acceptable’. I guess it’s easy to ridicule and make fun of someone when you don’t have to worry about those same things happening to you.

wendyw2407 on

There is “plus-size” and then there is this….promoting obesity is not a good look.

D on

Ok so the obesity thing aside, why does People keep glorifying this woman ?she is a shitty human being. She has lied, stolen money from Fans and Charity, she is snarky , she blocks anyone that doesn’t agree with her. She was the front runner in a campaign to get a model in her own agency fired for saying that fat people have a bigger carbon footprint…I could go on, Stop giving shitty people like this a platform and if she was really comfortable in her own size she would stop lying about her size and photoshopping the hell out of her pics.

"Twig Beech" on

No… As a skinny person growing up in the real world….I can tell you, it isn’t sunshine and acceptance. It’s a world of men and women who prefer “fat booties”, “Double Ds”, and “milkshake thighs”. As a natural size 0 who’s been constantly berated to “eat more” or even at extreme cases nearly force fed by strangers….know it isn’t any easier for either side of the fence.
I am healthy and I love me but I still strive to be healthier and put on healthy weight. Not for anyone but me. No excuses, if you truly love yourself.
This “model” can’t be remotely healthy and she is obese like it or not. She should strive to show her self love by being a role model of fitness for her children and her fans…not lie to herself that her cellulite is cute. Being a role model is more than just “killin it”, it’s being someone worthy to lead their followers to beneficial lifestyles. It’s not easy but trying to extend your life span is worth it.

Humanity sucks on

Wow, so many absolutely hateful people on this planet. It doesn’t really matter what size you are if your soul is grotesque. Rock on, Tess. Be happy being you.

april on

She’s a uk size 22. That’s a 266/28 in the USA. It’s different sizing which drives me nuts.

Omaka on

Like her hairstyle, it looks nice on her.

Erin on

I am SO SO SO glad to see that the majority of people on here are not in support of her. She drives me crazy, glorifying being unhealthy and obese…and I say this as a plus size woman myself. At least I’m aware that I’m at an unhealthy weight and not trying to tell people it’s ok to be big like this idiot.

Samantha on

Well isn’t it great none of you have to be a plus size women.
I’m a plus size women and I’m all for it. She is not glorifying obesity she is showing people every were that no matter your size you should love who you are and never be ashamed of your size and i think it is wonderful that she can do this I personally could not show my body off but I’m all for her. More power to you darl. And good luck with bub no. 2

B. on

No. Just no.

Vok on

Um her plus size doesn’t look very healthy.

jen on

People just took her post and put it here. Lazy reporting for any online source. Who cares anyway? They only reason people care is because she extreme. Extreme gets attention. It isn’t because she has a pretty face or because she is a good person, it is because she is a freak show.

Juju on

Gorgeousness! ❤

Melanie on

Hopefully, she’s eating healthier, because morbid obesity increases the risk of stillbirth.

Nally on

It’s hardly tell she is 6 months pregnant in this picture.



singlewhitefemaleinprov on

What a bunch of freakishly hateful, angry people! Why do you care so much what a complete stranger looks like that you’re all freaking out and sputtering with rage? Is it really that fucking upsetting that she’s enjoying her life even though she’s fat?

Y’all need to cultivate some hobbies that don’t involve being shitty to strangers on the internet. It screams “LOSER” that you’re so invested in bullying people online.

Yolander on

She is a plus size woman but she is not glorifying it. She is showing people that any size women can be beautiful women, though she looks little unhealthy, she needs to take care of herself more.

Tori on

Of course she doesn’t know the sex. Ultrasounds are useless when you have that much fat. She’s “slaying” because she has her hair and makeup done and had a professional take this picture. No way is this just a casual picture by a pool. Honestly magazines need to stop giving her any attention.