Here He Is! Kim Kardashian West Shares First Photo of 3-Month-Old Son Saint to Mark Her Late Dad’s Birthday

02/22/2016 at 09:05 AM ET

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for!

Kim Kardashian West shared the first photo of 3-month-old son Saint on Monday morning through her app and website.

In the sweet snap, baby Saint, dressed in a white thermal onesie, is sound asleep as he lays with his arms up in the air.

“Today is my dad’s birthday. I know there’s nothing more in the world he would have wanted than to meet his grandchildren. So I wanted to share this pic of Saint with you all,” the proud mom wrote alongside her son’s photo.

Kim Kardashian son Saint photo
Source: Kim Kardashian West

Prior to posting Saint’s picture, Kardashian West honored her late father Robert Kardashian‘s birthday on her website.

“Happy Birthday dad! I can’t believe you would have been 72 today. So much has gone on in our lives since you’ve been gone, and I know you have been my guardian angel seeing everything unfold! I love you and missyou so much!” she wrote, sharing a photo of Kardashian smiling.

Kardashian West, who gave birth to Saint on Dec. 5, had previously shared a photo of the little one’s hand clasped around 2½-year-old big sister North‘s finger.

Kardashian West, 35, captioned the photo, “She said ‘He’s my best friend.’ ”

While the reality star and husband Kanye West, 38, had held off on sharing photos of their newborn immediately after his birth, there was plenty of chatter surrounding who the baby looked like.

Khloé Kardashian‘s BFF and longtime Kardashian family pal Malika Haqq previously said that Saint looked like big sister Nori. Meanwhile, Kardashian West herself had joked on her app that he looked like her.

“He’s so cute, you guys, you have no idea,” she said of Saint while during a livestream with brother Rob Kardashian. “He looks kinda like just like me, don’t you think?” She said with a laugh, “He’s so cute – he looks just like me!”

“Jk, jk, guys,” she added.

— Maria Mercedes Lara

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Xan on

He’s adorable! I do see some Kim in him.

Tanya on

I guess it was time to get paid. 😁

Kimberly on

Beautiful baby!

Dawn on

We’re all very sorry, Saint. I hope you can get through and make yourself better than this family. Bring North with you as well.

Zsa on

Say what you will about her. She makes beautiful babies. 👏🏾

dancer9213 on

Beautiful baby…I will give it to them they do make beautiful babies..

To Ugh….you are a vile and disgusting thing. (human is not an appropriate for you)

Ashley on

Wow! She lets him wear white?!

Mia on

Hes’s a sweetie pie! Babies are such a blessing. When you lose someone babies are reminder that life continues and that person is not gone but they live on through your children!

NY'er on

I’m not a fan of this couple but he is a beautiful baby! And YES he looks just like his sister. A mini North.

Ltkforever on

He’s very adorable and really cute. I however get slightly sad watching him sleep so peacefully, not knowing about the reality – media frenzy he’s going to grow up in with a fame hungry mom and a dad caught up in his own delusions of grandeur. Hope he’s a strong little fella.

renee on

Pay Day! I take it Zuckerberg declined Kayne’s request?!

Sandra on

Awwwww, what a cutie. Gosh, I just love babies, not enough to have another one, but enough to snuggle on someone else s.

JBrooklyn on

@ugh…umm that’s why y’all spend millions of dollars every year in tanning salons right😏! 😂 Just to look the way we do naturally.-movin on.

nina on

what a cutie reminds me of a hersheyskisses sooo sweet.

CS on

Looks healthy. Someone is feeding him.

Mono on

So sorry little man! Sorry you have such a disgusting set of parents and overall, a disgusting family around you! Wish you and your little innocent sister all the best in life!

CaliChrissy on

Only took 3 months for them to negotiate the price.

Kaye on

What a beautiful baby boy. What saddens me is that my daughter and her husband are truly struggling with infertility and there’s such much monetarily they can do. They are both good decent people and want a baby so badly. it seems like Kim just gets whatever she wants when she wants and I wonder if she really appreciates it. I just think what a treasure a baby would be to own daughter and what a good mom she would be.
Unfortunately this little boy will be around no one of substance and certainly no roll model. Smh……

Brook on

What a mean thing to say ugh… I mean come on..

ellwn on

Awww, beautiful baby boy. Congratulations again to his family.

sheilajae on

He’s so cute. I don’t understand people who say negative things about babies. They’re innocent.

Loren on

So how much did they get for this pic? Funny how they finally release a picture of him when Kanye is pleading for money on social media. Coincidence? Why of course…….

Anonymous on

what a ugly baby

k2 on


fran on

He’s an adorable baby!!!

legalgirl on

@Ugh, really?!

Anonymous on

Already got his hands up!

gracie on

Kanye is imploding so it is a perfect time to release the photo …a distraction and a damage control tool. This family is so transparant in their manipulation of the media and their”fans”. Now Kin and Kris have two kids to exploit.

b on

Poop skin

Delores on

Cute baby no matter how bad the parents are. No one says how bad Rachel bilson is with her child. We haven’t seen no pucs are little girl she wanted so badly.

erica2 on

Saint is adorable! I love how babies sleep with their arms up 🙂

Tonya on

So adorable

Camile on

@JBrooklyn-Sorry, I don’t think any white person tans to get a black color.

Michelle on

The picture is all over the Internet. People magazine did not negotiate anything. Cute baby!!💕

Lala on

Not saying the Kardashian’s aren’t money grubbing crazies, but she posted this on her own page. This isn’t a spread in a gossip magazine like the Jolie-Pitts (yes, they did theirs with the intention of donating the money), and other celebrities have done. So maybe there was no money behind this picture. Or someone got a picture of him first, and was shopping it, so she posted her own first? Anyways, he’s a beautiful baby, and I hope he has a strong head on his shoulders, because he’ll need it.

Guest on

Ok, I can’t stand Kim, but I have to admit her baby is very cute. Very adorable. Ok, moving on, lol. He is cute though.

Sigh on

That baby is darling. Anyone who talks about the shade of his skin as being a negative thing, is a disgrace and is truly what is wrong with the world. Both brown and white can be truly beautiful. He definitely is.

Enough of the KTrash on

Sorry was not waiting to see this child. He has horrible parents. I feel sorry for him having two most self centered parents.

Kay on

Thx god he came out black. No need to tan like the rest. Beautiful melanin baby.

Janie on

He’s gorgeous! Congrats mom and dad!

Chris on

Beautiful Baby!

White on

@Camile. Just the fact whites have a need to want to tan. Self hate is horrible.

nozona on

For those talking about the skin color, did you expect red hair and blue eyes? smh Cute baby

Lyn on

Hope he’s smarter than his parents.

Kathy on

Looks just like any other sleeping baby. I feel sorry for both of these kids. Dad has issues and mom is made of plastic.

Denny on

Just saw a go fund me WE Project 2016 campaign challenging Kanye’s go fund me campaign. The baby in that campaign looks like Saint. CUTE BABY!

Janet on

Cute baby.

nanam on

All babies are beautiful! I hope and pray he and his sister find a peaceful journey! And don’t try to keep up with any of them Kardashian’s or jenner’s or West’s for that matter!

sue on

@Ugh You are disgusting.

Holy cow on

Wow! He looks like a baby…..

Sue's on

He’s beautiful.

susipeach on

I’ve got 3 grandbabies that are just as beautiful.
All babies are beautiful.

dancejax on

He is so black, looks just kike Kayne and his hair is looks like North’s, ugly, no wonder they hide those kids.

fee on

Lala…she posted on her app that u need 2 pay to C.The Jolies give ALL $ 2 charities.Kim could never get that amount of $ n what $ she did get 4 North,she kept it all.Even her ebay auctions,she sold over 700000 n kept 400000,not even half to said charity

Pam on

Cute baby.

Kathleen on

Pretty sure her dad would have wanted nothing more than for his daughters to NOT have a sex tape out like hers. Grandkids? Yes, that too, but…

dancejax on

He looks like Kayne and his hair looks like North’s. If they are trying to take the heat off of grandma being boooed off stage, won’t work, no one with half a brain wants to see or hear from this bunch.

tintin79 on

He’s a black baby. yayyya

DebLG on

Not a fan of the family but he is adorable.

Anonymous on

enough with the Kardashians

dancejax on

Where is my comment?

jen on

this kid is so cute that i cannot just laugh at kanye anymore . he has a sweet family and he should just practice kindness and do something productive to make his late mom and kids proud. shame.

dancejax on

Looks like kayne.

Melissa on

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for!
Oh my gosh. People read my mind. I’ve been waiting with bated breath!
Oh wait. No. No I haven’t.

Dawn on

Delores, because a celebrity does not flaunt their babies/kids in the media does not make them bad parents. In fact, IMO, it makes them much better parents! The Kardashians all use each other and their kids for money. They’re taking after Kris.

Kate Middleman on

What a beautiful baby. Lovely way to pay tribute to her Dad. I’m sure her Dad would have loved to kiss those beautiful cheeks! I found this really touching having lost my Dad from the same type of cancer this year.

lola on

Awww….. such a beautiful baby boy!

Ilona on

The baby is beautiful….But his parents are stupid and crazy. Poor little boy !!!

Mandi on

At some point I pray Kanye will seek mental help and truly see this beautiful family he’s created.

Cookie on

He is cute. Also just because you don’t agree with his parents lifestyle doesn’t make them bad parents. As long as they love their kids, spend time with them and provide then they are good parents. What they do in the personal life is of no consequence. Get a life and stop bring negative.

Drew on

@Ugh: Thanks for proving to us all that racism is alive and well. You’re a shining example of humanity. You’re obviously white.

Drew on

@Ugh: Christ, people like you are just a shining example of humanity. Thanks for proving to us all that racism is alive and well. Post-racial America, people!

Carol on

Omg Kim he is beautiful congrats on your bundle of joy !

jen on

Too bad both of his parents are psychos and his grandmother is a vi le de vil. These two need to stop breeding.

Dawn on

He is adorable!

cds on

He’s is so cute! Can’t wait to see a photo of him with his eyes open.

Sue on

Now this is how you do damage control! Lol! You have to hand it to this woman, she sure figured out how to erase the negativity surrounding her family, thanks to her husband’s antics. First, she posts an adorable photo of her husband and daughter sleeping in a children’s store (effectively and subconsciously reminding the world that he is human, after all). Now, revealing the long-awaited first photo of their new baby. Good job, Mrs. West! And people say she has no talent…lol…she’s a PR master 😉

Common on

He kind of looks Indian to me. lol

Ashley on

For those speaking of the color. You do realize that Kim is not white, right?

MJ on

Little Saint is absolutely precious. He looks just like Nori, say what you will about Kim and Kanye they do make beautiful babies. I just wish they’d get their priorities straight.

Marsha on

I see her Dad and Kanye and just his beautiful self…what a gorgeous baby!


Saint is adorable. But…how many of us predicted that the Kartrashian publicity machine was going to do EXACTLY this to diffuse the negative press that his wacky father generated over the past few weeks??!!

Anonymous on

To Ugh – there are ugly, evil people sent her to torment others and you are just one of them. But good overrides bad, so you will not succeed with your hate.

Anonymous on

To Ugh, who posted previously – You’re a racist idiot!

Heidi on

Beautiful boy!!!!! Both children are beautiful………



B on

Dang! That’s a beautiful baby! Two beautiful Kardashian West babies; congrats to the most polarizing family ever on your gorgeous babies!

ann on

pretty baby

suzy on

Poor Kid……having parents like kanye and Kim.. Too bad they had to reproduce. this kid is going to suffer later in life ………

Awww on

Little chocolate drop is cute.

ackridgek2015 on

He’s adorable, regardless of how you feel about his parents, they make beautiful babies together…..

sandy on

Must admit- he’s adorable!

mistie on

Well Kanyes debt was just knocked down for $53mil to $52mil

Bella on

Kim & Kanye really do make beautiful babies. Honestly i really like Kim. Not too crazy about Kanye, because i’ve know guys like him (or how he is portrayed to the world,) and not really a fan of this kind of personality in men, but there is a video of Kim with North on U-tube, where it seems hundreds of people are crowded around her, where she can’t even walk her pram properly, and she never once loses her composure. She goes along with it all, and i’m like, ‘if that were me, i would’ve lost it completely.” I know it sounds a little odd, but i really admire that.

Kelly on

Finally, now we can all sleep at night! The picture has been released!!! Sheesh.

Madelina on

Ohh!! Such a sweet photo! What an adorable little guy they’ve got! I do see Kim in him too! I was just wondering when we were finally going to see him, I’m glad she shared this photo 🙂 People can say what they want about the parents but even the most cold-hearted people can’t help but smile at a precious baby 🙂 Saint and North super especially cute!

ST on

These two do not make beautiful babies. They just need to stop.

moi on

wow, hes dark.

Guest on

He’s cuter than the first one by far, but he’s still a West, and I will always feel sorry for those innocent kids being stuck with crappy parents they got.

Check Your Facts on

Pretty sure he’s 2 months old…not 3. Cute kid. Unfortunate to be born into that horrible family.

Angel on

She couldn’t just honor her father? Like any other baby bit being put in the limelight for attention, he is cute…

Madelina on

@Kaye I’m sorry your daughter is struggling with infertility. If it makes you feel any better, Kim didn’t just get what she wanted, she herself struggled herself quite a bit to get pregnant with Saint. Only after a handful of surgeries and proceedures to remove the scar tissue from her uterus and a couple of rounds of IVF did Kim finally get pregnant. She had a lot of issues during the pregnancy too, and rough deliveries. Khloe struggled with infertility too, she tried for a year + during her marriage to Lamar and then found out she wasn’t even ovulating. Of course she never did end up getting pregnant, I think at some point she said she put it on hold, and then the marriage didn’t work out. I think it’s just Kourtney seems to get pregnant at the drop of a hat, and the mother Kris. I just said a quick prayer for your daughter & her hubby. Sending positive thoughts their way and hoping they are able to conceive their baby sooner than later. Take care

guest on

Her children look nothing like her. They just look like him. Although neither is a compliment.

SS on

He is absolutely precious.

Meena on

He’s a cutie.

PMc on

What a beautiful precious baby! I think he looks like his mommy.

What???? on

Cute, too bad he had such vapid parents.

Dr. Dan on

beautiful baby, to bad her parents are such narcissistic self absorbed losers, I wonder what they will name the next baby ?……..god ? I mean after all whats with the names anyhow?…North and now Saint, Has everyone forgotten that Kim’s REAL father is O.J. SIMPSON?????!!!!

Anonymous on

UGH, it’s people like YOU that cause the issues we have in this country with race1 What a horrible thing to say!

Guest on

He is adorable! I see both his mom and dad in him. How sweet…

Me on

He is adorable but am I the only one who sees what might be a little scar in the shadow under his lip? Is that why it took so long for a photo to be released waiting for some repair surgery to heal? I doubt People paid them enough to pay off Daddy’s “debts” though.

Guest on

What s cutie!

Anonymous on

very sweet- I didn’t know Robert Kardashian was so much older than Kris It was nice for Kim to remember him on his birthday

Marc on

It looks like Diarrhea!

rene on

@ ugh and anonymous…do us all a FAVOR and fall off of the face of the earth. I’m positive that NO ONE would miss you!!!

Me on

Saint is practicing is arrest.

Guest17 on

Stop trashing Kanye and Kim as terrible parents. They may be a lot of things but they love their children and dote on them. Also, stop with the nasty comments about the baby’s skin color. That is so incredibly low and immature. Get over yourselves. The baby is adorable and I bet when he opens his eyes, he is even more adorable.

Sue on


Macrus on

These people shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

SickMomSLE on

Beautiful baby & lovely coloring! So smooth, imperfect, without the “baby blemishes/rashes” many babies have on their LIL chubby faces!😊
Anyone that says negative things @BABIES … this 1’s for YOU “Ugh” whom wrote an inexcusable comment)… perhaps you do NOT have a child?! Or PERHAPS you shouldn’t EVER have one!??! Children are innocent & loving, “a breath of fresh happy air”, taking your heart & squeezing it with just a little giggle/smile! 🙂 And although I am NOT a “fan “(especially after the “barely breathin’ &…1 billion 💵request to MZ”), his “true colors /heart”❤️ proved him to be completely narcissistic, calculating, selfish & well,… just PLAIN RIDICULOUS, really! And I am uniquely able to comment here as I am actually REALLY DYING with our children watching me go down, fighting hard every day just to LIVE! Thus, Mr. West’s “comments”/tweets were more than “wrong” in my book!
So… DO I feel badly or sorry for either of them? No! HECK NO!🙆🏻 BUT … a baby is an innocent being/life & it is NEVER ok to say hurtful or AWFUL things @them! There! That’s MY two cents…😊

maryhelenc on

He’s a beautiful baby. Kim is very lucky to have two healthy & gorgeous children.

Baby on

Looks like North but with darker skin. Still cute though.

Anonymous on

Gorgeous child! As for you @ugh go jump of a bridge you racist POS !!

Slk on

Freeze, your under arrest- for being so cute!

Judy Tucker on

The baby is so cute. I do feel bad for those two kids growing up with parents like them. How sad is this? Who is going to teach them morals and values when their parents don’t have any.

Anonymous on

What a beautiful baby:-)

Adorable I just hope he's smarter and not so self-centered as his father :-) on

Adorable I just hope he’s smarter and not so self-centered as his father 🙂

Isa on

What a bunch of racists… his parents are crazy and shallow for sure, but why is the color of the skin an issue? Babies are beautiful in any color! And please, inform yourselves (for those who don’t know): Kim, as her ancestors, is “white”, as in “caucasian”. Check out in a map where all we caucasians come from…

7Mary3 on

What a cute baby. He really is.

That said, Kimmy, I’m not sure how ‘proud’ of you your father would be. You’re only famous because RayJ urinated on you in a sex tape which your own mother marketed for the world to see. You’re on your third husband-though to be fair, at least this one is an arranged marriage. You routinely slander and make fun of your own brother who has a lot of issues right now. Your dad seemed like a decent man. You clearly take after your mother.

Not sure how proud daddy dearest would be of what a slt you turned out to be.

Linda C. on

Don’t start with the racism here because I have a mixed family. However, the very first thing I noted about the baby was how dark he was, yes I said that and it is true. His sister, on the other hand, is quite light. The baby is cute but I totally disagree with all babies are cute, beautiful, I have personally seen ugly babies. He luckily does not fit into that category but dark, yes he is and has nothing to do with racism, fact.

sally on

Wonder how much the whore got paid for this ridiculous photo …..

janb55 on

She posted this picture on her website. She finally figured out that no magazine was going to give her the big bucks she wanted for the exclusive first pic of her son. Nice try Kim, but this isn’t going to help put a spin on Kanye’s nonsense.

heidi fischer on

Cute Kiddo…We apologize for the parents you were given, Little Saint:)

Staycee on

He’s so adorable! He kind of looks like a baby Bruno Mars, no?

Helen on

I can’t stand Kim or Kanye but what a GORGEOUS baby!!!!! Melting….

jg1965 on

Damage control – that’s all this picture is since KK has been getting serious negative press. They are using this picture to try and give some positive feelings their way.

Anonymous on

He’s beautiful!

Priscilla on

Congratulations!! You have a very handsome little son!

charlotte on

Of course he is a cute and sweet baby! I do feel bad for both of the West children to have such horrible role models as parents. Someone should start a Go Fund Me for all the therapy these kids will need when they grow up.

jezmyopinion on

He looks exactly like his insane father. She’ll have that kid in the plastic surgeons office before he’s 10 shaving his check bones, thinning his nose, bleaching his skin. Poor kid. She’s probably already pierced his ear.

Ricki on

Congrats! He’s adorable

alaskabaybe on

He is absolutely adorable!

Ja on

He’s cute but looks like he has Hemihyperplasia.

Kc on

If he’s this dark already,he’ll probably be Kimora Lee’s son’s complexion on no time.

crunchy on

“as he lays” is not grammatical. He is LYING with his arms up. He is not “laying” anything.

He is very attractive, and it’s cool that apparently no one paid for this photo. Their daughter is one of the cutest kids on the planet and I love love LOVE her first name. Always did. That’s the best think Kim has done in her life, give her daughter that really great name. Her son’s name, unfortunately …. well, it could have been worse.

Sandra on

What a beautiful little boy. He looks just like an angel. He is sooooo freakin adorable. Looks a lot like North West who is super duper adorable. Not many kids as cute as this one. Kim post another picture when he opens his eyes, as I know he is stunning. Now K & K make some gorgeous. babies. No need for a tan you cutie you got it naturally. It seems like some of the most beautiful babies are the biracial ones. A little bit of chocolate really trumps that vanilla. Not to be insensitive but babies of color make colorless babies look like ghosts. Pale faced babies always remind me of those people born with that skin disease where they lack melanin. I have seen some cute colorless babies though. And when people of color age they age beautifully. And that is why they don’t need any makeup. Where as colorless kids by the time they are teenagers have to start applying paint to their faces. And that is why the Amish look weird they have no color and wear no makeup. I always say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. Again what a gorgeous baby. Perfect little features and looks like a saint to me.

Kim on

What an ugly baby looks like a dead baby on a casket!!

Jnanni on

I don’t really care for the parents but that is a beautiful baby.

Mrs. B on

I just love babies and he’s no exception. He’s so cute. I bet his fat baby cheeks get kissed all the time. Both of Kim’s children are beautiful.

Not A Fan on

so we have been “graced” with a pic of the Royal Family of Poo’s kid….big deal.
I thought Kim said this kid looked like her ?NOT…’s too dark ( didn’t you notice that Kimye ? )
She isn’t a mom….she’s a moron…..recent posts about breast feeding ? yeah right…..NOT ….breast feeding takes time and Kim isn’t into being a mom that bad

Sharon on

OMG!!!!!! What a beautiful child. Just beautiful….blessing.

Anonymous on


UDontNoMe on

Cute, chubby kid. Interesting that she sends out this pic now. Kanye went off the rails in the cuckoo caboose, Kris got boo’ed, Disick is not doing what Kourtney ordered, Tyga got evicted, Lamars ready to fly away, Rob’s still sleeping with the enemy and Kim’s still huge as hell, etc, etc. Trying to divert attention perhaps?

Crystal on

Definitely some of Kim’s facial features, but Kanye’s head structure and nose.
I admire that African tradition that she practises, it’s 3 months before you can show a female child to the world and 2 months for a male.

Anonymous on

So much has gone on in our lives since you’ve been gone? yeah like doing porn to get your cash flow going. I think Daddy would have been ashamed that his daughter didnt get a real carreer going – unlike your great accomplishments Lol……….. no class!

lee on

So much has gone on in our lives since you’ve been gone??? Like missed all the PORN<< Girl your Daddy would have been ashamed.

Sara on

He’s such a beautiful baby! Gorgeous little chocolate drop. Makes me want a baby BOY!

kimya on

eh north is cuter by a mile.

he ain’t nothing special looks wise.

Yaya on

Cute baby with a name as ridiculous as his sister. At least they are in it together with their Idiot harlot of a mother and a trainwreck excuse of a father. It’s sad for any child to be born into debt because it obvi means the parents were either careless or reckless…in his case..both smh.
About skin tone… it doesn’t matter. Although vanilla deff still trumps chocolate IMO by this point we are all an ice cream medley by now and it’s just a misguided preference. All children are beautiful because of their purity. Until you act like an ugly human’re beautiful

Not A Fan on

Wanna bet Kim isn’t going to be fawning all over this kid ? Too dark, doesn’t look like her, etc. The comments she kept making that he looks like her was BS too….I agree with the woman whose DD has had infertility issues….it seems no matter what Kim K. wants…it’s given to her. I am so sick of hearing about Kim. This couple has FOUR homes, and Kim thinks it’s funny ( according to her twitter account ) that they live with her mom ? There’s people out there that truly need help and Kanye is asking for a handout ? Hope this house of cards falls soon. Then maybe someone who is deserving of all this attention ( an actor/actress ) will be adored …..These actors work hard to get where they are, and then there’s a N’ loving turd like Kim K acting like she owns the world…..someone needs to tell her she’s not that important.

nobuntu on

Certainly..i was not waiting for the picture. Please not everybody is that crazy.

Guest on

Regardless of the parents, they do make beautiful children!

Teresa McDowell on

Kim, he is a beautiful baby! So precious.

Charlotte94 on

So so so precious! This baby is too cute just like his big sis!


thats one ugly baby . EewwH !

Erin on

Who. The hell. Cares.

mae on

I away thought that america has the dumbest set of people in the world!!!! and boy was i right, calling a baby ugly because of his dark color !!!!!! besides pictures sometimes show a color different and darker that the actual color depending on the lighting . You evil people who made those comment , don’t worry your day will come.

Smhpeople on

First off congratulations to the Kardashian-west family this baby is handsome, This world is truly sick,reading these comment are disgusting, the way another human talk about a baby, you talk about (TV stars) there life has been altered for attention and maybe far from truth, we are all human beings, there are some sick individuals, this place isn’t gone get no better, if this how we treat each other.nobody is better than nobody to be judging anybody jealousy and evil and disrespect amongst a child is just sad.

beverly on

I admire her strength and couldn’t care less about haters and ugh you are a jealous pale ass bigot

cindy peters on

i’m sure her late dad would be “relieved” to see the baby “topless”&NOT kim who was BOTH “bottomless&topless” in her last f.b. pic posted!!!

S. on

Her father would want to see his grandchildren? I’m not so sure that her father would be happy to see that his grandchildren aren’t even Armenian. Kim and her sisters talk about how proud they are to be Armenian, yet I’ve never seen them date Armenian men. I’m sure Kim’s black children, and Khloe’s future ones, couldn’t care less about their mother and their grandfather’s Armenian traditions or heritage. They’ll be like Obama, let the white people put their time, effort, and money into raising them, then do everything to help the black community as adults.

I hope North and Saint marry black people and have really black children. It will be funny to see Kim, the lone white ghost, surrounded by all her black grandchildren.