Ivanka Trump Posts Sweet Photo with Children After Donald’s Win in South Carolina

02/21/2016 at 03:30 PM ET

Ivanka Trump is enjoying her final days as a mother of two.

The pregnant 34-year-old shared a photo with her two children on social media Sunday, just one day after her father Donald Trump nabbed another win in his fight for the presidential nomination.

Posing with her arms around Arabella Rose, 4, and Joseph Frederick, 2, Ivanka smiled happily in a beige sweater. “Happy Sunday,” she wrote.

Ivanka Trump and Children
Source: Ivanka Trump/Twitter


Ivanka is pregnant with her third child with husband Jared Kushner. The baby is due this Spring.

The blonde fashion mogul has spent much of her pregnancy stumping for her father, who is vying to be the Republican presidential candidate.

On Saturday, the real estate mogul won the South Carolina Republican primary, and his daughter was by his side in Spartanburg.

“Ivanka, we have a hospital ready just in case and South Carolina, we’re going to have a baby and there’s nothing wrong with that,” Donald said in his victory speech, before joking, “It could be any second. It could even be before I’m finished.”

— Lindsay Kimble

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Erin on

Arabella, I make that same face when I hear about your grandpa trying to destroy the country.

Meh on

Thought they’d be better looking.

Jennifer on

If her Father wins Presidency, I’m going to personally beg my Aunt if I can move to Canada and live with her.

suks on

Erin above and anyone else who says Trump is out to ruin our country are complete morons. What do you think Obama has done in the past 8 years? We has created such a gap between people in this country it’s hard to believe! We need a strong leader who is NOT afraid to speak up. I believe he will do wonderful things! I for one would LOVE to see that wall built.

suks on

Idiots threatening to leave of Trump gets in- PLEASE DO!!! Under Obama there are now thousands of refugees he has brought in so we have way to many people as it is! No one will miss you.

Gretchen on

Hey suks, nice name btw, this is about Ivanka. Keep Obama and her dad’s politics out of this.

Anonymous on

Little boy is in pajamas and little girl has her jacket on for a portrait? strange? Both look like their grandmother, Ivana.

Donald on

Her kids are hideous.

Sarah on

She’s my role model! Love her! Cute kids!

Huh on

Her daughter looks like a little impoverished Latina.

Um eww on

Donald Trump sure has some ugly daughters

Rose on

I am most definitely not voting for Donald Trump. On that note do not say mean things about children. That is lower than low.

Lulu on

Bye, Jennifer…don’t come back!

ImALadyToo on

Her daughter looks very Slavic, I guess from grandma. They’re both cuties.

Klein on

Her daughter is Sephardic Jewish.

Kay on

The Trump grandchildren are beautiful, and their mother, Ivanka, is a beautiful, intelligent, graceful, and elegant woman. Congratulations, Ivanka, on baby #3, be well and stay as lovely and warm as you are now.

Anonymous on

Beautiful family!

Anonympus on

I will not be mean towards her or her children. They can’t help who their father and grandfather are. I will say this. Chump is saying he will build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep out immigrants. Does anyone realize or do their research? When Chump married Ivana and Malania, they were not U.S citizens. In fact Ivana didn’t become one until the 90S- after the children were born ( yes making them “anchor babies). Melania became a U.S. citizen after Baron was born ( again another “anchor baby”). He has declared bankruptcy 4 times in order to avoid paying taxes. This is not someone I want to run this country.

Truthie on


you accuse Obama of ruining the country and then have the nerve to call someone a moron…you are delusional. Stoping watching Fox News and listening to Rush Limbaugh.

You talk about divisions? You think Trump, the egomaniacal bigot and xenophobe is a UNITER? You are as a big a joke as your candidate Trump. All Trump has done over the last year is spread hatred, resentment, anger and racism.

Anonymous on

Oh puleeze. Are we now going to see multiple pix of the Trumpster’s family on People every day? Are they going to replace the KKlan? Put up Melania next to Caitlyn Jenner and you will see separated at birth.

Jennifer on

It’s interesting that her children don’t look anything like her, because she looks nothing like she did when she was young. She’s had a huge amount of plastic surgery. Her children are sweet. Her Father however, is a narcissistic, four times bankrupt, bloviator, who is making the U.S. look really bad. He’s using fear, bigotry and lies to appeal to the lowest common denominator of Rebublican voters and it’s working. When they iinterview people who say they are voting for him, they can barely string a sentence together and always praise him for his bigotry. It’s incredibly scary. I can see why she probably felt compelled to alter herself so much. Her Father resorts to calling women ugly, when they question him, or he doesn’t like them.

Guest on

Oh Puleeze. Are we now going to see pix of the Trumpster’s family on People every day? Are they going to replace the KKlan? Put up side-by-sides of Melania Trump & Caitlyn Jenner & you will see separated at birth.

Dawn on

Why does anyone feel the need to pick on the kids. You can’t really see the boy’s face but the little girl is going to be drop dead gorgeous when she’s older.

Guest on

All of these posts that support Ivanka are right in my mind. She & her children should not be a target. Her unending support for Donald Is understood, given the fact that he is her father and her tether to the bank. There is no way his kids, nor his many wives, can dis him. He is Mr. Moneybags. To cut him off is to cut their money line. They are held hostage, plain & simple.

Lynette on

Arabella looks like her grandfather.

Sesame on

Her daughter looks almost Slavic. I guess they are Jewish, which I think is a bonus for Trump and they should mention. I love Trump and will definitely vote for him. RUN WILD DONALD! We’re behind you! To everyone that hates him: Don’t worry, if you hate him just keep your TV off and don’t watch him. In four years when the country is all turned around, you’ll feel better and forgive him. But no need to watch, he’ll do it anyway.

Rosa on

Her daughters have cute names.

Jay on

Ivanka’s daughter has her chin, or lack thereof and nose before the plastic surgery. Trump should never criticize anyone’s looks.

Marie on

Nice picture but no Trump please. I will do a write-in. I hope we don’t end up with the worse 2 nominees that we can possibly get, Hillary & Trump. UGH

Suk's an Idiot on

Suks, you SUCK! You’re an uneducated moron if you think for a minute that Trump is fit to be POTUS, you’re a nutcase. Yes Obama has done fine job fixing that bush/ republican mess. You should bow to him, you stupid idiot!

rubyovertherainbow* on

Why all the rude comments about the children? Says more about who you people are than those poor innocent kids.

Phd. on

Ivanka is beautiful as well as intelligent. Her children are beautiful as well.

Trump for President !

Cam on

Um her two daughters are don’t look like each other.

Ty on

Reading these comments and I am appalled! The kids really should be off limits and that includes the Trump grandchildren, the Clinton grandchildren, Obama’s kids and Cruz’s and Rubio’s. What is wrong with this country that we feel the need to attack children?!?!? They are NOT responsible for the adult’s politics. People who build themselves up by calling young children ugly have some serious personal issues.

jane on

Sorry Ivanka, but your kids are homely and your father is an ass******le.


MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Anyone who is saying negative and insulting things against Trump, his daughter and grandchildren are just worthless jealous hacks. I hope Trump wins the presidency and classes up this country. It’s really gone to hell. BUILD THAT WALL MR. TRUMP!!!!

SJ on

Who the h*ll is voting for this buffoon?! I would consider myself a conservative independent and will likely vote republican but the fact that conservatives are taking this clown seriously is embarrassing to say the least!

Stella on

Guys, Trump is very INTELLIGENT… He does have a wall street dramatic attitude, but he is quite strategic and smart. If you listen to what he actually says, and not just the media out takes then you’d see that He’s not only entertaining but he just GETS SHIT DONE. AND THAT IN ITSELF IS ENTERTAINING

Moe on

@Cam, umm.. that’s Ivanka”s SON and daughter.

Zol on

Her kids are cute

Drea on

Sweet picture my ass. The one kid is looking at her like “you fake as hell” and the other doesn’t even want to be there, like AT ALL. Lol #Sad

TexasLady on

I would never disparage children, even adult children, but if we are not careful, Trump will destroy this country. He is a bigot and he hates women and people of color. We cannot forget this.

Angelika on

Her daughter looks kinda latina.

Vanessa on

Aww she has cute kids.

Anonymous on

Beautiful children. To attribute hateful words to them (Erin) or say that they are ugly (anyone that says that needs new eyes). Hate is a horrible thing. There isn’t one person in this world that I hate. I can’t imagine being filled with such ire! Beautiful children, beautiful mother, wonderful lady. Let’s not make this about her father.

Lori on

All of you making fun of this family and of Trump, karma is a b***h. Trump is saying things that are only the truth and need to be said. Getting all bent out of shape and threatening to move out of the USA just shows your immaturity.

k on

Who better to build a wall than a real estate mogul. This country is in financial despair. We need a business man who can get things actually done. Not a speech maker. I’m actually turning into a Trump fan. He wants to handle the economic problems of this country that no one wants to admit we have. Who better than him? I have heard time and time again of people losing their jobs—and some their houses. We are seeing it all the time here—you never know anymore who your neighbors are……….and people without health insurance. I’m afraid if things continue as they are what we are going to see when my daughter gets to be my age….and NO–facebook will not be able to solve everyone’s problems.

cynic1018 on

poor kids, they look like their grandfather.

Omaka on

Love the names of their two kids Arabella Rose and Joseph Frederick.

Cece on

Arabella looks bored out of her mind. XD

Anonymous on

Anonymous, the term anchor baby applies to babies born in the US to two non-citizen parents. Children of US citizens are US citizens no matter their country of birth even if one parent is not a US citizen. Not that I agree with Trump’s stance on immigration or how it relates to his personal life, just thought I’d make the correction. His wives earned citizenship and came to the US legally, they did not obtain citizenship merely because they gave birth to children on US soil.

Ivanka, nor her children, have anything to do with Donald Trump’s politics. I don’t know too many people that agree with everything their parents say or do, so lets all realize that Ivanka is a regular person who cannot control what her parents say or do. Bonus points if we ignore media that tries too hard to create headlines just to make people click.

Anonymous on

I’ve NEVER met an intelligent O’bama voter!

claudiazz22 on

You can say what you will, but Trump seems to have done a great job raising his children. They are all hardworking productive members of our society. They aren’t drug addicts or alcoholics even though so many of the Hollywood and super rich have these types of children. He certainly did something right!!!

Anonymous on

The website and People Magazine should be ashamed of themselves for allowing these comments about these innocent children to remain. Disgusting. You people should be ashamed. Imagine if someone said that about your child.

B. on

Arabella doesn’t look too happy…

Pathetic on

Who makes fun of CHILDREN? Stop bullying two kids under the age of 5.

Joanne Cottini on

How is this picture any different then the millions of pictures in every household in America from the east coast to the west coast. Fabulous mothers…role models to their children…no different the Ivanka….oh except that their last name is not Trump !

justMe on

1) Ivanka has a beautiful family.
2) People that ridicule children are despicable
3) I don’t know whether Donald’s policies will save the country or not, but I know he must be doing something right because he is leading by a LANDSLIDE. I know he will apply the same energy and POWER to his next endeavor. Finally I know That he LOVES HIS COUNTRY , which is more than I can say for the present White House occupier.

Becca on

She’s beautiful & smart. I’ve always admired her! Her children are adorable, & I know her baby will be precious!!!

Susie Q on

Your kids are just as ugly as your racist father. He probably got you pregnant since he was quoted as saying “he would sleep with you”.

Anonymous on

Love Ivanka and her kids are adorable!! Trump 2016- make this country great again! Anyone who doesn’t like it please leave- don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!

Ann Marie Deblasio on

Here’s to all the haters here! Please leave now and move to Canada! US will have less dependents (on social welfare). And America don’t need people with evil minds who perpetuate hate to innocent kids! Lastly, you’ll be sorry if that cheater Hilary gets back to the WH in her Orange jumpsuit😱👎🏼 Democrats are morons, blind & arrogant! Majority are haters ex. Harry Reid, Pelosi, Hilary, Dean Reed, and many more. Arrogant, selfish & despicable!
Paul Ryan is turning into one along with Moron Mitt!