Greg Berlanti Welcomes a Son via Surrogate: ‘My Heart Is Full Forever’

02/20/2016 at 04:30 PM ET

Greg Berlanti, a writer, director and producer behind shows like Dawson’s CreekArrow and the upcoming Supergirl, can now add “father” to his long list of achievements!

Berlanti welcomed a son via surrogate on Thursday, and took to Instagram on Saturday to share the happy news.

“It is with much pride and love that I introduce to the world my son, Caleb Gene Berlanti. Born on February 18, 2016,” he captioned a photo collage of him and his boyfriend, soccer star Robbie Rogers, holding the newborn. “There is nothing I’ve wanted more, or waited for longer, than to be a father.”

Greg Berlanti welcomes son
Source: Greg Berlanti/Instagram

He continued, “Achieving this dream would not have been possible without the love and support of my wonderful family and surrogate, incredible boyfriend, amazing friends and co-workers that encouraged me and helped me on this remarkable journey. Check back in approximately 25-30 years for the tell-all about how I screwed it all up, until then apologies for the over posting of baby photos.”

“My heart is full forever,” Berlanti, 43, finished.

Rogers, 28, also shared the big news on his own Instagram account on Saturday, posting a black and white photo of a peacefully sleeping Caleb.

“Welcoming Caleb Gene Berlanti into this world with love and peace. 2/18/2016 the most handsome pure little guy I’ve set my eyes on,” he captioned the picture.

Berlanti and Rogers have been dating since 2013.

— Andrea Park

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lunaticlarry on

Very sweet; I love happy people! And babies!

SKM on

Very sweet. He must have been young when he was working on Dawson’s Creek!

Zol on

He is so adorable!

klutzy_girl on

This is so adorable! Congratulations to them.

Debbe on

Another “wanted” baby. Congratulations to the happy couple. Love when babies are born into families that really really really want them.

Sue on

Babies being born via iVf. Just disgusting. Why not adopt??

Aeol on

Congratulations on a perfect new arrival. PEOPLE, it’s time to turn this section into “Parents & Babies!”

Jenn O'Neill on

Awesome….very happy for them!

joan on

beautiful baby boy

TK on

How sweet. This little guy will never doubt that he was loved and wanted before he existed.

To people who say “why not adopt?” consider that even with SCOTUS approving same sex marriage, it is very difficult for same sex couples to adopt. The process is never easy for anyone so you can imagine the added problems. Even with open, direct adoptions, you find many mothers who will not consider same sex parents.

How people go about becoming parents is very personal. What right do any of us have to judge?


Anonymous on

Congratulations to him on the new addition!

sean on

I am okay with people choosing to be gay. Why do you drag a innocent child in this. All you are doing is confusing the child with what is normal and what is not. If you are gay and it is normal then why can’t you make a child of your own with out women. I am to an extent yes religious but at the same time common sense would say that it was not meant to be. Yes, gay has been around for a long time and I have gay relatives and friends but stop dragging innocent children in your choice of life style. Yes it is a choice that you make the child do not have a choice in this. Like Rosey O’Donald daughter grew up and realize the life style is not normal and even she just turned her back on what she created. No, even different sex sometimes make the wrong decision to bring children in mess but at least they are not confused in what sex belongs with what. I expect stupid comments in response to this but bottom line is YOU CAN NOT HAVE SEX AND CREATE LIFE WITH TWO PENISES AND TWO VIGINAS IT TAKE ONE OF EACH SPERM AND EGG SORRY.

Maria on

My one gripe? “The upcoming Supergirl.” Come on, People magazine, do better!

That said, that baby is adorable. Congrats to them!

heather on

Upcoming Supergirl?

mer on

This is very sweet indeed. If a person wants to be a parent, no matter his gender or sexuality, I am happy that he got that opportunity, no matter the way. I am sure he will be an amazing dad and the child will be very loved. What else should we wish for?

kelly on

I knew he was a butt pirate. Why else would a man use a surrogate

Sara on

Congratulations to Greg Berlanti! This must be an exciting time for him. One thing though, on the homepage, I am pretty sure you used the picture of his boyfriend for link going to the article.

lottevlootman on

@Sue: Babies being born from IVF are DISGUSTING to you? The only thing disgusting here is you, lady. Why don’t you get off your computer and go tend to your 10 adopted children. Meanwhile I’ll go cuddle my gorgeous, much loved, IVF-born daughter and her IVF-conceived brother/sister due in August. ❤

sean on

This is second time trying to post what to pick and chose what coments to post and not post. Denial is this. Children should not be subject to issues or situations that they have no say in. This is morally wrong men and men are meant to produce children biologically. Choice is choice but you can be denial but facts are facts.


CORRECTION:This is second time trying to post what to pick and chose what coments to post and not post. Denial is this. Children should not be subject to issues or situations that they have no say in. This is morally wrong men and men are NOT meant to produce children biologically. I do believe these two men maybe the nicest people. But wrong to introduce children to this. Children already have enough to deal with going through life I know I have a child. We should think of the child instead of our own self centeredness. Yes, you people will say crazy things but truly think about this.

Anonymous on

He is such a cutie pie!

J on

@Sue: Some people don’t want to adopt. Do you have any adopted children?



Yanze on

They didn’t choose adoption, it’s their decision.

pep on

What a beautiful baby 👶

Brooke on

Stunning little boy. He will be so loved.

Sak on

He is an adorable baby. So happy for them.