Louis Tomlinson Posts Sweet New Photo with Son Freddie – and the Internet Melts

02/19/2016 at 07:15 PM ET

Louis Tomlinson posted a picture with his 4-week-old son, Freddie Reign, and ovaries exploding around the world.

The One Direction star — shirtless, of course — captioned the sweet photo “Lad and Dad.”

Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth welcomed their first child in Los Angeles on Jan. 21, with the new dad confirming the news on Twitter.

Louis Tomlinson baby photo
Courtesy Louis Tomlinson

The ever-active Directioner fandom could hardly contain their excitement.

This isn’t the first time Tomlinson has posted a shirtless pic with his baby boy. A week after Freddie’s birth, he posted another cuddly shot of himself with his new son, which was his first.

Meet my little lad, Freddie 👶

A post shared by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) on

Lad and Dad

A post shared by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) on

“Louis is happy and very excited about becoming a dad and he thinks Briana will be an amazing mother,” a mutual friend of the pair told PEOPLE. “It was a surprise at first, but he and Briana are very, very close friends and this has brought them even closer.”

— Maria Yagoda

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1D fan on

How adorable!

EJ on

Please don’t tell me the name Freddie is making a comeback!

Kb on

Is he picking the babys’ nose?

S on

What is the big deal with this guy?

Kathleen on

“Ovaries exploding around the world?” “And the Internet melts?” WTH writes this – stupid googly-eyed teenagers?

liz on

Perfect photo for a public service announcement–this can be the end result of a drunken one night stand. If you aren’t ready for a baby, use birth control!

Aj on

I hope he has some pictures with his shirt on.

17stars on

Okay one of these tweets is literally calling out how shady the picture is- why is his most personal tattoo missing?

Janice Richards on

His tattoos are so amateurish and ridiculous looking. “It is what it is;” how profound.

Meaghen Powers on

Cute baby held by a very lost, broken, trashy father who is in need of a solid Godly moral Father figure himself. I am sorry Louis and to all 1 Direction fans out there, love 1D music, but do not support the behaviour of the boys. Louis it is time to get rid of those hideous tattoos and get a nice clean shave and hair cut. Louis it is also time to be serious- if you love that baby so much that you want to show him to the world-why did you dump Briana when she was 6 months pregnant and move on with Danielle Calder? Why did you party it up with Danielle- when Briana was still healing and in the hospital with your child? For those who are convinced Briana is evil or a slut-well Briana was not a one night stand they were together for almost 7 months- they just kept it hush hush and Briana would want nothing more then to be with Louis and she chose to have the baby despite people harassing her on social media. If you really love your son, then why don’t you want to give the mother of your child a second chance? There’s more to fatherhood then showing up for a convenient selfie- sources say YOU HAVE NOT EVEN CHANGED 1 DIAPER!!!! SOME FATHER/DADDY FIGURE YOU ARE!! I am sorry Louis I have lost all respect for you and I am glad you and 1 Direction are on break, because naïve teenage girls should not look up to an ungodly man like 1D. I am glad Eleanor broke up with you, because frankly she deserves better then what you have to offer.Briana must be desperate too- because if a guy dumped me while pregnant with his child, I wouldn’t take any money from him or child support and I most certainly would give the child my last name not the father’s and file for full custody. I guess I am educated, Catholic, hardworking and have morals, self-respect that my self-pride wouldn’t allow me to take charity from a man like that. To Danielle Campbell- you have no self-respect either, going after a guy knowing he was expecting a child with someone else- there are many young, single, and childless dudes out there you could date, your only 21! Your acting like your 40 and your marriage and child prospects are limited.

Elizabeth on

Why is the baby’s body folded at such an odd angle? Ouch! Or his photo editor is lazy as hell.

Kkkk on

@17stars which tattoo? There is nothing shady about this pic?

Emily on

Cute photo and baby.

Aol on

Adorable picture!

vens on

adorable… daddy shows up for a photo opp and then f&cks off to his new girlfriend… and the internet melts…

Inx on

Put clothes on

Meaghen Powers on

I feel sorry for Eleanor- this must be painful for her, not only did she get dumped, the next girl gets pregnant by her ex, the when Briana is 6 months along and gets dumped for Danielle. I am sorry an honourable man doesn’t do those things. We idolize celebrities, but for female readers of this blog if we were in Briana shoes would you be happy knowing the father of your child is already involved with another woman? Eleanor in my view, deserves so much more and I hope she finds a guy whose worthy of her love and respect and time. For Briana I hope she can move on, find love with a guy who loves her and that she continues to co -parent successfully with Louis for the sake of Freddie. For people who break up relationships and try to make happiness out of someone else’s unhappiness- I truly believe in life, what goes around comes around, you play with fire you’ll surely get burned by fire.

Meaghen Powers on

All I have to say is- why doesn’t he put a shirt on it and cover those ugly/immature tattoos. As well it is time for this Daddy to grow up and mature- he should start questioning himself how he got him himself in this mess and not repeat the same mistakes over and over again and this has nothing to do with the possibility of more children in the picture, it has to do with self-respect for himself and with how he treats the opposite sex. Louis needs to get his priorities straight, showing up for a photo op to post one more picture on social media for fans before he goes f$$$$ his new girlfriend doesn’t make him a great father figure just really reveals his true colours and personality. It is not just him, these boys were great in the beginning and when fame and money hit them they changed- they are not the same people I cheered for in the UK, who auditioned for ex-factor more then 5 years ago. Fame changes people and can destroy people- it is a proven fact.

17stars on

@kkkk his dagger and his 78 tattoo are both missing, you should be able to see them from the angle of the picture and where the tattoos are on his body. The dagger is on his forearm and would be visible on his arm and the 78 is under the last “is” of the It Is What It Is tattoo.

ZVK on

Yup his son’s name Freddie is probably after Freddie Mercury.

Hea on

@Meaghen Powers

“All you have to say”, huh? Do you actually know these people well in real life?

Meaghen Powers on

No I don’t personally know them just was rooting for 1direction and fans could of seen auditions, but where I was in 2009/2010 is none of your business and why I was rooting for them in the UK back in the day isn’t any of your concern. I don’t like who’ve they become and what they stand for now and how selfish/immoral they have become. Teenage girls maybe in denial about these things, but I am not- these guys do drugs, their dog got high on their tour bus and they thought it was funny, they sleep around and have flings with whomever they please, they abuse alcohol, they don’t respect their bodies and they do not respect the bodies of the opposite sex. They think life is a game and they are very entitled beings. Any guy excuse me for my language who leaves his pregnant chick for another women is a loser. Briana wasn’t just a one night stand- he was inviting her and dating her for close to 6 months- Danielle Campbell came into the picture when Briana was 6 months and that’s the magic time that Louis ended things with Briana. Whether Briana ended Louis’s relationship with Eleanor or not I do not know, but there were more fling besides Briana. We live in a sex crazed culture- and teenagers and some adults no matter what age they maybe feel they are entitled to sleep with whoever they please not realizing there are consequences and poor decisions can destroy lives. I am not saying Louis has destroyed his life- but not everyone would want to proudly date or marry a guy who left his pregnant girlfriend for another one and now is pretending to be this great daddy figure when he just shows for a photo-op and then goes f&&& his new girlfriend the next moment. Given the circumstance and that Danielle is only 21- Louis and Danielle are definitely not going to marry and if they do they will most likely divorce as is common in Hollywood.

Kim on

Adorable picture.