Diva-in-Training! North West Tells Mom Kim Kardashian ‘No Pictures’ While Lounging in Fur Coat

02/16/2016 at 09:35 AM ET

It looks like little North West doesn’t love the limelight as much as her parents.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West‘s daughter made her mom and aunt Kendall Jenner crack up with her adorable camera-shy antics in a video posted to Twitter on Monday night.

“No! No pictures,” North, 2, cried while lounging on a pile of pillows, tucked beneath a mini fur coat from her enviable collection and with her brown Uggs dangling out.

North West Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Stella Artois

“Why?” asked Kardashian, 35.

“Oh, oh, my bed!” Nori squealed as the pillows fell to the floor.

But she looked happier playing in the New York City snow in an Instagram posted by Kardashian’s close friend Simon Huck.

Family fun day ⛸

A post shared by Simon Huck (@simonhuck) on

“Family fun day,” Huck, 32, captioned the photo of North and Kardashian ice-skating outside The Standard hotel.

— Michele Corriston

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Dingosbaby (@dingosbaby) on

Draping your kid in real fur – real klass. I hope she grows up to be more enlightened than her idiot parents. Even a cute kid looks ugly wearing a tortured animal.

Smooth on

What’s the deal with those ridiculous braids

why on

simon needs to be inoculated, don’t want him catching a kartrashian.

John D. on

I wish the blood of the animals tortured and skinned alive to make her ridiculous fur coat would pour over her spoiled face.


How many animals had to die for the fur? It is excessive . How many animals died to wrap Kardashian pigs in their coats? Ugh. The whole family disgusts me, including Kanye Ass.

Dingo on

I hope when this kid grows up she’s enlightened unlike her parents — doesn’t matter who you are – if you drape yourself in real fur, you are UGLY. That goes for kids too.

slk on

That blond hair- the braids- what a disaster! Just horrible.

Mono on

Is it real fur??? If it is, then I curse this family!!!! Absolutely disgusting!

Guest on

Kim, you selfish moron, WAKE UP. Your daughter has 1000x more brain cells in her head than you do. She is crying out for help. She is not a prop to dangle in front of the paparazzi or to exploit on your 100 social media pages. She doesn’t want her picture taken. She’s probably SO over it already. You should be like every other good parent out there and protect her privacy. Shame on you. I feel sorry for both North and Saint.

Maritta on

North is so adorable!

Anonymous on


DaGuest on


sval on

It is so horrific to me that this young girl is going to grow up thinking it is totally fine to live in excess, that animals lives are not important and that her self worth is based on how much STUFF she has.

The worst part is – because People constantly puts this family in the news, millions of people look to this family as a goal of what to become. People, I hope you will do some ethical soul searching and realize what you are doing to help the destruction of society.

Emma Sinclair on

We are all born innocent. What a beautiful child; what a gift. In all my years of indulging my guilty pleasure – celebrity gossip – I’ve never felt compelled to post anything. After all, who are any of us to judge the lives of others, especially where children are concerned.

Dear Mr. Kanye, you profess angrily and publicly that you are $53 million in debt. You ask Mr. Zuckerberg to bail you out, while your beautiful, talented, and charismatic wife takes private jets to New York, staying in five-star hotels, eating every meal out, and luxuriating in privelige. I do not mean to sound in any bit resentful. I am a math teacher making less than $45K with two kids under three; I am no celebrity. I am a no one, but I am a parent who happens to be a person of color. You are gainfully employed; you are creative; you are spending more than you make. Teaching our children fiduciary responsibility and social awareness starts young. As people of color, we should support other marginal groups like women (Ms. Swift), gays/trans like Ms. Jenner, biracial couples (you and Ms. West and Mr. Zuckerberg and Dr. Chan). Please love, not for yourself, but for your children. Love yourself. Love others. Most respect, much love oxo, The Math Teacher from Boston, MA.

jm on

She asked for NO PICTURES but she’s all over the internet – poor child being used as an accessory – how sad.

anne on

This poor child is being set up to be a spoiled discontented adult by giving her ridiculously expensive clothes and a pampered childhood. Do Kanye and Kim have any common sense at all? Their children will pay the penalty of their lack of real world parenting.

UDontNoMe on

Is this black outfit the only thing KimHole took to NY? Between that thing and the ridiculous Heidi wig, she has got to be pretty ripe by now. Bet she hasn’t washed her cloths or hair in over a week. As for this “charming” child; Big bi o tch, meet Little bi o tch.

Sarah on

“Enviable collection”??? Just what are you ON over at People magazine???

Bexjy on

There’s nothing funny about this. The little girl is miserable and bored from being backatage at fashion shows and photo shoots, and oaraded endlessly in front of waiting photographers. What a shame to be borne to two psychos

Brooke on

Poor Baby North…..she is so precious. She was spinning in circles at the fashion show when everyone was dancing. This poor baby….get her away from these vultures

BevHills Queen on

WHY is this kid’s coat not closed? Where are her gloves/mittens and hat? It was just above -0- in NY ! How brain damaged is DimBulb Kim. Using this brat to hide behind to conceal her lardage (fail. porky). She may have popped her out, but KK is NO mother.

Anonymous on

This poor little girl looks miserable all the time. She’s 2 years old and should have the routine of sleeping in her own bed/crib. Look at her ice skating, Put the poor girl in a zipped winter coat and not that obnoxious fur coat that is wide open…

Again Why on

Naming your child north so his name becomes north west is not creative it is completely stupid. When it comes to the kartrashians and kanye this stupidity shouldn’t surprise me


Unfortunately this little girl will be one of “them” before we know it 😦

Anonymous on

Why does the public continue to support the plague of the Kardashians? They are an embarrassment to observe with disgust.

Anonymous on

I just can’t believe how everyone on here have such negative things to say about a person you never ever personally met. The one person” your daughter is crying out for help”… Really at 2? No stupid she’s just being a typical two year old. Well I guess you all are perfect. Well get back to your boring lives and behind your computers bashing people you don’t know.



Dee on

Poor child might be cute, but who knows since she always looks so miserable. She obviously already has a little attitude, and learning to be a diva like both her parents. She’ll never know the value of a dollar or have sympathy for kids who have little or nothing.

sunny on

Smart kid!

Jene on

This is child abuse!

Verdella on

Aww she is so smart!

Tee on

I have to admit that I really do feel so sorry for little North. (Saint, too!) It really does seem like she’s nothing more than an accessory to her parents. I know that not all children enjoy being photographed but most kids will smile for the camera, especially if you catch them in a candid moment. It’s just SO rare that we see a picture of this precious little one smiling and looking carefree and happy. I pray that Kim and Kanye grow up and realize that they have seriously messed up priorities.

Sandie on

Why did she say that was Amazing? What was amazing about that? This family needs to go away.

Hea on

Yeah… There is nothing enviable about fur. Nothing. It’s just cruel and unnecessary. Kim recently wore a coat that was made out of nine dogs. And no, Kim, honey, they weren’t road kill. What ever the designers told you. They were more likely skinned alive for you to wear, what, two times?

smh on

Kim probably gave her a fur coat and a cell phone for xmas instead of a toy. She has to be one of the worst moms ever.

Angela on

It’s child abuse

Annie on

Utterly disgusting to dress a child in the fur of animals beaten to death. Just what you expect from no-class parents like Kartrashian and
Sk-@Nkye. Thrilled her loser dad is broke and $53 million in debt.

CareBear on

Sickening to see such a young child covered in fur. It’s our job as parents to teach or children to be caring and compassionate. Fur is utterly revolting on anyone. Enviable is not the word I would use to describe her wardrobe. Cruel, excessive, ridiculous ….. those sound about right.

cindy on

Isn’t this cruelty enough ? Why further this cruelty by dragging animals out of their lairs and subjecting them to so much pain, just so that a few rich people can flaunt off !

What is the point of wearing a fur jacket and showing it off when during its making, several small innocent animals have been slaughtered mercilessly ? what would this co do if her calf was skinned alive?!

cindy on

kim is a COW* just wanted to clarify that! hope she comes back as a refugee in a third world country running for her pathetic life!

cindy on

I hope north and saint are skinned alive and you wear them as “coats” you useless imbecile I can’t wait to read an article where you and your entire, horrible family have all died at once in a “tragedy”

Jan on

Yay these pictures are hilarious!

Lara on

Poor lil things baby hair is breaking off from that awful tight bun!!!!

Anonymous on

Um it’s so inappropriate to have fur coat at such young age.

uhhhhh on

what’s up with that kids weird hairline? what IS that??? does kimmie paint those things on her forehead?? and does this child seriously have her own fur coat line??? maybe that’s why her daddy is begging for money from commoners and Mark Z lol