Tyra Banks Shares First Photo of Son York on ‘Happiest Valentine’s Day’ of Her Life

02/14/2016 at 05:55 PM ET

What a little cutie!

Tyra Banks shared a first glimpse at her newborn baby boy to Instagram, Sunday, just weeks after he was born via gestational surrogate.

York is swaddled and nuzzled into his mother’s chest in the model and media mogul’s new Instagram photo.

Banks, 42, stared off into the distance in the image, wearing only a simple gray sweatshirt and a brightly patterned head scarf.

“This is the Happiest Valentine’s Day of my life,” Banks wrote. “York, Daddy @erikasla and I send you so much love.”

Tyra Banks son York photo
Source Tyra Banks Instagram

Banks and boyfriend, Norwegian photographer Erik Asla, struggled with fertility before deciding to use a surrogate.

“As I gaze into the beautiful eyes of my son, I think about all the people who struggle with fertility or carrying a child and continue to pray for them every day,” Banks previously told PEOPLE in a statement. “My hopes and dreams are filled with well wishes that they get to feel what my little treasure, York Banks Asla, feels like in my arms.”

She added that the little cutie has her “fingers and big eyes” and Asla’s “mouth and chin.”

“As we thank the angel of a woman that carried our miracle baby boy for us, we pray for everyone who struggles to reach this joyous milestone, York Banks Asla, welcome to the world.”

— Lindsay Kimble

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Gretchen on

What an amazing joy this must be after all the years of trying. I know what that feels like, and it’s just so indescribable….. love, love, love……

Sarah on

Too cute

Meena on

Good for her for experiencing the joy of motherhood. Not everyone can or wants to, but she clearly does and I wish her every happiness.

Stacy on

welcome beautiful baby boy

Sharon on

I am a mother and a grandmother so I know how blessed you feel and then some. Best wishes.

ImALadyToo on

She is just naturally beautiful. How rewarding for her to finally be able to e a mother.

Mary Stonehouse on

York is so precious; and Tyra is such a pretty Mimma!

exit82 on

beautiful picture-almost looks religious

tara on

Cute baby. Congrats to them. Reminds me a bit of when i was prrgnant but i chose to ab0rt because of my depression. Best og luck to the happy couple.

TLC on

She looks distant and unattached. Not a fan of pic but, congratulations to her!

PrinccesssssKate on

Waste of time. Thanks beyonce

Linda on

Delighted for you but support the baby’s head.

Lorie on

To anyone who chooses to say something negative in a time of joy, you should go stand in the mirror for as long as it takes for you to first smile at yourself and then figure out that your negative, unkind words are not needed or necessary. After that, you should only choose to speak/type when what you have to say will bring happiness, comfort, and or appreciation to those you address.

ANone on

Surrogacy is immoral and wrong. It reduces babies and women to things that are bought and sold.

ldstep on

So, so happy for Tyra & Erik. What a blessing.

Noirmom on

I wonder how she feels about him being so dark

Mrs. B on

Some of these comments are weird. What’s scary is that you people think your comments are normal, but they’re not. There are some really disturbed people out there.

psbintl on

There are some very disturbed people posting here. Very scary.

psbintl on

There are some very unstable people posting here. Very disturbing and scary comments.

goodie on

While I am happy for Tyra it’s so frustrating to still read “miracle” “pray for pregnancy” etc. What’s wrong with acknowledging the science that made this possible???

Pam on

Motherhood suits her. She looks beautiful and natural.

Sue's on

I’m so happy for her, being a mom is the best job in the world.

Claire on

Is she a “real” mother because she didn’t give birth? Of course!
So why the need to explain that she used a surrogate? Is it relevant? No.
She is a mother. That is her child. How he came to be isn’t something we need to know in this context. Don’t undermine their mother/child relationship.

Amy on

@Noirmom- what a ridiculous statement. Why would you even say that?

Gretchen on

Congratulations and many happy years of parenthood!

Jacqueline on

I’m so very Happy for your lovely family. My daughter and her husband have struggled with fertility issues for 5 years after losing their first baby, Abby, at 22 weeks. It’s sad that it costs so much money for IVF, surrogacy and adoption. They would make the best parents. My daughter is a Nurse and her husband is a police officer. I wish it was easier for families to provide a forever, loving home for a child.
A broken hearted mom

GigiOC on

That baby doesn’t look biracial. He looks black. Her boyfriends should get a DNA test. I don’t think that baby is his.

Anonymous on

Happy early Mother’s Day!

Cassandra on

this photo looks so unnatural and staged. She is a beautiful woman and congratulations on her newborn child, but why does she have to slip into a posing model role here???

Tigger Too on

Congratulations to Tyra Banks and boyfriend Erik Asla on the birth of their son! I wish them a lifetime of health, happiness and love!

Nardia on


Jackie on

To the guy who said she needed to adopt one, she did adopt one. I can tell you know nothing about how surrogate pregnancy works but the parents still have to adopt.
It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

sandy on

I guess SO many have forgotten the rule- if you don’t have anything good say, don’t say anything at all! Funny how rude you can be hiding behind a computer!

Olla on

That picture is so cute!

Kim on

Shut up Linda.

Peachy on

So happy for her…congrats Tyra. We all know how much you wanted kids…

Sue's on

Tyra I’m so happy for you and your boyfriend. I know I’m old fashion and old school, but why are not get married and then do the surrogacy? Sorry if you and him are committed together into having a child, then why not make it official ?

Brian on

She goes into posing mode because she is a sociopath. The woman is psychotic and anyone with half a brain has known this for quite some time.

Yoli on

God bless you & your family. Welcome to the world York

Rose on

Congratulations to her on the new addition of York.

Marisol on

Zoe Saldana’s twins look black they are nearly as dark as she is.father is white which doesn’t make any sense.

stacey on

Can’t decide which is worse…York or Zuma.

diana on

he is beautiful,Tyra!! congrats!! She looks like she is in shock,lol.you got this honey.you will make a great mama!!

Latosha on


Anonymous on


Kenoy on

Beautiful child, and since she used a gestational surrogate, meaning her egg and Erik’s sperm. So the surrogate has no genetic ties to York. Happy for Tyra and Erik.

Yaya on

Surrogacy is a beautiful gift… All children born are reduced to a price tag these days. And no she didn’t have to adopt her own blood and bone child….surrogate mothers have zero rights to the child they carry…

Sheri on

I’m so very happy for Tyra and her boyfriend Erik. They have such a beautiful baby boy. Tyra is a wonderful mother. Congratulations to her and Erik.

Xia on

Cute picture! Very happy for her.

Nadia on

GigiOC and Marsol you two are pathetic if you knew anything about genetics which by the way you two have no idea about.A mixed child can come out anyway colour means nothing.My son is part black me and his father is white people say he looks Mexican,East Indian and Middle Eastern so that means he is not part black because he looks so different from me? You two need to read on genetics than come back.The baby looks black smh I hope you two are not black for saying such a thing.What does looking black mean? Skin colour means nothing because blacks share the same skin colour as East Indians and darker Asians.

nelle on

what a beautiful picture. motherhood looks fab on her!

Pauline on

Tyra, your natural beauty is amazing, especially adorned by baby York! I’m so happy for you. Congrats to you and Erik. From a grandma who understands a woman’s motherhood struggles, stay strong and continue to praise good through thick and thin. Love you girl!