Proud Mom Coco Austin Shares New Snaps of Baby Chanel: ‘I Can’t Get Enough of This Girl!’

02/13/2016 at 06:45 PM ET

Coco Austin is clearly loving her new role as a mom!

Austin shared adorable snaps of baby Chanel, her 11-week-old daughter with husband Ice-T, on Instagram Saturday.

“I can’t get enough of this girl!” she captioned one post, with four pictures of Chanel smiling and posing in a perfectly coordinated outfit.

Coco Austin with Chanel
Source: Coco Austin/Instagram

I just can't get enough of this girl!

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It was a big day out for Chanel and Austin, who took her snuggly daughter with her to the hair salon — and dressed in matching colors.

“Head full of fresh highlights thanks to @cattnu_hair at @blusalon. Oh and Chanel says what’s up!” Austin wrote in another photo, where little Chanel looks like she’s waving hi.

And Chanel had an exciting beauty appointment of her own a few days earlier, to get her ears pierced.

“I think it’s fitting on her!” Austin wrote in another post.

The mother-daughter duo recently returned from a trip to Chicago last month, where they visited dad Ice-T on the set of a crossover episode between his show Law & Order: SUV and Chicago P.D.

— Julie Mazziotta

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Guest on

Looks like dad…lil ice

terry on

She is a truly beautiful baby. She already has so much personality. I hope she will grow up to be smart, healthy and happy.

Mrs. B on

Oh my goodness she looks just like her father. I don’t see any of Coco in her.

Deanna on

It should be against the law to pierce a baby/child until they are old enough to say they want it.

Susan on

She’s a baby not a doll. Geez.

Marc on

Is she sure that jiggaboo is her father??

What??? on

She is a cutie. Very expressive with her face.

Donna Jordan on

What an adorable baby. No wonder she is so proud.

drgrady on

She’s a cutie!

Stacey McRae on

She needs a job, a hobby and a life!

Truth on

That is an ugly ass baby!

Anonymous on

What a precious little girl, G-d bless!

Pam on

I don’t like when people pierce a baby’s ears. She’s really cute though.

lunaticlarry on

Says the person posting on a story about a stranger. @Stacy Mcrae

Anonymous on

She looks just like him!!!

Tartarsaucey on

She is a mini Ice T.

Voz Marie on

Deanna, worry about YOUR kids, nothing wrong with babies having their ears pierced and Marc, you should be reported with that racist comment, you’re sad! Ice T and Coco have a beautiful daughter so some of y’all need to stop hating, at least Coco is with her baby while other celebrities are being raised by nannies so shut up!

Anonymous on

She looks like her dad Ice-T.

Guest on

@ Stacy McRae I don’t have her money and my kids are my job, hobby, and life!!! At least she can afford to stay home with her and NOT NEED a real job!

Julie on

That baby has the cutest little face.

PrinccesssssKate on

That baby was malnourished in uterero

Tonja on

She’s so precious

Cherie on

What a cute baby.

Donna on

People are so judgmental. It’s the norm in many cultures to pierce your baby’s ears. Do you want you want with your kids and stop judging other parents.

Nicky on

Deanna against the law to have their ears pierced until they can say something? Get real or better yet are you for real. I had both my daughter’s ears pierced when they were young. One at the age of 1 year and the other at 6 months. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

Gina on

Chanel is absolutely beautiful. I just love her little face and dimples!!!!

Jen on

Every pic I see of this woman and her baby makes the baby look like an accessory to a very large and grotesque set of boobs. I can just hear it now…”Give me the baby, I need a reason for the world to look at my fakey’s”

L on

Cute baby !

HeatherInIndy on

She’s sweet and I think it’s cute that proud mommy, Coco, just wants to show off her baby. What new mom wouldn’t?!

Patricia on

So what’s this girl going to learn how to do first? Read, or take a selfie and post it to Instagram? Hmmm.

Pat on

Cute baby! I really don’t get how people are so upset about ear piercing but they are totally ok with circumcision! Oh! The Double standards…if it’s your cultural practice it’s totally ok…but if it’s not let’s judge away…(not)

Linda on

Chanel is just too flippin’ cute! She’s just a little ham for the camera 🙂
She’s precious Coco!

Anonymous on

Mind your own damn business, people. Haters. This woman loves this precious child. Read her body language. CoCo obviously is in mama heaven. LEAVE THEM BE THE FAMILY THEY PRAYED FOR. Mind your own families. Glad to know the entire world is perfect except for CoCo and her precious child. Jeez. There is so much more to worry about in life. Take care of yourself before you judge others!!!!!!!!!

Olaya on

Such a mini – Ice T!

rubyovertherainbow* on

Just once I wish she would hold that baby like a mother holds her baby and not be concerned about making her boobers the center of attention.

Debi on

She is adorable. Very happy family!

Anonymous on

She is so cute! has a very expressive personality.

Serena on

Aww love the headband! So adorable.

Julie on

Beautiful baby girl.

Marcy on

She looks like her Daddy and is beautiful like Mommy!

bbb1975 on

Such a cutie!!!!

Laura on

She is a cutie pie!

Anonymous on


Lee on

My ears were pierced by the nurses, at the hospital when I was two days old. To this day I am amazed at how symmetrical the job was done, since I was so little. I have always loved earrings.

hackysuck on

“just got her ears pierced recently.” Great writer this woman is, not. She probably also says “Currently at this time” and “Last night at 10 pm…”

Steff on

This woman clearly is mentally ill. She is abusing her newborn baby as a doll, by putting on ridiculous costumes and chi-chi. She should be ashamed of herself. Does she have such a low self-esteem that she needs to use her newborn baby in such a horrific way? Of course, all new parents take pics of their kids, but nobody is exposing their infant child the way these two idiots do. I feel sorry for this kid. This is not love, this is narcissism.

Siri on

Chanel is a mini me of Ice T!she is adorable! Coco need to hold her where she is supporting her neck. The baby is not an accessory.

WJ on

Looks just like her daddy when she smiles!

rose on

She looks like her daddy. Dimples and all. Beautiful baby and such a proud mom.

Just a Duck on

Kid looks like it has a cabbage on its head.

Courtney on

Never thought about circumcision vs ear piercing. Good point though! All parents have to make decisions that they feel will benefit their children or may cause them some temporary discomfort. Doesn’t mean they are not good decisions. I didn’t get an epidural during birth and it was EXTREMELY painful and EXTREMELY worth it! There was a lot involved that was out of my control and I am an adult. Age doesn’t mean consent or control. Life is hard and good! Let the woman be! Chanel is a good looking baby! I wouldn’t put all these pictures online but I yet I click on them. To each their own.

Lorna on

I alway wondered if those tight headbands around there head are incomfortable.
Cute baby.

Veronica on

She is a mini me of Ice T! Very cute.

Oline on

Omg her face is so expressive.

Robinepowell on

I thought you weren’t supposed to pierce a baby’s ears until they were a year old?

Winifred Sebastian on

Stupid mom for exposing her 2 month old infant baby to the toxic fumes of hair dye by taking her baby to salon for her highlights! Ughh dimwit!
What mom does that! Can’t afford babysitter???

Brooke on

She is PRECIOUS!!!

Scout on

Looks like a little doll.

Felice on

The negative and racist comments – really??? This is just a proud Mother and cutie pie baby. Please Coco, keep the photos coming. She is adorable.

Angelica on

Aww such an adorable mini me Ice-T!

Jnanni on

She looks like her dad. Cute baby.