Charles and Cassie Kelley Welcome Son Ward Charles

02/11/2016 at 02:15 PM ET

Lady Antebellum has officially grown by one.

Charles Kelley and his wife Cassie welcomed their first child, son Ward Charles Kelley, on Thursday morning, Feb. 11, they announced through her women’s lifestyle website, Womanista.

Born at 9:20 a.m. in Nashville, Ward weighed in at 7 lbs., 9 oz. and measured 20 inches long.

“We can’t stop staring at him and he hasn’t stopped chitchatting with us since he arrived,” Cassie tells Womanista. “He’s got momma’s nose and daddy’s eyes and vocal chords and a head full of blond hair.”

Charles and Cassie Kelley Welcome Son Ward Charles
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Prior to the birth, Kelley, whose new song “The Driver” with Dierks Bentley earned him a Grammy nomination for best country duo/group, told PEOPLE he wanted Ward’s name to be “something different.”

He added, “most of the names on my side of the family are taken, so we found a really cool name that we both like on her side of the family.”

While Kelley, 34, admitted that Ward isn’t “as out there as Apple,” he told PEOPLE that the name is “not standard.”

“We wanted something unique and special,” Kelley said.

Cassie Kelley and baby

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After announcing her pregnancy last summer, Cassie revealed that the couple had long struggled to conceive.

“Many months went by with negative pregnancy tests and a lot of shared frustration … We went through several years of trying before finally seeing our fertility doctor in Nashville this past November,” she wrote on Womanista.

“When all was said and done, our doctor informed us that we had about a 1 percent chance of conceiving a child naturally. Yeah. 1 percent.”

She continued, “We never stopped hoping though … We made a plan to regroup this fall and explore other options to expand our family. Then it happened. I woke up one morning in June and there it was, a positive pregnancy test. I was in shock. Happy shock, but shock.”

— Lindsay Kimble with reporting by Danielle Anderson

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Sandy on

So……tried for years and years…..hoped and prayed….and the name baby ends up with is WARD? As in Cleaver? O….k….

annie on

Congratulations – what a beautiful little boy!

sunny on

What an old fashioned name. But it’s better than Jaxson or Brayden which are misspelled or made up.

Traci on

Sandy…what does the length of time have to do with the name they chose??? As someone who also tried for years, as they stated, along the way other family members name their kids family names which means you can’t use them. Also, when you first start trying and you’re excited because you think it will happen soon, you throw some names around, and may even choose one. When you realize it isn’t going to be an easy journey, you begin to block out those names and not even want to use them or don’t like them anymore.

Regardless, they get to name their baby and they chose a family name from her side. Your comment makes zero sense.

Congratulations to them for finally having the baby they waited so long for. Enjoy your sweet baby boy!!!

gymluv on

Perfect ending to a long journey. Babies are a beautiful way to start people. Very happy for them.

Gretchen on

So….what do you think they should have named THEIR baby, Sandy? Maybe that is a family name of someone they wanted to honor, and want their son to be like. Our first son has a very common name, but he is named after my father who was a wonderful man, a terrific father, and an amazing grandfather. I am proud that my son has pretty much lived up to the example set by his grandfather. I, for one, am so tired of posters who make fun of names, or worse yet, the appearance of celebs’ children…

Sandy on

Well sorry, but you’re correct in saying making fun of the appearance of a baby is rude. However when I say the name “Ward” is odd, that would be making fun of the idiot parents. Not the baby. I don’t understand how you have about 5 years to come up with a name, and you choose WARD. Like why. Hope and dream and think about it forever…….I know…..Ward! However while it’s bad, it is better than some made up names nowadays. My daughter has a boy in her class named Jaxton. ?!?!?!?!!!!!!

Angie on

Congratulations to the happy family.

Sally on

Omg he looks so cute!

Samantha on

So happy for them! Congrats.

Lola75 on

Been there, heart just couldn’t break any longer…5 misses ! God Bless y’all & your gift from heaven. Always thrilled to see such a lovely ending to heartache.

Paula on

Aww he is one day old and so adorable.

Eileen on

@Sandy, as explained in the article about the name Ward, they wanted something unique and special, AND it comes from her side of the family.

My advice to you? GTFU and STFU.

Sandy on

Hey Eileen, bite me! Last time I checked, it’s a free country and we are all allowed our own opinions. My opinion is that the name Ward sucks. This is a People magazine comment section. I didn’t write them a letter and mail it to their house. Maybe you have a kid with a shitty name too so feel defensive?

Rose on

So name Ward is coming from her side of the family, yes it’s kind unique and uncommon first name.

Eileen on

@Sandy, it’s your opinion that sucks. Not to mention being named after a squirrel, which I’m sure goes a long way in your a n al retentive opinions. FO

guest on

So happy for them! Infertility sucks while going through it but it is all worth it when you are holding that adorable angel in your arms. My son is 9 and I still can’t believe he is mine! So blessed!

William on

A nice, classic family name for their son–well done!