Sexiest Dad Alive! Ryan Reynolds Gets Personal About Fatherhood: ‘Having a Daughter Was a Dream Come True’

02/10/2016 at 07:00 AM ET

Since the original publication of this story in February, PEOPLE has confirmed the couple are expecting their second child.

Growing up, Ryan Reynolds was always surrounded by boys.

The youngest of four boys and the son of a cop, Reynolds was “less a sibling and more of a moving target,” he tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story.

So when his wife, Blake Lively, gave birth to their daughter James, whom Reynolds adoringly calls “Shrimpie,” in December 2014, he was overjoyed.

“Having a daughter was a dream come true for me,” he says. “I would have made a terrible king.”

Ryan Reynolds PEOPLE magazine cover

Reynolds, 39, says he has no problem “being surrounded by estrogen” as the only man in the house. In fact, it’s what the Deadpool star says he secretly hoped for when he first found out Lively, 28, was pregnant.

“I never admitted it out loud, to myself or my wife, but I really wanted a little girl,” he says. “It’s the best.”

Ryan Reynolds PEOPLE magazine cover

And Reynolds, PEOPLE’s former Sexiest Man Alive, says he’s been transformed into a completely doting dad.

“I don’t have to prepare to be wrapped around my daughter’s finger,” he says. “I have been wrapped around her little finger since the day she plopped out into this world.”

For much more from Ryan Reynolds on fame, fatherhood and marriage, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Jodi Guglielmi with reporting by Kate Coyne

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Jennifer on

You need to stop lies about having a daughter because no one have seen a picture of her and how we know if your wife we ever pregnant we never seen pictures of your wife being pregnant at all and if you do not want the world to see your kids move out of the USA all together.

gfrnbsn1 on

I saw pictures of her pregnant.

Anonymous on

I saw too. She looked beautifull.
I have a six month old baby and I was so proud of my belly.

Anonymous on

I saw too

Zax on

I saw the picture too.

Linda on

Sorry not the sexiest.

Jo55 on

You are too funny People Ragazine. Continue to pimp the grifting Duggars and then do an issue on what a good father looks like.

Delores Pauldo on

Agree wirh you on that one Have see pictures are the baby on daily mail. She is a cute one. But he lied about the birth are the child. And no one knew when she was due. And no one when exactly when she was going to have it. Also what was the body guard for anyway when they went out last year. Also Rachel bilson did the same thing when her child was born. Other people saw the baby and no one else did.

Beverly on

@Jennifer, you sound a little nutty. Take your meds. I DID see pics of Blake pregnant and they can show pics of their child when they’re good and
d@mn ready!!

Delores Pauldo on

Think Hayden christensen is sexiest man ever.Ryan say he is private but he mention his child in interviews. Why not show the child anyway? Rachel bilson never show her child and its almost 2years old. What the big deal anyway? They never take the baby out anywhere. How its suppose to learn anything the outside world? People magazine should have asked an interview with Blake lively and Rachel bilson about their babies they the one had the babies. Rather they got a movie out are not. Still didn’t post a picture are Rachel bilson last year with Hayden. Its people magazine fault gor not posting the picture are Ryan Reynolds baby. But just put a picture are Ryan Reynolds for his movie. Hayden christensen never get on cover for his movie 90minutes in heaven. Just because Rachel bilson wasn’t in the movie with him. And Ryan Reynolds get on the cover because are deadpool? And no picture are the baby? Really people magazine.

Just sayin'... on

I’m sorry, but I don’t find any man who grabs his wife (the mother of his baby) by the breast, even as a joke, in public for the cameras. So, to me, he’s not the “sexiest” ANYTHING alive. I used to be a huge fan, but now I think he’s just a jerk.

Mich on

The eyes are too small for his head size.

Anonymous on

Yes I had seen a few pics, not many though compare other Hollywood celebrities.

Too Shy on

For all of you complaining about not seeing the baby, why? Do you have to see the baby in order to believe it’s real? In California, no one can take a picture of a child without permission. This law was passed because of the overly aggressive papparazzi, and makes them a target for those who would do harm. Too many men are wrapped up about having a son. He wanted a daughter, she’s got him wrapped around her little finger. He’s right–girls ARE the best.

Ally on

His eyes are too small for sexist man alive lol.

erica2 on

I agree….I don’t mind being his baby mama!!!

Debi on

Jennifer, I don’t know where you are from, but not from this country. Of course she was pregnant. Pictures were all over the Internet. A now former friend of Ryan’s was trying to sell pictures of the baby, until Ryan found out. If they want to share a picture of her, they will. If not, maybe they want to enjoy the privacy and not make their daughter a target. While Ryan and Blake may be public figures, their daughter is not. Let them enjoy parenthood without having to trot out the child.

ME on

@Justsayin’ I totally agree. I would of punch my husband if he had done that to me.

Natalie on

I was thinking Chris Hemworth 🙂

QVN on

they’re such a private couple, we still don’t know their daughter’s birth date.

Kiki on

And…, do you think dads should be “sexy”…? No, I don’t think so. Great dads are just warm & lovely – Not always sexy. If all dads were trying to be sexy, the world could be really, really awful.

Mrs. B on

I know that I’m in the minority, but I don’t think this man is all that great looking. I also don’t think his wife is anything to write home about either. I’m not saying that either of them are ugly, but I don’t think they’re as great looking as people say.

Avie on

Some of you are downright nuts. There are hundreds of pictures of her pregnant. Just because she didn’t prance around in a bikini she wasn’t pregnant. And there are pics of the baby. It’s called Google. Pathetic

stacey on

Sexiest dad alive?!?! Not even close!

chloe on

Went to Google to see this “mystery baby”. There is one picture of her on a boat with her dad holding her. Nothing special…she looks like Alec Baldwin’s youngest daughter, Carmen.

Guest on

I don’t buy it.

Courtney on

Get over yourselves, ladies. Don’t be jealous. Blake has gotten to him first and had HIS baby. Therefore, sulk in your coffee and carry on with your lives. Bye bye now.

OF on

I think he is good looking, but not close to the sexist.

Carrie on

I bet he practices his self-effacing schtick ever morning in the mirror. His super bowl car ad was obnoxious. This guy is an ego trying to pretend he is not an ego.

Nardia on

They are lovely couple! So happy for them.

Michelle Carter on

He’s wearing his baby wrong! The legs don’t go out the waistband! That band is meant to be tight to support the babies butt and your lower back. This is how babies get hurt. Her legs are supposed to be out each side like she’s sitting.

Anna on

These couple are kinda private couple in Hollywood

Guest on

They’ve always been a pretty private couple. I mean, I saw pictures of her pregnant and I can’t get in an uproar about not seeing pictures of the baby because that is their prerogative as her parents. Other parents in Hollywood have done the same thing. Kristin Bell actually said in an interview that she and Dax Shepard try very hard to keep their girls out of the limelight as when they grow up, they might not want that life, and that they were the ones who chose a public life, not their kids. So I don’t think they’re alone in trying to keep their daughter out of the spotlight.

icky on

For those of you complaining about not seeing pictures of James — do you show pictures of your kids to strangers? I know this couple is in the public eye, but their offspring don’t need to be. There are pictures out there of both Blake pregnant and the couple with their daughter. If they were having problems with paparazzi or stalkers or people trying to sell pictures, then they have a right to keep James out of the spotlight. Unless you are personal friends of the couple, it’s really none of your concern when or how or why or where or how come this child was conceived and born.

Nina on

Only saw one picture of his daughter that he is holding her on a boat after google it, couldn’t find any pictures that she is with her mother, so disappointed couldn’t find more.

Guest on

You people who are so concerned about what their child looks like and when she was born, need to get a life. Mainly because it’s none of your business! I mean, what difference does it make? Some people want to keep their lives private, and that means keeping their children out of the public eye. Some of you act like they owe you that, and that’s sick…

Anna on

They’re a lovely couple! So happy for them.

Dawn on

Oh please, Jennifer. I actually respect the celebrities more that don’t use their children for attention. They keep them safe from all of the tabloid stuff. There’s really only one popular family that seems to exploit their children for fame!

Janey on

Being private is fine. But he is NOT the sexiest dad alive. His eyes are way too close together and too small and his features are nothing special at all. Nothing about him stands out at all. His most successful movie had him wearing a mask for most of it. Many more sexy dads out thee.