Kim Kardashian West Shows Off Post-Baby Body on Date Night with Kanye West

02/10/2016 at 08:30 AM ET

It’s official: Kim Kardashian West is back.

Making one of her first public appearances since giving birth to son Saint West in December, the reality star already looked svelte as she showed off her post-baby body in New York City.

Kim Kardashian in NYC
Splash News

Joining husband Kanye West, who was hosting his album release party at Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village, the mom of two, 35, donned a clingy black catsuit with a peacoat slung over her shoulders. She kept warm with a fur stole, and black boots. The star’s hair was pulled tight into her new preferred look: long and trendy french braids (a style she likes because it “makes my face look skinny since nothing else really looks that skinny yet.”).

Kanye, on the other hand, went for the opposite of his wife’s monochromatic look. The rapper, 38, wore a tie-dye t-shirt with multicolored pants and a hooded sweatshirt that he used as a shield from photographers.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in NYC
Splash News

After leaving the screening, which was also attended by Kim’s youngest sister Kylie Jenner‘s boyfriend Tyga, the couple visited Kanye’s clothing studio ahead of New York Fashion Week.

Kim later took to Twitter to address reports that she’d emerged from her “self imposed diet exile,” writing, “that’s ridic!”

“Isn’t it just called maternity leave? If coming to NYC support my husband & have so enjoyed my time at home with my babies & family,” she wrote, adding, “I’ve brought my babies over friends/fam houses, parks & restaurants but because a picture wasn’t taken it didn’t happen & I’m in exile? smh.”

While Kim has returned to her anxious fans, the star has yet to share what the people want most: a full photo of her son.

–– Lindsay Kimble

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Christina on

Dear god look at them!! WTF are they wearing, oh and Kim whoever told you that ridiculous hairstyle made your face look skinny – LIED!!
That look is for bed, the gym, or a child!

robyn on

man they are really trying to make that braid trend stick aren’t they


Wow, what’s up with her face? See she still covering up the sloppy behind with long coats.

Anonymous on


... on

Forget about her short, stumpy body, she is a middle aged woman, who clearly loves to eat, we see her stuffing her face on her show, that’s the portly body she’s got.

Let’s forget her horrible clothing, and let’s forget his embarrassing outfit.

What I can’t forget is her face. She looks like the new Bride of Wildenstien, that cat woman. Whatever she is doing to her face, she should stop, she has lost her looks with all that filler and plastic, she looks half cat woman/half alien. She was a pretty girl before she started all the plastic surgery.

norma on

Why is he grabbing his crotch?

Kate on

This hairstyle is just too awful. Why does her face look so swollen? baby weight?

rachel on

1.) Why is a 35 year old woman wearing pig tail braids? She’s way too old for that hairstyle.

2.) Kim’s thighs are gargantuous. How is Kourtney so petite and Kim and Khloe so huge?

Jennifer from the Netherlands on

I HATE the fur. Her face looks ridiculous and the braids childish.

Tish on

Quit wearing fur, Kim!!

Anonymous on

For Pete’s sake. She looks wonderful. Society is making unrealistic goals for new mommies to immediately shed weight. Who cares? She is a gorgeous woman. Take your time Kimmy.

Guest on

Um no, the braids do not make your face look skinny. They actually make your head/face look larger! And the sausage casing, I mean jumpsuit, I mean weird outfit…ugh!!

jm on

Her face looks horrible – she USED to be beautiful.

Mat on

I feel so sorry for her future. She isn’t naturally pretty like Kendall or kourtney. So she is going to plastic surgery herself to death trying to stay attractive. What an ugly and fat women. No one would care that she is heavy except that when you lie to the world and photoshop half your pics and have plastic surgery so the world perceives as thin. It will catch up to you. It’s so sad.

North on

I feel so sorry for her future. She isn’t naturally pretty like Kendall or kourtney. So she is going to plastic surgery herself to death trying to stay attractive. What an ugly and fat women. No one would care that she is heavy except that when you lie to the world and photoshop half your pics and have plastic surgery so the world perceives as thin. It will catch up to you. It’s so sad.

Rose on

she is trying to look like amber rose with that makeup

Olga on

Please consider going into exile, Kim.

Rita052486 on

Looking good Kim! I love the braids! Who cares what these haters are saying. You are rockin’ it! ❤

Tina on

@ jm- she still looks beautiful!

Just a Duck on

@lol. Kanye’s mom had a PhD. I don’t think Kim is smarter than she was.

... on

Kim is a big girl that likes to eat, we see her stuffing her face on her show, body wise, she looks good for a big girl that likes to eat and just had a baby; but what is disturbing is her face, she looks like half cat woman, half alien. She used to be pretty before all this surgery.

traci on

Hot. Mess.

Jenny on

That honestly doesn’t even look like her. Something about her face is totally off.

Nikki on

Why do people who ‘hate’ her so much keep commenting on articles written about her? I don’t particularly care for her but she doesn’t bother me. Live your life and let her live hers. If someone bothers you, ignore them. It’s not hard.
Also, the headline is a little misleading. She’s not ‘showing off her body’. She’s wearing an entire outfit and a huge jacket. That was written like she stepped out in a bikini.

bellabee on

She wears coats 365 days a year. Why? Is it to cover that ri-donk-u-lous bum area? By the way, I don’t get the coat over the shoulder thing. If you walk too fast, it falls off. Lol.

Guest for Sure on

So she’s into showing off her plastic surgery “after birth ” body…yet she continues to “hide” photos of the kid….Maybe it’s for our own sake? Maybe the kid is UGLY …..maybe that’s why she keeps saying “He looks like me,me,me”….WHO the hell cares ? She wants FANS ? What for ? She isn’t an actress, doesn’t know how to dress, doesn’t realize she’s over thirty either.
THE comment about FRENCH BRAIDS is only for children ? Who decided that ? EXCUSE ME ? I am sixty one yrs old and my DH who passed 5 yrs ago, wanted my hair long so it could be French Braided….so why not ? There’s nothing out there that says French Braiding is ONLY for children.
Kim….please fade off into the sunset. I can’t imagine WHY anyone would think you are worth much…..especially if they think you are worthy of being famous. We ALL know that within a few short months Kanye will be HISTORY and your will put out your shingle for another fudge bar.
No one really wants to see pics of your newest off-spring……so get over it and GO on with your life.,,,,,such as it is.

Anonymous on

She needs to wear some different color, most of the time she wears black.

Jo55 on

Oh lookie. Its Pippi Longstocking wearing her dead cat.

Guest for Sure on

So she’s a reality star….big deal. She stole Paris’ thunder when Paris went to jail, and now she and that worthless hubby hers think everyone is following them around with baited breath ? Sorry NOT…
Kim…news flash….no one wants to see pics of your UGLY kid…..and no one cares about your post-baby body either. Go get a life.

pepper on

A catsuit oh…maybe leggings with a nice longer shirt could be better..

Bella on

OMG, they wear their coats slung over their shoulders like this … they look like linebackers with huge shoulders.

goodie on

I thought this was Cher circa 1975. Woah….the knife is not your friend!

yikes! on

Oh. My. Goodness. Who keeps telling her that these kinds of outfits are okay? She could be the skinniest girl on the planet and this would still be uglier than anything. But lets face it, she’s not the skinniest girl, and this outfit is hideous. It’s actually worse than that, but I can’t even think of a word for it. And that hair??? Her face looks like a balloon. Look, I’m not trying to come on here and act like I’m the most beautiful, perfect girl in the world, but I also don’t make a living having my picture taken either. I wish someone would tell these girls that it’s okay to look classy.

Dingosbaby (@dingosbaby) on

Please stop wearing beautiful animals — they make you ugly.

gloria patterson on

waiting for the best money offer $$$$$$$$$$$$$ ITS ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$$$$ WITH THESE PEOPLE

phoenix92901 on

Why are people or PEOPLE so focused on appearances? IF Kim got any plastic surgery it’s likely because she (or any celebrity) is under such relentless media scrutiny… they’re too fat, too skinny, too old looking. Wouldn’t it be far better to focus on accomplishments rather than looks?

catfite on

Kim looks completely and utterly ridiculous. I had to do a double-take to convince myself that was even Kim. What the heck happened to her face?!?!?

Anonymous on

Kim’s back? Too bad nobody missed her

Anonymous on

Kim’s back? Too bad nobody missed her.

Karen Ferguson on

Why do the Kardashians –and People magazine on top of it– keep up the tabloid gaslighting so that people will “believe” that right is wrong, left is right, green is red? A woman who is obviously overweight is “svelte.” People who do triple somersaults to get tabloid coverage use “sweatshirts to shield themselves from publicity.” 2 of the funniest examples were when Kanye and Kim came to Paris and in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, when traffic is at a standstill, decided to cross town in a CONVERTIBLE with the TOP DOWN! The hundreds of photos of course all showed them looking down at their laps with frowns as if they were irritated by the pictures. I was at the palace of Versailles when they came for a pre-wedding fest. All kinds of people were descending from limo’s in gowns and tuxes. I was with about 50 staff from the palace and people from the town. Someone asked who these dressed-up people were; nobody knew or even cared. Plus, they weren’t even allowed indoors!

Ph on

The more she does to her face, the more she looks like a horse! She doesn’t look anything like she used to! And her outfits are not flattering.

Sara on

I wish she would lose the braids .. Looking like a glowing queen

Tab on

Why does Kanye get to wear clothes with color on them? Kim and North wearing nothing but black, gray…dull, boring colors. North should be wearing outfits with the colors of her idiot dads outfit.

cam on

I see we are still going with the stupid coat draped over the big ass and arms. It is a stupid look, whoever told her it looks good is an idiot. Is the hair style to try to look younger?? It’s not distracting from the fat ass. BTW, I am not skinny in any way, but I am also not wearing the dumbest things to hide myself.

Natasha on

I am so sad for her! What does she keep doing to her face? Another nose job? Botox? She used to be so beautiful…and now she looks frightening. Someone needs to tell her to STOP with all of the Plastic Surgery!

taxi21 on

Not a diet exile. A plastic surgery exile maybe. And there weren’t any pictures of her because she wasn’t calling the paparazzi ahead of time.

nozona on

Pocohontas not a good look for her altho it’s likely easy when have young children. And Kim, you could also look so much better clothing-wise. No pics of outings? Someone didn’t call the paps first!

dede on

Its obvious she has her hands near her stomach because she is not comfortable with that area being photographed. Black indicates hiding weight/cellulite. I am not degrading her but since we have all been forced to see her in other magazines baring it all, she is now hiding it like she did with her first child. She is the one that has a big problem with her body she always has.

Edie on

Her hair looks silly.

Lisa on

What in the world has she done to her face?! She was very beautiful as a young woman before she became obsessed with plastic surgery. Really sad.

Guest 3 on

Phoenix 92901
Kim Kardashian”s looks ? What accomplishments has Kim done that’s noteworthy? Taking nude selfies? Having a big Arse & big lips ? Marrying & dating men of the opposite race ? Selling photos ? A 72 day marriage that was done for attention ?
Yeah…..she deserves compliments …..but why ?

Nica on

Am I seeing things or is her face and hands drastically different colors.

Amber Zep on

Your classless, ghetto ass sucks! Please go away!

Nycgirl on

Why. Just…. Why.

guest on

“While Kim has returned to her anxious fans…”

HAHAHA right, fans. That’s hilarious! The only fans this woman has is People Magazine. And herself of course.

rst80 on

I’m 35, have 4 kids and I look a million times better. Why? Because I eat healthy, exercise and I haven’t had botox. Botox really messes with women. It immediately ages them, especially if you’re in your 30s. I personally feel like women 45+ who have had botox look better than their peers, but anyone below 45 using botox looks A LOT older than their peers. Lay off Kimmy!! And you’re hefty because of how much food you eat. How in the world can someone with that much money have any excuse to be so heavy? Hire a personal chef! Hire a trainer! It’s not that hard!!

sam on

after a decade, i am done with kanye. i am disgusted by his support of cosby and i hope he is finished. he actually holds power and he used his platform to slap the victims across their face. efu

Brooke on

SVELTE???? You could serve a 5 course meal with wine on her hips

Tina on

Her face looks so strange to me.

jk on

Why is it that she is considered svelte but anyone else this size would be considered overweight? Her ass is huge and not at all sexy! Gross is what it is. 😦

Patti on

They both look horrendous. Tasteless, gross and ugly.

Guest on

The braids don’t help. She’s still ugly on the outside and the inside.

As to the real reason we haven’t seen a picture of Saint West, there are tons of rumors and blind vices circulating that the baby wasn’t “picture perfect” at birth, so Vain Kimmy and Kanye are waiting until they can correct whatever is wrong with him before selling his pictures. I feel so sorry for North and Saint. They are nothing but kash kows to those two selfish, self-absorbed idiots. Child Protective Services should be called.

Lndy on

“Svelt”…OMG I almost chocked from laughing…..

ron on

She looks like a combo of Cher and Coolio stuffed in a trash bag and Kanye’s tampon string is showing.

tomtom on

LOL…. her face def. does not look skinny. She looks ridiculous in that body hugging outfit and GIRL NEEDS TO STOP WEARING FUR. These two are such a couple of clowns.

KC on

So much FUPA!!!

rubyovertherainbow* on

This is a story from two weeks ago and she’s showing she hasn’t lost the baby weight yet.

darco on

Shortly after Kim gave birth I read an article where she stated she would be wearing her hair in two braids for 6 months because she was trying to grow it out and her hair stylist told her no blow drying or hot iron hence the braids (wondering if she has hair extensions cause her hair looks long to me)….however, the braids look ridiculous as her and her husband’s choice of “fashion” on their date night.

Anonymous on

That hair is a bad, bad look! And still covering her bottom, we see – I don’t even want to speculate on what that looks like!

kymsjourney on

I just made a remark about braids/ponytails on grown women the other day. They should be reserved for down time like cleaning house, going to the beach, exercising, and the like. NOT for formal affairs or even date night! This look does not flatter her at all! She needs someone to show her how to dress for her age/size. And also how to wear her hair!

kymsjourney on

I made a remark about braids/ponytails on grown women the other day. They should be reserved for down time like cleaning house, going to the beach, exercising, and the like. NOT for formal affairs or even date night! This look does not flatter her at all! She needs someone to show her how to dress for her age/size. And also how to wear her hair!

Alexis on

O.K, I understand that it will take time to lose the weight from a pregnancy, but why is she always wearing black? The leggings do nothing but emphasize the big legs. If your going to wear those, how about a nice sweater or top that covers the butt and top part of the legs instead of that coat? This is a woman that owns a clothing store? I don’t think that I will be shopping there, or asking any of these sisters for style tips.

Wh Cares on

What is up with Kayne holding his crotch? Is that a symbol for people to just _ _ _ _ off? Just another one of his vulgar attempts. He is despicable, his music is raunchy and bad, and his clothing line – he isn’t a Michael Kors that is for sure!

Who Cares? on

Her parents are “white” – she is married to a “black” person; she is trying to look “black” she keeps looking darker and darker – too much tanning booth!

alle on

WOW!! So now that’s considered Svelte, come on she is 5’2″ and a good 160 and that my friends is not svelte. The outfit looks like something her daughter should wear and the fur has to go!!

Holly on

Her hairline is moving back, her face looks swollen from filler and botox and her braids look ridiculous.

guest on

Please go back into hiding.

Xia on

Um she need to have some colorful clothes, most of her clothes she wears is black.

VirgotheVirgin on

Both Kim and PMK have overdone the plastic surgery and are looking weird now. Are they so addicted that they can’t see the truth in the mirror? on

Why does kanya always have to hold his crotch shouldn’t his wife be taking care of that

Xy on

Yay the fur coat she is wearing must be very expensive

jammis on

The chicks in that family are insecure…they all compete with eachother in the looks department and kim has already jumped on that bandwagon. Aside from that tid bit…she looks NASTY in that get up! What is it with fat chicks and skin tight clothing?? Do they actually think it will help them look skinny?? 😂

jayne steiner on

You are beautiful Kim, don’t let the jelouse haters get to you. Your whole family is beautiful. Don’t do anything more to your face please.

Inxi on

Nothing wrong with Kim’s look, she look fine.

xmarisolx on

I have never seen so many haters in all my life. Y’all ppost some selfies,and let’s see how y’all rate.

Anonymous on

Looking good Kim. Love the braids!

icky on

These are very unflattering pictures. Kim looks like she’s on the verge of spitting. And Kayne looks like he raided the closet of a teenage girl. These two really need to get out of the limelight for a while. Go home and take care of your kids that you so desperately wanted.