Blue Ivy Gets a Smooch from Gwyneth Paltrow While Watching Mom Beyoncé Rock Out for Super Bowl Halftime Show

02/08/2016 at 08:15 AM ET

Cool babysitter or the coolest babysitter?

While Beyoncé wooed millions with her impressive Super Bowl 50 halftime performanceBlue Ivy, 4, was watching and snuggling up to her mom’s pal Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gwyneth Paltrow Blue Ivy Super Bowl
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During the game and show, which paired the pop diva with Paltrow’s ex Chris Martin and his band Coldplay, Blue bopped around a private box at Levi’s Stadium, snacking and stealing a smooch from the actress.

Gwyneth Paltrow Blue Ivy Super Bowl
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Paltrow was seated next to her son with Martin, Moses, 9. Blue’s dad Jay Z was watching from nearby.

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Earlier, before the big game kick-off, Paltrow shared a photo of Blue with her daughter Apple, 11.

The Super Bowl BFFs held hands as they walked in matching vibrant printed jackets — likely a nod to the brightly colored costumes and set pieces from Coldplay’s impressive appearance.

It’s been a big week for Blue: the tot also appears in Beyoncé’s new “Formation” music video — the same track she performed during half time.

— Lindsay Kimble

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Marc on

Blue Goop!!!

Kim on

Anyone else think Moses looks like Shilow Jolie-Pitt?

Tina on

Top Story??? SMH.

And, why wasn’t Jay Z sitting with his kid!?

Sara on

Wow, Blue Ivy looks like a Jay Z mini-me. I thought she would look more like both as she got older but she actually looks less like Beyoncé than she did a few years ago.

guest on

Seriously Tina. Maybe she was BUT she wanted to sit with G for a minute since she knows her. So what.

racehl on

Get BI a nose job in 15 years and I’m sure she’ll be very pretty. Kids change so drastically from their toddler years to their 20s.

Fran on

Tina get a life! Somehow if he were there you’d have a problem with that too!

Susan on

That poor child is so unforunate looking. Too much Jay Z.

annie on

Beyoncé and Paltrow have the ugliest children in Hollywood!!!!

huh? on

You mean Buckwheat gets a kiss from the white lady

Ginny on

How can anyone write such horrible things about those children… They are beautiful!!!!

vero on


Mrs. B on

Blue Ivy looks like she does not want Gwyneth kissing or holding her. And I agree with what others have said about Blue looking like her dad. She’s the spitting image of him. I don’t think Moses looks anything like Shiloh. Shiloh is a pretty child. The only thing Moses has in common with her is short blonde hair.

harry on

Blue is not pretty at all. Well, at least she can get plastic surgery like her momma did.

Bless her Heart on

Beyoncé always seemed off to me. And this photo just proved it. No one in their right mind would have a child with Jay Z, the ugliest man in show biz. It would help if they brushed her hair. Hopefully, she will look better when she is older and money will help. All of Mama Tina’s good creole genes just went down the drain with Jay Z in the mix!

Carrie on

How in the world could any of you make such harsh and unjust comments about their children. Regardless of how you feel about their appearance i assure you their parents think they’re beautiful. Reverse rolls, how would you feel if someone was harshly commenting about how ugly YOUR child is. #GROWUP #beautifulBLESSINGS

Bella on

It will be cool to see how hey address the racism and disrespect to police as the kids get older.

Debbie on

The only good thing about Bey and Jay Z

Tamu on

People get a life and stop hating on children. Blue Ivy is gorgeous, rich or poor. Her parents have given her a sense of who she is and strong identity of self, being an African American female. She has the best of both parents looks.

fioni on

What a ugly girl…sorry to say, but got the wrong genes. I understand why they show her from her back. Por thing

Kelly on

Did you learn nothing from Whitney Houston, Bey? Ugly trumps beauty in the genes department.

Hateher on

Nappy little girl and her mother isn’t any better!!! Support your law enforcement black or white!!!

Annie on

Gwyneth is so happy to have a ‘black’ friend – Of course this ‘friend’ is a millionaire. It’s starting to boarder on the obsessive Gywnie.

Callie on

Hate her! I can’t figure out why people like her, she’s not that great. They are ghetto trash with money

jm on

this statement and picture do not match…”and snuggling up to her mom’s pal Gwyneth Paltrow” – the child looks like GET ME AWAY FROM THIS LOONE! 🙂

Lindy on

Poor kid…looks just like Jay Z….

Sunny on

Moses is not a cute kid. Looks nothing like Shiloh who is Angelina’s mini me. Moses has the lazy eye just like his sister.

Gwyeneth really needs to be the center of attention – that’s why she’s posing with blue ivy.


OMG Blue Ivy looks like a hot little mess 😦 Oh and Beyonce was terrible at the halftime show. Coldplay was awesome and Bruno Mars was okay.

Shauna on

This little girl will have every advantage in the world plus two loving parents, so we don’t need to worry about her. My mom was beautiful but I took after my dad. The teen years weren’t the easiest when I felt so plain compared to my mom, but there are worse things in the world to worry about., and I managed to find my own look.

Jane on

These comments…some people have never experienced real LOVE. I’m so sorry.

moi on

Look at Blue Ivy. Shes as racist as her Mother is…trying to get away from the white woman…

L on

Please stop saying these ugly comments about innocent children,they are all beautiful.

Di on

Blue Ivy is cute, looks like both her mom and dad, the hairstyle that she’s wearing, not so much.

ems on

What an unfortunate looking kid! Good thing she’s rich.

Liz on

Who in their right mind would have a kid with Jay Z??

Jan Andes on

Why don’t you all post photos of your children? HMMM… the pot calling the kettle black.

Leigh on


maria on

So many of these beautiful women have kids with UGLY rich men and this is what results. You’ve got Blue Ivy, all of Christie Brinkley’s kids (UG!), all of Demi Moore’s kids and many others. Just UG and so hard for the kids to have a beautiful mom when you look like dad!

Melanie on

Why was Gwyneth even there? You’re divorced…move on.

Norman on

oh my what a not good looking girl, it is obvious mommy got some Plastic surgery HELP ahahahhah

sandy on

Nope, it’s never good when the girl has their dad’s face! It won’t matter though because of who she is.

k2 on

Great!!!! It takes a village to love and raise a child.

Tina on

@Kim, you’re so right. That’s actually who I thought it was at first sight.

Chrisesmom1998 on

Looks like the story of Blue Ivy being born from a surrogate mother are true. She looks like her dad; but, nothing like her mother.

k2 on

The concept of genetics was confusing to me as well.
But I became best friends with google and reading.

Maria on

Doesn’t matter who Blue Ivy looks like, the only thing matter is she is a rich kid.

Kenmore lady on

My opinion- very shallow to criticize BI’s looks, most more significant was the blatant sexuality of Ms Beyonce’s performance. Not a good role-model for a young child unless you wish to impart overly sexual “values”, in my opinion- degrading to women. ( women libbers where are you?!) I also take issue with B’s music video dissing cops, American patriotism- I could go on & on, referring to her “formation ” video

ann on

Blue doesn’t seem to like G

andrina on


kaylen on

ugly but blue ugly