Mini-me! Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Stunning Photo with Lookalike Daughter Apple

02/07/2016 at 11:00 AM ET

First there was Reese Witherspoon and Ava, then there was Cindy Crawford and Kaia, and now, Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple can officially be added to the growing list of celebrity mother-daughter lookalikes.

The actress, who shares daughter Apple, with ex Chris Martin, posted a new photo with the 11-year-old to Instagram on Saturday.

In the selfie, both wore their long locks down with subtle waves and slightly smiled for the camera. Paltrow, 43, added a rainbow filter to the picture.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple Martin
Source: Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram


The photo comes just one day before Apple’s dad’s biggest gig yet: the Super Bowl halftime show. So did the pre-teen have any advice for the Coldplay frontman? Of course!

“My daughter said the sweetest thing yesterday,” Martin shared in an interview last week. “She said, ‘How are you feeling about the Super Bowl?’ I said, ‘Of course we’re a little bit nervous.’ She said, ‘Dad, the worst that could happen is that you’ll get turned into a meme.’ ”

— Lindsay Kimble

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Twinkle on

Pretty girl…her in mommy with fuller lips.

Harcinab on

Hopefully her daughter has a better attitude.

Likely on

She is a lovely girl to be sure. And she does resemble her mom……..but her beauty comes clearly from her father…..just sayin

libby on

She’s only 11? She looks 15! Gorgeous girl, a perfect mix of mom and dad.

msliftbig on

They don’t look alike, but she’s pretty.

cucu on

Gorgeous like lovely Gwyneth, forget the haters and continue to live your truth, been a fan since the 90’s!

Eva on

She looks exactly like her father. She is HIS mini-me.

gfrnbsn1 on

Looks more like her dad.

J.M.H. on

That’s a great picture! Clearly mother and daughter resemble each other and I think that’s cute!

Nicole on

I see it but I see her dad more! Gorgeous little girl!! At least she’s not wearing makeup! I like when celebs let their children actually be children.

Laura on

I think she looks exactly like her father.

guest on

She has Chris’s nose and lips….pretty

deanna on

She looks like her grandmother Blythe Danner, who is a real beauty. Gwyneth is pretty too, but not quite as lovely as her mom.

Joanne on

Clearly, she looks georgeous like her dad. Considering she’s not allowed to eat , like, anything. She’s beautiful. As another post says, let’s hope she doesn’t grow up with her moms holyer then thou attitude.

Sunny on

If gwyneth fixed the kids lazy eye she wouldn’t have to hide it behind her hair

Sara on

I don’t think they really look alike at all. The only real resemblance is the long stringy hair in their face. The eyes, the nose, the lips, all nothing like Gwyneth’s.

Kate on

I definitely see he father too

disneymommy75 on

Stringy hair in their faces doesn’t make them lookalikes.

Why don’t they fix her lazy eye???

stefani on

ok so im not the only one who thinks it?lol
everyone assumes if you have a daughter they look like the mom and the boy like the dad.
her features are all her father! yes ok long hair, she’s a girl but she looks like her daddy. not a bad thing to look like your father even if you’re a girl! plus he’s

Summer on

She doesn’t look like her mom other than long hair that needs washed and brushed. She’s a very pretty girl. Her mom is plain and an example of what money can do to disguise it. Apple looks more like her dad.

Too Shy on

Agreed. She looks more like Blythe, although she has some of her father’s features.

Amy on

Looks more like her father, just her moms hair and eyes

becky on

Other than the hair, I see nothing in her that looks like her Mom. Which (imo) is good because I think Gwyneth is very homely. ..

Mountain Girl on

She looks just like her gorgeous Dad! I don’t see much of her mom in her at all.

Tanya on

She looks more like her father than her mother.

... on

Apple looks exactly like her Dad, and Gwyneth is stating to look more and more like her mother every year. Apple is very cute.

Morgen on

I agree with others she his Chris Martin’s mini-me, looks more like her dad!

jezmyopinion on

I find she looks more like her father.
Also she looks clean, as tho she bathes unlike her mother.

finesweetlife on

She is precious!

Emily on

She looks more like Chris in my opinion other than their matching hair.

trish on

Hopefully she gets her father’s disposition

heytheregeorgy on

She’s so not a mini Gwyneth, she looks just like Chris, always has.

Chantal on

Apple is the spitting image of her father…with Gwynnie’s hair. His eyes, his nose, his lips, his face.

Nardia on

She is such of a mini of her father.

crabbypat72 on

What am I missing, what is stunning?

Sofia on

Agree with most people said, she looks like her father except the longer hair.

jow on


Rayne on

Looks like her father…hope she acts like him and doesn’t have her mother’s pretentious, nasty, elitist disposition.

jill on

She looks like her dad.

Lauren on

They have same type of long hair

Sara on

What a nasty bunch of comments. Wow, people these days are really awful.

SomewhereOutThere on

not a lookalike, at all, – save for the long hair.
Clever how they hid that wonky eye, though.
Hope the mom doesn’t give her daughter too much of a hard time about it, given her own desperate strife for perfection.

Hea on

What makes you think a lazy eye is always fixable? I bet they’ve tried.
Stop picking on a kid!

Anna on

Apple is just her father’s mini-me, they have exactly the same look!

Vanessa on

Apple looks older than a 11 years old.

Sandra brooks on

Wow. Dead ringers