Jessica Biel Wakes Up ‘Disheveled, Running Late,’ But Cherishes Breakfasts with Son Silas

02/04/2016 at 02:00 PM ET

Jessica Biel‘s got her hands full, but nothing stops her from enjoying her morning meal with her little man.

“[Three things I can’t live without are] yoga, eating breakfast with my kid [and] listening to Erykah Badu while I eat with my kid. We love her,” Biel writes in a short question and answer with The Skimm on Instagram.

Although mornings start bright and early for Biel, 33, and Silas Randall, her 10-month-old son with husband Justin Timberlake, the busy mom admits hitting the snooze button a time or two isn’t an option.

“[I get up] two hours before I’d really like to,” she shares. “I’m not a snoozer. Never have been. Wish I was, but I would never get up if I did.”

Jessica Biel son Silas
Source: Instagram

But even if she’s a little stretched thin in the early hours, Biel isn’t complaining.

“[I woke up] disheveled, running late, doing too many things at once and underperforming all of them; but pretty thrilled about mediocrity! Could be a lot worse, guys. A lot worse,” she writes.

And once she finally calls it quits at the end of her day, Biel — who calls herself a “consummate student” of WomanCare Global‘s Then Who Will? campaign in the post — jokes you won’t catch her snoring.

“Even if I did, my dog Tina snores so loudly that no one would ever know if I did,” she explains.

— Anya Leon

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gymluv on

How refreshing to read about a mom who is tired but loving every moment of motherhood. No complaining from her, just gratitude and joy. Unlike another mom who is on here daily whining about how much she hates everything about being pregnant and motherhood. Jessica is beautiful.

Callie on

A “kid” is a baby goat, try child or son it sounds better

Conne on

Eww – don’t call a baby or toddler a KID. Yuck. Makes you sound stupid or uninvolved or unemotionally attached. I’m sure she is neither but it is not hip in my opinion. Just saying. Also, this article was not well written and held little content.

Jam on

Gawd, I wish I looked that good without an ounce of make up!

Smh on

Oh shut up, Callie…. I swear people always have something to complain about.

Heather on

I literally have never thought of a goat when someone is referring to their child as a kid. And I call my son, son.

isa on

Callie sounds like a very angry person. Take a chill pill and SHUT UP.

Sarah on

Callie, eat a D.

sally on

She looks so refreshed without the make-up in the picture.

Anonymous on

Such a cute picture!

Anonymous on

When talking about all of my kids I call them just that, my kids. My children just seems like a mouthful for a casual conversation.

Vanessa on

Jessica sounds like a positive person! So happy for her.

blessedwithboys on

i never thought jessica biel was all that pretty until she got pg. now she is just gorgeous! motherhood totally suits her.

Anonymous on

So many women can relate to her saying “[I woke up] disheveled, running late, doing too many things at once and underperforming all of them”. They have same experiences as hers.

Dan on

Side eyeing the two people who have a problem with the word “kid”. Get a life

Mary on

Callie and Conne,

a child or young person.
synonyms: child, youngster, little one, baby, toddler, tot, infant, boy/girl, young person, minor, juvenile, adolescent, teenager, youth, stripping

You’re welcome.