Coco Austin Is a Multitasking Mom as She Waist Trains While Holding Baby Chanel

02/04/2016 at 09:55 PM ET

Coco Austin is wasting no time getting back in shape after welcoming daughter Chanel Nicole — even if that means juggling multiple things at once.

The model shared an Instagram post on Thursday, proving she’s got the whole multi-tasking aspect of motherhood down.

“Real life candid pic.. Training and watching my baby simultaneously,” the 36-year-old said, promoting her waist trainer of choice. “The Coco way. Loving motherhood @waistedbykeke #ad.”

In the pic, the new mom cuddles baby Chanel as she poses in the mirror in nude undergarments and a black trainer, cinching her in at the waist — although she doesn’t need much help considering she only gained 13 lbs during her pregnancy.

Coco Austin waist trainer Chanel photo
Source: Instagram

Just a week after giving birth, Austin faced backlash from her social media followers who questioned how she was able to snap back into shape so quickly.

“If I was looking at pictures of myself, I would be second guessing that person too,” she told Inside Edition in January.

My little lovebug… This is the new sneaky look she gives

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While she was understanding with fans about her post-baby body, Austin has no problem firing back at the haters.

“Some comments really frustrate me at times,” she tweeted after Twitter users had been critical of her parenting skills. “Some assume since u have money and live in a ‘celebrity world’ that you don’t do s—!”

She continued, “Let me add, I don’t have nannies or babysitters. I’ve been 100% hands on w/Chanel. I also clean my own house & do my own laundry #100%wife.”

— Naja Rayne

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Tieraney on

Is it just me or is that baby tiny for being over 2 months old?

megan on

There’s something mentally unbalanced about a mom who humble brags she only gained 13 lbs while pregnant, then constantly posts photos gloating “Look at me in my tight clothes / underwear. I’m back in shape the day my kid was born.” Clearly she used a surrogate & is overcompensating for her guilt about trying to fool the public

KariLikeCarE on

Candid. I do not think this word means what you think it means…

Diana on

Multitasking??? Really?

Xal on

Multitasking? That’s amazing.

Hea on

And here I thought multitasking was more like what I’m
doing when I have lunch with the six or seven 1-3 year old kids at my table at work. Maybe I should throw in a corset in the mix as of well… Anybody know of one that’s easy to wash?

Samantha on

She only gained 13 Ibs during pregnancy. How she did it, must not eating food.

Kaitlin on

For those of you who didn’t read the previous articles about her – she only gained 13 pounds because her morning sickness was so bad in the first few months she lost 10 pounds. So she gained 23 in all reality. Also, Megan, she wasn’t quoted on saying it – the writer of the article brought up that she only gained 13 pounds. That’s not a “humble brag”.

Lyra on

This woman has more cracks in her story than a bag of Kardashians. Wonder how much they paid the surrogate in hush money. First of all, IF she was pregnant, with her build and bone structure, she would be a child abuser if she only gained 13 pounds during her pregnancy. No way in the world is that good for a developing baby. But, I said IF…and she was clearly not pregnant. Only thing she had in her stomach was 15 pounds of “food baby.” She had no visible signs of pregnancy at all, and I don’t care what your metabolism, pregnancy shows up SOMEWHERE in the body. Why must she LIE???

Claudia on

Yay kudos to her if she does Multitasking.

Elaine on

Am I the only one who things this look (tiny waist, huge chest and butt) is not especially attractive. I would refrain from this comment if it was her natural shape but it baffles me that people going to great lengths to achieve this shape! She looks like a cartoon!

And, on a completely different note, it might be possible to gain only 15 pounds during a pregnancy if she was committed to improving her health through her pregnancy by eating well – she would lose weight since she was eating better food, and in the process, would actually be helping the baby as well.

And finally, what a beautiful baby. Not a fan of pierced ears on babies but I certainly can’t deny that the baby is gorgeous.

cynic1018 on

2 words. Jessica Rabbit !! and who knew “waist training” was a thing?

Yaya on

All of you are just hating lol she has always been a voluptuous supermodel. Ofc she takes pride in looking her best for herself. Every woman should tale care of themselves and love themselves as they see fit.
She is breastfeeding so their was obviously a pregnancy… And just because she is on the curvy side doesn’t mean she needs to blow up (which you all would still nitpick at) in order to be pregnant. You only need a few extra hundred calories a day when expecting…she had a healthy pregnancy. Not everyone carries the same.

Her baby is petite framed. It happens. She is beyond preciousm though! Her Dad is awesome, her Mom is a bombshell, and she will be w.e she want to be…tiny and all.

Laura on

I like her and Ice-T. I watched a couple episodes of their brief reality show and they both seemed very down-to-earth. I feel like a lot of women turned on Coco when she said she only gained 13 pounds and now everything she does is scrutinized. The baby is gorgeous and she looks healthy and happy so Coco is doing a fine job. I’m personally not a fan of piercing babies’ ears but that just means I won’t be piercing my own baby’s ears. It’s none of my business if someone wants to do it to their own child. I do however, wish the celebrity endorsed waist training would die.

Rebecca on

Not a fan of pierced ears on babies but her daughter is just so adorable.

laura on

Sooo tacky!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Aww cute pictures!

megan on

Elaine, that would not be healthy for the baby if the mom is losing weight during the pregnancy. I don’t know who told you that, but it’s wrong 0_0

Momof2 on

She’s an abuser because she only gained 13 lbs????!!!! What the heck are you talking about? I only gained 14 with my first and 15 with my second. Both my children were/are healthy and I bounced back within 2 weeks of giving birth, that’s just the way some women are. Enough negativity and judgment, no one woman gives birth or has the same pregnancies. Obviously she is taking care of her child and that folks is all that anyone should care about!

Rose on

Yes her daughter is so cute, she has such an unique expression on her face.

Essie on

I lost 11lbs when pregnant because I had such bad morning sickness. I then only gained 14lbs above my pre-baby weight….so really, it was 25lbs. Maybe she was sick too? Please cut her some slack! Being a new mom is difficult, especially when the nasty keyboard bullies (who seem to know everything) come out to tell us what they all think….and no, she didn’t invite the nasty comments because she posted on a social media website!

Sheri on

All you hater’s are just very jealous of Coco. She does have a great life and a beautiful family but why hate her so much? Coco is a beautiful mother and wife they have all the money in the world but she choices to do everything herself. All you hater’s need to grow up!

Nardia on

she gained only 13 Ibs? good for her, and her daughter is so cute