Bring on the Bling: Coco Austin’s Daughter Chanel Gets Her Ears Pierced

02/04/2016 at 08:25 AM ET

Coco Austin and Ice-T’s daughter Chanel Nicole is officially accessories ready: the 10-week-old just got her ears pierced.

Chanel, the first child for Austin, smiled sweetly in an Itty Bitty Toes white onesie with lace detailing as she debuted her new look on her Instagram (yes, she’s barely two months old and she has her own Instagram account with more than 250,000 followers).

“Guess who got their ears pierced today,” the picture is captioned.

Tori Spelling Stella Saved My Life
Source: Chanel Nicole Instagram

In another, close-up photo, the infant looked wide-eyed underneath her tiara headband with the caption, “Portrait of a happy baby.”

Portrait of a happy baby

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Austin, 36, has been actively sharing photos of her daughter on social media since her November birth.

Just last week the tiny cutie met her dad’s Law and Order: Special Victims Unit costar Mariska Hargitay — which was, of course, documented on Chanel’s Instagram.

“Ohhh now this is a pretty lady..I like her,” Chanel captioned an image from the meet-and-greet. “My parents say her name is @therealmariskahargitay?”

– Lindsay Kimble

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really on

Cute kid but Jesus Christ who cares about an ear piercing. What’s next, the big dump she took after eating her first solid foods? Good Lord…

Stacy on

precious little one

Guest on

Why? Too dangerous for so, so many reasons. She is a beautiful child, but does NOT need the piercing!

Kate on

Yes, let’s promote piercing holes in the ears of an innocent baby! Who cares abut the pain? We have to make her “look cute”! Why not share the pics as she was having the ears cut and she was crying in pain? Despicable!

Anonymous on

Piercing a baby’s ears is unnecessary pain and stupid. Turn them into DHS.

Kylocke17 on

It’s what people do. The pain would have been over fast. I don’t really like earrings on babies though. They present a choking hazard, can go down the throat, can be ripped off by other small children. I’ve seen this first hand.

bkable on

Kate, I got my ears pierced at two months. My mom went to the doctor beforehand and the doctor said it was safe. I didn’t even wince. My parents never had to worry about a kid getting infected ears because my mom cleaned them. They also never had to worry about a kid with some traumatizing memory. Worst case, your baby cries for a few minutes and moves on. Not saying I’d get my kid’s ears done that young but its not like they gave her a facelift

guest on

Pretty baby. Not a fan of piercing baby’s ears but to each her own.

Jax on


chris on

Wow the critical comments. Doesn’t bother me though – I had my daughter’s ears pierced at 8 months by a pediatrician. She is 14 now and doing very well.

Serena on

Way too tribal for me. I think punching holes in a two-month-old baby is akin to abuse. A person should be of an age to decide to do that.

DaGuest on

I wouldn’t do this because I think the child should decide later, but people who say this is dangerous or painful are wrong. Piercing on young children is done with two piercing guns wielded by two people who do both sides simultaneously. It’s over in seconds, and the scariest part is the noise which is not terrible. If you don’t approve, then don’t do it to your kid.

DaGuest on

Ps – that baby is adorable and has the cutest expressions.

dutchtea on

oh for crying out loud..she’s just a baby….

Anonymous on

in MANYYYYYYYY cultures the baby’s ears are pierced before 6 months old. WHYYYYYY would you pierce a toddler or child’s ears?? they would be left with a horrible memory! I am getting my daughter’s ears pierced at 6 months old.

Sally on

Got my daughter’s ears done at 3 months old….she doesn’t remember it, never played or bothered with them and she cried worse at the doctor’s office getting shots.

Robyn on

Ear piercing of infants has been going on forever. Quit complaining. Its not child abuse, its not being neglectful and its not hurting the child.Millions of babies have had it done over the years. its her kid, her choice. Shut up and move on.

goodie on

In many cultures, baby girls get their ears pierced…I did. I don’t know of any problem or issue which some posters seemed to be concerned with.

jj on

I waited until my daughter was about to enter kindergarten to get her ears pierced. I asked her if she wanted them done and she said yes. It was her decision and it taught her responsibility. She had to clean them, turn them, etc. But to each their own.

Kelli on

I literally loathe when people pierce a baby’s ears. You are stabbing permanent holes in your child’s body for no reason except your own vanity. Wait until the child is older and actually ASKS to get their ears pierced.

Monica on

What a gorgeous little girl!!

Barb on

She is absolutely the most precious little girl!! Her sleeper is so dainty and girly. Congrats to Ice and Coco.

BrennaBoo on

I never liked seeing baby pictures of me with earrings on. Neither did my sister. I am a mom with a 7 year old and while I am her mother, I don’t have a right to trespass. She asked us why we never got her ears pierced like all her other friends/cousins and my husband told her it was her choice, not ours. And we would respect whatever she chose. When she was 6 she asked for them and we said OK, took her to the pediatrician and had them done safely. She takes good care of them and is responsible. I personally just do not like babies with earrings. I have a cousin who pierced her toddler son’s left ear and wears a diamond stud. It is just too much. ODD.

On a side note, baby Chanel is precious!

crs1976 on

She is so cute!

Brooke on

I will never understand the reason why people get so hot and bothered about ear piercing. People have been doing it for decades. And Chanel Nicole is absolutely adorable.

Tori on

PURE TRASH. Let her decide if she even wants her ears pierced. So tacky. And by the way, getting your ears pierced HURTS!!!!

kiki on

I don’t understand all the hates towards piercing baby’s ears. I had mine pierced when I was 3 days old. Mom said i didn’t cry at all and i sure as hell am not traumatized. I’m actually glad I don’t need to do that when I’m in my teenage years and can actually remember the pain.
For those saying that getting a piercing should be the kid’s choice, piercing is not permanent, if the kid ended up hating it all she needs to do is not wear earrings, it will be barely noticeable and the holes will closed up eventually.

emely on

I got my ears pierced the day i was born nothing wrong with it

mely on

Oh my god, people who are saying not to pierce a babies ears are completely wack! Its custom in many many areas of the world to do so! and if your talking pain, they wont remember! Almost all of Europe pierces there babies ears before 6 months! give it a rest with your uneducated, judgmental mentality!

mar on

some of you do realize that babies this young can’t remember getting their ears pierced right? some of your comments are ridiculous and make you sound not so bright.

Texas Lady on

I wonder how many of the people on here complaining that piercing your child’s ears is child abuse have also circumcised their sons – a far more traumatic and unnecessary procedure that can never be undone.

Toy on

Are your little boys circumcised … calm down people stop being so judgmental!

CaseyL on

It can be a cultural thing to have a baby’s ears pierced. It was where I grew up. My daughter’s pediatrician will pierce a baby’s ears.

I think circumcision is much more barbaric, but it is part of the Jewish tradition so obviously, my opinion is just that.

heytheregeorgy on

Regardless of whether the baby will remember the pain or not (and it does hurt) I can’t think of any sensible reason to make a medically unnecessary alteration to your child’s body without their consent. If my children want to have their ears or any other body part pierced or snipped they can make that decision for themselves when they are old enough to do so.

jessiemaystorm on

She’s a totally gorgeous but I don’t agree with piercing a baby’s ears at all. Not even because of the pain to the baby, because I know it’s only fleeting, but because the parents are choosing to alter their child’s body for purely aesthetic reasons and the child has absolutely no say in the matter even though it’s their body. If it was a necessary medical procedure, sure. But piercing an infant’s ears just so they “look cute” (pro tip: babies are already cute without putting metal in their tiny ears)? Nah, not for me.

Ovall on

10-week-old to have the ears pierced? It’s too early to do that for god’s sake.

Claire on

Babies are so ugly – let’s adorn them with jewels! Actually, why not put on a little lipstick and mascara, too?
When can she work the corner of Sesame Street?

Guest for Sure on

Although a lot of you are bashing Coco for piercing Chanel’s ears….How much you wanna bet if Kim Kardashian was piercing North’s or Saint’s ears you all would think this would be ” Awesome….way to go Kim”…..or some other trashy comments. Honest, a lot of babies who are born go home from the hospital with their ears pierced. Many Drs charge a fee for a circumcision for a boy and the same fee to pierce a little girl’s ears. Get over it. Coco’s little girl is gorgeous……much better mom I’ll bet than WHORE Kimmode !
( yeah, you got it right…..she’s not on my fav list)

Anouchka on

@ mely… Euhm no… Where did you get the information that almost all of Europe pierces baby’s ears? Most people here actually don’t. My girl is 4 now and she can wear clip-ons, seems to me as a great solution, till she is sure she wants to be responsible enough to have real earrings.

Tanya on

If people want their child looks cute and the ear piercing is not cause any health issues to the child, then go ahead do it. Looking her daughter pictures, she is so adorable with headband on her.

mely on

@Anouchka, I am European, surrounded by Portugues, Italians, French and Greeks MY WHOLE LIFE. I am judging by my personal experience and surroundings. Most babies will have there ears pierced by the time there 6 months. Also very common to recieve earings at baptism’s. Its just what we do! I really do not see the big deal at all! I actually find it very odd to wait, why would u want ur kid to feel pain when they dont have to? Just my opinion!

Essie on

All of the girls in my family have their ears pierced before we are aged 1. We don’t remember it and we all love our ear piercings! In this case, I say ‘do what’s right for YOUR child’ 🙂
Chanel is so sweet.

Anonymous on

That’s a mama’s love