All in the Family: Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s Kids Are Already Besties

02/01/2016 at 12:00 PM ET

Cute cousins or the cutest cousins?

Ashlee and big sister Jessica Simpson brought their respective broods together for some quality family time on Sunday, and the photographic evidence couldn’t be more adorable.

In one image, Jessica’s son Ace Knute, 2, whose father is Eric Johnson, snuggled up to Ashlee and Evan Ross‘s daughter Jagger Snow, 6 months.

Trendy tot Ace plopped a sweet kiss on Jagger’s head, which Jessica, 35, captioned, “Ace and Jagger #COUSINS.”

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Ashlee, 31, shared a closeup of her new addition (she’s also mom to 7-year-old Bronx Mowgli, her son with ex Pete Wentz) on Instagram.

The wide-eyed baby girl already has envy-inducing lashes. “Them there eyes,” Ross, 27, added on his own version of the picture.

Sunday love #JaggerSnow

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Jessica proceeded to document more of the family-first day, including the social media lesson she received from daughter Maxwell Drew, 3.

In the sweet snap, Maxwell perfectly puckered her pout for the camera — and advised her mom to do the same.

” ‘Be cool and kiss the camera mom’ – Maxwell Drew,” wrote the “In This Skin” singer.

"Be cool and kiss the camera mom" – Maxwell Drew

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Ace always finds his way somewhere happy

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Ace pulled some equally darling antics on Sunday, first hiding inside a giant pot and then, later, frolicking along a rock-lined beach.

“Ace always finds his way somewhere happy,” Jessica wrote of the second photo.

— Lindsay Kimble

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Connie on

OMG – cute his hair already. What is it with people who leave their boys have this long of hair? He looks like a girl and she would likely get ticked off if someone called him a girl even though he looks like one.

Pam on

Cut his hair! That looks ridiculous and lazy on a boy. My son’s 2 and I’ve cut his hair 3 times now. Looks like Ace has never had his hair cut.

LoveLongHair on

For those saying that he needs a haircut, please mind your own business. I think he’s gorgeous!

Ajah on

Beautiful kids!! Jagger looks just like her daddy.

Lyla on

Beautiful Jessica’s kids both got her beautiful pout I see…

Isabella17 on

Get over yourselves. It’s just hair. He’ll see other little boys with short hair and will ask to have his cut. It’s not going to make him gay if that’s what you’re worried about. You would think some of you grew up in the 1950’s you’re so ridiculous worrying over hair.

Claire on

To me, long hair on kids just looks sloppy. It’s always in their eyes, in their mouths, sticking out all over – girls as well as boys. Unless they have a real attachment to their hair, why not do something more manageable? It beats putting it in a ponytail and it definitely beats cutting off chunks that get gum stuck in it.
I think it’s the mother’s vanity more than the child’s preference. My niece wanted short hair but my SIL was afraid she’d be called a boy.
Afraid. Of being called a boy. Seriously. It was the dumbest thing – like drowning her in pink and having the name Arabella wasn’t a giveaway.
Get over it.

Gretchen on

Any of you worrying about someone else’s child’s hair length?? What the what? What on earth would make you think you should choose a hair style for someone else’s child? How about I come along and harangue about your child’s hair? You cut your daughter’s hair because you’re too lazy to comb her hair into a darling pony tale?! How lazy are you, anyway? You let the child’s hair grow out, and get in their eyes, and don’t comb it in my favorite style?! What a loser! It never ceases to amaze me that you people get your knickers in a knot about hair, instead of sating something like…”What an adorable picture of these two cousins!”. Ace looks so cute kissing Jagger on the top of her head…what a sweet picture!”…Sheesh…I hope your neighbors don’t miss a chance telling you how silly your choice of hairstyle for your own child is. Too many of you can’t wait to jump all over some celeb for the most minor thing….SMH

Melissa on

I have a long haired boy. He is called a girl by people sometimes. He corrects them and goes on his way. He loves his hair. When he wants to have it cut, we will cut it. I chose to keep his hair long as a baby, just like others chose to cut their kid’s hair. Now he is 5 and he makes his own hair choices. There are worse things than being called a girl or a boy based on hair length. He’s happy and loved, that’s all that matters.

chloe on

I like long hair on boy’s, but his is too long. Her daughter’s hair is never fixed either.

klutzy_girl on

These comments right here are exactly why the whole thought of motherhood seems not worth it. Why the he l l so much judgment? You make me sick.

Mandi on

Ashlee’s little girl is so adorable!

Anonymous on

Yes Ashlee’s daughter is adorable!

DOTA2 on

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