Claire Danes on Spending Time with Her Son: I Just Hang Out and ‘Make Dumb Faces’

01/30/2016 at 08:00 PM ET

It sounds like Homeland fans aren’t the only ones who know Claire Danes‘ famous faces.

While walking the red carpet at Saturday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, the mom to 3-year-old Cyrus Michael Christopher joked spending time with her son includes plenty of silly expressions.

“I just hang out with him and make dumb faces, which is what I do for a living anyway,” Danes, 36, told E! News‘ Giuliana Rancic.

But other than her own successful series and husband Hugh Dancy‘s show Hannibal, Danes admits she’s a little unfamiliar with the rest of the nominations — or any other Hollywood hits from the past few years.

“I barely am able to watch my own show, my husband’s show,” she jokes. “We took Cyrus to his first movie for his birthday in December, like a movie in the movie theater. We saw Peanuts and it was maybe my first movie that I saw in the theater since he was born.”

SAG Awards 2016 Claire Danes
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

But Danes may soon catch a bit of a break: The cast is now shooting in her hometown and the busy mom can’t wait to be back to her stomping grounds.

“To shoot in my hometown is ironically rather exotic and wonderful, so I’m really looking forward to that,” she explains. “I’m stoked. I get to go home to my own actual bed.”

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Danes — who’s nominated for outstanding performance by a female actor in a drama series for Homeland — is also preparing for her new role in the play Dry Powder, in which she will star alongside John Krasinski and Hank Azaria.

“It’s a comedy, a social satire. It’s very different in tone from Homeland, so it’s a nice deviation. It will be fun,” she says.

Homeland is also up for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series and outstanding actor performance by a stunt ensemble in a comedy or drama series.

— Anya Leon

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disneymommy75 on

Her best performance was as a home wrecker, when she broke up a long term relationship between a man and woman who were expecting their first child together.

Karma is a b.!tch, and I bet Danes worries about what home wrecker will take her man from HER happy family.

And, before anyone even begins to defend her:
1) Danes was not a baby when this happened. She knew better.
2) idc how long ago it was.

wil on

@disneymommy75: Why don’t you blame Hugh Dancy – he’s the one who couldn’t keep his little friend in his pants. He’s the one who left his pregnant wife for another woman. Why does nobody ever blame the married person? HE is the home wrecker. The other woman can only be the other woman if the man goes for it. Sure Danes is classless and a ho for going after a married man, but HE is the sole reason his marriage fell aparr.

sally on

@wil It wasn’t Hugh Dancy at issue. It was Billy Crudup.

Anonymous on

She looks amazing on that dress!

Lauren on

Loved her on Homeland! She is a very good actress.

Lauren on

Love her on Homeland! She is a very actress.

Lauren on

Huh my mistake double posts.

disneymommy75 on


She’s a “ho” and “classless” but Billy is sole home wrecker? He wasn’t cheating on Mary Louise Parker with a blow up doll. Danes was recently on Howard Stern and not only expressed no remorse when talking about it, but went further to explain how it was her journey.

Anyway, what goes around comes around. You can see in their couple pics that Dancy isn’t into her that much nowadays. Just a matter of time.

origamipapier on

@Disneymommy75. She wouldn’t have home wrecked had it not been for Billy Crudup that decided to leave his wife. Why is it that women are always the Salome’s, the ones that make a man leave. He had the free will to be with his wife and/or divorce her without any affair with Claire Danes. This is taking for granted that they probably had one, which you nor I know,, unless you are a fly that was on a wall during that time. It’s absolutely awful how women are in general biased against women. And case in point, a perfect example o this is your comment about her being a home wrecker. Again, had he actually not unzipped his pants in the first place with some other woman, things would have been different. Please, your name says it all, live in Disneyland, and fairytales, where men are always the victim of women’s monstrosity. Grow up. It takes two to tango.

Zax on

Her son has a cute name Cyrus, probably after Miley Cyrus LoL

Guest13 on

Hmm … I am pretty sure that Claire, Billy and Mary have all gotten over the past and moved on … too bad the public can’t. So sad. And kind of pathetic. Anyways, I liked her dress, and I’ve been a fan of hers since My So Called Life. Still miss that show!

Hea on

Crudup allowed the home wrecking. Had he not, it wouldn’t have happened. His responsibility.

NV on

She looks amazing on that dress.