Karolína Kurková Encourages Mothers to Join #BreastfeedingSelfie Campaign by Sharing Photo with Son Noah

01/30/2016 at 09:15 AM ET

Karolína Kurková wants to encourage mothers to proudly share their breastfeeding photos

The mother of two spearheaded the #BreastfeedingSelfie campaign with her very own photo of 3-month-old son Noah Lee on Instagram Friday.

“Taking a moment today to give thanks for the gift of breastfeeding,” Kurková, 31, wrote.  “Nature had things figured out long before we did and I believe there is no better source of nutrition for our babies than a mother’s milk, when we are able to breastfeed.”

Karolina Kurkova breastfeeding son
Source: Instagram

The former Victoria’s Secret model welcomed her second child with husband Archie Drury on Nov. 5. The couple are also parents to elder son Tobin Jack, 6.

“It’s not an easy process, but I encourage you to not give up!” Kurková continued. “It was challenging for me at the start, but I am loving every step of this journey. I celebrate the women who have made this beautiful commitment!!”

The Czech actress also encouraged others to follow her lead.

“I would love to see your #breastfeedingselfie, post or tag a friend who is #breastfeeding XOXO, KK,” she concluded.

And after news of her #breastfeedingselfie movement spread, Kurková took to Twitter to express her joy.

“If this can help and encourage moms to at least give it a try and see someone else do it and put it out there that makes me happy,” she tweeted. “Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but we all need encouragement and acknowledgement!!”

–Karen Mizoguchi

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sand on

I just don’t get this PUSH on women. I mean, I think most women know it’s the best nutritional choice- if mom eats healthy, but some try and just cannot do it or CAN’T. The goal is to feed your child. Whether it’s a breast or bottle- it does not matter. NO need to show yourself feeding YOUR child. It’s a choice and one of them is bottle. Should those mothers start posting pictures feeding their babies with bottles? Stop the nonsense!!!

Debra on

Some things are meant to be private between the baby and mom. Not everything is meant for public viewing. Actress?

nanam on

it’s nice when you can breastfeeding feed your baby,and hey if you feel comfortable doing so and posting it.

Shannon on

Again. No one needs to see this crap!

goodie on

I completely support breastfeeding. It’s normal and natural…PERIOD.
However, I don’t think those that do not breastfeed make that choice from lack of trying or feeling uncomfortable socially. Those that bottle feed usually do try but little success. The goal is to feed our child and ALL methods work and should be supported.

Just a Duck on

What kind of narcissists would do this?

Lisa on

I don’t get this. I fully support BF, I nursed both my kids until 13 months and 15 months. But not once did I put my boob out on full display for everyone to see when I was outside my house. I used a cover every time or did it behind closed doors. I wasn’t ashamed to feed my babies but no one wants to see that. This taking pictures and posting for the world to see is so weird. All these actresses claim it’s to encourage BF – who exactly is against it? I think this is really just about them getting attention. So put the phone camera away and just nurse your baby without having to share with a million people what a devoted mom you are.

TRish on

I can’t get over the comments!!
Breats are constantly on display. Men & women watch porn.
Porn is a multi billion dollar industry
AND some people have an issue with women doing something that is so natural and beneficial to a child?
Privacy? Dn’t mak eit a public affaird? Are you all serious??

Rachel on

This is not something that needs to be private. She’s feeding a child and encouraging others who have felt embarrassed about it or afraid to try. She worded everything perfectly so that those who cannot breastfeed will not feel offended. I breastfed two children and it can be extremely difficult with the amount of pain at the beginning. It’s easy to see how some might give up. I also am very private so I breastfed in cars, bathrooms, and only did it around other people when I was with family and still covered by a blanket. I wish others would be able to be comfortable enough to not feel like they need to hide. My sister does it out in the open with no cover but no one ever sees anything. She just lifts her shirt from the top and her baby and the bottom of her shirt cover any areas that would otherwise be exposed.

Kinda rambled here but I am just proud of her post. Sometimes these breastfeeding posts come off as judgemental against those that can’t or won’t breastfeed and I think she did a wonderful job of simply trying to encourage.

Julia on

She is a model, not an actress.

Courtney on

This is perfectly appropriate – just not necessary. While I do agree many know the breastfeeding is “good” and “natural” – a lot don’t have all of the details on the benefits to the mother and are not comfortable doing it in public because of the shaming they receive. A proud breastfeeding mother is not a bully! If you can’t breastfeed – then just ignore this – the same as anything else.

And to those who say mom needs to eat healthy to give good breastmilk to their child – that is not true. What you eat flavors the milk and I can personally taste the difference as I sampled some expressed breastmilk before nursing my son to see how much of a difference it made…your body, similar to how it works during pregnancy, ensures that nutrients are flowing to your baby.

Galen on

I nursed for ever too, but quite honestly-ended up sitting on a toilet way too often if, god forbid, I actually wanted to get out and about. I don’t see any more of that woman’s breast that I already haven’t seen on the cover or page of a magazine… we live in such an over-sexualized world that it is indecent to show a picture of yourself feeding your baby-but okay to plaster huge billboards of Victoria Secret and Calvin Klein underwear ads?!?!? How utterly hypocritical

Bravo on

Any woman criticizing this should be ashamed of themselves. The U.S. is loaded with prudes in such a Puritan society. Yet, there’s crude rap music, porn, VS models strutting the runway almost naked, cleavage on full display, etc. And, you’re going to criticize a woman for using her breasts for what they were made for? There are many civilized countries where it’s totally normal to whip out your boob and breastfeed in public. It’s no big deal and the people nearby think nothing of it. Here’s the problem – most of the current adult generation were given formula when they were babies, and it’s going to take another 1-2 generations to breastfeed before people can respect it as it should be. This woman should be commended for trying to encourage other moms to breastfeed since it IS best for the baby AND the mother. Some women can’t breastfeed, and some women are too lazy to do it. That’s the truth. Mixing powder in water is a heck of a lot easier than having to be around your baby 24/7 and worry about running to the store. Breastfeeding also gives women sore boobs. BUT, the benefits are breastfeeding are endless, and EVERY woman should try it when they have babies. It’s can be hard at first, but if you consult with other breastfeeding moms, a lactation consultant, or a nurse, they can help put you on the right track. If it doesn’t work out after numerous attempts, then at least you tried.

GG on

I hope the people criticizing this photo of a tiny bit of breast showing don’t go to the beach…ever. Because at the beach, you’ll see a lot more skin showing. So, if you have a problem looking at this picture and you go to the beach, then you’re a hypocrite. If your problem with the photo is that there’s a beautiful baby sucking on his mother’s breast for the natural nutrition the breasts were made for, then you have other issues.

Jo on

For those individuals stating that babies should be fed in private…why do you not do the same? Next time you need to consume, please cover your face with a blanket and eat under it or go to a bathroom where there are constant toilets flushing and feed yourself. My babies are human beings. I fed them openly in public in as a discrete fashion as possible. And the reason we need campaigns for breastfeeding, because we have flipped as a society and endorse processed nutrients over nature.

Andrea on

It’s natural to breastfeed, it has been around since humans existed. Nothing to be shamed about, as long as it is done discretely.

mer on

I am all for BF in public AND showing pictures of it as well. Otherwise conservative people won’t get used to the idea. If she wants to share a picture of this precious moment, good for her. Guess what? You have a choice not to look, or move on quickly if you don’t like it.

Jen on

I am constantly amazed at the folks who visit this thread that don’t realize it’s about babies, duh.

Quanne on

Nice to hear a celebrity is open and advocate what she thinks is right. Breastfeeding is natural and if any women are able to do it for their children, then just do it.

Jay on

Nature had things figured out long before we did and I believe there is no better source of nutrition for our babies than a mother’s milk, WHEN WE ARE ABLE TO BREASTFEED”

Reading comprehension is vital people