Meet Freddie Reign! Louis Tomlinson Introduces Newborn Son

01/27/2016 at 11:30 PM ET

Say hello to Louis Tomlinson‘s son!

The One Direction band member introduced fans to his 6-day-old baby boy, Freddie Reign Tomlinsonon Instagram and Twitter Wednesday.

“Meet my little lad, Freddie,” Tomlinson, 24, captioned the father-son photo. Mom Briana Jungwirth posted her own snap, captioning it, “1/21/16. Freddie Reign. Love of my life.”

In the black-and-white image, the shirtless singer cuddled his newborn against his bare chest. Tomlinson also indicated Freddie will be taking his surname by sweetly referring to him as “Freddie Tommo” in a tweet.

Louis Tomlinson Introduces Son Freddie Reign
Courtesy Louis Tomlinson

1/21/16. Freddie Reign. Love of my life💙

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Meet my little lad, Freddie 👶

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Tomlinson and Jungwirth welcomed their first child in Los Angeles on Jan. 21, with the new dad confirming the news on Twitter.

“I’m pleased to say my baby son was born yesterday. He is healthy and pretty amazing,” he wrote, adding, “I’m very happy!!”

In addition, a mutual friend of the pair told PEOPLE: “Louis is happy and very excited about becoming a dad and he thinks Briana will be an amazing mother. It was a surprise at first, but he and Briana are very, very close friends and this has brought them even closer.”

— Karen Mizoguchi

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Kathy on

Wasn’t this baby the result of a one night stand? Classy mom he’s got there.

Mrs. X on

Precious baby. Congrats‼️

Kay on

Congrats kiddos.

Louisa Gregory on

Louis needs 101 on how to care for newborns and how to properly hold an infant! Louis, you need to hold baby’s head.

huntlynn on

Kathy, yes lets just blame the young mother because we all know he had nothing to do with it…

Cali on

It was a bad time for him to start a new relationship with the girl from The Originals. He should’ve waited until after baby arrived and he got to bond with him, etc. I can’t imagine how awkward that is for the new girlfriend…

Nicole on

They should try and make it work for the baby. Anyone who bashes her HAS to bash him. They both had sex, together.

SLF on

There’s always one person who HAS to post the judgy, negative comment..

Justine on

Slut shaming is a disgusting way to assert a double standard. On a side note, I see a resemblance to daddy already.

gfrnbsn1 on

Hey Kathy,

She certainly did not get pregnant on her own. It takes two! So his father isn’t much better.. So she’s a tramp and he’s a stud?? I hope you don’t have children.

@promisebabyhes on

I don’t know how many of you are directioners, but I’m a huge one and yes, I know that it takes two people to make a baby, but she was rumored to have had sex with another person around the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Louis and I’m extremely happy for him, but I really, really don’t care for Briana. Just wanted to get that out there.

kay on

I’m sure mom is happy, one night with a 1Der and she’s set for life. Hope this little guy gets the love he deserves and isn’t just used as a prop and a money machine.

JLM on

That baby is adorable. Maybe give it a go with the young lad’s mum? To those judging the mum–I bet your pro-lifers who would’ve judged her had she chosen not to have the baby. So she can’t win. You don’t know the young lady. It sounds like they are trying to handle this very maturely. Instead of judging I choose to wish mum, dad, and beautiful baby well.

Kelly on

Why is the Mom getting grief over a one night stand? Why isn’t the Dad? What’s with the double standard? Why can’t their be equality in everything?

Lisa on

He’s beautiful. You can definitely see the resemblance to his dad in the shot of his mother holding him. Best wishes to all.

veronica on

In the picture with his daddy, you can see how this little one’s ear is somewhat not right. But, whatever, he’s a cutie and I wish them all the best.

Jubby15 on

Taking naming inspiration from the Kardashians…what a great start for this little one night stand baby. Louis is truly an idiot – there are women who practically make a career out of getting knocked up by celebrity men. This kid will cost him a fortune.

krtmom on

Hope he got a paternity test!!!

sandy on

adorable! a baby is such a blessing. great that they kept the baby and are going to work to parent this child, even though they are not a couple! I hope they can always get along and make a happy life for Freddie!

Elle on

Kathy, if she’s “classy mom” for having a one night stand….what does that make him? Let me guess, guys are “studs” when they have one night stands but women are whores……hate the double standard.

Di on

Cute baby. Hoping that all involved will raise him in a peaceful, nurturing, safe and loving environment. No one knows what the future holds for theis young mom and dad, maybe they will really discover each other, fall seriously in love and get married to each other, which is the best way to raise a child – inside a good marriage where both parents are devoted to each other and to raising their family.

@Kathy on

@Kathy, it takes two to tango so if I’m not mistaken, he was the other body involved in that “one night stand”. Classy dad then, right?

guest on

Yes this child was the result of a one night stand but he is lucky to actually have parents who wanted him after they found out. He will be loved and hopefully not resented. Too many babies are a result of the same experience and their parents couldn’t care less about being parents.

really on

Regardless if they’re a couple or not, who cares, at least he’s manned up and got her a house and is paying support, he’s doing the right thing here and seems to really want to be involved. Congratulations. Beautiful Baby!

BootzieGurl on

I’ve never seen such judgmental people, who are you to speak so badly of people whom you’ve never met after just welcoming a new life into this world. Get a life, go look in the mirror and see how perfect your life is.
American people disgust me!!

Kelly on

Glad they are “close friends.” That helps when trying to co-parent. Best wishes and congrats!

Michelle on

He is a cute baby!
His ear looks a little misshapen:(

@ Kathy on

Classy mom? You do realize it takes TWO. Which means mr. one direction has just as much to do with him being here as his “classy mom”. Your passing of judgement is sad…just like you.

guest on

I don’t want to be mean…because its not nice BUT I like the mom and baby picture (normal) the one with dad is weird and not attractive at all.

sososad on

Condoms, folks!

Hmm on

@ Kathy..try shutting the phuck up.

Jen on

Who gives a flying squirrel how he was conceived? He’s here, he’s beautiful and congrats to them! Enjoy that beautiful boy.

Hea on

Some of you downright disgust me and I think it’s sick that you even “know” that it was a one night stand. The baby is adorable and he seems loved and wanted by his parents. Who cares how he got here?

Xia on

DNA test. LOL

Natalie on

Hilarious that everyone seems to want to dog pile on the mom of this beautiful child. Both were consenting adults. People have children out of wedlock all the time, this doesn’t happen to just “Celebrities”. Interesting that many seem to have loads of information on this woman, do you all know her personally? Let it go. It’s called a paternity test, they’ll figure it out. Congrats to the parents, enjoy your every second. Before you know it, Freddie will be running around in no time.

KP on

Wow, that was fast! Seems like yesterday it was announced he was going to have a baby. What a cutie, and I like the name! One night stand or not, this baby will hopefully be loved and cared for by both parents 🙂

mer on

Good people, you just made my day with all the comments pointing out the double standard. Yes, the woman never gets pregnant by herself, yet it’s her who gets most of the blame, the guy is always somehow out ot the hook. And yet she will bear more weight – the pregnancy, childbirth, caring for an infant. But more and more people are recognizing the double standard. Thank you. Also – so what, if it was a one night stand. She / they decided to bring life to the world, they can afford it and I am sure the boy will be loved and that’s all that matters. Stay positive.

Rachel on

Hallelujah for all these comments pointing out the double standard! And to the commenter who said she’s rumored to have slept with more than one person during that time… um… he doesn’t seem to be a one girl kind of a guy himself (per rumors) so if we’re going by rumors then lets go both ways. In the end the fact is, they BOTH had sex, they’re BOTH equally responsible. Now they’ve created a new life and brought a human being into this world. Hopefully they’ll raise him well and love him tons. That’s what children deserve.

Kate on

Some of you need some very serious therapy.

Stop attacking the mother. With or without her, this boy DOES NOT KNOW YOU’RE ALIVE. He was not going to show up, instantly fall in love with you, sweep you off your feet and whisk you away to be his wife in a British manor house.

I love fanfiction too, but reading it doesn’t cause me to lose my grip on reality. Obviously many of you cannot say the same. Cut back, get some help, and get a real life.

Elizabeth on

I love the baby and I love Louis Congratulations for a beautiful baby. Such a prescious picture. He is such a cutie

KL on

What precious pictures! and a precious baby!! Congrats to them!

Rose on

Beautiful baby. Pure joy. Life doesn’t always move where you think it will. Life is about growth and gaining the wisdom to be closer to what this all means.

Maybe you didn’t plan for this Louis, but that’s how true love is; it can sneak up on you when you least expect it and in a more beautiful way than you ever imagined. In this case, in the form of a little person named Freddie :).

Meaghen Powers on

I think it is sad he started dating Danielle Campbell while Briana was pregnant and now while she recovers. Danielle is looking to make a name for herself, I would never date a guy knowing he’s expecting or just had a baby with someone else. I am sorry have some self-respect. The baby is cute and looks healthy. He is the innocent bystander in this Louis-Briana-Danielle-Eleanor quatriangle(if there is such a name for it). Let’s not judge how this baby was created, because Briana chose to give birth to this baby-many in Hollywood have had One Night Stands and have had abortions or gave their babies up for adoption because it wasn’t convenient for them to raise their child.

Olivia on

Congrats Louis love you , though they should have a paternity test unless management once again stopped Larry from coming out because who wouldn’t have one done it might not be his maybe it’s because if it’s not his people will think it’s because it Louis and Harry’s though I am not saying Larry is real because I am happy for him and he will be a great dad though I feel bad she doesn’t really love him but she loves the money

Liv on

I love Louis and I am happy for him I also think he will be a great dad but this Briana girl doesnt really love him she wanted the money and also I can’t get over why he won’t have a paternity any guy would i think it’s management again keeping Larry a secret because if it is not his Larry shippers will think it’s louis and Harrys baby and I am not saying Larry is real because I think Louis will be a great dad and I love him i just don’t trust her

Olivia ❤️ on

Love you Louis hope to meet you someday enjoy your life as a dad you will be the best like always
In my opinion I think Brianna will make a good mother though sometimes I think she is a gold digger looking for attention and sometimes she’s laid back . Stay healthy , stay strong love you Freddie Reign # Tommo

Olivia❤️ on

I also think that whoever is writing bad things about the baby or there relationship any thing mean should stop and write the positive things just to support his first child because he once again will be a great dad . Plus if Louis is happy we should be happy to.

chickadee88 on

From what I know about Louis, he has always said that he never does flings or one night stands. He likes long term relationships, which is why I find it hard to believe that he actually has a baby. Modest goes onto his Twitter and there has been proof of it over and over again. And if that is his son then he had the one night stand just after ending things with Eleanor. I really hope he gets a paternity test done. Also of anyone ever sees the pictures of Briana’s baby bump, you can tell they are fake. And it’s very easy for someone in the business to stage all that hospital shit to make it look like she just gave birth. Plus she said the baby was born the 21st and Louis said the 22nd. Something isn’t right here

Anonymous on

Congratulations to him!

@promisebabyhes on

Y’all this doesn’t make sense if you think about it. The first article about Briana being pregnant with Louis’ baby came out in Novemeber of 2014. That would mean she was pregnant for 15 months. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure that a woman should only be pregnant for about 9 months so…