Angelina Jolie Pitt: Maddox Is Probably Already Watching R-Rated Movies

01/27/2016 at 04:15 PM ET

Angelina Jolie Pitt thought she had her kids under control — until about four years ago.

Swapping childrearing stories with her Kung Fu Panda 3 costar Jack Black, Jolie Pitt, 40, who is mom to Maddox, 14, Pax, 12, Zahara, 10, Shiloh, 9, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 7, says, “You think the kids know nothing, and then you find out they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, seen it.’ That happened like four years ago.”

Black says while his kids — Samuel, 9, and Thomas, 7 — love the Kung Fu Panda movies, “They’re a little weirded out that I’m in them. They haven’t seen any of my movies except Kung Fu Panda. I don’t like to say, ‘Hey, you have to see School of Rock.’ ”

Angelina Jolie Maddox red carpet
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He adds that as of now, he doesn’t want his kids to watch any of his R-rated films. “I don’t think they’re ready for The Pick of Destiny, where I smoke a bong with Satan. But someday they probably will be.”

Angelina Jack Black
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Jolie Pitt quips, “Whereas my eldest probably already has. My oldest especially loves Jack’s music. He’s introduced him to a few words, few thoughts.”

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— Mary Green

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Stacey McRae on


susan on

Oh, he’s doing a lot more than just watching rated-R movies, Brangelina.

Debbe on

Jolie just said that her oldest may have seen an R-rated movie but the headline makes it seem like she is specifically referring to porn. I can see how the stars have nothing to do with the wording on stories and then they get bashed for supposedly saying something else when they didn’t.

Lynne on

Debbe I get your point and agree that it’s frustrating, but where do you see porn referenced in the article title? Did they change it since you read it? As far as I see it references R rated movies which are not pornographic movies… I thought first how the title and article say she ‘thinks’ he may have seen an R rated movie, as if she wouldn’t know?

Jayjay on

She said this happened like 4 years ago? He would be 10! How can a 10y/o watch an R-rated movie without the parents knowing. Don’t they block their ipads/computers/TV etc…?
At 14 I can get that depending on why it’s an R-rated movie and how bad it is but 10?

squi on

Where does the headline make it sound like he’s watched porn? Porn would be X-rated, not R.

Bernadette217 on

My son told me he’s been watching porn since the age of 10 or 100, as have all his friends. Parents who think different are living in a fantasy land. He also said he found it boring after a while. He prefers intricate fight games.

guest on

Wow…sounds like mom of the year! I think you should know what your 14 year old is watching….last time I checked he isn’t old enough for a rated R movie!

Bernadette217 on

I mean “10 or 11″…..obviously!

Pookie on

What happened to the Discus commenting system on this site?

guest111 on

I think you all are misreading Debbe’s point…its NOT like he is watching porn, but the article makes it seem that way. Like its scandalous that a 14 yr old watches rated R. My kid was 10 when she watched her first R movie. Some are rated high for dumb reasons

Reality Bites on

Debbie.. that is quite a leap to say the headline suggests porn. For one thing porn usually means X rated, not R. And saying her son is a huge Jack Black fan and probably already saw the Pick of Destiny doesn’t suggest porn. Heck, some of things on network TV and PG-13 movies can be separated by an R rating by one bad word. I don’t let my kids 12 and younger see R rated movies, but my kids are pretty sheltered.. not world travelers. that have visited refugees in war zones or grown up on movie sets and with an understanding of the industry. Maddox is a year and half away from drivers ed.. I am pretty sure at that age I had already seen a few R rated films myself.

Sandra on

There are so many sites, gizmos, gadgets and apps available now that any kid with half a brain can find just about anything they want either with you or w/o you. My son wanted to see the movie Neighbors, but since I had seen it I knew that he was not ready for some of the scenes in that movie. Now that did not stop him from downloading some app one of his friends told him about that allows you to watch 100’s of movies, one of which was Neighbors. Once I figured out what he had done, of course there were consequences for his actions, but there was also communication between he and I because he had plenty of questions and I had every answer he could ever want. We can’t shelter them from everything but we can “crack their skulls” when they need it and be open and honest with them.

Cheyenne on

As a mom and a grandma I can tell you that kids will find a way to watch whatever they want.

Tamsin Rudin-Huvane on

Not surprised in the least bit that Jolie would willingly have her children become exposed to her smutty work. She herself proudly boasted about being sexual from kindergarten age. I can agree that you need to have open and honest communication with children about sexuality in general, but Jolie’s well documented mental problems (affinity for promiscuity, self mutilation, hard drugs, issues with her own father) will eventually take a toll on these kids’ development and I’m afraid it’s already happened.

We know that she lets the boy listens to controversial rock groups such as Whitechapel, a band that glorifies the killing and sexual abuse of women. He wears their apparel with pride. Has Jolie ever commented on that? Has People ever had the guts to call her out on it? Didn’t think so either.

Ariana on

Oh please! Her son listens to music that glorifies rape and abuse of women yet nobody has the balls to call her out for it?

giuseppe zanotti france on

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