Kim Kardashian West: North Tries to Stop Me from Breastfeeding Saint

01/26/2016 at 12:30 PM ET

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Kim Kardashian West doesn’t hold back when it comes to her thoughts on pregnancy and parenting — and now, she’s opening up about how she feels about breastfeeding.

In a post on her website and app Tuesday, the reality star and mom of two revealed what goes down in the Kardashian West household when she nurses her son Saint, 7 weeks, around her daughter North, 2½.

“I’m about two months into breastfeeding and I’m not gonna lie — it can be time-consuming. For some reason, North hates when I feed the baby, and she lays on my lap so Saint can’t be right in front of me to eat, LOL!” Kardashian West writes.

As a result, the star has started to get her daughter involved in the process so she doesn’t feel left out.

“I’ve started to include her: Sometimes I will pump and have her feed him the bottle. That totally worked!” Kardashian West, 36, explains. “She loved helping me, as opposed to my attention being off of her, and now she is my little helper.”

As opposed to pregnancy, which Kardashian West called a “miserable experience” for her, nursing seems to be going smoothly.

“I feel super lucky that breastfeeding is easy for me and I produce a lot of milk — so much that I’ve taken over my mom’s freezer with tons of milk!” she shares.


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The star even offers a tip for breastfeeding moms: “I use a nipple shield most of the time when I feed. I find the baby feeds better, and it allows me to never get irritated nipples or anything because they’re protected by the shield. The hospital suggested shields to me, since at the beginning I found nursing super painful and difficult, so I took some home and never looked back.”

Despite how comfortable she is breastfeeding, the reality star maintains she wouldn’t do it in a public place, but that she’s comfortable nursing around her friends.

“I know some people find breastfeeding such a private, personal experience, while other people are very open and even breastfeed in public. Now that I’m a mom, I say whatever makes you comfortable goes,” she writes.

“I still personally wouldn’t breastfeed at a restaurant with a bunch of people I didn’t know staring at me. I’ve seen this before and remember tweeting how shocked I was.”

She said, "He's my best friend."

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She continues, “Now that I’m a mom, I’m not that shocked, especially if you have a few kids and can’t leave to breastfeed one kid in the bathroom while leaving the others at the table. But I still personally wouldn’t do it, unless it was an emergency situation and I was fully covered. I would however breastfeed in front of my girlfriends. I think it’s such a natural experience and I’m not shy about that. I know so many people get backlash for posting breastfeeding pics, but I don’t mind them!”

“I know people have their opinions on how others should live their lives and I try not to be judgmental anymore — this is simply just my opinion,” she added.

And at the end of the day, North and Saint are besties, as aunt Khloé Kardashian has already confirmed.

“You never know when they’re the only [child] at first and they have a new one, you never know how they’re going to react, but North is obsessed with him,” Khloé said on Good Morning America earlier this month.

“North will say, ‘My name is Saint!’ She wants her name to be Saint now, too. It’s cute,” she added.

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Dajoka on

That’s because even North knows that breast implants that big are toxic!

False Modesty on

So she will show her t i t s to anyone willing to pay for it but not for free while breastfeeding. Sounds like the def of a hooker to me!

Pam on

No one wants to see your engorged breast implants! Yuck!

Anonymous on

You will pose completely nude multiple times, for the entire world to see your breasts and everything else-but you won’t feed your child in public? Ok…

Cb on

North should have told her not to get a nose job. But it’s contouring! And I’m a tall blonde billionaire.

Chips on

Seriously? She’ would ‘cover up’ if she absolutely had to breastfeed in public!? Bagahah what a hack. She hasn’t covered up a day in her adult life. Just halarious.

nanamna on

Maybe North should start telling her mom to cover up her stuff while leaving the house! Such wisdom out of the mouths of babies!

really on

I love how she posts how exhausting 4am feedings are at 7:30am…why is this a “top story”??????? These people are CLUELESS

veggie mama on

She bares all for attention and $$, but shy about the breastfeeding act? I find her gross, just crass and gross.

Me on


BigFatFakeAss on

Narcissist of the world declares nursing her baby is “time-consuming”.

Kelly on

This is the top story??? I’m losing faith in humanity.

BC on

No doubt North is already trying to change her name at age 2.

Mel on

Nipple shields can lead to mastitis. They’re not meant to be a full-time solution. If your baby is latching correctly, breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful. She needs a lactation specialist, not nipple shields. And I wish she’d stop dishing out “advice.” She’s an idiot. She’ll pose nude and promote her own sex tape, but she won’t breastfeed in public? Does she know what irony is? Probably not…

carol on

Ick, veiny breats

Britt on

Hahahaha Joke of the day “I wouldn’t want strangers staring at me and my boobs while feeding the baby”
Girl, you just bared it ALL full frontal and all on Paper magazine and previously on Playboy and several other magazines. Not to forget your sex-tape.
Who the F is she kidding ?

Sandie on

Oh Please! Like she takes the time to breastfeed

Ana on

Do you eat your meal in the bathroom Kim? I certainly don’t, and didn’t feel my kids needed to, either. I was not into putting my boob out in front of everybody, so I always had a nice shawl or something to cover up, and continued my meal as usual. A baby being hungry, and not having a nanny present to watch your other child/children, does not constitute an emergency. It’s every day life girl.

Ash on

Poor Kim, is the kid taking away from your selfie time? Also, isn’t North used to your attention not on her?

JR on

I have a hard time believing for a minute she’s really nursing. She’s bombarding us with all of this info to make it look she is.

WhoCares? on

ummmm,?? I thought breast implants make it basically impossible to nurse; and I agree with Dajoka, they are toxic!

Stacey McRae on

She is raising a spoiled brat who will grow up to have the same snobiness a sher mother ( and father).

betty on

well, thank you posted this very important bit of news god knows how I would have gotten through the day without it..

Anonymous on

You guys just don’t get it. You read the story, you are commenting on the story and that is why Kim Kardashian is still relevant….if no one cared or paid attention – guess what?

marie on

I guess she didn’t get her push present.

Chloe on

Like the rest of us, North has probably had enough of seeing her mothers breasts. But the real question is why is this a ”top” story? Who cares about this vacuous woman’s feeding routine?!?!?

Anonymous on

Kim you should include north, but saint has every right to all your attention and your breast completely during his time to nurse. Time to put your foot down and use that expensive nanny to help you so you can have some bonding time and Saint can nurse properly.

jud on

Doesn’t that kid know that everyone in that family eats of that cow

Leah on

…has anyone in here ever had a child?

Pregnancy and nursing change the appearance and shape/size of the breast. When she’s posing for photoshoots and making public appearances, there are makeup, lighting and wardrobe people working around the clock to make her look and feel presentable and show off her body in flattering ways. When a baby needs to eat, a baby needs to eat. Her un-photoshopped body probably looks like that of a lot of mothers, and if she doesn’t feel comfortable putting that on display, it’s fine.

rubyovertherainbow* on

Really ? Who cares.

everyone else with eyes on

Ladies….after you have kids and breastfeed….veins pop out of your boobs like crazy. When this happens….it’s time to not show them. Veined boobs are disgusting. Hide them.

hb on

How do you get milk out of rubber implants???????? or whatever they are made of.

hb on

How do you get milk out of rubber ( or whatever they are made of )
boobs. ?? bad for baby I would think

Confused on

I am confused. She said breast feeding is a natural thing which it is. Yet she feels uncomfortable feeding in public. We all have seen her naked body its nothing I am confused as to how she can get naked for the world but can’t bare a nipple in public for her baby.

jg1965 on

KK really is stupid isn’t she??? I mean profoundly stupid.

guest on

Why is this the main story on this website? I didn’t even read it. Yesterday on that stupid Kocktails with Khloe show (which happened to be on my TV because I like the FYI and HGTV channels), her sister Kendall make a prank call to Kim saying that she was pregnant. Kim somehow managed to make the entire phone call about herself (she didn’t seem fazed at all about her kid sister being pregnant) and it was so obvious that she just lives in la-la land all day long….. because we as the public have put her there. So ridiculous that taking lots of selfies and dressing “glam” all the time can make you famous as hell.

Mrs. B on

Some of these comments are very hateful. You dislike Kim so much, yet you read an article about her and write long comments. Oh, the hypocrisy.

Em on

You can absolutely breastfeed with implants! And honestly, I don’t think she has them. Her boobs are pretty imperfect looking, they look natural to me. I think people on these message boards put too much time and energy and just pure nastiness into hating this woman. It’s bizarre to say the least. And I’m not even a fan.

Beth on

I will NEVER understand these idiots who suggest feeding babies in PUBLIC restrooms….That is the most unsanitary and outrageously disgusting suggestion EVER. I suggest that anyone who has made or agreed with that filthy idea take all of their meals sitting on a public toilet from now on.


Hurry, we have to put a story out about Kim to deflect from brother Rob.

lilly pond on


Can'tRunAwayFromIt on

I wonder what her kids will think someday when they jump online and have full view of their mother’s personal and sexual history. How great to have such a ho for a mother.

Jean on

Breastfeeding ‘is so time consuming’? Who believes this cow breastfeeds?

bugsforever on

I actually think that most of her comments are sensible, except the breastfeeding in the restroom part. Even then, some restaurant restrooms have a lounge area which is great for breast-feeding.
Breast implants don’t affect the ability to breast-feed.
On another note, Kim’s breasts appear larger than her head. Scary-looking!

LL on

Who cares

Anonymous on

It’s interesting how she says that for her breastfeeding is time-consuming! Doesn’t the public “pay” her so that she has time to breastfeed. Most “real” working mothers would love to “have” the time to breastfeed. So I think that what she should have said is that she is so grateful that she has the time to breastfeed.

Vx on

So this is a top story.

catfite on

I love that 1) this is the top news story, and 2) when People posts these sorts of stories about the KKlan, it’s in the format where you can’t reply to anyone and/or vote.

Kim lets her boobs hang out everywhere but feeds her baby in a nasty bathroom? OR she’ll nurse him in public if it’s an emergency? Does she have even an iota of how completely brainless she sounds?

Anonymous on

you’re a tool KK

Dingosbaby (@dingosbaby) on

Gross and who cares?

sandy on

North probably thinks those huge tata’s are gonna smother Saint!!

Tee on

Okay, let me make sure I get this straight… Kim will walk around with her breasts literally falling out of her shirt and wear clothes that are five sizes too small but she’s too modest to nurse in public? SERIOUSLY?!

Did anyone else’s head explode while reading this?!

Patti on

Yawn! Who cares?

Sandy on

Always dumb! What educational system did these Krazyees get their schooling from? Surely, Kris sent them to a decent school or maybe she was too busy elsewhere to ensure they were getting educated!

Sue d on

She must be the first mother to ever nurse a baby. The Garbashians must be paying People to report their every move daily. It’s nauseating.

iris carnes on

what a big fat hypocrite. she runs around showing her boobs off any other time but not to feed her baby. why does the news media think the public is interested in this. give us a break

Brandi on

North probably doesn’t want her to “breast feed” Saint because she’s afraid she’s going to suffocate him. And, North is probably used to seeing her mommy use her breasts for “other things” and she thinks what she’s doing is not normal.

Rob on

I’d tell North not to worry. Her mom could feed most of North America with those things.

Jane Doe on

It’s so OBVIOUS all these people posting negative and UNINTELLIGENT comments about the Kardashians are trolls! Trolls are why the kardashians are so rich & popular. You idiots get excited every time there’s a Kim post (u probably watch every KUWTK too). So easy to talk smack on a keyboard isn’t it. Get a life and let other people comment without having to read all the unnecessary bashing. Hope none of u stupid, judgemental trolls are actual parents, if so I feel really sorry for your kids.

Hea on

Oh Kim… Honey, you do know that you made a graphic porno and that you’ve gone full frontal on magazine covers right? We’ve already seen every inch of you. I’d recognize your ass in a crowd way before anyone else’s! If nursing is where you finally draw your line then I am impressed. In so many ways.

Jessy on

This is news??

Anonymous on

No one really cares if North tries to stop Kim from breastfeeding Saint!

OP on

That little hand holding picture is so cute.



qsb on

That is horrible breastfeeding advice! Breast shields are a temporary solution, and not meant to be used longer than absolutely necessary. If you need shields after the first couple weeks there is something going on that needs to be corrected.

aol on

Lovely pictures!