Kim Kardashian West Jokingly Warns Chrissy Teigen About Early Morning Baby Feedings: ‘Just You Wait and See’

01/25/2016 at 10:00 AM ET

Kim Kardashian West has always been honest when it comes to pregnancy and parenting — and now, she’s preparing her pal Chrissy Teigen to face some of the same challenges.

On Monday, the two got into a discussion about early morning nursing after Kardashian West, 35, tweeted, “This 4 am feeding really kills me. I’m like delirious.” (Just a few hours prior, she had tweeted excitedly about her calm evening with daughter North, 2, and son Saint, 7 weeks, writing: “Wait its 8:30 my kids are bathed,fed &asleep! U have no idea what this means 2 me! I don’t even know what 2 do with this free time! #momlife.”)

Chrissy Teigen Kim Kardashian
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When Teigen, 30, who is currently expecting her first child, a daughter, with hubby John Legend, replied with a despairing-looking emoji, Kardashian West tweeted back, “Ohhhhh just you wait and see…. Lol.”

“Can you take her since you’re already up?” Teigen joked.

In reference to the stars’ much-talked about plans to host a churro-making party (the pastry was one of Kardashian West’s major pregnancy cravings), Teigen added, “I am furiously looking for a churro kimoji! How is there no churro!”

And that’s not the only time Kardashian West has played a role in coaching Teigen throughout her pregnancy:  The model recently revealed in InStyle Australia‘s latest issue that Kardashian West has given her maternity fashion advice.

“She told me to go stretchy,” she explained. “I always wanted to be the person who showed off the bump because it looks beautiful and I think you should embrace it. Kim does that well and I love seeing that belly of hers and I know Kanye [West] does too — we’re lucky to be with men who find pregnancy sexy.”

As for her go-to outfit, Teigen hailed the powers of “this one Wolford tube dress that you can fold a million different ways.”

“You can make it a skirt, a this, that,” she said. “I bought it in every color, in small, medium, large, in anticipation of the entire process, so I have, like, 45 of them.”

–Aurelie Corinthios

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Anonymous on

Sheesk…you would think that she is the only person on Earth who has had a baby. GAWD – stop complaining Kim. She makes it sound like the most horrible experience ever. I have had three children. It really is not all that bad!!!

robyn on

Yeah cause we all really believe Kim gets up and feeds her own baby.

guest on

Wow…real “mom of the year” most people tell how wonderful it is because they grow so fast leave it to Kim to paint a negative picture!

It's Me on

As if she fed, bathed, and put her kids to bed on her own! She should be thanking her nannies instead of bragging.

really on

Those 4am feedings really killed the Nanny…not Kim. Nobody is buying you got your lazy butt out of the bed to take care of your kid….Anyone who’s had a kid realizes how quickly you adjust to getting up constantly throughout the night. It’s called being a parent…Jeeze.

Guest13 on

If Kim really does all the overnight feedings for her baby, I’ll show you a freaking unicorn.

Liberty on

I hope she does but highly doubt it too. I have three under 5 sleep deprivation is real lol but at same time there’s nothing like that bonding time at 3 in the morning just you and your little one.

Sally on

Thank goodness the nanny was there….foo lish

Ana on

Both my kids fed every 1.5-2 hours for at least three months. They were very good eaters. I slept on the nursery floor on a roll out so hubby could get sleep and go to work. The next day, I, and only myself, had to take care of baby and every household need, yard maintenance and errands. And I know most moms reading this can absolutely relate. So I have no pitty for a woman who supposedly has only one early hour feeding, and an army of people to take care of her every need. I just cannot take that seriously. I cannot imagine her leading the life of the average woman/mom/parent/human being

Mare on

The only reason Kim would get out of bed that early is because all of the time she has to spend in the make-up chair.
Chrissy needs to stop taking any kind of advice from Kim.

Anonymous on

Kim has nannies to take care of her babies all the time, don’t think she is feeding her babies!

Em on

I think Kim breast feeds, doesn’t she? If so, then yes she would be the one waking up with the baby. And it doesn’t matter how much money you have, it ain’t fun!

gymluv on

This woman is so irritating and ungrateful. She bitched for 18 months straight about every aspect of being pregnant. Now she is bitching about feeding the baby. I don’t buy for a second that she suffered through infertility. I get the feeling that she was hoping not to get pregnant so a surrogate could carry for her. Every need she has is met by staff, how hard can it be to feed a baby when she is not getting up for work?

Van on

No matter how people say it, Kim is still a good mom to North.

Anonymous on

I may not be her biggest fan but I think Kim truly adores her children.

Anonymous on

No we don’t believe Kim feeds her own baby, nanny does it.

Olly on

Of course we can totally see you have nursing pads on your bra…

Qaz on

She doesn’t seem wear bra.

D on

BOTH of these women are SKANKY, undecent.

Pol on

These two are attention seekers!